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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: The Long Road Home

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Sometimes we can find ourselves wandering in a spiritual wilderness. We’ve all been there at some stage in our life. And when we are there – it’s as though the road is a very long one indeed. Join Berni as he looks at that road from A Different Perspective.

Episode 1. It’s Time to Party

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There’s a streak in each one of us that wants to rebel. You know – kick our heals up and just party. But you can’t live like that all the time without there being some consequences. My hunch is …

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Episode 2. Partying Ain't All it's Cracked Up to Be

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We all love to kick our heals up every now and then. Problem is that the more you watch TV, the more they seem to tell us that life is just one long party. We all like a good party from time to time, …

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Episode 3. A Tough Decision

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Sometimes we get to a point in life where we have to admit to ourselves that we’ve taken a wrong turn. That’s not easy – and the decision to turn around – well, that’s harder still. We’ve …

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Episode 4. The Long Road Home

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Sometimes, we come to the conclusion that decisions and choices we’ve made – just aren’t working. But turning them around, well, it can be a long road. For years, and years, and years, I …

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Episode 5. Mixed Reactions

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It’s kind of embarrassing to have to admit sometimes that we’ve made a mistake. And even when it’s the right thing to do – we still sometimes get mixed reactions. Have you ever been dreading …

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Faith Mwaniki

Hi Lorelei,

Don’t underestimate the power of ‘staying on course’
If we are faithful, God will show Himself faithful.
May the Holy Spirit guide you as you choose the right path in life!


SERIES: THE LONG ROAD HOME episode 3 is just what I needed to hear.
I have been struggling since ending an affair months ago and this lesson encapsulates so much of my heart, mind and soul’s battles in the time leading up to the affair, during and now after.
I do love the man but it was a way leading to death.
I want to choose life- namely being back with my husband.
Thank you.

Berni Dymet

Thanks Ericka. Praise God. His Word is so amazing. -Berni

Ericka Lacson

Hi Berni,

Thank you for this series. It’s really powerful. It’s as if GOD is talking to me directly. Well, he certainly is – through you.

GOD Bless you always.


01Sep2015.DearMrDymet, I’m a worker of God, yet my many relatives are unbelievers. May, through your luke15, God’sHolySpirit make them see Jesus’love. It could take you months to teach them ‘simple things’ in Luke15. Why vcalled “Sinners” Jesus e3ats with? who are the Pharisees? “lost sheep” lost coin” and “lost son” yet when I was in VN, I had no concept of sheep character! it is