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Series: The Amazing Names of God (Pt 1)

What’s God like? Well – what is He actually like? One of the interesting things that God does to answer that question for us – is that in His Word, the Bible, He uses all sorts of different names for Himself. Immanuel, El-Shaddai, YHWH … and the point of that is that as we explore each one, we discover something new about who He is .. what He’s like.

So come and join Berni Dymet on a journey of discovery – as He explores … the names of God.

Episode 1. God the Lord Almighty

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To be honest – sometimes – our problems seem bigger than God. They just do – it’s kind of natural – they feel like they’re closer than God, and so they look much bigger than Him. That’s when we need to know how Great God really is. Let me ask you something today. Who is […]

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Episode 2. God the Creator

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It’s easy to get things out of perspective. We stub our toe – and all we can think of is our sore toe – everything else goes out the window. And perspective comes when we look at the big picture – creation … the God who created it all. There’s a place on the internet […]

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Episode 3. The God Who Sees Me

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With life so cluttered with stuff and stuff and stuff these days – it’s easy to get the impression that not only are we too busy, but that God’s too busy to notice what’s going on in our lives. That somehow, He doesn’t see, He doesn’t care. And yet, nothing could be further from the […]

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Episode 4. God is All Sufficient

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People dedicate their lives to all sorts of different things. But at the heart of it all is the need for satisfaction. For being filled up. Sufficiency. Contentment. Peace. Joy. That’s what we’re all looking for – and the only Person who Has it, the only place we’ll find it – is in God Himself! […]

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Episode 5. God is with Us

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Life’s a journey – and we’re all on different places along that journey. But no matter who we are, or how we’re wired on the inside – none of us can travel that road alone. Many people feel as though they are – and that’s a tragedy – because when God is with us, we’re […]

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Berni Dymet

Thanks for the feedback Vicki. Our aim is to see you and many more blessed by God’s Word. -Berni

Vicki Thornton

Love this really appreciate the audio and video. It reaches onto me thank you for sharing this amazing message. I have found that the video and audio is easier for me to relate to. Brilliant idea. I live alone but I know God is with me. Thank you.

Thomas Magoon

Our Father places a desire (gift) in my heart and you open it for me.
He is definitely connecting us His Body together thru your ministry.
Thank you, Tom M.

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