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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Oh God I Need A Miracle Please

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Sometimes the only way to deal with the 800 pound gorilla in the room, is to ask God for a miracle. But – well, will God do a miracle for me? Should I ask? What if He says no? They’re all the questions that we ask ourselves.
Join Berni Dymet this week, as he takes a look at miracles, from a different perspective.

Episode 1. I Believe in Miracles

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It’s easy to imagine that miracles don’t happen anymore these days. But God is a miracle working God – he was 2000 years ago and He is today. Nothing’s changed and I for one, still believe in …

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Episode 2. Never Turned Away

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It’s easy to imagine that God will do a miracle for other people, but never, ever for me.  Sure I believe God can do miracles…just not for me.  I mean, if I believe in a miracle and He …

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Episode 3. I Don’t Deserve a Miracle

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Sometimes we think that, well … we have to be perfect to receive a miracle.  Never mind that we desperately need God’s supernatural helping hand, never mind that He’s a God of grace and …

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Episode 4. Blow a Hole in the Roof

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Sometimes, we expect God to show up with a miracle in our lives, kind of like the pizza delivery man at the front door. But God – well, sometimes He has a different plan.  Sometimes He wants us to …

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Episode 5. When the Door Closes

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Yep, yep.  I believe in miracles.  I believe that God will do a miracle for me.  But – well, what happens when He says no.  What happens when I have a heart for this or for that – but He …

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Debbie M

Yes we’ll all I can say to that is, what’s the point of making any requests at all then, because God is just gonna do what he wants anyway. And he never tells us what his will is, therefore it’s impossible anyway. We just get to do what he wants when he wants and we get no say in it, so it doesn’t do much to encourage me. I have been led on a totally merry right royal goose chase for over 18 mths now, every time I ask if I am on the right track, I seem to get a message that I am to keep faith and keep asking and keep praying etc etc. but the truth of my situation Is that I am Prevented. In the end you have to say This is not worth my sanity. I am prevented. Therefore God is not telling me the truth in saying keep on believing it. All the verses that say Whatsoever thing…. etc. just not true.

Berni Dymet

No video I’m afraid. But dpma search on this site for “miracles” and you’ll find lots lots more.

formexplode small

Do you have any video of that? I’d love to find out more details.

Maggie Scott

I believe God still does miracles. i was severely depressed, self-harmed, just lying around on the couch or in bed, housebound and only out for shopping then home/ I binged ate too and put on loads of weight. However, I needed surgery to remove massive, multiple fibroids and hysterectomy. Hospital refused to operate until I lost weight, which I did. Saw a dietitian who sent me to Zumba. At first I thought it would kill me, but 4 years on I had lost 60 lbs and finally got surgery last September. I’ve now lost 72 lbs and want to lose some more.
So yes… God still does do miracles. Getting me off my fat behind, off that couch is one.


Clive Rees

I can not explain how much u r helping a struggling Christian with his faith.
Bernie I want 2 said thank u & may God let u go from strength 2 strength.
God bless u & all your works & loved ones Berney.

Louise Tweedale

Hi Berni, I have missed you! I have be reading my word for today, and reading my bible daily, but it sure is good to hear God’s word spoken out loud. There is power in God’s word. Thankyou and may God bless you and this ministry.
Love in Christ Louise.


Love this… God as a poodle performing.. funny!
I had better check my faith muscle and not think that God should perform.. it’s for His glory those miracles He performs.