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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: How to Be Money Wise

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Money as it turns out is a great servant, but a brutal master. So many people are struggling with money matters – debt, greed, all sorts of things and there doesn’t seem to be a way out. Sometimes, we don’t even realise that we have a problem – just that something’s not right and that it hurts.Turns out that God has a whole bunch to say in His Word about money, our attitudes towards it and how we use it. And as counterintuitive as His perspective on the problems and the solutions may be – His way works. So join Berni Dymet in this new series as he takes a Kingdom perspective on Money Matters.

Episode 1. The Tyranny of Wealth

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In many respects – money makes the world go around. At least the economy. Can’t live without it. And yet as good a servant as it is – it’s a brutal master. And so many, many people …

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Episode 2. To the Heart of the Matter

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One of the things that many of us are suspicious about are ministries that ask for money. Religion and money can be a toxic combination. And yet – God has a plan to involve His people in His …

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Episode 3. The Path to Financial Security

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Financial Security. Now there’s something that we all want, don’t we. Question is – how to get it. The world tells us to put our faith in money. God – God has a different way. It’s …

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Episode 4. Making Changes for Good

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Many a man, many a woman has a heart that’s divided – torn between wealth and God. It’s deep, it’s devastating. We don’t think too much about it, let alone talk about it. But it’s …

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Michael Adams

Here is why I have a problem when it comes to Tithing. Let say I won 200 million of American dollars, Now if I give 10% (20 million dollar) to the church which in turn changed the lives of the leaders of the church. Who in turn go out and buy themselves a new expensive home and Car. Now I became the evil Serpent in the middle of God flock by corrupting the heart of man by temptation of the Love of the root of all evil. Give God money is one thing but evil to corrupt others by giving more than one can handle by tempting them by corrupting their own greed could damn me just by Association. Throughout history Ministers, Pastors, Priest and entire ministries have been corrupt because large amount of people hard earn money. People who sometimes families have had to do without because they faithless gave money to their church which their pastor or Minister brought themselves private jets and helicopters, gold Plated bathroom fixtures and living in large Mansions. From grow up in the church to which my grandfather was one of the founders and being a Stewart myself of the church as well as know about government taxes and tax credit I have seen first hand how people eyes can become bigger than their heart. So many people here are going online and get a Clergyman even certificate to perform marriage and to also use that status as a tax deduction and it legal. I don’t have $200 mil nor am I rich, I live from month to month Off of a disability income from the military. The thing is I’m always looking at things outside of the box and thinking what would I do if I did have a large sum of money. I know what it feels like to have plenty and I know even more to go hungry. I seen the hearts of humanity and I seen the horror of people who have lost their humanity. I been scam and I have fought back against scammers. Thought I have little and have suffered for since I got hurt in the early 90s, I’m still one of the most blessed people you will ever meet and I may be the riches person you will ever hear from and I don’t have a single dime. If I did have this amount of money I would do things totally Anonymous but I refuse to corrupt the hearts of anyone including myself and my family.


My experience has been that God is faithful in all that He does. It is about attitude, God knows if we really want to give and yes it can be sacrifice. But if we haven’t got the resources to give (or attitude/ability) then we should ask Him to provide so that we can. He is a good father who wants us to discover just how faithful and good He really is. Sometimes it starts from nothing and grows from there.
Trust Him and watch what happens!


True. But here I am with four kids and a wife not working. I have to find money to feed the family, other wise we willl be thrown out of the house we are renting. Money rules and even in churches, those of us with little are not valued and our coin offering is not needed. I agree, with you that money is a cruel and bad master and whether we like it or not we have to dance to its demands or else we fall out of the so called grace.

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