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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Pray for God's Powerful Provision

There is such power in the prayer of God’s people, wouldn’t you agree? That’s why we are calling on the friends and supporters of Christianityworks to lift the ministry up in prayer this month.

Why? Because May and June are traditionally the biggest giving months for the year, and it is so important to reach the June 30th targets, for no other reason than to be able to take the many-spleandoured love of Christ to millions more in the coming months. And God’s Word, well it is so practical and honest about sacrificial giving:

For if the eagerness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has—not according to what one does not have. (2 Cor 8:12)

Together we can take God’s Word “even unto the ends of the earth”. And that’s what the Global Impact Appeal is all about. (Watch the short video here)

We know that God’s provision comes as His Spirit moves His people to give generously according to what they have. So please join us this month in praying for an outpouring of generosity through the saints.


May 2019 Prayer Focus


      • Give thanks to the Lord for the generous supporters who have established the matching fund for the Global Impact Appeal. These friends of the ministry have banded together to ensure that any donation given before June 30th will be doubled. Give thanks for their generosity and pray that it will be a great help in reaching the Appeal target.
      • Pray that God will move many more of His saints around the globe to great generosity to enable the Global Impact Appeal target to be met so that many, many more will hear about Jesus for the first time around the world! 
      • Pray for our CEO Berni Dymet and Africa Director Joseph Kebbie as they travel to South Africa together to attend the Association of Christian Media (ACM) conference there this month. Ask that the Lord will open many more doors for the television and radio messages that Christianityworks produces to be broadcast across South Africa and beyond. (Last year he opened up two global TV networks through this conference!!) #PraisePoint –> Give thanks that Joseph’s South African visa was granted. He is a Liberian national and often these things are not easy.
      • Pray especially for the team at Phare FM in France who have agreed to begin translating Christianityworks’ daily Fresh devotional messages into French and start airing them on their stations across France. Wow! God is amazing. We will also use this French material for broadcasts in West Africa (which has large numbers of French speakers), Canada, some Pacific nations and beyond. #PraisePoint –> Give thanks for this new partnership which has the potential to reach countless more around the globe with the love of Christ!
      • Pray for ongoing discussions with Yaski Indonesia (FEBC) to begin translation of programs into Bahasa Indonesian. The leadership’s heart is open to this and we are asking that the Lord will open the door to have those messages also broadcast through the 60+ Christian radio stations across Indonesia … the world’s biggest Muslim country. Pray that God will touch many lives through this Kingdom partnership. 
      • Give thanks to the Lord that the longstanding prayer point to provide the right person for the Sydney based role of Donor Care and Support Coordinator has been met. God has provided Faith Mwaniki (a Kenyan national) to join our team. Pray for her as she settles in and becomes a blessing to the many friends and supporters of the ministry.
      • Ask the Lord to encourage the saints and reach the lost through Christianityworks’ television, radio, digital and print ministries that this month will reach pretty much into every country in the world. May the Holy Spirit lift up the name of Jesus through this ministry as together, we set out to proclaim Christ to the nations!

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Your Prayer Makes Such an Incredible Difference!



God has done some amazing things in and through the ministry of Christianityworks. Talk about fishes and loaves!

We constantly feel like that little boy who gave up his small amount of food for Jesus to bless and multiply and feed the thousands with. That’s what Christianityworks is like. Small, nimble – totally inadequate in and of ourselves for the task.

And we serve this mighty God who does amazing things. Countless times over the last 60 years, it looked as though the ministry would fall over for one reason or another. And here we are, still being used of God to feed the millions with the Bread of Life … the Word of God!

What do you put that down to? Simple. Prayer.

The enemy comes against us time and time again – he doesn’t want the good news preached to the nations. That’s why your prayer is so important. Thank you so much for praying with us! We know that together, we will see a mighty harvest.


Almost there ...

Congo Card

Thanks! We are just processing your donation.

Your gift is going to help us reach so many more people with the good news of Jesus.

People like the terrorist in the Democratic Republic of Congo, who had killed many people, but laid down his gun when he heard a Christianityworks broadcast.

So thank you - not only for waiting, but for your love and generosity in helping to reach the lost around the globe with the saving love of Jesus!

May the Lord bless you mightily.