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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Its Time to Start Enjoying My Life

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Joy is such a simple word. Three letters. One syllable.So why it in such short supply? So many people believe in Jesus. And yet they don’t experience His joy. And that’s so incredibly sad – because joy – real joy, the joy of the Lord is very much part of God’s plan.In this series – Berni Dymet opens God’s Word to look at exactly what God has to say about the joy He has for each on of us and how to lay hold of it. It’s an invitation to enter into God’s joy. Don’t miss it.

Episode 1. Why is Joy So Elusive?

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Joy. It’s such a simple word. Three letters. Just one syllable. So why is joy so elusive? We try so hard to find it –but, you know… Join Berni Dymet, on Christianityworks as he opens God’s …

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Episode 2. Receiving God's Joy in Our Sorrow

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We tend to think of joy and sorrow as being opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. But God – God has this thing where He wants to pour His joy, into our sorrow.. Join Berni Dymet, on …

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Episode 3. The Joy of the Cross

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Joy is a wonderful thing. And it turns out that Jesus died in order that we might have His joy. True. But sometimes, sometimes we squander that joy – what an incredible waste. Join Berni Dymet, on …

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Episode 4. Living a Life of Joy

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Jesus promised us His complete and perfect and abundant joy. Problem is – there are so many things that want to rob us of that joy. Join Berni Dymet, on Christianityworks as he opens God’s Word …

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Faith Mwaniki

Hi Gary, very glad that you were blessed by that message….and yes God gives beauty for ashes and the oil of Joy for mourning. God bless you.

Gary Towart

Thanks so much for being Obedient to the call of God on your life. Especially for the fact that you’re so Honest and open about yourself. Today I heard you say that you’re no Super Christian. And that you made mention of having a first wife. I was feeling a little condemned and felt like an outcast from the Church seeing I’m a divorced Christian man. I felt so free and blessed to hear those words. And look at your life in Christ and talk of your favourite person on planet Earth your wife Jacqui.
Im not finished off. And that the Lord can still use me also as He’s done and is doing in and through you my beloved brother in Christ. God’s blessing Gary.

Faith Mwaniki

Hi Kezia, You are in our prayers….glad to know God is gracing you at this time in your life. Please check your email for one of Berni’s booklets that I believe will bless you.

Kezia Paulse

Dear Berni

Receiving God’s joy in sorrow is soo profound for me right now. Wow! Awesome words. In the midst of death in our family we can have joy in our sorrow of knowing that they are experiencing a heavenly joy.

Thank you.
Praying for you and the team.

Berni Dymet

Jo, it’s tough when that happens, and yet that’s exactly what Jesus experienced. Press into Him in this difficult time and He will without doubt use this adversity to make you even more of a blessing to others, as you discover His amazing love in that dark place.

Jo Taylor

Thanks for this article. It is very encouraging and I will be reading Luke 15. I have been going through a difficult time in that I got a person a job at my work. For the past 2 years that same person has been bullying me to the point that I have resigned and left that position. I am struggling that not only did I have to leave the job I loved but it was by the actions of the person whom I blessed. She is happy now that she has complete control over the office and has not one ounce of remorse for what she did. I will read Luke 15 and trust that God has some thing better for me.