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Series: Living the Life of Service

When you hear someone talking about living the life God always intended – it’s easy to get the picture that it’s all about us. But as it turns out – a key part of that is being prepared to serve rather than to be served. Join Berni Dymet this week as he looks at living the life that God always intended – from a different perspective.

Episode 1. Nothing Worse than Lousy Service

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There’s nothing worse than going to a coffee shop for a good cuppa and getting bad service. And it turns out that we’re all in the service business one way or another. How we serve others, makes a difference. There’s nothing worse than going somewhere, a shop or a cafe or a restaurant, even a […]

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Episode 2. Letting Them Be, Sets Me Free

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Other people can frankly drive us nuts. But they are who they are! And here’s a thought, when we let them be, God sets us free.   Great theory! But how does it actually work? Over the last three weeks or so we’ve been talking about living the life God always intended. We have one chance […]

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Episode 3. Ahead of the Game

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What’s providence? Well, it’s when God goes ahead of us and prepares the way. Pretty cool. But what if – I mean, just think about this – what if you and I could do that for other people? What if you and I could be God’s providence for them? I was looking up in the […]

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Episode 4. A Rock Beneath Their Feet

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Everyone goes through stormy times in life. And when we’re bobbing around like corks in the ocean, what we really need is a solid rock beneath our feet. But what if God means us, you and me, to be that solid rock in someone’s life? I hate being on the water in a boat. I […]

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Episode 5. Don’t Grow Tired of Doing Good

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When the daily grind just grinds away at you, when the going gets tough, the greatest temptation of all, is just to behave badly. That’s it, I’ve had enough/ God’s not in this. So I’m going to throw a tantrum! Sound vaguely familiar? We pretty much all understand the concept of the lowest common denominator. […]

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Ellen Brace

This message is so timely! God had recently shown me (and continues to lovingly point out) that I struggle with harboring resentment, especially toward those who love me most. There’s this ugly pride in me that thinks they should do things my way, for me, because they love me. Yuck! I am learning to forgive, not because they need it but because I need to. I need to learn to LET THEM BE. But how do you let others be when the “other” is your spouse and his weaknesses cause you to have to fill in the gaps? It’s ok to “let him be” who he is, but still ask him for help, right?


Praise our good God for this timely reminder. Going through something right now both in my marriage and at work. So it is a soothing balm to be hearing God speaking through your program Berni.

Might I ask you to pray with me? Praying for God’s will and wisdom as to whether I should stay at work or move on as I am already completely burned out after MANY MANY years of dealing with toxicity.

Berni Dymet

Awesome Corinne. God is good the way He brings His Word to us in due season. 🙂 Berni

Corinne Sinclair

This is something that I am struggling with, and as I listened this morning, I believe that it was an answer to my prayer.

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