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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Healthy Living to a Ripe Old Age (Pt 2)

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We live in a world where people are getting fatter by the minute. The so–called ‘Western diet’ is cutting the average life short by 12 years – through heart disease, diabetes and stroke. It’s called metabolic syndrome.

Berni has struggled with his weight almost all his life – but having lost 25 kilograms, he is now living a healthy lifestyle.

In this series – he shares what he’s learned.

Episode 1. Eat Healthy, Be Healthy

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You know what they say – you are what you eat. When I wound the clock back about 150 years on my diet, what happened was that I lost 25 kgs without really trying all too hard. When people hear what …

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Episode 2. How to Slow Down Ageing

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There’s been a lot of research done lately on how to slow down the process of ageing – and in fact, it turns out that there are some very simple things that each one of us can do, to age more …

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Episode 3. The Impact of Exercise

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I know, I know – exercise is a four-letter word, right? Exercise? Yuck! That’s what I used to think. But did you know that just moderate levels of exercise – not marathon running – moderate …

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Episode 4. Don't Smoke!

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Cigarette smoking kills one person every 8 seconds around the world. Perhaps you’re a smoker or perhaps you know a smoker. Either way, there’s something that you can do, to save a life. Join …

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Episode 5. Sweet Dreams

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Here’s a simple proposition: you can’t live the abundant life that Jesus came to give you, if you’re tired all the time. Way too many people are getting way too little sleep. If that’s you, …

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I heard your broadcast last night as I was getting into bed and tried thru my mobile to get the free booklet on Healthy Living, but here it is Sunday morn, and I see I am too late. Your information and background was great; informative and realistic.
Best blessings to you and your life and your team.
Hope to hear again in the future on the radio and have the opportunity to get the booklet, whether free or purchase.

Berni Dymet

Thanks Su. It’s quite a departure from what I normally talk about, so I really wondered how it would go down. The response around the world has been massive – unprecedented. So thanks for adding your voice to the encouragement.


Hi, I am so pleased to listen to this series , I discovered this truth for myself a while ago and I am so pleased to hear it on UCB Radio today, I will be subscribing and listening to all of your podcasts and I will be telling my friends to listen.
So many modern diseases and it is so obviously linked to our modern western diet.

Thank You