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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Are You a Blessing or a Burden?

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There seem to be basically two types of people in this world – those who are a blessing and those who are a burden; those who are an asset and those who are a liability; those who are part of the solution, and those who are part of the problem. Which sort of person are you?In this series – Are You a Blessing or a Burden – Berni Dymet helps us to discover how we can truly become a mighty blessing in other people’s lives.

Episode 1. A Complete Turnaround

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We all want to be blessed. Sure we do – problem is, sometimes we have a bad sense of direction We expect all the blessing to flow in one direction – inwards, to us. Hmm. That’s not how it …

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Episode 2. How to Be a Safety Net

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God made each one of us not only to be blessed by Him, but to be a blessing – the entry point of His blessing into the lives of people around us. And one of the ways we can do that, is by being a …

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Episode 3. 3 Ways to Be a Blessing

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There are three things about us which in a very practical way will determine whether we are more of an asset or a liability, more of a blessing than a burden. What are they? Our attitude, our anger …

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Episode 4. The Blessing of Grace

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God wants us to be a blessing, not a burden mind you, a blessing to the people around us. And there are some amazing ways to be that blessing – none more amazing, than the blessing of grace. Join …

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Antonette McCartney

Loved the title of Word for Today “Never smile at a crocodile”. Reminded me of song from Peter Pan. I had my 3 year old granddaughter stay over last night so had some quality bonding time this morning. I decided to find the song in YouTube and we watched it together. Was a delight to see her little face with such awe, delight and intrigue!! So thankful we had this little moment together. And yes Berni, your message is so true for me today too. Thinking of what my near future is going to look like – either working for someone or going in my own. I sure will come across some “crocodiles” but pray Father God will give me good judgement nudges.
Love and Gods abundant blessings to you and your team.


Duplicate comment detected so it says .., I guess the duplication of life’s gossiping and slandering issues are also being duplicated through the years generation after generation because people refuse to give it up!
When we stand up , people don’t like it and want to put us in a box hoping to demoralise us and intimate us into believing that we are unworthy .’

👋 Bye .


Gossip and slander are rife in life and it’s very, very bad when people use systems like the mental health or child safety to bully and inflict harm upon other people and leaving them powerless to do anything nor be heard.
It’s called BULLYING and it’s is a criminal offence and it’s not an easy one to prove because bullies make sure that they’ve got a mob on their side and leave the people of whom their bullying isolated and on their own.
That’s why trusting in God is the only avenue and safety net for those of us whom are slandered and gossiped about bullied and judged .
Life’s a battle and sometimes we simply only have two choices and that’s get up each day and face our adversaries or lie down and let them win using a nasty cruel mental abusive attack .
I choose to get up each day and let God fight for me.
It’s not easy dealing with gossip and slander and it is called bullying .
God brings us through and I believe and I truly do believe in Gods works.