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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Having the Sort of Faith that Conquers the World

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Christians talk a lot about faith. Their faith walk; faith this; faith that. But what is faith? Well, faith is what you need to get through the things you can’t get through yourself. Whether it’s being forgiven by God (something we can only achieve by faith in Jesus) or whether it’s getting through some trial or temptation that we in and of ourselves don’t have the power to get through.Faith speaks of adversity. Faith speaks of trials. Faith speaks of things that sometimes, we’d rather not speak of at all. So join Berni Dymet as he opens up God’s Word to discover what God has to say about … faith.

Episode 1. The Sort of Faith that Pleases God

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Christians are always talking about faith. My faith walk; faith this; faith that. So what is faith? Not the theory? But what does it look like when you live it? The sort of faith that pleases God. …

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Episode 2. Radical Uncomfortable Faith

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You know, I wish I could tell you that God is primarily concerned about our comfort and convenience, but that’s just not true. He’s much more interested in our character and maturity and so He …

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Episode 3. I Don't Feel Like Having Faith

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You know we only need faith to get through the things we can’t get through on our own. And sometimes, that’s the last thing we want … or need. Some days having faith is inconvenient. But try …

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Episode 4. Faith that Conquerors the World

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The only faith the Bible talks about, the only sort of Faith Jesus talked about was the sort of faith that moves mountains. The sort of faith that conquers the world! Join Berni Dymet, on …

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Jason Hahn

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Ive been looking for something like this and you guys have been a blessing.

Silvana Alston

Good morning Bernie . I just listened to your message on faith. The faith that pleases God I really needed to hear that this morning because my husband and myself were very disappointed about a rejected application for a job my husband had applied for because he really believed that he had got that job and that was the door that God had opened for him. We prayed every day about it but it never happened. When I woke up this morning faith was the only thing on my mind. So my husband and I will keep praying in faith. Hebrews 11 verse 1 is a verse I mutter every day. So please pray for my husband to get a job soon if it’s the will of God it will be. Thank you and God bless🙏

Trisha Trimble

We look forward every morning to reading Fresh together. It is amazing. We are so disappointed on the odd occasion it doesn’t come through. Bernie is refreshingly honest. His down to earth Aussie humour is a pleasant change. Many thanks.

Berni Dymet

Marri, thank you so much for sharing that. There’s no doubt that sometimes we are discouraged in our walk with God. But the good news is that He never wavers. His grace is sufficient for us. Can I encourage you to spend some time in Psalm 121 and let the Spirit write His Word of encouragement on your heart. Your brother in Christ, [email protected]

Marri Suresh Vidyasagar

Dear Berni, the message is challenging. I am struggling to keep my faith in HIM amidst the problems. I am comforted to keep trusting HIM alone. Thank YOU.