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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Old Story, New Twist (Part 2)

Christmas is a time of celebration, right? And yet how many times have you been through Christmas and it just wasn’t all that it should have been?

Well, there’s a reason for that. In this Series of Christianityworks – Berni Dymet explores the old, old story of Christmas and discovers a new twist.

Episode 1. A Lonely Journey

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Over the last thirty years I’ve done quite a bit of travelling. Its hard work, the wear and tear on your body is quite a thing but it’s even harder when you’re not fit and well. And that is the very journey that Mary had, almost full term in her pregnancy, heading into that first […]

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Episode 2. No Room at the Inn

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Travel is a hassle. It’s okay if you’re going on the occasional holiday, that’s fun. But if you’re always on and off planes and in and out of taxis and hotels like I am, then yeah, it’s hard work. So imagine you’re on a long trip, you finally get to your hotel and then they […]

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Episode 3. Silent Night

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Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to have been there on that very first Christmas when Jesus was born into this world? In one sense, it would have been very ordinary. A little village, Bethlehem, people all around, business as usual but in another sense, it would have been totally, mind-blowing, […]

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Episode 4. It’s Only Just Begun

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Well, in just a few days time Christmas is done and dusted. We’re in recovery mode, we’re heading out of the last year into the New Year and it’s time to start thinking a bit about what lies ahead. That’s appropriate because Christmas marks a new beginning. Christmas marks the beginning of a new life […]

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Episode 5. The Year in Review

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It’s quite a milestone each year getting to the end of the year, isn’t it? Another year over, another year about to begin, and what we tend to do a bit around this time of year is we look back on the year that’s just been. So, how did this last year go for you? […]

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Faith Mwaniki

Hi Maryanna,

Thank you very much for those thoughts.

Now, “Why in a manger God?”

God wanted to identify with our struggles….so that now according to Hebrews 4:15, we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathise with our weaknesses…..”

Isn’t it amazing how Jesus demonstrated utmost humility?

He was NOT born to be King….HE WAS BORN KING!

Yet for our sake He became poor, that we might be rich!….

Stay blessed!

Eileen Johnson

I want to thank you for the message God is with me and watching me may God get the glory.Amen, Amen,Amen.

Maryanna Elliott

God CHOSE for Jesus to be born in a stable because, after all, lambs are born in a stable and Jesus is THE LAMB.

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