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Series: Pain Relief for the Soul (Pt 1)

Pain is a fact of life. We don’t want to think about it. We all hope to avoid it. But I’ve never met anybody, who hasn’t experienced pain – physical, emotional and spiritual. Yep – pain is definitely a fact of life! And like every other part of our lives. God has quite a bit to say about pain. Both the self-inflicted pain that we cause through our sin, and the sort that’s completely out of our control. The natural pain that comes from the death of a loved one … that sort of pain. And when we bring God’s wisdom and God’s love to the problem of pain – awesome things start to happen.

Episode 1. Some Pain is Inevitable

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None of us likes to experience pain in our lives, and yet, some pain is inevitable. Sure. But other pain … well you know it and I know it … we bring it on ourselves, through the things that we think, say and do. And that pain is completely avoidable. Hey it’s great to be […]

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Episode 2. Treating the Symptom or the Disease

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Pain comes into our lives in a whole bunch of different ways. Conflict. Rejection. Loneliness. The list goes on and on. And yet all too often, when we do experience pain, we’re so focussed on relieving the symptoms, we forget all about the underlying disease. I suspect that there’s not one of us who doesn’t […]

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Episode 3. Growing Pains

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None of us wants to experience pain in our lives. We just don’t. But as much as we don’t want pain, it’s a fact of life. It just is. So … we can sweep it all under the rug and pretend that it doesn’t exist, or … we can learn to deal with it the […]

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Episode 4. Maturity is Growing Up

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What’s supposed to happen as the years go by, is that you and I are supposed to grow up. From immaturity … to maturity. And yet, we like to hang on to some childish ways of thinking, some little tantrums if you will, that, at the end of the day, end up causing us a […]

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Episode 5. Pavlov’s Dogs

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Habits are hard to break. We know that. And yet when we have bad habits that are causing us a world of hurt and pain, “hard to break” is a pretty lousy excuse. What we need is the power to change. The power to break with the old, and start with the new. Back in […]

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Berni Dymet

Gina – you don’t remove your own emotional pain. God does. The closer you draw to Him, the more you will experience the healing work of the Holy Spirit. Abide in Him, rest in Him, pray often, draw away in His Word and He will do what you cannot do for yourself.

Emerald Isle TorKilsen

Gina, Hope this helps… I’ve been working very intensely on myself for over 5 years now, chewing through books and teachings. My aim has been for a very long time to not be in the same pain as my parents and many others into later years of my life. I’ve wanted to be happy so I face harsh pain now to heal so the emotional scars I’ve been left with won’t bother me my whole life. Two things that might help you is: 1 make sure what you do is what God wants you to. It’s hard learning, we should never stop, and it’s painful at first because often we have to let go of so much first, but once we’re on the track the happiness that comes from this is well worth the initial pain of changing. 2 Once you are walking in his will try really hard to keep your mind on what God thinks of your behavior, not others. It can be very fulfilling after years of rejection and abuse to know that even if no one else is happy with what you do at least God is, and even when we try our hardest and fail he still loves us and will keep working with us. We won’t be abandoned.
Cannot tell enough how important it is to keep your heart set on learning and dare to be wrong. Much more pain will come from staying wrong about something than learning we’re wrong and changing. Crave answers and correction. Seek them out. If you’re alone and don’t bring in enough varied influence it is very easy to become stubborn thinking we know it all. Be weak enough for God to breakdown and strong enough to let him build you back up in the right places. Remove the things God would have gone from your life and bring in healthy influence. Joyce, Berni, Michael and Debi Pearl from NGJ Ministries, Dianne Hawkins from RCM, Mark Gungor, Kent Hovind, Chuck Misslar. Find the people that will teach you in the areas you need to grow. Growing will help the pain. Much love to you. I hope you make progress too.

Antoinette Ackermann

Hi, Bernie

I want to thank you so much for your inspirational booklets and talks. If you can remember I told you that I am seeking for something that I do not know how to get. Wel, something like that.

And you have learned me it is not what people do, but how I’m going to react! And when I realized that, I’ve started learning more about myself. Like how I tried to run away from God, for my shame was to big to handle. And in the end I really realized that I had such fury inside of me, for myself, and I projected it on the wrong people, my children!

Although I still feel ashamed for everything, I know one thing for sure, I have NEVER turned my back on God. I just wandered of God’s path. And thanks to people like you I came back to my roots.’

It is still a struggle, a big big struggle, but I am getting there. I just feel sad for so many years I’ve messed up.

But one thing for sure is that I’m not lost. And I didn’t loose my children. We have a very special bond. And I love my six grandchildren, AND THEY LOVE ME BACK, despite everything. Now that I call GOD’S GRACE.

Thank you so much.

Antoinette Ackermann

gina Raucci

Hi it’s really good but how does one remove emotional pain when you constantly are being put down no matter how one trays

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