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Series: All You Need is Love

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Love they say makes the world go round. More songs and poems have been written about love than just about any other subject. And yes – love is absolutely essential in our lives. From the moment we’re born until when we die.So … why is it that so many people don’t experience love in their live? Real love – the sort that God talks about a lot. There are many reasons.

And in this series, Berni Dymet again opens up God’s Word to discover what God has to say about love. The Love that He wants to pour into our lives.And what God has to say … may well surprise you. And it will definitely change you … for ever.

Episode 1. The Sort of Love We Need

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With the images that Hollywood throws at us, not to mention the advertising industry – it’s easy for us to end up with a distorted sense of what love is. We know it’s the most important thing …

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Episode 2. So Exactly What is Love

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Have you ever asked yourself – what is love? I mean – exactly what is it? We know it’s important. Yet strangely very few people ever stop to think what it is. And because of the programming we …

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Episode 3. The Love that Heals

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Have you ever needed a special touch from God? You know – the world’s telling you you’re worthless. Everything’s going against you. You feel overlooked and left behind – Jesus has obviously …

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Episode 4. Giving Love Away

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I don’t know about you, but those parts of God’s Word where He talks about the love He has for me and how He wants to pour it out on me – I love those. Can’t get enough of them. But then when …

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Mark Hyde

I came here knowing that my life is not running, but I was running from life.
This message has helped me focus. I have been searching, sometimes worried, sometimes scared of the future.
In fact I did not see a future if I am honest. I love the film, I could tell the honesty in the presenter.
I understand when he spoke about being in a room and not feeling loved.
After watching and nodding, I am given hope.
I have messed so many relationships up, I have formed some good ones.
The best relationship I can have is with God.
Thank you so much. I believe God sent me here 🙂 God bless you.


I am looking forward to watch this lesson.

Hollie letts

Thank you once again for your insight on the meaning of LOVE. I found it interesting that, yes we all want to be loved but it is the returning the love back, the unconditional love I feel is where a lot of us are having the problem. We may manage to love and encourage others but when we do not get love or respect back that is when we get hurt and feel bad about ourselves and question what has gone wrong. The unconditional love is to love others and do not expect anything back. If you do receive love or respect that is a blessing. This is where it is hard for me. I really love certain people and know that I need to love,encourage and make people feel they are important in this world but when you have been hurt it is hard to keep on encouraging them to be the best they can be,when they clearly do not want the best for me. I keep thinking about how Jesus must have felt when his close friends the disciples did not want to know him even denied ever knowing him. Jesus would of been hurt but he still loved them, he still managed to take the focus off himself. To love unconditionally is not to expect anything in return. This is a hard lesson for all of us. We live in a self centered world all about what is good for me, not thinking what is good for the other person. Thank you again for this lesson on love. It as helped me tremendously!!

Berni Dymet

Awesome story Alex. Thank you so much for sharing! Berni

Alex J Irvine

Great teaching in Episode 2 – ‘So exactly what is love’. Really appreciated Episodes 1 & 2.
No long after I’d made my commitment to follow Jesus Christ as my Lord & Saviour at Sydney Technical High School in March 1952, I fell in love with the little old lady who came to the school and tried to teach the 14, 15 & 16 year old boys about the love of God found in Christ Jesus our Lord as the Scripture teacher.
Most others in my class showed her little respect and put up with her but took little notice of her. She just kept on loving us. She set us all a challenge and if I remember rightly, I believe I was the only one who took it up. It was to learn the whole of 1 Corinthians 13 “off by heart”.
That exercise set me on the right path in my new found Christian faith.
By God’s plan for my life, he sent a man to stand at the front gate of the school and offer us boys a New Testament. I didn’t have a Bible of my own so here was the chance to have my own scripture and to learn 1 Corinthians 13 “off by heart”. This was in 1952 before Gideons came on the scene in 1956 with the Olympic Games in Melbourne.
Now having become a Gideon 52 years ago, I appreciate what that little old lady and that man did for me by faith and in love
Keep on keeping on! I’m delighted to continue to support you in your ministry.
I love you,
Alex Irvine.