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Series: How to Stop Your Family from Falling Apart (1)

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Families today are under attack from all directions. A lot of it has to do with the relentless march of the armies of individualism and materialism across the globe. There are forces at play which are tearing families apart. And that’s something that our enemy, the devil, is delighted with.

In this series, Berni Dymet will be opening God’s Word to discover what He has to say about your family. It’s all about what you can do, to stop your family, from falling apart.

Episode 1. Your Family Matters

You know what they say – you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your relatives. Ain’t that the truth! Maybe that’s why families around the globe are being torn apart. As …

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Episode 2. Your Family Struggles

This week on the program we’re talking about how to stop your family from falling apart and that’s great, but perhaps you’re looking at your family and thinking to yourself, …

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Episode 3. Your Family Means Safety

The world can be a dangerous place, for children, for teenagers and quite frankly for adults as well. But thankfully most of us have an inbuilt safe harbour where waters are a lot calmer than out …

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Episode 4. Your Family Needs Time

In many cultures there is a commodity that’s becoming more precious than money. That commodity is time. So why do we waste something that’s so precious? It’s true isn’t it? …

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Episode 5. Your Family Needs Your Marriage

More and more families are being torn apart by the scourge of divorce. In western so-called developed countries the divorce rate is approaching 50%, that’s almost one in two. The pain, the toll …

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