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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Rekindling the Flame (Pt 2)

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God has placed a special gift or ability inside each one of us. The sad thing is that it’s so easy for the day to day grind to bury that gift – and the dreams we may have had for using it – so deep, that we’ve forgotten it’s even there. But God … God wants us to rekindle that gift. And so that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing in this series. Rekindling the flame in our hearts to be who God made us to be … to do what God made us to do.

Episode 1. Rediscovering the Gift

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You know the problem with the gifts and abilities that God’s given us? You live with your special gift, I live with my special gift all day every day and so we don’t think that our gifts are …

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Episode 2. In the Face of Opposition

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It seems to be a fundamental principal of life that whenever you want to do good, someone or something is going to come against you. Whenever you want to use your God-given gifts and abilities and …

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Episode 3. The Foundation of God's Word

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The world wants to tell you, all too often, that you’re no good. People want to tell you, all too often, that you don’t measure up. But God wants to tell you that He has given you some special …

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Episode 4. Keep Shining

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Time is short. I mean … really it is. Either Jesus is coming back, or you’re going to Him … and it could be sooner than you think. So between now and that moment, I want to encourage you, …

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Episode 5. Despite God's People

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God’s stirred a passion in your heart to get out there, be who He made you to be, and to use your God-given gifts and abilities for His glory. But then, right on queue, other Christians come along …

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Hi Bernie,
Just what I needed this week – straight to the point. I have been suffering some trouble as a manager at work due to the outfall, fear, confusion and stress of the COVID-19. The Lord’s word encourages me, and hearing you speak on this very thing confirms not to be affected by feelings or emotions, but by what God says about me; remember His promises and not give up. I love people and always aim to bring peace and calm as a believer, but this can bring opposition. Thank you so much for the daily email devotional and the monthly texts. I look forward to every one and often catch you on UCB1.


Dear Mr Dymet,—-
Gift of evangelist is yours, that the apostle Paul wrote to Timothy is like to you, “Proclaim the message …endure the WORK OF EVANGELIST ….” for Mr Bill Graham is one of the greatest Evangelist that some hoped to hear his teachings yet they received only that he turned the current matters into the good news of why to trust in Jesus.
——- the to believe in Jesus “May the Holy Spirit of God give joy & cleqrness to Mr Dymet in if he focuses on the message of of salvation of how to receive the forgiveness from God to people as I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen”
LDVH 29Jan2016


Dear Mr Dymet,The rate of suicide 15 to 44 is high. But the suicide in “Judas threw the money … then hanged himself (in Matt27:5) is the depression of loving money, and not the depression of homosexual or dis-order family, that I can not use to help our current depressions. Howevere the common problem is the people may like Judas that they DID NOT TRUST IN JESUS! like in Matt 27
their choise, but we should be like Jesus to do our best to give them knowledge about Jesus & pray with them please , my pray “God , help us to make clear how Jesus’ death & resurrection is the life ,in Jesus’ name.amen

Berni Dymet

That’s awesome Helen. The Lord bless you. -Berni


Thankyou so much I was on the verge on giving up my job! But now I know this is my gift and will keep going as I know God will keep me strong. God Bless your team