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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Living a Life that Leaves a Legacy of Love

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One day each of us will breathe our last breath and … that will be it, for this life on this earth. Sadly, some people will look back on a wasted life. Because, in our heart of hearts, what we really want to do is to leave behind a legacy. Something that lives on beyond us – and a good one at that. What we really want to do is to leave behind a lasting legacy of love.

Question is – what sort of life are we living now? And is it the sort that will achieve that goal? Join Berni Dymet as He opens God’s Word to discover how to live the sort of life, that’s going to leave a lasting legacy of love.

Episode 1. Where's Your Life Headed?

One day, your life on this world will be over. One day, you will take your last breath, your heart will stop and as far as this life goes, that’s it. When – not if, when – that happens, what …

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Episode 2. Living Life on Purpose

One day, when your life draws to an end, there’s every chance that you’ll have an opportunity to reflect on the life that was, the life that wasn’t, and the life that perhaps could have been. …

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Episode 3. What Exactly IS Love?

Love, I think, is one of the most misused words in our dictionary. We’ve come to associate it with so many things: romance, happiness, bliss. But it seems that the one thing we don’t want to …

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Episode 4. How to Leave a Lasting Legacy of Love

What would you say to a farmer who wakes up one day – round about harvest time – walks out into his empty field and complains bitterly about the fact that there’s no harvest, when all along, …

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Berni Dymet

Diane, you’ve definitely put your hope in the right place.

Diane Nikfar

This is awesome.Planting seed in the middle of a famine…..family emotional famine…..expecting God to heal the breach, praying and learning how to reach out wisely, in God’s strength and God’s timing.Knowing what is mine to repent of, and what is another’s personal responsibility. Inviting accountability AND showing continued love and respect for each family member, regardless of whether they “deserve” it; regardless of whether we agree or not, in spite of flaws,failings, misperceptions, fears and broken-heartedness. Somehow, I believe God will redeem our situation. I hope in the Lord.