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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Discovering God in our Suffering

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Suffering – well, by definition is never easy. It’s never a place we want to be in. But suffering is a reality of life. It’s a place we simply have to travel through from time to time.In this series, Berni takes us on a journey through different type of suffering – and discovers that no matter how dark those places are – God is there.

Episode 1. Discovering God in War

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War and conflict are a fact of life.  All around the globe war is raging.  Conflict is a daily fact of life. Question is – where is God?   Has He deserted us – or is He there right here in …

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Episode 2. Discovering God in Hunger

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Two thirds of the world’s population – four and a half billion people – don’t have enough to eat. Hunger is a daily reality for so many people.  Question is – where is God?   Has He …

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Episode 3. Discovering God in Sickness

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None of us ever, ever wants to be sick. But – sickness is a fact of life.  And the hard thing is that whatever’s happening to our body affects our soul.  You can’t separate the two. Join …

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Episode 4. Discovering God in Loneliness

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Loneliness is such a dreadful thing.  It’s a hunger – a need to be loved and accepted and connected – that goes unmet.  When we travel through those lonely places … where’s God exactly? …

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Episode 5. Discovering God in Sin

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We’ve all lived through the consequences of the stupid things we’ve done in our lives.  In fact – that can be a really painful thing.  But – when we’ve turned our back on God, is He still …

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Janet Botros

Hi Talia,

Thank you for your message, and your encouragement to others by your strong and constant faith, even when times have been extremely tough.
May our Lord continue to fill your heart with such comfort and peace so that you can demonstrate His light and love to all who hear your words and story and glorify God in heaven. God bless you!
Please pray for the Christianity Works ministry as we will also be raying for you.
In Christ,
The team at Christianity Works

Talia Taule


The past two years were tough for me, I faced hunger and rejection, it was bad, however, during those times that’s when I expectantly went to God and he came to my rescue a couple of times. Thank you Lord

There are times where I would eat food packs given out to people who had no food when the pandemic started. It had rice, lentils, barley and beans with soup and beef tubes for flavor.

I took pictures of that big pot I cooked. With no fridge it lasted me four days with out going of. God sustained the little I had .

Those days it was cold in Johannesburg (South Africa) and I had tiles in the room.

Ate that meal for breakfast, lunch and supper with a smile on my face because of the hope I had in God and what God has purposed me to live for on this earth.

I shared that meal with the dogs in the yard where I was renting a room with love and hope that God would make a way and he never disappointed .

It is during those times that I praised the Lord, it is during those times that my faith was renewed and I’m grateful for those moments where my stomach would grumble and I would wait on God’s provision.

He is a faithful God and he does come through when we patiently wiat on him.

I praise him for those hard days because they really brought me closer to him.

Thank you so much for your Ministry and for always encouraging us with God’s word fresh for us everyday.

You Mr Dymet and the whole Christianity Works team are such a blessing to me. Thank you for all that you have done for me.

Blessings and love

Angela Gray

Hi i am so lonely and struggling so much but i believe God is with me
Thank you for your encouragement

Berni Dymet

Rachel and Carol, thank you both for your encouragement. Been a long hard week at this end, lots of writing and recording before I fly to Africa on Monday. So it’s great to hear that the messages are hitting the spot. Bless ya, Berni 🙂

Rachael B

What an amazing series. Thanks Berni.

Carol Bayley

Great words, Berni. As always. God bless you. Carol