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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: God Wants to Bless You

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On a scale of zero to ten, how much do you believe God wants to bless you? Not at all (0); a bit (3); yeah, quite a bit (7.5) or more than you can ever hope for, dream or imagine (10+)? Sometimes we’re afraid to ask for God’s blessing because it sounds self–serving. And yet God has untold blessings in store for your life.     

In this Series of Christianityworks – God Wants to Bless You! – Berni Dymet explores what God has to say about His blessing in your life.

Episode 1. The Prayer of Jabez (1)

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Question – Does God want to bless you or not? It’s a very serious question because how you answer it is probably the best indicator to tell you what you think of your God. So I’ll ask you again …

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Episode 2. The Prayer of Jabez (2)

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I used to think that getting this done was all about having control. If only I could control this and that, then I’d be able to achieve X, Y and Z. But the older I get, the more I’ve realised …

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Episode 3. The Blessings You Really Need

Have you ever heard someone talking about God’s blessing and thought “Well, I’m not sure He’s blessed me much yet, or … I don’t think so! I don’t think it’s right to ask God to bless …

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Episode 4. No Blessing, No Fruit, No Results

How much impact is your life having on other people? Not bad impact, good impact? How much is the miracle of your life, creating miracles in the lives of others? Because if the answer is “not …

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