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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Get Out of Jail Free

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Sometimes in life – things go wrong – a relationship, our work, money problems, kids….it’s a pretty long list.  And when they do, it seems like nothing else matters.  It’s like we’re in our own personal prison.  Question is – how do we get out of that prison?

Join Berni Dymet this week, as he explores how to get out of jail free – from a different perspective.   

Episode 1. Life on Death Row

Sometimes when things go wrong in life – it feels like we’re all alone in our own personal prison cell – no escape.  When that happens, what can we do? Join Berni Dymet – as he looks at life …

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Episode 2. A Heart of Love

When life gets a bit tough, one of the things we all want to do is focus on ourselves – to make things better.  But somehow, the more self absorbed we become, the worse it can feel. How do we deal …

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Episode 3. A Heart of Humility

When our lives take – well – a turn for the worse – one of the hardest things is seeing other people getting along just fine.  It’s just not fair. How do we deal with that?  Join Berni …

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Episode 4. A Heart of Rejoicing

Some days, there’s not much to be happy about.  But no matter how bad things get – we have the opportunity to decide how we react to them.  We can have a gladness on the darkest of days Join …

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Episode 5. A Heart of Contentment

For richer or for poorer.  In sickness and in health…..  Actually – it’s possible to be content – no matter  our circumstances – but how? Join Berni Dymet as he takes a look  – from a …

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