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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: God’s Mightiest Works in Your Wilderness

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We live in a world interested in “surface things”. Wealth. Success Recognition…..that’s what people value. So when we end up in a bit of a wilderness – it’s confusing, even terrifying. Surely – life was never meant to be like this.But it’s a funny thing….because so often, it’s in the wilderness that we discover the hidden things of God. Join Berni in this powerful new series of discovery, as he joins Jesus in the wilderness!

Episode 1. The Essential Wilderness

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It’s easy to think that God is all about blessing us … and sure, He is. But sometimes that path to blessing takes us on a journey through the wilderness … a bit like Jesus.   On the …

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Episode 2. The Logical Seduction

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Sometimes when we’re travelling through the wilderness, hungry, hurting, lonely, it’s the obvious thing to do to, do whatever it takes to end the pain. Logical really, or is it?   God Does …

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Episode 3. The Compelling Delusion

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Have you ever chased after something in your life – some project or promotion or relationship … and then after a while, discovered that is was just a mirage out there in the desert?   Things …

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Episode 4. The Great Performance

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Sometimes, when we’ve been walking with God for a while and the going gets a bit tough, there’s a temptation to think to ourselves, “Well, God, you owe me. Time for you to show up.”   …

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Julie Hill

I’ve really enjoyed these teachings and have learnt a great deal. Made notes and will hopefully be able to apply them to my life with God’s help and mercy.

Thankyou so much the email was perfectly timed and an answer to a prayer.


God bless you man of God. I’m still left in amazement after reading all the four discovering the hidden things of God. It’s helping us so much in our own wilderness. We’ve been waiting for a word for our trial in the wilderness and we’ve received it.
God bless you

Ernest Manning

Thank you so so much! Your words have inspired me. Being in the wilderness at the moment, your words come at just the right time for me.
Thank you!!