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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Dark Night Bright Light (Part 1)

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We all travel through difficult times – dark times in life. Hurts and losses and times when we’re afraid. And the most important thing that we need to know in the middle of that dark night is that right in there with us is a bright light. God is in the light business – and He’s right in that dark place with us. That’s what this series – Dark Night, Bright Light is all about

Episode 1. Afraid of the Dark

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When you’re travelling through those dark patches in life – what you discover so often is that you’re afraid of the dark. Fear is a big deal in hard times. And each one of us needs to know what …

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Episode 2. God is in the Light Business

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When you’re travelling through those dark patches in life – as we all do – the most important thing you need to know is that God is in the Light business – and He’s right there in that dark …

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Episode 3. A Simple Choice

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When life is really tough and when you’ve lost hope and you’re afraid – you can either lie there, completely immobilised – or you can take a really simple, obvious step. Question is: In which …

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Episode 4. Bad Fear, Good Fear

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Mostly – we think of fear as being a bad thing. And often it is. But it’s also a protection mechanism. And “good fear” if I can call it that – helps us to make good choices. So – exactly …

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Episode 5. Suck It and See

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You know – when we’re travelling through one of life’s dark patches, it’s so easy for someone else to say – “Well, just take the problem to God.” But there’s only one way to find out …

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salomey Adomako

I love fresh, it’s a simple way for me to get a dose on God’s word daily.
Berni focuses on 1 verse and theme a day making it easy to dwell on that word all day lone.
I pray you continue to reach many people. God richly bless you.

Berni Dymet

Hey Rob, thanks for the words of encouragement. Check out this link: https://christianityworks.com/cw/series/2330/#episode2

Robert Messmer

Hi Berni.
Thanks for a great message yet again you certainly have a way with simplifying God’s precious Word in a way that folk like me can understand thanks again. What I would like to know is have you done a session on “Fearing the Lord” and what does that exactly mean. Just putting it out there. Cheers,Rob Messmer

Eva Richards

Thank you Bernie, This study was very timely , as an elderly friend is so fearful at the moment, I am very concerned and I would like to print this out and give it to her to read. She has a faith and I am hoping it will help her.

Veder Francis-Carbon

Hi Bernie,
Thank you so much for message. I have been in the same job for 13 years and always asking god for a change. This year he has opened the door I am at university 1day a week and I haven’t studied for many years, I always feel fearful it has kept me back and now it is worse because the work load is so much and exams on 24th May it feels like I am not going to make it but after listening to episode 3-5 i believe there’s
hope and god is going to take all my fear away. Thank you

Anni McCartney

Thank you so so much for taking the Word and making it easy to understand in today’s life! It surely is Gods Word…. fresh fir us today!!!!

God’s richest blessings to you!!

Love & hugs

Patrick Finnegan

Very enlightening message. I was very encouraged by this Word! I’m crying out to God for my precious family. I want them back, back worshipping Jesus, praying with me and joining me on Sunday to go to Church. Thank you soooooooh much.
Paddy F.


What an Amazing study Of a psalm , Jesus is amongst us all in the holy spirit.
We as Christians are tormented for our faith, Stirred and rejected.
But got gave us much hope, Much more than at times we believe we are entitled to.
this was awesome!! Dear Pastor Bernie Really appreciated this teaching, Came at a great time
Thank you ever so much