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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Life on the Inside

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You walk past people on the street – blank, emotionless faces and you think – I wonder what’s going on in their hearts today. Those faces hide so many hurts and pains and losses. 

This week, join Berni Dymet as he shares some of the many prayer requests that come though on the christianityworks.com website – real people. Real problems. Real life – from a different perspective.

Episode 1. I’m Dying Inside

We received a prayer request recently – from a person who said that despite everything they had, somehow, they were “dying inside”  How do you deal with that feeling?   Join Berni Dymet …

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Episode 2. I’m Lonely

One of the most common prayer requests that we receive basically goes like this “I’m so lonely”.  Where do you go, who do you turn to? Join Berni Dymet today/tomorrow – as he takes a look …

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Episode 3. I’m Sick

Sickness is a fact of life.  Doesn’t matter who we are, what we do, what we believe, ultimately our body is going to give way.  Then what? Join Berni Dymet today/tomorrow – as he looks at life …

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Episode 4. I’m Poor

Poverty is a reality for most of the world’s population.  But even for the wealthy – poverty can strike anytime.  But no matter how poor – God is in that place.         Join Berni Dymet …

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Episode 5. I’m at the end of My Tether

Some days – we just feel.  That’s it.  Stop the world.  I want to get off.  Well, when we’re at the end of our tether, exactly where is God.   Join Berni Dymet today/tomorrow – as he …

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Neil Jennings

Thank you Berni, I have just finished your passage on loneliness. I have suffered for many years with depression, there were times when I just couldn’t get out of bed, when I did I would be so exhausted that all I could do is sit in a chair and wait until the dark cloud washed over me and because of that I felt so isolated, I was used of doing a day’s work and I was unable to do that, and I would pray to God to take the burden from me. During these times some jobs came up and God gave me some incredible ideas and skill at the time, that helped two organisations and a business become more profitable. I have always had a learning difficulty and I’m not a very good reader, I have learnt by reading Fresh and the topics you write about helps me see our faith in a different perspective. Thankyou Berni and your team, may God bless you and your work.