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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Do Not Be Afraid

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Fear is a natural, human emotion. In fact, fear can be a healthy thing. It stops us from doing things that could harm us. But sometimes, circumstances overwhelm us – a bit like a tsunami. The circumstances of life can be so much bigger than our ability to deal with them. And then, then fear can become a destructive, cancerous force in our lives.God loves us and He does not mean for us to live our lives afraid. Join Berni as he opens up God’s Word to discover what God really means when He says “Do not be afraid”.

Episode 1. The World's a Scary Place

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The world can be a scary place – so many things that strike fear in our hearts. And yet over and over again, God says “Do Not be Afraid.” What does that mean? How does that work? Why don’t …

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Episode 2. The Battle Belongs to the Lord

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Most times, we end up fighting our own battles. But sometimes, the opposition is just – well, it’s overwhelming. Then what? Well that’s when we can discover that the battle, belongs to the …

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Episode 3. Be Still and Know That I Am God

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Life is full of turmoil and often, often that turmoil breeds fear in our hearts. And instead of stopping, we just kind of – go with the fear. Well it’s time to stop and know that God is God. Why …

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Episode 4. Three Ways to Overcome Fear

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It may come as a surprise, but in this world of stress and anxiety God doesn’t want us to be afraid. But how is that supposed to work? Well, why don’t you join Berni Dymet as he opens God’s …

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Berni Dymet

Thanks for that word of encouragement Harry. Bless ya! [email protected]


Be encouraged to continue speaking the Word !!
Harry Stinson

Michael Adams

I have something that I want to tell you. Wednesday I was at the city bus Easton Terminal here in Columbus when a guy get off the bus that I was waiting to get on. He stop and Stared at me which was weird therefore I turn and looked at him; the guy was stared at me but what I saw next was a vision like something that I have never experience in my entire life. I saw him with a AK rifle and I could hear the screams of all the soul that he killed, this guy looked Somalian, there was such evil that I have never felt in my life and because there was so much evil I close my eyes and saw that I was surrounded by moving white light of angels that had Encircled me, you could see there legs moving. After that this guy got away from my wife and very quickly. Even weirder my wife picked up on the same thing but all she saw was pure darkness of evil. Again I have never in my life have came across such evil. Now I know why for the past 2 weeks I have been listen to You on been afraid. You had prepare me me for what I just experience. Again never in my life would I ever dream that I would hear the cry of souls that he has in prison within his darkness of evil.
Thank for the help in being strong enough where he was afraid of me more than I was a afraid of it. Even an old woman who asked my wife and myself how was we doing and said she would pray for us. Her present was like a warm breath of fresh air.
Philippians‬ ‭4:13‬ ‭KJVA‬‬
“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”
Never knew that it was a reason that I would soon face.

Victoria Onikosi

Hi Berni Dymet, it Victoria Onikosi again. I like your podcasts and your fresh. “The battle is the Lord’s” is really what I needed. God bless

Noel Rogan

Thanks berni I struggle with fear all my life , especially with the fear of earthquakes and I know GOD doesn’t want me to live my life like that , so I have just listened to your piece on do not be afraid and I will write these verses down and try even harder to pray pray pray to my heavenly father for the strength to live my life the way he wants me to , so thanks again friend and GOD bless you