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Series: Why Not Jump off the Merry-Go-Round? (2)

Sometimes our life seems to be stuck in the same place. It’s a bit like a merry–go–round. You go up and down and round and round, but you always end up stuck back in the same place. Do what you might, you can’t seem to get out of that place. Join Berni Dymet this week as he takes a look at getting on with the life that God has planned for you!

Episode 1. What Ails Us

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These days, particularly in the affluent west, we’ve become so self-sufficient that narcissism has become the norm, de rigueur, if you will. Over the last half a century, which is most of my lifetime, we’ve seen people en masse switching from looking after each other to looking after themselves. And that, that’s has some devastating […]

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Episode 2. A Radical Turn Around

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Sacrifice is not one of our favourite words these days. We know it’s a good thing, we know it’s character building and all that stuff but it flies fully in the face of the narcissistic attitudes and lifestyles that are so prevalent wherever you find rising affluence. And yet, when we get to the heart […]

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Episode 3. Cause and Effect

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So, let me ask you, how do you want to spend the rest of your life? Going round and round and up and down on the same old merry-go-round or getting out there and living the life that God’s given you to the absolute full. So that when you get to the end of it, […]

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Episode 4. Changing Your Attitude

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Every now and then, you find yourself stuck on a merry-go-round in life, going round and round and up and down but actually you’re headed nowhere. So what do you do when there is simply no way to change the circumstances you’re in? Perhaps you’ve heard that Serenity Prayer. It goes something like this: Dear […]

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Episode 5. Changing Your Circumstances

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Every now and then you find yourself stuck on a merry-go-round in life going round and round and up and down but actually you’re headed nowhere. But every now and then, you actually have to do something about it. Yesterday on the program, we were talking about that beautiful Serenity Prayer written by the American […]

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Berni Dymet

Faith – I have been where you are a few times in my life and I know exactly how it feels. We’re programmed to go and find a job that suits us, and yet sometimes God’s plan is to keep us in a difficult place as witnesses to His majesty. May He indeed give you great wisdom and sensitivity in seeking His will. And the courage to follow Him wherever He leads and whatever it may cost you. -Berni


I’m sitting here with crying because I too had come to the decision of ‘New Year New Job’ following a couple of years of real trials at work. I has started looking during the Christmas vacation and identified a position, had it ‘confirmed’ when someone else sent me details of the job saying they had seen it and thought of me. I’d completed the application, got it in on time, visited the Catholic school, met with the Head Teacher, been welcomed with the love of Christ, shared the vision, had a really positive feedback from all I met etc etc.

Then as I prepared for the interview this coming Monday, I heard this mornings programme……and stopped.

What if…
Yes I had asked the Lord for a new job, for favour, for a shared vision, a loving reception/situation, a place where I would be part of and not relegated to the sidelines and more more would be nice!….

But what if…..
What if it’s my Fathers will that I stay in a sometimes very unwelcoming environment working in a state school under the line management of a Muslim Headteacher who rather than agree to the putting up a display celebrating the great gift of the Son of God chose to put up a Judo display (although the Eid display is still dishowing in the main reception area of the school!), leaving me to put a nativity scene on a filing cabinet and hang ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’ lights up in my room and sneak a Christmas tree into the staff room with Christmas Carols playing in there and hopefully inspiring my colleagues to share Christmas with the children.
What if my will is not in line with my Father’s will? What if what is needed is a change in attitude and not a change in situation? or maybe both!!!

LORD grant me and all of us wisdom to know the difference and like our Lord Jesus Christ to always submit to YOU – ‘Not my will but Your will be done’

Dawn Scagel

Thank you for this morning’s program. It made my day! I really identified with the text about dealing with less than desireable job circumstances.


Great message. I love listening to Berni on my way to work every morning on whis very encouraging. Thank you and God Bless

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