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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Your Best is Yet to Come

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Have you ever felt as though it’s all over? There’s no future? It’s as though God is finished with us and He’s put us on the shelf. We’re past our “use by” date. Moses had that problem too … a burnt out old wreck that he was, out beyond the wilderness. But then, God was out there too. He always is. And what Moses didn’t realise was … his best was yet to come …

Episode 1. Out Beyond the Desert

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When we’re travelling through a spiritual and emotional wasteland, it can feel as though that’s it. It’s all over. There’s no future. But it turns out that God is in that place too. Why …

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Episode 2. Take the Staff in Your Hand

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Every now and then, God comes along and whispers something into our hearts – a plan, a dream…and it can be just a bit unsettling Why don’t you join Berni Dymet, on Christianityworks in a …

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Episode 3. The Trials that Always Seem to Come

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Sometimes in life – it seems like God is sending us mixed signals. On the one hand, He’s done some mighty things – but these trials always seem to come Why don’t you join Berni Dymet, on …

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Episode 4. To God be the Glory

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Glory is a funny kind of concept. But God’s plans and purposes are all about His Glory. That sounds a little bit one-sided until you realise that glory is a two sided transaction… Why don’t you …

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Faith Mwaniki

Hi Sarah,

Thank you very much for writing to us and for those encouraging words.

It is always a joy to know that God is touching people’s lives through the ministry of Christianityworks.

To the glory of God!….

Now, regarding the booklets, please check your email for a little surprise!….

God bless you!


Thank you for the pod casts. Always very helpful, to the point and in nice digestible chunks. Any chance of back copies of ebooks. Was trying to download ‘your best is yet to come’ and ‘stress busters’ as found both particularly helpful.