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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Breaking Free from the Power of Sin (2)

Just about everybody I talk to is able to point to something in their lives that’s just not working. A Relationship. Just how they feel about themselves. Whatever it is. We all have that something in our lives. But so often – we just don’t make the link between the symptom and the disease. Between that “thing” and our sin. Join Berni Dymet in this powerful new series – Eliminating Stubborn Sin, Once and for All – as he takes a look at life from a different perspective.

Episode 1. Living in the Good things of God

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If you believe in God, then you probably believe that God has some good things in store for you. But … well, some days, the evidence seems to shout the complete opposite in your face. Well, just in case that’s been happening to you today, as a powerful reminder, we’re going to discover the truth. […]

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Episode 2. Starting Every Day With Jesus

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For most of us these days, life is hectic. I mean, really, really busy. Too busy in fact, to start our days off with just a bit of quiet time with Jesus. And so in the absence of that quite time, our lives seem to get, well … more hectic, more chaotic, more of a […]

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Episode 3. Be On Your Guard

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Whether you like it or not, believe it or not, care about it or not, the devil is a reality in this life. And he is ready and waiting to pounce on you in your weakest moment. That’s why you and I need to be on our guard. He’s out there, he’s waiting and he […]

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Episode 4. Tough Choices

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I wish I could tell you that following Jesus didn’t involve making tough choices. But I can’t. It just wouldn’t be true. Following Jesus always involves tough choices, always. Because He invariably calls us into places where we have to choose. Choose between the comforts of this world and shining the glory of God into […]

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Episode 5. Get Up, Keep Going

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A person’s character isn’t so much defined by how they handle success, although that is important, but how they handle failure. Failure happens. It just does. And how you and I handle that failure, is going to define the rest of our lives. One of the sports that always amazes me is the hurdles in […]

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Paul Harbour

Thanks Berni
I’ve been trying to remember this passage for a while now but hadn’t found it, hoping that you would use it as I’ve been having trouble with my reoccurring sin. Battling against it & was starting to think you know maybe I can never be good enough to be a true Christian & that’s why I wouldn’t get baptised, even after all these years. Even to the point of struggling with prayer as sinful thoughts were just crashing through my mind. But after listening to you & Ravi, & some of the others on UCB for some years now, I know to just keep my head in there.
Thanks to you & your team Berni for your messages. They help me no end (& many,many others no doubt).
& While I’m here I’d like to say a big thankyou to yourself, Jacqui & the team for the book 60 Seconds to Spiritual Victory which arrived the other day. Can’t wait to see what it is he has to say to me through it.
Keep it up Berni & I pray that God blesses you all & your work richly.

Paul (uk)


What a powerful message of salvation. A change of heart is all that requires, constantly remembering God s Grace. Lord I’m giving my heart to take hold of the power of Holy Spirit. Amen

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