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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series:  The Passover Blessing (Pt 2)

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Easter rolls around about this time every year. And the strange thing is that despite all the struggles that people are facing, despite the emptiness and the yearning for something more, so many seem just to glide through Easter with a day or two off and not even notice that God is calling out to them.

Why don’t you join Berni Dymet this week on the program as he sets out to discover the blessing that is Easter.

Episode 1. Roast Lamb

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One of my absolute favourite meals is roast lamb.  Fabulous.  And it turns out that roast lamb has a whole lot more to do with Easter than chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies.  But what’s it mean …

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Episode 2. Red Wine

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At that last supper – Jesus poured a nice smooth red into a cup and passed it round to His disciples.  He seemed to indicate that this was like His blood.  All kind of weird.  But actually, it …

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Episode 3. Bitter Herbs

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At that last supper – the Passover Meal – that Jesus ate with His disciples just before He was crucified, they ate roast lamb, cooked in bitter herbs.  Most likely horse radish.  And those …

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Episode 4. Unleavened Bread

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Bread without yeast is called unleavened bread.  And that’s the sort of bread that Jesus and His disciples ate at that last Supper. The Passover Meal.  They did it because it had thus been …

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Episode 5. But What Does it All Mean?

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Easter.  Ever wondered.  What does it all mean?  I mean not the ritual of the celebration, but the actual message.  The actual event.  What does it all mean to you and me, here and now? Join …

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Ian Mcleod

Thanx for your continued support through your devotionals
Although I have been a Christian a long time, being reminded and lifted regularly is essential for me…..Thanks Bernie

George Aggison

Thank you GOD for sending your son to save us.

Elsie claassen

God bless you
This is like a lifeline for me since I am mostly home I appreciate every message I receive make me not feel so lonely
May you have a Blessed easter in Jesus holy name

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