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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Extravagant Grace (Pt 1)

Grace – well, grace is a wonderful thing. It’s something that we don’t deserve. But before grace truly means anything – we need to understand in our hearts how far we fall short of deserving. We need to understand the cost to the person who gives it. And then, then we need to receive it, embrace it, be consumed by it … to realise truly how extravagant that grace is.

Episode 1. The Missing Link

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It’s amazing you know how long it takes us to make the connection between cause and effect. Smoking and cancer. Poor diet and disease. Sin and, well all that stuff in our lives. The consequences of the sin. The world of hurt that we’ve brought crashing down on our head, because we decided do go […]

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Episode 2. No Excuses

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We are masters of making excuses for ourselves, aren’t we. It starts from the time we learn to speak as a child. “I didn’t do it. It’s not my fault. She did it!” We love to blame others don’t we and as it turns out, though we can make excuses for just about anything – […]

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Episode 3. Just Desserts

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It’s easy to think of God as a big, soft, cuddly toy – someone to go to in times of trouble, to hold us. And of course He is that someone to go to, our tower of refuge and strength in times of trouble – but there’s another side to Him that we can’t ignore. […]

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Episode 4. The Judge and His Friend

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You know the thing about grace – God’s grace – the thing that makes it so difficult to comprehend is that we don’t deserve it. In a sense, it cuts across our innate sense of justice. Because grace is about not getting our just desserts, and instead, getting the forgiveness and the blessing that we […]

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Episode 5. A Story of Faith

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Here’s something that’s difficult to understand. You can’t earn eternal life. No matter how hard you try, how hard you work at it you simply cannot earn your way into heaven. It’s completely and utterly impossible. That’s why “living a basically good life” isn’t enough – it’s never, ever going to be a ticket into […]

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Some people tithe their time, until they can find employment. Volunteering their services, when they could have been elsewhere, is something that pleases our Father in Heaven. The key is give yourself to the Lord and as Proverbs 3 tells us, “He will direct our paths and make our way straight”. As we tell Him, “Here is what I have. I want to give or do more”, He will bring the increase.

Mark Caufield / Torrington, Connecticut USA

Berni is still fresh, youthful, amazing, always relevant, and reaching out with God’s word. Truly making a difference after years of work…..building a vibrant legacy….thanks to God.
He must work with wonderful people as well. It doesn’t happen by accident. You’re able to keep him charged up with his positive attitude that helps us all move forward in our faith…

Many thanks and God bless the wonderful things you’re all led to do for us all…..I have introduced his messages to so many people. Two have come to Christ at least…a few more I am certain are on their journey towards faith….it’s just taking a little longer….just like the message in your seed story today…

Mega thanks and prayers to you all.!!!
Mark & Susan Caufield

Phyllis darnell

Very good!

Mariam sage

Great to feel free ofworry
Free of guilt and shame

Berni Dymet

Hey Mark, greetings from a hot and humid Sydney Australia as we hurtle towards yet another new year. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement … they mean a lot. We are in the middle of our summer break right now but will be back soon with some fresh new Bible teaching. Every blessing, Berni.

Mark E. Caufield

I’ve been listening for more than 10 years. Bernie and his guests are as fresh and interesting as much now as when I first tuned in and heard his dynamic voice and messages.
Many Many thanks for the significant growth that’s been possible since then. Your programs have been one part of many positive influences and “mysterious ways’ events that have helped me help many others in my life…
I love “Pruned and disciplined” so true….and spot on…
Happy New Year and much success ahead…!

Mark E. Caufield
Torrington, Connecticut

Shyteria Graham

Regarding the Slave Mentality blog:

I loved everything that was said and how you referenced scriptures as your factual proof. You are absolutely correct, we are free in Christ and can not operate freely if we still allow our sins to keep us enslaved. All glory goes to God! I was truly blessed by this post.

Be blessed.

Patricia Rideout

How do you know who gods chosen people are?

Darline Williams

God is so awesome He never lets me down. PLEASE pray for my husband’s salvation.

Paul Reimann

Hi Berni,

Thank you for mixing God’s word with your insight and experience to give us easy-to-understand applications for our lives. I enjoy reading them every day.


That was very informative. Thank you Pastor. God bless. Have a great day.👍👍😁😁🙏🙏

Ann Duva

Today is my first day. Will comment after listening for a few days

Berni Dymet

Debra, Christianityworks is a non-denominational ministry. We have been proclaiming Christ in the media since 1957. You can find our statement of faith here.


What denomination is this?

Berni Dymet

Thx Lynn. Appreciate your encouragement. You’ll love NZ. Australia’s not bad either! 😉 stay blessed.

Lynn Bednarz, LCPC, CADC, BCPCC

I’m interested in the free daily devotionals. I’ve heard you on Moody Radio and have appreciated your sharing the Gospel. I will be sure to share your website with so many others. I’m a Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor (BCPCC), in private practice and my church is Willow Creek in S. Barrington, IL.

(By the way, we’ll be going toNew Zealand December 28, 2019, ending in Sydney around 1/14/19 with Viking cruises. We’re very much looking forward to your beautiful country!

Also, just a suggestion to have this corrected…at the top of your website page I see it said something like EDEVOTION rather than DEVOTION (or something like that).

Melissa Bergeron

Loved it! Thanks for sharing!

Doesn't matter

God is willing and able to save all people.

Timothy Herrick

Hi Bernie. I’ve enjoyed your fresh, down-to-earth, Biblical nuggets of wisdom from your “A Different Perspective” program for several years, and still do. I like your new website: it’s very colorful. I do miss, however, your presence at Oneplace.com, which was easier to get to, but I suppose I will get used to going here, to your website, in the future. (You know about “old horses” and “new tricks”!). Thank you for hanging in there and I wish you many more years of blessings for you and your family and your ministry.

Berni Dymet

Just click on the previous episode button at the top Cheryl. 😉

Cheryl Golec

I listened to episode 2 “ how long will this last” how do access episode 1? Could get it to play. Do just download whole series? I don’t want to download everything.


Thanks yet again Berni!! We are such weak humans sometimes that we forget the strength we have when our Father is with us!!!

William Bene K. Manasseh

That is why I found my freedom by taking salvation and He leading me to James 1:26-27

Lynda Russell

Love your series helped me greatly. Thank you

Berni Dymet

Hey Michelle, thank you so much for your encouraging words. :-)) Berni

Michelle Pajot

I absolutely love your daily FRESH devotional. It’s that golden nugget of God’s word speaking to me throughout the day. It’s short, but filled with God’s truth and the message that it contains, inspire/ convict me to be the person that God has called me to be. I especially appreciate your conversational approach in each message. I feel as though I’m sitting and having a good cuppa with you, as a friend and brother in the Lord, sharing scripture and practical ways that we can live out our calling as believers in Christ!


This is a very helpful series. Thank you.

Anni McCartney

Simple instruction to change one’s heart! Thankyou Bernie for these messages of encouragement each day! Today’s message was certainly something to ponder upon! May God continue to give you wisdom to share with us so we can have a change of heart to be more
like Him!

Norma Ansama

Thank You and appreciate it.

Randall Skrabonja

Genuinely appreciate your laid back style of sharing the great news. Must be an Aussie trait 😊 Simple and effective. Keep up the great work. Your friend and fellow believer, Randall

Berni Dymet

Amen. Thanks for your words of encouragement Grace. Berni


I believe that there are a lot of believers AROUND THE GLOBE who often struggle with their faith and your podcasts help for us to be assured that this is normal and we are not alone. We are comforted in your words. Thank you.

Patsy A . Smith

Wonderful way of expressing God’s Hope for our daily lives. I agree everyday hope is less than the hope that God gives knowing that every day is a NEW day in God’s HOPE for his children……..


Exactly what I needed to hear and it goes hand in hand with today’s message at church. Thank you.

Paul Amerson

I look forward to starting my day each morning with Fresh. It has helped me so much in my walk with Jesus. It is just the perfect length and I listen each morning. This is such a wonderful and oh-so important ministry.


This series has bee extremely helpful. Thank you


that was good

Valrie Samuels

I absolutely love listening to your programs. It inspires and encourage me on my drive to work each morning. Thank you and God Bless You.


Thank you for this powerful message, man of God. I can recall many times I’ve been stubborn and or selfish in my life even to my own husband. It’s not right, I know it’s not desirous to God and I now longer want to live this way. I’m trusting in the the Lord that he will help me with covetous, greed and other fruit that he tells us not to bare. This was right on time. Thank you for explaining how to address each spirit with meditation as well as prayer.

Berni Dymet

Praise God Karen. Be greatly blessed through His Word. Berni

Berni Dymet

Bless you Leighton. Appreciate you sharing that. May God’s Word strengthen you day by day for His glory. Berni.


Dear Bernie and Helpers
I dearly wish to thank you for all your reassurance . I have been going through a lot for the past 6 years. A lot of financial hardship and emotional reoccurrence. The Psalms are so good, and your messages are a grand thing to have. May our father bless and Keep The organization for its blessings on people like my wife and myself

Karen Gabilo

Thank you and may God bless you ever so abundantly for delivering His message. This series cut right through in my heart and it has opened the eyes of my heart even more. Thank you for underlining and putting much needed weight on the importance of being in God’s word. I praise God for you.

Berni Dymet

No video I’m afraid. But dpma search on this site for “miracles” and you’ll find lots lots more.

formexplode small

Do you have any video of that? I’d love to find out more details.


Thanks Berni for this set of Videos “Kiss Me Like You Mean It”. My marriage has been a real struggle for some time, and this has given some good points in which to use/apply/live out to improve things. It’s not going to be easy I know, and I’ll be doing this one-sided as husband not a Christian so not likely to want to listen to this, but giving it a go as don’t want to give up on marriage!

Berni Dymet

Sarah, the single, most powerful thing that you can do is to pray. The second is to live your life as a witness of Christ’s love. Nagging will never work, but …. 1 Peter 3:1-6 will. Blesssings – [email protected]

Berni Dymet

Thanks for the feedback Vicki. Our aim is to see you and many more blessed by God’s Word. -Berni

Vicki Thornton

Love this really appreciate the audio and video. It reaches onto me thank you for sharing this amazing message. I have found that the video and audio is easier for me to relate to. Brilliant idea. I live alone but I know God is with me. Thank you.

Thomas Magoon

Our Father places a desire (gift) in my heart and you open it for me.
He is definitely connecting us His Body together thru your ministry.
Thank you, Tom M.

Berni Dymet

Thanks for the encouragement Daniel. It”s a pleasure and a privilege to minster God’s Word.

daniel rutherford

I came across christianityworks on a radio station leaving port stephens heading to Sydney from a holiday.Really enjoyed it and I am glad I came across it! keep up the great work felt great listening to the word of god and great explanations of the bibles truth!Very positive and the website is great! Thanks Berni and team!

Vanessa picello

As a person that experiences highs and lows in my life I am encouraged by your words.It has inspired me to become closer to my Lord and savior and to react with more diplomacy in situations that I find quite difficult to handle, due to my faith and my loyalty to God.I have learnd to accept myself where Am as well as having a desire to grow in my relationship with Jesus.and to apply that which I have learned in everyday life.Yhankyou for your mature insight into your daily walk with God.Can we please hear a little more about how to tune in to the HOly Spirit.kind Regards Vanessa.

Berni Dymet

Marge, it was the Wollongong Church of Christ in O’briens Road Figtree.

Marge Keating

Just wondering where Berni was when he heard Ted Keating speaking on the Prodigal son? Which Ted Keating?
It is something my husband Ted often spoke about and just wondering if there is a connection.


Wonderful encouragement & teaching Berni. Thank you so much. I praise the Lord for you (& your team). Don’t give up; Jesus is using you to be a blessing to many.

Berni Dymet

Marie, I always pray, asking God to speak to me. I open the Bible expecting Him to do so. Sometimes I only read half a chapter, or a single story, or even just a verse or two. Then I sit and think about it. What’s God saying to me today? And I receive it into my heart. It’s just how it works.


Hi Bernie
You certainly are an inspiring person.
I’m curious to know how to read the bible and get answers like you do?
I’m completely lost when reading the bible. And absolutely never get any answers.

Berni Dymet

Awesome Thami.

Berni Dymet

A privilege Trish. Be blessed as you receive God’s Word.

Trish coe

Good morning. This put a smile on my face this morning as john 3:16 is my favourite scripture. Thank you for my daily devotions it’s the first thing I listen to in the morning while having my breakfast.
Happy New Year.

Thami Mapasa

Like David, I guess I also really want to know the Heart of God. You have no idea how you just made me to view Christmas from a different perspective. This has really opened up the Heart of God to me, correct me if I’m wrong when I say that only He really knows the thoughts/plans that He has for me. Late as it is over here right now, I honestly not regret losing these hours of sleep, thanks again Berni.

Thami Mapasa

Sir, I don’t really know who you are, as i’ve just recently subscribed to your Christianityworks website, all I know of you is that you are one Blessed fellow-human being in this world of of ours, allow me to say your perspective of Christmas through your theme, ” Old story-new twist, I did not just get it, but it completely blew my mind, your telling me to focus on the why He came and who He came for into our world, not necessarily the correctness of His birth date, has today not only just touched my heart in an inexplicable way, but immensely enlightened it with a Joy and Wonder I can never explain in words, I was reading and again re-reading your passages completely stunned by this your new revelation, God bless you Bernie and thank you so much from my heart.

Stephen Gunnell

It’s a vital question , Berni.
“Staying on course” is I believe the answer.
What I mean is, that only the true followers of Christ Jesus know where their destination ends because He promised us this.
It’s the journey that matters as to how we get to God’s Promised Land.
Live life on Earth as Our Father and His Beloved Son, Yeshua has instructed. No one knows of the trials and tribulations ahead of them, only God knows that BUT of we follow His Laws and Precepts, then regardless of the Satan’s many obstacles on our road ahead, the Lord Jesus has already laid down the firm and safe path for us to tread. Stay on His beaten path and you will arrive at your destination safely. Ot sounds simple enough. Not rocket science, just what our Creator has instructed is best. Remember that we have been created by Him for His Glory alone. Grateful and joyfully I welcome that Truth. Consider the alternative and you too will feel the Joy of knowing that you are here for His purpose alone. No man owns you, God paid with his Blood for your eternal freedom, ETERNAL LIFE. Sad that so many with ears can not hear and those that do still refuse His undying gift of Eternal Love. I thank you Berni for your righteous work, ypu truly are bearing The Lord’s Fruit. Godspeed to you and all that read these words and ENTRUST YOUR LIFE to JESUS CHRIST. .

Trevor Lambert

Hi Bernie
I wish i had the answer to your question
I want to do God’s purpose in my life but am totally confused
i am mega in debt and full of frustration

Thanks for your encouragement each day

Berni Dymet

No plans for the Philippines at this stage Israel.

Israel Cervo

Good day !! I’m so blessed to hear God’s message for the church through you , brother Berni . Do you have plans to visit the Philippines? Oh , surely we will all be excited. God bless and more power to your ministry through the Holy Spirit. Thank you.

Diane Johnson

This was truly great.

My Church is not perfect but it is great. Our Pastors get sad and upset, after all they are dealing with a lot of our person problems.
It was only at the last Members Meeting that it was reported more stringent measures were put in place to deal with the safety of our Church Children. We have some wonderful Children’s Pastors and leaders but our kids there are our Church’s and Australia’s future.

I am just so grateful to be a part of EBCC and I would never hesitate to recommend a person to go there.
Thank you again Bernie.
I enjoy reading and get so much out of the booklets etc…. so please keep going and look after yourself.
God Bless.
Diane Johnson

Berni Dymet

Thanks so much Juliann. It’s a real blessing to be able to share the Word of God with you nd so many others. Really appreciate your encouragement. Be blessed. Berni

Juliann Winkel

I so appreciate all the great work you are doing to share the perfect love of God,his grace, mercy and truth throughout this desperate world.I personally have been encouraged.convicted,challenged and thoroughly blessed through your messages.I have grown more into the person God designed me to be through really listening and hearing His truth in what you share.Thank you…… and for the generations to come,thank you!

Berni Dymet

I couldn’t disagree more strongoh with your position.what you are saying is simply not what the Bible teaches.

Hebrews 10:26-31

For if we willfully persist in sin after having received the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, but a fearful prospect of judgment, and a fury of fire that will consume the adversaries. Anyone who has violated the law of Moses dies without mercy “on the testimony of two or three witnesses.” How much worse punishment do you think will be deserved by those who have spurned the Son of God, profaned the blood of the covenant by which they were sanctified, and outraged the Spirit of grace? For we know the one who said, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay.” And again, “The Lord will judge his people.” It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

Louise Drinkwater

I think it had potential to be a good msg but was more a sound byte.

Louise Tweedale

Hi Berni,
Thanks for the encourgement!
May God bless you in everything you do and say. In Jesus mighty name. Amen.


Hi Berni, it so sad to read today devotional, but what is worse is that this email will not be a one of. Im blessed that the fellowship God placed me in last year is just that a fellowship, with people who care for each other and are there if and when you need them
If that man is reading this please dont give up there are churchs out there with christians who care, sometimes it just takes a bit of time to find the right one for you, God will place you as He did me in the right one.

Karen Wilson

This is such an important subject for us Christians as the Holy Spirit helps us to overcome Satan’s lies through God’s Word. I can give an example that happened to me recently.
I have a very painful foot. My work requires me to run around on my feet all day. I had heaps of housework to do when I got home. I was tired and sore. I finally decided that I would sit down and watch a program on the Christian channel. It was about how God changed this person’s life when he became a Christian. All I could think was ‘God, I really don’t see any evidence that you are in my life’. Nothing seems to have changed. Then all these bad thoughts started coming into my head. Funnily enough, a Bible verse kept beating it to my mouth, counteracting the thought. I couldn’t get over how great God is, and ended up forgetting the housework and spending time with God.


Thank you for all these words. I have anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder & post traumatic stress. Every morning I wake feeling nauseous & anxious. Not a way to greet a beautiful new day. The answer has always been right in front of me & in me. Trust in the Lord. Amen

Berni Dymet

That’s awesome Bruce. May you enter into a powerful, intimate relationship with the Lord our God. Make sure you find yourself a dynamic, Bible believing church so that you can grow in your faith. And whatever you do, get yourself a contemporary Bible translation, and start reading it and praying every day. You will go from strength to strength. [email protected]


Thank you Berni for helping me identify my major flaw, the flip side to caring, and giving me guidance to overcome it. 🙂 )

Bruce Noel Gilbert

Thank you for this challenging podcast Berni! I have accepted the challenge & prayed that prayer inviting God into my life, no matter what happens. I had suffered much previously in my life & I guess it it the fear of suffering more, that put me off truly opening up to God’s Holy Spirit – in a way that, although I have greatly desired it – I have never done before. Now I will ‘wait upon the Lord’ – no matter how long it takes, nor WHAT it takes for Him to mould me & get me to where He wants me to be, in Him. Thank you again & I look forward to receiving the the ebook.

‘b’ye! – Bruce.

Bruce Noel Gilbert

Dear Berni,
God Bless You & your ministry “ChristianityWorks”. I just tried to download a copy of “Taking the first step” & when I clicked on , it did not download, but opened an audio player instead?! I then Right-clicked on & chose “Save link as…” from the menu & it downloaded ok.
In case it matters, I am not using Window$, but am using the “OpenBSD” Operating System, with “Mozilla Firefox” as my web-browser.
‘b’ye! – Bruce Noel Gilbert.

michael hauschild

Hi Berni,
Looking forward of reading and listening to you regarding walking in the spirit. I am in the pursuit of really and clearly hearing from the Holy Spirit.
God Bless you.


I know that I am selfish . ..it is my biggest problem and the scariest one. It keeps me from God and others…there is no doubt in my mind it is sin…most of all because it shoes a total lack of love or the ability to give. If we can not love, if we cannot give, if it is all about I me and mine, there is no room for God so no room for love . I ask God to remove thar from me everyday with the awareness that I cannot overcome it myself .

Berni Dymet

John, the closer you are to people, sometimes the more it hurts and the less influence you can have over them. But there are two things that you can do. All day, every day, show them the love of Christ. Yes, it will cost you and yes it will hurt, but love is the most powerful force in the universe … because God IS love. Secondly, speaking of power, when you are completely powerless to change a situation and the only thing that you can do is pray, then in praying, you have already done the single, most powerful thing that you can possibly do! 🙂 -Berni

Berni Dymet

Bruce – you’re right. It’s not easy … but historically speaking, the Gospel has always been offensive to the world. In fact, that’s what got Jesus crucified when you think about it – because He upset so many entrenched power bases. But it didn’t stop Him from speaking the truth in love. The challenge for us, today, is to figure out what that looks like in our world. How do we speak the truth in love … no matter what it may cost us. – Berni


I have recently sent an email to my sons primary school asking them what their view is of sexual education and gender identity. I am waiting to get a call from the Head. This is in view of recent primary schools bringing in ‘experts’ to explain gender is not related to your physical attributes – who are these people?
This talk really describes how I feel. My son is 6 and the culture (UK) is so confused but the liberalist secular agenda is being rammed down our throats and our childrens.
I want to challenge this view of reality but sometimes it appears hopeless or that I give into to it. I don’t want to be legalistic with my son either – the other day we watched the Lego movie together as all his friends have already seen it. It was awful. I stopped it after 20 mins. I explained to my son why it wasn’t good and I think he understood. Yes we are surrounded by opposing ideas and perhaps will always be if we want to follow Christ.

Louise Tweedale

Thanks Berni,
Celibate the uniqueness!
Love in The Lord Jesus Christ
Louise 🙂

Brandon Jansen

It is so true,I to suffer from the disease called UDS, and by the grace of God he is showing me who I really am.
Thankyou for the encouragement, that is so much needed.
May God bless you.



Jody Hubbard

Thank you thank you thank you


Hebrews 4:13

Berni Dymet

Hallelujah! 🙂 -Berni

Tricia Ycasas

I guess that the feeling of worthlessness that you wrote about is something that many, if not everyone, can relate to. Thank you for your honesty and humility that helped me look back and remember what Christ did for me. I was once that old violin too but He saw beyond the battered appearance. He turned me from worthless to priceless.


At what point are you saved…???
When will your name get written in the Book of Life?
The requirement for entering Heaven is a clean slate.
So, if that happens through faith in the sacrifice of Christ, you are saved instantly and the Holy Spirit seals you forever. You can then choose whether or not to follow Jesus as your Lord or not. That is not what seals the deal. The Holy Spirit seals the deal as soon as you believe. You are born again by the Spirit when you believe.
If a man cheats on his wife, the courts will look at the records and see they are married. They will not look at his behaviour. He would be a fool to do such things against his wife, but would still be married to her. The same as us, but even better. When we trust Jesus as Saviour, we are believing He paid the full price for our sins and redeemed us from the penalty of them. We become His bride forever and He will never ever divorce us, no matter what we do. He will look in the book of Life and see our name there, no matter what we did after trusting in Him alone for salvation.
Those who say “Lord, Lord…” and are turned away are those people who never trusted Jesus as having paid the full penalty for their sins and think they have to do something like make Him Lord and follow Him etc. to be saved.
The fruit of those who trust Jesus as Saviour is shown in the souls that are saved by coming to faith in Jesus. Those saved souls are their fruit. Those with a false Gospel do not bear such fruit. Their Gospel cannot save.


Hi Bernie
This confirms something for me
I read last night Hebrews 4:13
I finally realise that God knows everything we need and has a plan for our lives We think we have to do all the planning buy in reality the plan is already in place and we just have to trust in Jesus and his plan will become a reality
Thanks Trevor

Berni Dymet

Marria – although you feel weak and helpless, your Redeemer lives! He will never leave you or forsake you and His strength is made perfect in your weakness. Trust in Him – pray for your family members believing that God is going to do some amazing things, love them as best you can … and watch, just watch what he will do for you. It may not happen overnight, but it will happen! -Berni

Andrew Burgess

What’s more than a conqueror?
A King does not have to go out and do the work.
A king just rules and rains. As we stay seated with him in heavenly places all the battles are won on our behalf for His outcome His purposes in us and through us, glory to God!
Love your work Bernie! I thank God for you and all the life it’s pouring through you! BRILLANT!
Thank you Lord !
Bless you bro !


Praise God for God inspired dreams birthed in us.


Thanks Bernie. I have seen Ephesians 2.10 translated “You are God’s work of art created in the beginning to live the good life in Christ Jesus. “After reading your message I got my Daily Study Bible by William Barclay on Galatians and Ephesians and read again what he says about Ephesians 2.10. Barclay concludes “we cannot earn God’s love; but we can and must show how grateful we are for it, by seeking with our whole hearts to live the kind of life which will bring joy to God’s heart.” May God bless you Bernie.

And may I just share a piece from Romans 8. 35-37 which I find most encouraging .”Who will separate us from the love of Christ? Will affliction, or distress, or persecution, or hunger, or nakedness, or peril, or the sword? Yet in all this we are conquerors, through Him who has granted us His love.” God Bless you and your mission Bernie. Let us always remember that through Christ we are conquerors.

Barry Doel

Love the Ministry Berni. You have helped Identify and answer my prayers to the Lord to lead me into a better and more mature way of dealing with my emotional immaturity. Thanks for helping me to locate where I’m at, and most of all to have a progressive understanding of how to allow the Lord to bring me into the full stature of Christ. Jesus learnt obedience by the things he suffered. Heb 5:8. That’s us. Cheers mate….Baz.

michael hauschild

Love it Berni!
God bless you.

Berni Dymet

Thank you so much for your encouragement Barry. It’s so exciting to see the Lord at work in your life. May He achieve mighty things in you and through you, by His Spirit + His Word. 🙂 -Berni

Paul Balasundaram

Hi Bernie – I truly enjoyed listening to this message on UCB-2 when I was out on my walk early this morning. Eph 2:10 is a favourite Scripture. I am God’s “poiema” is an amazing thought. Sadly, most of us in the evangelical church stop with Eph 2:8-9. I am in the teaching and empowering line. I am 66 years old but love to work with young people, challenging them to get in touch with their unique design and live a life of abundance. I live in Hyderabad, India. I missed you on your last vist. Cheers!!

Elaine Mitchell

Great message thanks Berni


thanks brother that was encouraging…

Berni Dymet

Dennis there is only one place to find deliverance and healing. That place is Jesus. Receive His love and His Word into your heart and you will experience the power of His deliverance.


Hey sorry i didn’t read the entire article but I read most of it .. my English is weak so I hope you understand this is my first time ever posting about this issue I’m going throw right now .. my family is falling apart and it really breaks my heart to see them like that I have a big beautiful family ten siblings and my mom after my father past away i watched my beautiful family fall apart drugs and alcohol are the main reason I don’t want to give much details but I want your help please it’s so painful to see my mother struggle to keep the rest of us together but I can clearly see how depressed she is .. and I’m not the best daughter I do try sometimes but she is driving me crazy i can understand how she feels she doesn’t want the rest of my brothers to go to jail like my other brothers what do I do ? I feel so weak and helpless ..


Hi Berni
I ordered the book you have recommended me by Dr. Michael Mosley. However, the more i read book the more i realize that it is basically concentrating on the people with diabetes. I got my blood sugar levels done and they are perfectly ok. Please guide.

gabriel sorzano

because man is made in the image of God, Jesus born a man , just like Adam, lived as God likes and was more like God every day, through his pasion, death and resurrction and united with he second person of the Trinity and is now the King of the universe and will come when he thinks is time.


its a need , not a want , i need a spiritual healing, complete deliverance


i am like the man who looks in the mirror & forgets what he looks like


its seems that i am leaning on the flesh entirely


yes , every scripture is a conviction for me


i feel like a worthless , wretched soul , almost everything i say or do produces no fruit, my entire life been like this. I know very well i am to blame , i feel insecure. Like the bible says ,tossed about in thoughts , unstable , such a person cannot expect anything from’God

Berni Dymet

Phillip – we all do. The secret is not working harder at getting better. The secret is drawing closer to Jesus in prayer and in reading his Word – then the Holy Spirit does the things that we cannot do. Remember, the fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22) is just that – fruit of the Spirit, not of the flesh. 🙂 – Berni


I struggle everyday to hold my tongue and I just dont have the patience to deal with some people
I know that I am supposed to love everyone and spreads Gods word but I struggle. I want to be a good Christian but I am afraid that I sometimes disappoint God.

Berni Dymet

Jeremy, historically cultures have borrowed celebration times from one another, since time immemorial. For instance, some of the Old Testament festivals formed themselves around pagan harvest rituals. The point is, that we’re not celebrating the pagan origins, we’re celebrating, in the case of Easter, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. What’s not to celebrate?! 🙂

Noe castillo

Great work. Please keep up the good work
May the Lord bless you with more wisdom and knowledge


Whole heartily agree, caring and shraring with our fellow man, with what we can.


It’s deep and the analogy gives us things to think about!


Just a humble though! , thinking about God’s mercy towards me!


Easter celebration entails practices of pagan origin. In view of this should christians celebrate it?


Yes, that’s true? It takes courage from God! … without the guidance of the Spirit , we get it wrong!

Berni Dymet

Gina – you don’t remove your own emotional pain. God does. The closer you draw to Him, the more you will experience the healing work of the Holy Spirit. Abide in Him, rest in Him, pray often, draw away in His Word and He will do what you cannot do for yourself.

Berni Dymet

Navyea, I know how that feels. Just remember that none of that is your fault. It’s between them. As difficult as that is, try to take those dark times and draw ever closer to Jesus. He will be your comfort and your light.

Berni Dymet

Oh, absolutely Andrew. 🙂

Berni Dymet

Hi Evisha. No salt has nothing to do with weight gain, except that it may cause you to retain a little more water. That’s why people with high blood pressure need to be a bit careful with salt. Salt basically has zero calories – no calories, no weight gain. I don’t have any blood pressure issues, so I use it whenever and however I want.


Thank you!, it Sure is a God thing!


Yes, it Sure is a God thing!, we’re so hard to deal with, even we can recognize it about ourselves!

Emerald Isle TorKilsen

Gina, Hope this helps… I’ve been working very intensely on myself for over 5 years now, chewing through books and teachings. My aim has been for a very long time to not be in the same pain as my parents and many others into later years of my life. I’ve wanted to be happy so I face harsh pain now to heal so the emotional scars I’ve been left with won’t bother me my whole life. Two things that might help you is: 1 make sure what you do is what God wants you to. It’s hard learning, we should never stop, and it’s painful at first because often we have to let go of so much first, but once we’re on the track the happiness that comes from this is well worth the initial pain of changing. 2 Once you are walking in his will try really hard to keep your mind on what God thinks of your behavior, not others. It can be very fulfilling after years of rejection and abuse to know that even if no one else is happy with what you do at least God is, and even when we try our hardest and fail he still loves us and will keep working with us. We won’t be abandoned.
Cannot tell enough how important it is to keep your heart set on learning and dare to be wrong. Much more pain will come from staying wrong about something than learning we’re wrong and changing. Crave answers and correction. Seek them out. If you’re alone and don’t bring in enough varied influence it is very easy to become stubborn thinking we know it all. Be weak enough for God to breakdown and strong enough to let him build you back up in the right places. Remove the things God would have gone from your life and bring in healthy influence. Joyce, Berni, Michael and Debi Pearl from NGJ Ministries, Dianne Hawkins from RCM, Mark Gungor, Kent Hovind, Chuck Misslar. Find the people that will teach you in the areas you need to grow. Growing will help the pain. Much love to you. I hope you make progress too.

Antoinette Ackermann

Hi, Bernie

I want to thank you so much for your inspirational booklets and talks. If you can remember I told you that I am seeking for something that I do not know how to get. Wel, something like that.

And you have learned me it is not what people do, but how I’m going to react! And when I realized that, I’ve started learning more about myself. Like how I tried to run away from God, for my shame was to big to handle. And in the end I really realized that I had such fury inside of me, for myself, and I projected it on the wrong people, my children!

Although I still feel ashamed for everything, I know one thing for sure, I have NEVER turned my back on God. I just wandered of God’s path. And thanks to people like you I came back to my roots.’

It is still a struggle, a big big struggle, but I am getting there. I just feel sad for so many years I’ve messed up.

But one thing for sure is that I’m not lost. And I didn’t loose my children. We have a very special bond. And I love my six grandchildren, AND THEY LOVE ME BACK, despite everything. Now that I call GOD’S GRACE.

Thank you so much.

Antoinette Ackermann

gina Raucci

Hi it’s really good but how does one remove emotional pain when you constantly are being put down no matter how one trays

navyea poncho

my mom and my step dad are always fighting i always start crying but yet it is always me, my brother, or my step sister but if we all try it would still back fire on us nothing will change its not fair i wish i could sometimes disappear i have tried cutting but it got me no where some days i wish god would have never made me i was just a freaking screw up.

Donna Berry

I cried that our Blessed Lord Jesus even as God had more humanity than all of humanity put together. Praise to Him. Thank you. Sorry this is late.


When Mother Teresa won the Noble Prize Of Peace in 1979 she was asked how can we bring peace to the world? She replied go home & love your families.
Thanks Bernie, for your daily words, & encouragement.


This is great news Berni!
God can work in suprising ways. Even through doctors, phsyhotherapics and other counselors. Dont you agree?


Thank you Bernie!!

Roger Lawrence

Thank you Berni, this is exactly the kind of stuff I’ve been looking for, for a long time now. I can’t wait to get my hands on all those recources and websites you suggested. I really like your suggestion about a timeline booklet. Thank you again. God bless your heart abundantly.

Evisha soneja

Hey Berni God bless you for such a worthy article….actually I wanted to ask you that I’ve heard that salt is also responsible for weight gain…is it true?…..then how should we season our veggies

Malcolm Townrow

Helpful in my stressful relationship. Trust in God that my situation is part of God’s plan for my life. Pray for strength of righteousness in my life and the healing of my relationship with my partner. For marriage before God . For coming to Christ for my children. Bless you all

Berni Dymet

Joana, I only eat real fruit and in small quantities. I stick away from no car a Dan hi sugar fruits like mangoes, pineapples, ripe bananas etc and go for low sugar fruits. Berries are very good. I buy mixed frozen berries and have 100 grams most days with some Greek yoghurt. They are high in antioxidants. A small amount of fruit each day is good. But overloading in fruit just fills you with sugar.

Joana Rodriguez

Hello Berni thank you so much for publishing this article it is in fact really inspiring, i just have one question, do you eat actual fruit? if you do what kinda of fruit?

Berni Dymet

Natasha, that’s very simple. Firstly, we’ve eradicated many of the diseases that used to kill people – typhoid, smallpox, polio, hookworm, etc, etc. Also, in the Secondly, medicine has become very good at prolonging life. For instance, even though the rate of heart attacks has gone up drastically, medicine has become much better at saving those who have heart attacks. The point is that we want to stop things from happening in the first place. Diabetes has increased fourfold since 1980 (http://m.smh.com.au/nsw/the-diabetes-epidemic-up-to-half-a-million-australians-have-this-deadly-disease-without-realising-it-20160407-go0ns1.html). So, that’s the answer.


Hi Berni,

I liked everything you said and thank you for inspiration. I have just one question. You are saying our grand grand parents lived in a world where diabetes, heart disease and stroke were very rare. But how to explain the longevity of life that was very much significantly shorter than now? Think about it..what did they die of and why 40-50 years was an average life span? Looking forward to your answer.

Berni Dymet

Shobha I know how you feel. That leveling out is so discouraging. But first, congratulations on the huge amount you have already lost. Well done!! And not to eat roti or rice in India is a huge thing (I travel to India a lot so I get it!). I have a suggestion for you that I know will work. Go to Amazon and buy Dr Michael Mosley’s book “The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet”. He is often on the BBC and is excellent at garnering the latest research into practical solutions. That’s what he’s done in this book. Really, really worthwhile and I can tell you firsthand it works. Blessings, Berni


The word of God Encourages us to soldier on!

Louise Tweedale

That is as always just what I need. Thankyou.


Hello Bernie,
I am 25 yrs old female. I have lost 30 kgs weight. As of now i weight exactly 80 kgs but i don’t look like i weight 80 kg, it looks like i weight 100 kgs. People appreciate me for losing 10 kgs of extra weight and when i tell them that i have shed 30 kgs they don’t believe me. Infact some people have told me that ” i believe you have lost some weight but definitely not 30 kgs”. Its kind of demoralizing. Some of my acquaintances weigh more than me but still they have leaner body than mine. I understand every individual body structure is different. I don’t know where i am going wrong. It would be a huge help if you can guide me. Its been 10 months i have not even touched sweets and i avoid taking carbs also. However, i have 1 bread (wheat roti, staple food in India) twice a week in afternoon. No white rice or any kind of rice, pasta. I don’t eat meat, eggs and fried stuff. I don’t eat means i seriously don’t eat. I exercise regularly (20-25 days a months).
I hope you understand what i am trying to convey here.Please guide!!
Thank you.

Louise Tweedale

I thank God for Christianity Works, I miss it on Saturdays and Sundays and when I am out of range of the message. God’s word is alive and pertains to my life each day. It speaks into my life.
Thankyou Berni,
Louise T ?


Thank you! The word is deep, it makes me think about the Creator who is without beginning or end, who have Always been! I find it very deep, our purpose is established more so!,
Thanks for the inspiration.


I am really excited to find such a blessing website. Glory to Lord.


Thank you for a good analogy, I’m going through a reconciliation processes! , thanks for the guide. Through Jesus Christ!

Berni Dymet

Amen Doug! God is here with you every step of the way. -Berni


Thank you!, A reminder of not to be weary in well doing!, also to be consistent dispite all distractions!…
The messages are Always inspirational and keep me focus! ..


Thank you! , the message also highlight Pestilence because anxiety and impatience can ruein things as human nature.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Joanna Lockwood

How Great is our God Berni! Thank you so much for this bringing us truly before God and thanking Him and pressing into Jesus’ presence and really understanding how awesome what Jesus has done for us is and the peace and joy that brings. How beautiful His prayer is. He is risen indeed. God bless all of you and all your families and those that are to come.


It’s lesson for us of how to really deal with our children as our Heavenly Father deals with us: the Love, Patience and Compassion. … Inspiring.


bernie, I am humbled. And thank you, too, you faithful servant of God.

Geoff Hill

Excellent presentations … Easy to read, easy to understand, relevant and most importantly non-threatening, but true to the heart of the gospel, and Father’s heart. Thank you.

Cheryl D.

Excellent! Your perspective is always out of the usual spiritual box; that’s what I love about your ministry. A tremendous blessing to the world, thank you!

Yes, Jesus prayer was for us, His passion, God’s passion has always been His people. This message should also remind us that the pressures of life are not meant to kill us but bring out the best in us. How great is our God!


Than you for this reminder Bernie. Here I am struggling to understand how I lost my job and feeling so spiritually eroded. And I hear this prayer my saviour prays before being given into the hands of men to die for our sins. Gives me strength to pick up my cross and walk again towards my salvation ( the will of my Father)


Amen thank you Berni for sharing the Lord works with so many people may God bless you I pray that many more people will be saved Jesus is my Lord and saviour


Thank you Berni, that was beautiful and the Truth shall set us free. Praise God for His love and mercy. God bless you and protect you always in the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen!


Thank you for blessing me with this timely reminder. Happy Easter! HE IS RISEN

Lindsey Burtenshaw

Dear Berni
Thank you for reminding me ( us all) of the beauty of Easter, I was just questioning my self on my lead up to Easter and up you popped, thank you Holy Spirit for your prompting!
This is the most beautiful prayer of our Lord, it has taken me quite some time to begin to understand and receive our Father’s love, but I can now say with confidence that I am thriving in His love and faithfulness…who else has joined me, prayerfully millions! It’s truly awesome, amazing that small as I am that our Heavenly Father loves me! If that is so then He must love you too!
Many blessings


Thank You for reminding us of this prayer


Thank you, Berni, you are a blessing to us and may God keep giving you pearls of wisdom to share. I wake up looking forward to reading you each and every day. The love of God shines through you and reaches so many of us.


Thank you for reminding about this special time and the love of God through Christ for us! A time to reflect and meditate deeply.


Thank you Berni. Excellent. Appreciated. GBU over this Easter prior. He is risen. Praise God.

Martin Kemp

Thank you again for your different perspective. What an awesome passage of scripture. Did you also notice the point “That God loves us the exact same amount as He loves Jesus”? Quote:-I in them and you in me, they may be completely one so that the world may know that you have sent me and have loved them as you have loved me. End quote. When Jesus was baptised, God said,”This is my beloved son, with whom I am well pleased.” We all think God loves Jesus more than others, but He has no favourites! We know what pleases God, obedience, and Jesus never sinned. i.e. disobedience is sin. So despite our sin, God’s love is the same for every human who is made in ‘His’ image. What else can I say? Thank-you Jesus, for your sacrifice and, more importantly, your obedience. Amen. Yours in Christ, Martin.




So true Bernie
We want God’s Love
We need God’s Hope
We live my Faith
All we have to do is Believe


Well, it’s the Only thing that gives us hope in a hopeless world!

Berni Dymet

Rehema, your situation is so incredibly sad. I am praying for you and your brothers and sisters … and your dad. I am not sure how old you are, but it is a huge burden on your shoulders. Is there anyone that you can reach out to? Is there a church nearby that you can visit to share your need? You need some help here in this situation – godly, honest, loving help. Draw close to Jesus at this time, pray and rest in Him. He is right there with you. But also, reach out to get some local help. A church would be great, together with your extended family. Berni


Good point and question! , the world seems to accept whatever feels good and satisfying to their comfort!
Most have the sheep instinct instead of digging deep into the truth!…


some weeks before we started school my mother went on vacation( July 2015) with my youngest sister who was 4 and kept on saying that she will come back soon, till this day( March 2016) she hasn’t come back and we cannot help but feel like she has abandoned us. we are 6 children and we have always eat breakfast,lunch, and diner together but now it is as if we are all mute and devastated people eating together. my father seems to always be sad,depressed,or very busy.my older sister left for college and was what was keeping the family together.i know leaves seas away from my sisters and can not help feeling that my youngest sister will grow up not knowing us her family and will forget where she came from.None of us seem interested in interacting with each other even though i and my smaller brother try to get us to. it know feels like am living in a house of depression and sadness,and no longer feel like this is home.


To the point and as I realize how bitterness can be so devastating! When we refuse to forgive! Thank God for His word which is truth!.
Thank you!

Louise Tweedale

WOW! It is so simple! Why do we have to make things so complicated?


It’s a brilliant analogy and it’s a matter of Fact!

Berni Dymet

Kayla, you are in such a tough spot. I truly feel for you. What is happening between your step mother and your father is (a) not your fault and (b) largely beyond your control. Keeping your family together is not something that you can do. But it is something that God can do. When there is nothing that you can do in a situation other than pray, then by praying you are already doing the single, most powerful thing that you can possibly do. Love them both, pray for them and their marriage … and put all your trust, all your hope in Jesus Christ. Let Him do the rest … -Berni

kayla Johnson

Im 16 and my step mom wants to get out and i mean leave. She wants to get an apartment and divorce my dad. I have been trying so hard to do anything to keep my family together. And everything is just failing. I need help really bad because if everything goes through than I have no where to go. Please tell me how I can help my family stay together.


I from South Africa
I love the program
That make my happy to hear the true Word

Louise Tweedale

Hi ? Berni and Christianity Works,
I just need to stop my mind, smile and be. God surrounds me with his love and I am filled by the holy spirit, my tears fall and I am being held; live the song says. Dearest Lord give me the eyes of love peace in my soul and your words in my mind and my heart. Give me the the work you have for me to do and take me where you want me to go. Amen. I feel.overwhelmed with the future so I will live just one moment at a time. Please guide my steps and keep me in your love. Amen.
Love in Jesus Christ our lord.
Louise T


That finally makes sense to me now
God wants us to focus on him and his Joy not rituals and traditions
Thanks Berni


Thank you, very much for this article! May God bless you!


If the devil doesn’t exist, then who was tempting Jesus in the wilderness ? I wonder how the Christians who don’t believe in the devil interpret this famous information from the bible?
Of course satan exists, he is the root cause of all our failings and has his army of evil spirits desperately trying to win our souls. He barges into our life uninvited whereas Jesus waits to be invited.


Synchronised with your words in my life


Dear Berni,

This is really crucial to my belief that God is the answer, He is the only answer! Yet God who made the universe stooped so low to come and help me in my messy problems. I have been a christian who for many years became a partially non -believer because i didn’t fully grasp the Holy Scriptures–especially Corinthians 1:25–> quoted above. I would read the Bible each day, yet not comprehend them for myself. Thank you for your commitment to reach out to the hurting in this world of non-believers a-n-d Believers alike.
God is brilliant and indescribable and so loving. I never really felt His love, but thanks to you, now i do!


Dear Berni,

I thought that i had blown it with Jesus and God. We are facing extreme difficulties. My wife needs a hip operation in a few months time. She has been waiting. She also has a medical condition which is unknown by the experts and therefore cannot have an operation which will give her back her sight. Received a call from the ATO this morning. Don’t know what to do? But reading your transcript of today’s sermon has put me back on track with Christ Jesus of Nazareth. I know that God will sort things out for us. Praise His glorious name. Now i know that Satan has blown it, not us. We are being helped by God via you as His instrument. Thank you very much, Berni.


Morning from N Ireland. Have just read the ‘3rd lie’ and wonder would it have been an opportunity to point out that The Law was a righteous God’s best for a people, coming out of slavery, and not really knowing their God, to live by. It was a reflection of His holiness. However because they did their own thing, like sacrificing their children to idols, the people bore the punishment that a holy God had warned them about, He then intervened. Came in Jesus to take the punishment himself. Amazing! What a God!
Blessings and Shalom, Mo.


Hi Berni!
Thank you for this material. This will be of great help to me not only in my workplace but also in counseling students. More power to your ministry. God bless you more.


Hi ? Berni and Christianity Works,
It’s a beautiful day, I wonder what this day holds for me? I pray ? I leave no stains on this new page in the book ? of my life. That I do God’s will for me. I also ask for God’s guidance, to be open to His word, love and the work He has for me today. I pray for the people on Nauru in 45° heat. People who were so desperate to leave their coy try for abetter wold.
May God’s face shine shine on you and your ministry, love in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Louise T

Karen Wilson

The devil is definitely real. How can anyone not believe in the devil, when Jesus even spoke to and freed people from the devil when he walked this earth. The bible clearly states that it is so.
We can be deceived by the devil by believing the lies he puts in our thoughts. He wants to stop you from doing God’s will, and will even use you against your own This is what happened to Peter. He loved Jesus and didn’t want him to die. In doing so he played into Satan’s hand. Jesus stopped it, because he could see what was really happening. At the time Peter was blind to this.
That’s why we need to continually stay in God’s Word and pray, and stay in fellowship with each other so that our thinking stays in line with God.

Muskan Khan

Thank you Mr Dymet! I let you know about my progress. I’m from tomorrow that is a few hours from now and I hope this works and I get health and fit. Thanks again!

Berni Dymet

HI Muskan, great to hear from you. Yep, give it a try. Be brutal, get rid of everything that has sugar in it, aside from the odd piece of fruit. You’ll be amazed how the weight comes off. Yes, fatty liver can lead to cirrhosis of the liver which can lead to cancer. But it generally takes decades to happen.At your age, don’t be concerned about that. Get rid of the sugar, cut down on the refined carbs (the white ones – white bread, white pasta, white rice … and of course the big one – sugar) and increase your good fats – basically olive oil and animal fats (don’t touch margarine or those other vegetable oils) and you’ll be amazed. Your appetite will reduce and over the next 6 months or so the weight will come off slowly and steadily. 🙂

Muskan Khan

Hello Mr Dymet,
I am a 17 years old girl, I’m 6 feet tall and I weight 110kg. I have been fat like all this many years and every day I have to listen to my family and friends D gread me. I had lost 20kg in 3 months 2 years ago for my sister’s wedding and over these 2 years I have put back all the weight on! Actually now I am more heavy than I was… today I got really mad at my self for being so fat and I was fed up of listing to the insults. I took out my phone and went through the Internet. And I found your article. I find it amazing and I can’t wait to try it. I had a question does fatty liver really cause cancer?! Because last time I checked I had stage 1 of fatty liver and I so don’t want to have cancer and die. I hope your theory works and I became healthy. Thank you so much for shearing this with us!

Thank you,


Hi ? Berni,
Thankyou for this insight. I know God has a plan for my life. It’s one to prosper and not to harm to give a future and hope. I have many blessings. I am so grateful. I an praying that this ministry touches more people with God’s word blessing more people.
Kind regards, love in the Lord Jesus Christ,
Louise T.


I thought the way the blood of christ was explained in bridging us to God was beautiful.
Also the peace we get when we form this bridge through faith is amazing.

Finally understanding how we are blood relatives with christ is a powerful truth and believing it opens us to Gods lounge where we can visit him anytime or he will actually come to you as you are making your way towards him.

Love the way you explained this as i was really stuggling with peace today. We know that the peace he gives is beyond our understanding. Sometimes we cant feel this but in your article challenges our perception of reality and if we put Jesus at the forefront of our persecption then everything falls into place.
Thank you and i thank God for allowing me to read your article.


Thanks for your message today and very day especially today Bernie
Thanks for this
It is sometimes hard to see the sence in trying to do the right thing
I believe in God but am confused about what God wants to do in my life
We battle through paying bills and living day to day and keep on praying
it will turn around one day


Yes it is faith that gets you through those long dark nights & days, this message about Tim bought tears to my eyes. My life has had many of those dark times, but I can see the hand of God always at work. At times when I feel I have no more left in me to give & go on. A scripture verse His word touches my heart & I know He is with me & doing for me what I am unable to do for myself.
I look at the good & all His given & done for me & I am forever greatful.
Thanks Bernie for your daily message.


? thankyou Berni and Christianity Works. Love in the Lord Jesus Christ, Louise T


This message was very relevant to my situation right now. Been having some marriage difficulties as I as the father haven’t been spiritually leading my family. I look forward t the next few weeks to listen to the next parts of ‘Building a Godly family’


Thank you once again for your insight on Family. It is helpful to me and perhaps others that even though we have been told most of our lives that we are unique and with our different personalities we need each other to be complete. We are fighting against what the world tell us. Competing with others for the best ever like- sportsman, homeowner with the best house best jobs making loads of money being popular it all about me,me me. With your message its not about me and competing it is about looking at others with support encouragement and inspiration. Like 1Corinthians 12 v 12-27 it explains how family works, God’s plan for all of us. We need to be able to connect with each other like our body with all the different organs working together they are not COMPETING and think they are better and more important.

Berni Dymet

Yer welcome! 😉 -Berni


Dearest Bernie I thank you for the time effort and quality that you put into delivering the lords word.Much appreciated Sir


Brilliant, I would really like to walk away from my family at the moment, such awful lies have been spread about members of the fam from others in our family. And then I heard this talk… taking christ to the family in the way I act and react. I know the people who are spreading rumours do not follow our Lord anymore, which makes it hard. I am really praying for some peace to come to our dysfunctional family. Lord bring it on.

Dr silas Frazer

Dear Sir,
Iam Doctor from Hyderabad ,India. It was so nice to watch your
TV program on aradhana tv on sunday evening.

God bless you in all your endeavours
God bless you
Dr silas Frazer


This audio series is a blessing and just what I have been praying for to help me and my family, thank you so much!

Bob & Josie

Loved this message on forgiveness. Not always easy but absolutely neccessary. My wife Josie can forgive much easier than I. But I say the words and ask God to make it real in my heart even if it takes half a day. Seeking God’s help is the answer when its hard. Thanks for your inspiring and encouraging messages. Bob & Josie


Awesome! Such helpfull advise.

Berni Dymet

Kim. Here it is. Be blessed. -Berni


My dad created the slogan “stop, revive,survive”. His name is Rick Osborn.

Berni Dymet

Good on you Rushda. I know it will make a huge difference. Let me know how you get on. 🙂 -Berni


Bernie , thank god I found this article. I am 33 yrs old ,87 kg and 5’1 inches . I have hypothyroid since I wad 22 yrs old and i have been trying to lose weight since then. Swimming , gym, yoga , diet….i have tried everything. Ny feet n knee hurt when I walk. I dont look good in anything i wear. I was very depressed and i kept praying to God to help me give back the body that he gifted me with. I keep saying sorry to God to have wasted his creation and ended up looking so ugly. And i asked him to help me….and i found this article. Thank you Bernie ! May God bless you ! I commit myself to this and I am going to start loving myself again :). You gave me hope as i had given up.


I would like to hear the whole podcast on divorce.
How can I do that???

203 376 2318

Berni Dymet

Jill, yes this will be so difficult, I can’t imagine. But let me point you to two scriptures: 1 Pet 3:1-6, and 1 Cor 13:7,8. Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Wait on Him. Take your husband and your marriage each day to Him in prayer and you may be amazed at what the Lord does. In the meantime, I will share your comment with our prayer team so that we can pray for you. – Berni


Hi, really appreciate your teaching. Finding it very difficult to keep going in a marriage of 25 years that died many years ago. I wait in anticipation. I know jesus is my strength and will renew. I believe. Forgive my unbelief.
My husband doesn’t believe I don’t know how to cope. We can’t put Jesus and his teaching at the centre of rebuilding a dead marriage when my husband is not a Christian.
I’m stuck in a marriage which I can’t leave because of my Christian belief. I really struggle with the forgiveness I should practice. I have prayed and waited in anticipation
I just can’t go on
I’m so sorry

Hans Barroga

Spot on, as usual Berni, and right smack in a time of my life, this very day in fact, that I am in a middle of “LQ”

Berni Dymet

Louise – praying that God will be with you and Neil in all of this. May His love and strength carry you both through and bring complete healing, in Jesus’ name. Amen


Hello and good morning all,?
I am sitting in a chair in the hospital next to my darling husband, who has hepatic encephalopathy, google worthy. At 9.30pm last night I was told that Neil was unconscious and to come to the hospital. God knows the plans he has for us to prosper not to harm and give a future and a hope us(I have this to help me through) Neil even said to me God’s got a plan for us.
I like that rowers paddle with their backs to the direction they are going so they need to keep their eyes on the captain, likewise I need to keep my eyes on Jesus. He is the captain and listen to the Holy Spirit. I pray ? for a miracle restoration relationship with God and a gentle passing.
May God’s light shine and may his will be done.

Berni Dymet

Thank you so much for sharing that Carlene. It’s amazing how the Holy Spirit takes God’s Word and uses it powerfully in our lives. May you be blessed as He turns your life upside down! 🙂 -Berni


Your devotionals are life transforming. I was about to give up on my dream when I heard one on the radio and that changed my life!


Dear Mr Dymet,—-
Gift of evangelist is yours, that the apostle Paul wrote to Timothy is like to you, “Proclaim the message …endure the WORK OF EVANGELIST ….” for Mr Bill Graham is one of the greatest Evangelist that some hoped to hear his teachings yet they received only that he turned the current matters into the good news of why to trust in Jesus.
——- the to believe in Jesus “May the Holy Spirit of God give joy & cleqrness to Mr Dymet in if he focuses on the message of of salvation of how to receive the forgiveness from God to people as I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen”
LDVH 29Jan2016


Hi Berni and Christianity Works,
I thank God.for you and your team, just at the right time you sent what I need; a word for the day. Sometimes it is from a friend or family member. Sometimes it’s from an acquaintance or a person I just didn’t expect to have such wisdom. I am trying to wait on God’s time for God’s plan for my life. I would like you and.your team to pray for me and my family. My husband is in hospital again seven times since July last year. My son is going going to be a father in April his partner and son my youngest son who lives in Melbourne. My daughters who live with me; one who is self sufficient and the other is angry. We talked about the holy spirit as my guide in life, that speaks into my life and guides us.
May God’s love shine in all you do.amd say.
Love in Jesus Christ Louise T


Wow ? Berni,
I need prayer. My chest is tight and I am breathing heavily I think oww! I think God is bigger, I am racing thoughts and actions my daughter says sit down and I struggle but I do I remember to breath out all my air and slow my breath coming out and my daughter talks to me gently, my nose is running so I take care of that and then I remember God is bigger!


Dear Mr Dymet,The rate of suicide 15 to 44 is high. But the suicide in “Judas threw the money … then hanged himself (in Matt27:5) is the depression of loving money, and not the depression of homosexual or dis-order family, that I can not use to help our current depressions. Howevere the common problem is the people may like Judas that they DID NOT TRUST IN JESUS! like in Matt 27
their choise, but we should be like Jesus to do our best to give them knowledge about Jesus & pray with them please , my pray “God , help us to make clear how Jesus’ death & resurrection is the life ,in Jesus’ name.amen

Berni Dymet

That’s awesome Helen. The Lord bless you. -Berni


Thankyou so much I was on the verge on giving up my job! But now I know this is my gift and will keep going as I know God will keep me strong. God Bless your team

Berni Dymet

Praying with you Melchor! -Berni

Melchor Hernandez

please pray

1 deliverance and break through to my old self / sinful body (freedom from same sex attraction)
2. Find a Church and support group
3. More intimacy with Christ Jesus; hunger and thirst to His Words
4. Salvation of my family
5. Spiritual strength heart mind and soul for my spiritual walk &growth
6. Success in school
7. Become fisher of man

melchor hernandez & family from Philippines
thank you God bless us all and i pray for God’s grace so I could somehow support your ministry


Yes I do think a lot of churches today emphasize entertainment too much
I call it join the club mentality, which any one can do, believer or unbeliever.


It’s my first time to see a christian web site like this and it makes me really happy so I thank you for this! May the lord almighty be upon you and guide you.


We hold God in such high esteem and think we cannot begin to understand almighty God. As in the way he spends his day. What he thinks about and what occupies his thoughts. Why would he concern himself with me when there are so many people in the world with real problems. People who fight to survive everyday. Whether it be war or starvation, natural disaster or oppression. People who don’t have a voice, unlike me. Yet people exactly like me, but weren’t born lucky like I WAS. That is why I feel guilt-ridden when I pray to the Lord.

Berni Dymet

Thank you Lara. It’s such a privilege to be able to share God’s Word with you and so many others. -Berni

Lara Taylor

God bless you Berni and your team.

I can’t express how much just turning on the radio and hearing “a difference perspective” completely speaks into my life – almost as if God is speaking directly at me. What you bring is so real, you glorify God and show your weakness. It’s an inspiration and so anointed. I just want to say thank you and Praise the Lord that after stumbling upon you one day….your program has become a regular blessing to me.. I have every confidence that God will give continuous provision for this great and valuable ministry.

Thanks Again!!


Hi Berni,
It’s a good thing to. This is the first day off the rest of my life. God has a plan for me. I am working today. My husband is quite ill and God is with him too. I wonder what we have in store for us this year? What God’s plan is for me today? I am going to try to draw nearer to him this morning.
With the kindest regard,


Hi Berni,
I am reading the message, to understand it I need to ask for. Guidance. I know I need to renew my mind, ask God for guidance. I have the attention span of a child; hopefully in God. I am taking baby steps.. I want my attention to guided by God. I am being shaped for his job for me. I pray for you an d the world and for family and friends; I can do nothing pleasing to God without God’s grace, love and Holy Spirit

Thanks love always in Jesus Christ,
Louise T


I needed to read this. Prayer is important. I do walk around with a negative attitude. I need to work on this.
Thank you


Hi Bernie
Christmas is nothing without Jesus
I feel so sad for the lonely and the lost at Christmas as they only have a Commercial Christmas not a fullfilled Christmas
Thanks for your encouragement


Hi everyone at CW,
I hope you all enter into God’s rest over this Christmas period. Many God’s love shine through you and me through this day, because we can’t do good without Him!
Love in Jesus Christ,
Louise T ?


Happy and blessed Christmas to you all. Love in Jesus Christ Louise


I pray that your Christmas is full. May God bless you and keep you, may God’s light shine on you and the work God has blessed you with.
With kind regards,

Louise ?


Thank u Berni,

I was looking for a friend on LinkedIn and came across your profile . I am not sure what made me send you a friend’ s request. When you accepted it , that is when I actually saw what an amazing work you are doing .

To tell you the truth I was struggling for padt 1 week a sense of disconnect with God. Your message has revived me .

Thank you once again Berni. May the Lord continue to use you for His glory.

Thank you for helping me to understand God’ heart.

Berni Dymet

Thanks for letting us know – working on it

Berni Dymet

Thanks for letting me know – working on it.

Corrina Muir

I listern and read the full script! Just over the last couple of days , haven’t been able to access. Thank you for this daily walk with true facts as life as a christian.

John Leung Yinko

Has been unable to view Full Transcript for past 2 days.

Berni Dymet

Thanks Christina. God’s Word is always so powerful! 🙂 -Berni

Christina Bernhardt

Your words have touched my soul. Inspirational. Listening to your talks motivates me to get closer to God. To have the deepness of peace that you can only get by living with Jesus.
Thank you,

Berni Dymet

Faiza, I can’t give you specific advice. Just request and read the booklet. Be blessed. -Berni

Berni Dymet

Alexis, the more time you spend in God’s Word, reading and believing what He says about you, the more powerfully He will set you free from the scourge of low self esteem. The key is knowing what it is that he has to say about you and believing that! The place to start is Ephesians Chapters 1 to 3. Read those chapters and write down everything that it say about you, everything that God has given you and done for you. You’ll be amazed at how powerful this is. -Berni


I knew it could be a sin i am disappointed i have low self esteem its just people just always judge me and make me feel awful about myself i dont know why people cant understand it is hard to change something i am a Christian and i am proud to be i know i sun and i am always sorry i sin but i have a problem with feeling good about myself and i know we are gods beautiful creation and we shouldn’t change how god made us i just wish people can understand that and i dont get why


Helo Bernie sir I want your help for my weight lose..iam 23 years old my height is 5.6 my weight is about 78 plz tell me how much I lose weight for ideal look and how I do this


Calming yet thought provoking


Mmmm! Berni,

I don’t always know what to pray for, especially when its someone very close to me. I often ask God to fill me with his spirit, and give me the eyes of love and his word in my mind and heart. To give me the work he wants me to do. And to take me to where I need to go, to give me the words to say and when I need to say nothing, to hold my tongue. I am searching for guidance every day, renewed every day.

Thanks Louise


I wish I could show this to my husband without him feeling annoyed and rolling his yes. At least it helps me know that my hurt feelings are not ridiculous.


thank you Jesus i have been truly blessed and i pray for the Spirit to fill me and others like me in a supernatural way.

thank you Berni




Thank you. This was lovely.

Berni Dymet

Rex, we so often go through difficult times, and yet Jesus is always there, aways ready to speak and to heal and to comfort. It is a privilege to have payed some small part in that in your life. May He continue to bless you and keep you. In Him – Berni

Rex R. Ferrer

Dear CW Team,

Great and wonderful are your works!

I am Rex Ferrer from Philippines. Currently serving also a Christian Community.
I was searching for guidance as was bombarded with aches, pains, disappointments and frustrations.
When I gave all the best to serve the community, I unexpectedly learned that gossips and rumors roam around.
Stress filled me in. Took a week and I was decided to transfer and move out from serving.

Jesus reveled Himself Saturday morning 11/7/2015 at 7:30am at local radio station.
I heard Berni’s talk on air. Slowly I found the answer. I got the answer between Pride and judging.
Should be Humility.

These made me confront my goliath. I talk to the person involve. And behold! God was there with us.
We cleared and straight things up. I was strengthened.

Thank you for healing my pain
Thank you for understanding Jesus ways
Thank you for making me happy again!

Thank you for making me alive again!

God Bless you!

Ericka Lacson

Wow…Powerful Stuff…Thanks again, Bernie. May GOD bless you and this ministry.


I’m from the Philippines and I’m extremely grateful to have come across Christianity works here, I love listening to it on the radio, and now that I found it online, I can listen to it whenever I want to hear it again.

God bless! and more power to you

Maggie Scott

I believe God still does miracles. i was severely depressed, self-harmed, just lying around on the couch or in bed, housebound and only out for shopping then home/ I binged ate too and put on loads of weight. However, I needed surgery to remove massive, multiple fibroids and hysterectomy. Hospital refused to operate until I lost weight, which I did. Saw a dietitian who sent me to Zumba. At first I thought it would kill me, but 4 years on I had lost 60 lbs and finally got surgery last September. I’ve now lost 72 lbs and want to lose some more.
So yes… God still does do miracles. Getting me off my fat behind, off that couch is one.


Berni Dymet

Nisha that is a physical impossibility. You need to set realistic expectations. Read the booklet. 🙂


I need to lose 15 kg in next 13 days. Please help me.


Hi ? Berni and Christianity Works,
What do you say to a family ? member who says they believe in God as much as I believe in ghosts? I will continue to read the bible and ask God for guidance each day.
Love in Christ.

Berni Dymet

Hey Sean. Thank you for those encouraging words. That’s precisely what gets me up early every morning doing what I do. I so believe that God’s Word is the power to change lives. Hallelujah!!! 🙂 -Berni


I am constantly blessed with your bible teachings. I have recently started reading the bible and reading your understanding of scripture and putting it into everyday life really helps. Thanks. God bless ,Sean

Kamden Kaneshiro Takeuchi

Can you please make more ways? Though I think eating together is great!:)

Margaretha Mauer

Thank you for a wonderful message – it really resonates. I believe God is working in this area and I recently became a fulltime worker for the Kingdom. I have been facilitating Christian parenting courses (www.evergreenparenting.co.za) for 8 years and your message is one of the key elements: teaching parents the communication and collaboration skills to pass on to their children. We have also expanded into teenage, family and adult workshops (www.talltreestraining.co.za) focusing on personal skills training. We even launched a Compasstionate Discipline Schools program(www.cdschool.co.za)! God bless you and your ministry.

Berni Dymet

Luke obviously fruit is good for you. But not too much. I stick to low sugar fruits like berries including strawberries. But initially, give fruit a miss. Once your wight loss is underway, sure reintroduce low sugar fruits. But NEVER fruit juice. It’s the sugar that’s messing with your appetite control system and you’re addicted to it (specifically the fructose). So remove it as completely as you can in the first instance so you can kick the habit. And then later enjoy one piece of fruit per day, but the ones that are low in fructose. Steer away from the really sweet ones like mangoes for instance. And the riper the fruit, the sweeter it is, because in the ripening process, the fruit comverts it’s glucose (which is not all that sweet) into fructose (which is very sweet). It’s the fructose that’s the killer in your diet not the glucose. So go for a fruit that’s moderately ripe rather than over ripe. 🙂

Pamela Leone

Thank you! Thank you for this episode on marriage. I hope and will pray many couples get to listen to it. God bless.

Luke Baldock

Hello Berni, I was just wondering about the first part of this weight lose advice. Would I have to lose all the natural fruits within apples and other fruits as well? Or is it just all factory produced sugars to get rid of?


How do I close my heart. (ignore, rebuke, curse WHAT). It does my head in when people half answer things)

Maggie Scott

I have one friend who has set so many boundaries that it’s difficult to get close to je where, when and for how long we meet. She won’t give on anything I suggest. Every thing bad to be done her way. The result? I’ve given up and no longer see her. Bye bye controlling former friend


Am in dark place st present n said to the Lord only yesterday “there is no joy in my heart” help me to find it n strengthen me” Today I came across your teaching on exactly that n boy has it blessed me. Answered prayer! Thank you so much. X


Dear Berni
Thank you for your work in the ministry of encouraging and uplifting the souls of believers. I enjoyed your radio and online teachings very much. This message on setting boundaries is so timely for me. Like you, I find satisfaction in my work. Yet having a family means I have to learn to work more effectively or like you say set boundaries. I have been praying to God for direction, to have a job or career change. Please send me your book. Perhaps God will speak through your work to me.

Thank you once again for your good work and faith in the Lord.



I would like to read the info as emails. Helpful topic.

Carole Mcintosh

As I age I set boundaries that I never thought that I was capable of. I guess girls were bought up to please in my day
I plan my week carefully. I’m able to decide what I need to do , some things I love like bible study , have some things I love to do for others. But I give myself time to pray and worship, time to read. I shut our a lot of noise
I’m much more content


Hi thanks for your help can you please tell me how can I put boundaries with a man that has an alcoholic problem thanks and god bless

Clive Rees

I can not explain how much u r helping a struggling Christian with his faith.
Bernie I want 2 said thank u & may God let u go from strength 2 strength.
God bless u & all your works & loved ones Berney.

Bruce Gilbert

G’day from NZ Berni & co.! One day I got up & felt like there was someone behind me…turning – there was no-one there. The feeling got stronger & stronger, so I decided to go down to the dairy & buy an ice-cream & stroll along the riverbank (Hamilton, Waikato River) – & ‘clear my head’. Now this happened a week or so after after a “Christadelphian” had cast 7-8 demons out of me ( I was NOT a Christian at that time). Anyway, half way down the road there was a Church service in full swing…I stopped for a moment, listening to the singing, & decided to go into the church – (last time I had been in a church was 5x yrs before, when I was stoned on marijuana & wanted to have a look at the stained-glass windows from inside…). When I sat down, right in front of the pulpit, I heard the minister say: “…so if someone casts a demon out of you, be sure that you are filled with the Holy Spirit, or that demon will go into the dry, desert places, seeking rest, & finding none, it will go back to you, & finding ‘the house’ all swept clean & tidy, it will then go & find 7x other demons, worse than itself, & they will ALL inhabit you.”
Well this was exactly what was happening to me at that very moment, so I put up my hand & when the minister acknowledged me, I said: “I’m empty & I’m scared – please fill me!”
After the meeting, there were a couple of elders with their arms on my shoulders, & their wives behind us – singing psalms. The minister asked me all kinds of embarrassing questions about my current lifestyle – (I knew I was ‘before God’ & couldn’t lie…) – & then he asked me the biggie: Did I accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord & Saviour? Well! The universe went silent, as I scrambled through every memory; bit of knowledge; imagination; anything but to accept Jesus ….until I finally came to the end-of-my-rope…& I squeaked out a pathetic “Y-e-s”…then the minister sprinkle-baptized me with some Holy-water left over in the font from a Christening that morning. As he touched my forehead with the blessed water, I could no longer hear the wives behind us, singing…instead, I heard ALL the angels in heaven rejoicing! Hallelujah! I’m saved!
Am I glad that I decided to go down to the local dairy & buy an ice-cream; & go for a river-walk to “clear-my-head”! That little decision, followed by the one to enter the church has changed my life profoundly & not only THIS life, but my eternal life!
Thanks for your “Daily eDevotional” Berni ! – it reminded me of the greatest event in my life!


Hi Berni and Christianity Works,

Have you ever had one of those days where computers and filling in forms utterly consumes your whole day. Me yes day? it is to get some support from Centrelink. Sounds good but not so much for the person who has the attention span I have today. Maybe I was just supposed to do nothing to day. Cause I did lots and not much. Poor mes much, 🙂

Louise Tweedale

Hi Berni, I have missed you! I have be reading my word for today, and reading my bible daily, but it sure is good to hear God’s word spoken out loud. There is power in God’s word. Thankyou and may God bless you and this ministry.
Love in Christ Louise.


Love this… God as a poodle performing.. funny!
I had better check my faith muscle and not think that God should perform.. it’s for His glory those miracles He performs.

Berni Dymet

Thanks Ericka. Praise God. His Word is so amazing. -Berni

Ericka Lacson

Hi Berni,

Thank you for this series. It’s really powerful. It’s as if GOD is talking to me directly. Well, he certainly is – through you.

GOD Bless you always.

Pamela Leone

This program has been a blessing to my marriage. May God keep you and everyone at us.christianityworks.com full of joy and have the continued blessings from our Father.
Pam, Florida

Louise Tweedale

Hi Berni and Christianity Works,

That’s it, in a nutshell isn’t it? Religion comes from people. Jesus comes from God and God’s word.
I am weak and He is strong. I rely each day on God’s mercy.

This is pretty cool that That God wants a relationship with me!

Cheers Louise.

Louise Tweedale

Hi ? Berni at CW ?
There has been three people I care about who died this year. I have been listening to God’s word and when I am truly searching for his wisdom he gives me comfort. This first person was a delightful fit joy to work with. She had a way with her. She couldn’t say words but she would hug people who needed to be hugged. I asked God if this innocent child lady was with him. I received ‘let the little children come unto me. Then I cried. Then another lady who spoke with smile died two months later. I have no regrets with the support. I gave to her, but she gave me a simple treasure,a genuineness and wonder as God let me know that She was already with him. Now a lovely parent who was so much an advocate for her family went into hospital. Last Saturday, I dreamt that we were talking about the love of Jesus the morning of her death. I and crying. Again.
Today is a new day, God’s grace is renewed every day.
I am loved by the Almighty God! His Spirit speaks to me though this ministry, reading and the Bible. Thankyou again. Louise.

Louise Tweedale

Hi Berni and CW,
As always thank you, for this message. I am trusting in God’s will for me, one moment at a time. Bless you Louise.

Berni Dymet

Louise it is so incredibly difficult when we lose someone close to us. And yes, it does sometimes seem as though it’s one thing after another. But you are quite right to press into God because it’s in times such as this that His love shines so brightly and the reality of His Presence is so real. In times to come as you look back on this year, I’m sure there will be a fondness in your recollections, as you remember what it was like to experience His love in such a special way. -Berni

Louise Tweedale

Hi Berni,
I have been sad for a few days. A person who I have built a work relationship with has died. I went up to the hospital to bring her flowers and a card, but wasn’t able to see or talk to her. I dreamt about her just before she died and we talked about God and what Jesus Christ the Lord did for us. The morning came and I went to an exercise class I was incredibly sad and after I found work had been trying to contact me. I found out she had died. I am wondering what I have to learn here. This year has been full of stuff like that. Change kinda hurts. I know that God loves me! I am and feel sooo weak, but He is sooo strong. I am looking, listening reading the bible soaking up God’s word. God’s love grace and God’s joy in knowing that he has a plan for me. Thankyou for Christianity Works. Love Louise.

Berni Dymet

Diana … ain’t God’s timing just always so perfect! 🙂 Blessings – Berni


Thank you very much Bernie! I think you wrote this for me in particular as I have been trying every single one of those stress relief techniques you’ve mentioned. I’ve been praying with the scriptures as well and staying close to Jesus in daily meditation too. I realize that I must pray more. Saint Paul said we should pray always. The cross is particularly heavy in my life at the moment and I think I thought that gives me an excuse to pray less, because it’s not my fault, not me causing it. The circumstances are beyond my control, but the strong feelings of stress are my lack of trust. It’s simple: pray more, stay strong, stay courageous and tell Him I’m trusting in Him:) THANK YOU!
Cork, Ireland

Louise Tweedale

Each time I read the bible read God’s word from Vision Christian Media, listen to these message and digest them, I truly being to take the words in. I feel so blessed. Thankyou in Jesus Christ our Lord. Love Louise.

Berni Dymet

Thanks Valrie. It’s a privilege and a blessing for us to be able to share the Word of God with you and so many others each morning. 🙂 -Berni

Louise Tweedale

Hi ? thankyou and bless you, may the Almighty God’s light shine in all you do and say. Joy to the world! Love in Jesus Christ the Lord, from Louise


love this program in the morning on my way to work

Berni Dymet

Daphne, thank you for sharing that. How awesome is God’s timing! May He work powerfully in you and through you during this difficult time as you discover His faithfulness firsthand. 🙂 -Berni

Berni Dymet

Andrea, I totally agree. I was just telling my story. There are so many other things that can and do control people’s lives. The awesome thing is that once we do give our lives to Him, He guides us and shows us and reveals to us the things, the sin, in our life that is robbing us of all that Jesus came to bring us. Jesus said of Himself – If the Son of Man sets you free, then you will be free indeed. 🙂 -Berni

Berni Dymet

Nathan, I can’t begin to understand what you have been through, the trauma that you have experienced, and the impact on your life. But can I encourage you not to blame God. Evil came into this world as a free choice made by the people whom God created. And God came to deal with that evil, and indeed to heal you and set you free, by allowing His very own Son, to suffer and die for you and me. In other words, God didn’t even spare His Son from that evil. Rather, He put Him right in the middle of it, to suffer at the hands of those whom He came to save. Let encourage you to seek out this Jesus, to draw close to Him and experience His healing, so that one day, you can love and care for those who are going through what you have been through. By God’s mercy and grace -Berni

Berni Dymet

Lorraine, click here to download my booklet – Top 3 Secrets for Losing 25 kgs. Be blessed – Berni

Berni Dymet

How awesome Christina. Thanks for letting me know! God is good. -Berni

Louise Tweedale

Thankyou again!
Love in the Lord Louise


Funny thing you say “giving my life to Him is having to give up something I’m addicted to”. What if one is not not sure what is exactly this thing that one is addicted to? I think there’s more to it than an addiction, maybe a fear like how greed is a fear of lack. Or how,today’s youth’s social media addiction is a fear of missing out. Or something like mistrust or anxiety due to previous human faults.

Nathan Solomon

I don’t make my God too small. He does that all on His own. My expectations were such that I would be protected from abuse from my dad who conversely established a Christian College and Institute in our area as well as was head deacon in the same church and taught various languages, wrote many books and received an honorary PhD. This same person abused me, controlled me and eventually brought me to a suicidal state. Where was God? I expected more from my God. But He couldn’t come through…not wouldn’t….couldn’t…that is unless you believe that God’s permissive will is such that it consists of allowing abuse, rape, murder, etc, not for the purpose of expanding the Kingdom of God, but for the purpose of decreasing its size. Some say I could have been a Doctor or a Pastor…but those things are no longer possible because I’m still trying to recover from my suicidal attempt after being sexually harassed by a Federal Supervisor. My God asked me to pray for a person who I dated…after I married my wife…God’s not supposed to be the Author of confusion…yet I am fully and completely confused. This is the God who protects a Christ-follower. This is the same God who offers grace and power and strength. This is the same God who people say I can’t question. This is the same God who controls the Universe from the tiniest particle to the largest Universe. This same God didn’t/couldn’t come to my rescue even after I gave my life to him at the age of 6 and desired…only ever desired to do His will.

My low expectations don’t come from me. They come from the result of God’s inability, unwillingness to work in my life. That’s such a shame. I had such high hopes (expectations) for God. But, alas, He’s unable to do what I needed Him to do, not for my sake, but for His. Now? I don’t have any expectations of God! Low? They’re non-existent. I don’t pray anymore because “Why bother?” I don’t ask God for things anymore because “Why bother?” I’m about to lose my home and if that’s God’s will, then so be it. If my brother’s company does well after he stole a by-name contract for me, then that’s God’s will as well. If the woman who sexually harassed me continues to move forward in life without any “reaping”, then that’s God’s will as well. So, excuuusssee me! But I’m done expecting anything from God and as a result I will never be disappointed again!!!!!

Don’t ever preach something like this again!!!!! You have no clue what you’re talking about!

Louise Tweedale

Thanks This one reminds me to renew my mind every morning. To touch base with my designer, God knows the plans he has for me, to prosper and not to harm, for a future and a hope. My foundations
Love in the Lord, Louise


Hi Berni I’m 93 kgs and 32years old and I’m desparate to loose 25kgs of weight.i have tried so many diets and only last 3 weeks or less, I have lost confidence and please may you assist me to loose weight. I eat sweets and carbs a lot..please may you assist me .


You have this uncanny ability to talk about the exact topic that I need to hear about! I was literally dealing with the exact issue your were discussing with a family member this morning and was wondering how to best handle the situation keeping God in mind. The Holy Spirit is working thru you I’m sure and I just wanted to thank you for your podcasts. They have really transformed and helped me in my journey this year. I am so grateful for your help!

Louise Tweedale

May God’s love shine on you and Christianity Works and it’s Mighty ministry! God must build the house. He knows the plans he has for you! I pray that his plan prospers in this house.
May God’s love shine in everything you do and say. Amen. Louise

Elaine Stewart

I am grateful for these e-devotionals, thank you.

I notice since the ‘glitch’ that suspended them for a short while, they have resumed but without scripture references. Is this a new pattern, or will scriptures be included in the future?

Many thanks and God bless you


Berni, thank you so much for the ebooklet Joy of the Lord is my strength:) so simply put I whizzed through it and thoroughly enjoyed it and was so blessed. Last Wednesday I was terminated at my job…anyway I was upset for half an hour or so maybe but I also began to right then and there thank and praise the Lord always believing that our strength and peace are in the Lord… God takes care of us…and I am at peace but you’ve just made me see that the joy of the Lord is also our strength. The difference between joy and happiness amazing…I always say Lord I want to be over flowing with joy, I want my face to shine with it…well now I know the solution….more Bible time, I need to let God speak to me…i love it…thank you sooooooooo much…God bless you and all the glory and praise to our heavenly Father. I’m about to start you next ebook…getting closer to God I think it’s called…thank you for your generous heart

Louise Tweedale

Hi Berni,
Thankyou for your words this morning!
Bless you and God’s connection with Christianity Works so it can reach more and more peoples around the world. In Jesus’ name amen.

Louise Tweedale

Hi Berni,
Thankyou God does have a plan for my life and for my husband, family and people I come into contact with in my life, in fact all people God spoke into being for all time. I only ask if I can be lead to do what I am called to do. I most fervent hope is for a derp relationship we almighty God.
I am so tired. But am trusting God’s will for me. For I am weak and he is strong and unto him I belong, thank you f ok r this word. Cheers Louise


01Sep2015.DearMrDymet, I’m a worker of God, yet my many relatives are unbelievers. May, through your luke15, God’sHolySpirit make them see Jesus’love. It could take you months to teach them ‘simple things’ in Luke15. Why vcalled “Sinners” Jesus e3ats with? who are the Pharisees? “lost sheep” lost coin” and “lost son” yet when I was in VN, I had no concept of sheep character! it is


Thanks Bernie
I have recently read a book called “God Chasers”
It talks about this issue of too much of the system (singing/ praising for 20 minutes then preaching for 45 minutes then 10 minutes and make sure you finish on time) and not enough praising and looking for God in your life\
As Christians we need to let Jesus lead us not be controlled by religion
But how do we ghange the current system?
Thanks Trevor

garry wright

Excellent, Bernie has really clarified this Joy of the Lord in terms I can understand and relate to. Thanks again Bernie, keep doing what you are doing to the Glory of God Almighty!

Le, David Van Hung

Dear Mr. Dymet,

Gospel or Joy, may God let you know which box, the best, that all your sermons concentrate to.
While I a Bible Teacher have problem on Zechariah 10, 11, and 12.

God says “I will strengthen Judah …”(Zechariah10:6), I should not spiritually only interpret that our God strengthened Jesus without repeatingly reading the text.

I also shouldn’t just morally parallel our 2015 Union with the ” … Second staff called Union …”(Zechariah11:14) without carefully teaching the whole chapter.

But I can evangelize, not teach, to the unbelievers the word of God, “They will look on me, the One they have pierced …”(Zechariah12:10) related to the death of Jesus Christ. However without faithfully reading the whole context 10, 11, and 12 then I can’t see the resurrection of Jesus here! And where is the eternal life for the Believers here?

I’m in trouble to be an evangelist and a Bible Teacher with this Zechariah 10, 11, & 12.”So heavenly Father, may Your Holy Spirit make Mr Dymet do better than I do. In Jesus’ name. amen.”
David Le van Hung



Berni Dymet

You can request the free eBooklet here. http://us.christianityworks.com/?page_id=7000


Hey sir, I have read your blog.. I felt it’s really very amazing. I used to go to gym one and a half hour daily. Most of the fat is deposited on my thighs, hips, legs and my gym instructor said it would take about one year to loose 10 kgs even, presently I weigh 70 kgs and my height is 5.1 inches. I seriously need some advice regarding how to loose at least 22 kgs. It’s so depressing for me when someone laughs at me because of my weight.. please do help me to loose as soon as I can.. I will be very greatful for you for the same.

Berni Dymet

Andrew, I would love to answer you in detail, but I have just landed back from India and in a couple of days head to the US. Suffice to say, that no matter what one’s theological perspective (mine is a based on a strong belief in the infallibility of God’s Word), a person can become legalistic about it – that’s precisely what the Pharisees did. Blessings – Berni

Andrew Martin

Hello Bernie,
Were you talking about fundamentalism or legalism? Below is a definition of fundamentalism and doctrines they believe. Do you disagree with any of these? Can you explain in further detail as to the problem with fundamental belief? I do hold to these and wonder if I am a fundamentalist.
(sometimes initial capital letter) a movement in American Protestantism that arose in the early part of the 20th century in reaction to modernism and that stresses the infallibility of the Bible not only in matters of faith and morals but also as a literal historical record, holding as essential to Christian faith belief in such doctrines as the creation of the world, the virgin birth, physical resurrection, atonement by the sacrificial death of Christ, and the Second Coming.

Pastor Allan LANGELAAN

Thanks for the devotionals.
There are days when they not only seem to but do HIT THE SPOT.
I pastor a church 130 kms away in acountry city in WA.
Hearing about you going to India is great news.
Many years ago I was the director of an overseas aid agency and spent time in Bangladesh.
I asked the Lord to let me make connection with a Christian.
As I talked to the Director therew on the way from the airport he told me he was a Christian and went to thre Baptist Church.
God still answers prayer !!!!!
Ps Allan Langelaan


But the whole thing is that it is not with our love that we love others, but with HIS.
I am incapable of love. But when I abandon myself to him, to his will, then it is his love that flows through me. And it is stupendous.


Belief is quite the deep subject, and is the walk of our very life itself….

One doesn’t get out of bed unless one ‘believes’ the floor is there, that it will hold the weight, so on. Belief is the action that begins the action. Force, if you will. But this is force of will, being used correctly. Not the will of force…. (Something else to consider, as it leads to quite the greater understanding of humility).

This is why Paul also mentions that “faith has works”, that, “faith without works is dead”.

It’s not the works that justify though…. They are just what naturally follows. “Order”, in a sense.

Brilliant is the mind of God. This should call all believers to ask “why” more often, and base their decisions upon the answer.

Jesus Christ is Lord!!

Pamela Leone

Thank you for this closing episode. The depth of your study on God’s word has been a big help in my marriage – it brings us together in our daily walk with God.?


It hurts me to hear of so many people that are scarred by the negative and harsh words spoken over them. Words have a long lasting effect on our lives than we know. This video helps to raise awareness of the importance of speaking wisely and how to overcome the scars of verbal abuse.

Beverley Holmes

gosh thats aporopriate life has its turns thay just whrn you think the breakthrough is right there your whole life turns another direction. i never did like roller coasters. but i do hear a soft still voice saying im right here fear not

Louise Tweedale

Hi Berni and Christianity Works,
Well I am teary again, I think is where true prayer, interface with God and the truth comes together. It is so awesome to come into God’s presence each day. ?


I always wondered if we were allowed to have that close of a relationship with God,now I know we can. That’s all I want is to be close with Jesus with the time I have left,a place to call my home and to live with Jesus only.I Pray for that a lot,in his time I will have that place,I am waiting Jesus.God Bless


I really didn’t know I could talk to God so honestly like that…you took the words right outa my heart. Thanks Berni!

Toni Keeling

Wow – awesome. My dad and mum had quite a lot of ‘type A’ personality and if my little brother and I were in the way – ouchie.

I also have had some of the good old (bad old!) Type A too. God has helped me begin changing. Very grateful.

Richard Harrison

Hi Bernie

Thanks for the many enlightening messages you bring to us. You clarify the Gospel for us and make it easy to understand and you also make one much more aware of what Jesus accomplished for us. God bless and may all your efforts for the Gospel be greatly rewarded.
Richard Harrison (South Africa)

Toni Keeling

Thank you Christianityworks/Bernie – what a good series. Am really praying about and working on a. Listening b. Stopping talking when someone else is talking.

Toni Keeling

This is really awesome – thank you.

Toni Keeling

Thank you – i read and re-read this and wonderful comfort and blessing

Berni Dymet

Ben – thanks so much for your feedback. It’s a real blessing to be able to share God’s Word with you through the daily devotions and the occasional text message. Be blessed! 🙂 -Berni

Ben Muir

Hi. I would just like to say how timely and important the daily messages I see from Christianity Works are for me and my walk with God. Those phone texts I have received have an absolutely unique message for me that lifts my spirits and gives me purpose both at work and in my personal life. They really touch me.


Bob & Josie

Thanks Bernie your words are a wonderful inspiration and encouragement to our day. May God bless you in all your ways.

Gary Ryan

Thanks so much Bernie, your words on this subject, could not have come at a better time.
I was just thinking this morning, on my superficial relationship, my one way relationship with God, and how to have a more personal one, this was after a sermon at Church yesterday, that got me thinking, now you have told me, and I not only understand much more clearly now, but also understand how selfish I have been.
thank you, and God Bless.

Berni Dymet

Mandy, you won’t ever forget. Forgiving is when the desire for revenge, recompense or justice is laid down. Berni


I am struggling with this I have forgiven but finding so hard to forget what’s happened to me any suggestions

Marie Milicevic

Thank you for your continued teaching and for helping us. We always need to learn about God and His ways.

Robin Hicks

Thanks again.

Dianne Mosley

It is sad when I think of family & friends who don’t know Our Savior .For to love Him is to Know Him ! Thank You God for This ministry !

Dianne Mosley

yes Lord

Dianne Mosley


Dianne Mosley

Praise God ! That was Awesome ! Spoke to my heart Same as Jeremiah 29:13

Beverley Holmes

So good to.be reminded as im going through tough uncertain times. the lord is my rock, shield, salvation

Dave Stewart

Thank you for your generous offer.

Bless you in your work

Dave Stewart

Thank you for your edevotional.
I listen to your broadcasts on Radio Pulpit when I can.


O, my Lord , and my God
My Rescuer,
True lover of my life
More than life to me.

Thanks Berni


Chris, when God comes into your heart, He comes to stay. Nothing can separate us. But to find that peace, joy and mental health we seek, we must renew our minds. To renew our minds we must be obedient. It is not enough to read ‘love thy neighbor’ or ‘put away perversity’, we must start doing it. It takes time but Gods timing is always perfect. Just when you think you will never progress, grace will take you to the next level. I fought depression and anxiety and it went away when I learned to obey Gods spiritual and health laws. The rest God does supernaturally. Just trust Him.
Thank you for this inspiring message, indeed if we think about it, the spiritual and physical heart is connected. Take care of one and it is reflected in the other.

Louise Tweedale

Hi Christianity works,
Great guys keep up th good work, may God’s love shine inn everything you say and do. Love Louise my prayers are with you and your team.

Jeremy Farrell

What a blessing your work is! Thanks Bernie.

Louise Tweedale

Mmmh thankyou Berni

Berni Dymet

Allan, thank you for the encouragement and the feedback. May the Lord bless your vital ministry in the capital of WA!! 🙂 -Berni

Pastor Allan LANGELAAN

In real and appropriate terms
Thank GOD fo Christianty Works.
I am a small city Pastor in Western Australia.
I tell people that I live in the capital of the state.
Your emails and web access are a blessing and
some times I qoute you when I preach.
Thankyou and may evry blessing that the Father has for you be yours
Pastor Allan

Louise Tweedale

Hi Berni and Christianity Works,
Thankyou for this, I am so tired today. Dog barking and illness kept me awake last night, I have one whopper headache. My husband is worrying me. My God is bigger I need to go to God and rest in him.
Thanks Louise.

Pastor Allan LANGELAAN

I find your content on email and web really encouraging.
I have been an ordained minister since 1976 and worked in 5 different denominations.
I spent 10 years with mainly Christian not fro profit organisations as Finance Development Director and CEO.
After 10 years of illness I am now the Associate Pastor in a church in the city of Albany WA.
I have rarley read “Christian”books with such good Bible based content and comment as yours. Thanks Berni
Enjoy every blessing in God.
Pastor Allan Langelaan 22nd June 2015

Jennifer bate

Hi again Bernie. Sorry about my last email. The auto speller on my iPhone seems to have other ideas. I hope you can make sense of it anyway. Thanks, Jennifer x

Berni Dymet

Thanks Lois. 🙂 Berni


Thank you so much. Love your radio programme. Hope you’ve had a great response to this offer,as has some basic but awesome truths, that are so easy to loose sight of. Bless you and your work!

Berni Dymet

Be Ji that’s a pretty good description. Although we can also sow seeds in the spirit on the inside, by praying or forgiving or trusting. Doing something that honors God and yet goes against worldly “common sense”. -Berni


I came across Galatians 6:7-8 the other day and it hit me. I have trouble understanding the concept of sowing a seed in spirit. Does this simply mean kindness, gentleness, love, eg. Basically external behaviors manifesting from an internal change in perspective.


thank you very much Berni for the past days’ devotionals. i badly needed these. GOD has used you to minister to me in a very special way. may He empower you more and more to live for Him and guide you as you minister to us through various media-Belle, Philippines

Louise Tweedale

Hi Berni,
Thankyou I am going through a testing time at the moment. It always brightens my outlook when I listen to these daily devotionals. I need prayer my husband is struggling with the health issues associated with alcoholism. He is back in hospital he wants to give up his drinking but…
We need God’s help.

Louise Tweedale

Dear Berni, and your Christianity works team,
Every day I receive my daily bread from you. Wow! Thank you and bless you this day, may your work God’s work shine in the darkest places bringing hope and salvation to all those touched be God’s word.


Hi Berni and the team my prayer is that this ministry flourishes and exceeds all expectations. God is bigger and better that anything this world has to offer. May the light and love and wisdom of God shine through this ministry and bring more and more people to understand who God is and what Jesus did and that the Holy Spirit is always available. Believe and be blessed. I pray this in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen


Berni Dymet

Annette, you’re probably a prophet (Romans 12:4-8). This is often something people like you struggle with. In part it’s because God has gifted you to say things that other people don’t want to hear. Let me encourage you though to take 1 Cor 13 seriously. Part of growing in maturity for you will be learning to speak the truth in love -Berni


I am one of those people who are blunt and direct. And it often gets me in to trouble. I can’t be someone else, I am who I am, but sometimes I wish I was more in control of that. I can’t act if nothing is wrong, if someone is unfair, or unreasonable. It gets me in to trouble often.

Toni Keeling

Thank you Bernie – wonderful message and Bible verses.

Louise Tweedale

Thanks Berni,

Food for the spirit daily bread. Just what I needed

May God bless you in all you do and say Amen.



I am so glad to read this. Especially the “blessings should be on my term since i deserved it” ; thats where iam for so long in as much as getting back to Jesus. Now i realized that The Plan is all for Him to execute; All for Him to merit/ demerit , All for Him to grant R n R’s to all who got burned out from the battle.

Thanks Berni, this should lighten up my yolk more

Joanna Lockwood

Thank God for you Berni. God’s word is sweeter than honey to our lips and great is His goodness and love! Thank you for reminding us to live life on His terms pressing in to His love and all the incredible blessings He pours out on us and our families. How beautiful to know He wants to give us rest on every side. I too have been exhausted trying to burn the candle at both ends. How refreshing to hear your message this morning. Made me stop everything and listen.


I need your prayers and help. I need someone who can walk with me during this season of battles within which I am trying to fight on my own terms.Please remember me in your prayers.


I was so tired and exhausted to carry on. But Thank God . This message on rest came at the right time. Now I also know that God is always thinking about me and he knows how to get me back into his rest on his terms.Thank you.

erica pearce

Dear Christianity Works. thank you for this lucid approach to rest. looking forward to the rest. ( pun intended). God bless you all.

Eleanor Milton

Love the message, reading it before breakfast. We need to pause and re-focus on Who gave us the day in the first place. Welcome into my day, Oh Lord.


Wow! This is definitely coming at the right time. Thank God for bringing this up, we all need this reminder. keep up the good work.


Thank you Reminds me of this song. “Lord make me an instrument of Your Peace”
Let’s. All embrace rest, And enjoy this Amazing Peace.


Very good and timely article. Much food for thought. Thank you.

Jan Schroeder

This particular daily on the spirit groaning reminds me of a story about John Paul I I. Whenever he prayed alone quite often people would hear him deeply groaning in prayer. Always I wondered what that meant.. now I understand. It also comes to mind when my father died 47 years ago. I had been visiting with a friend that evening when my aunt called me there. M y father had just died and i should to go home to my mother immediately. As I drove away down the street in the dark I suddenly pulled over in agony. As I leaned over in my seat all I could do was loudly groan in a loud noise. I didn’t know it then but obviously the Holy Spirit was comforting me in my grief with prayer…

Penny Gee

Brian you are right. It seems that in an effort to make a difference, I grow more tired all the time.I belong to a Monastery and a local church. I sing in a church choir and in an outside chorus. I am on the Worship Committee of my church and I started a scarf making mission 7 years ago. Two years ago with 3 scarf projects we made 99 scarves. Last year for the same 3 projects we made 346 scarves.I write and have been published in religious magazines for feee. I am an over achiever and feel that unless I do alot I am not a worthy person.


Thanks Bernie – You are amazing – Yes I am so grateful for being reminded of this – This morning I have taken time out to rest in the Lord – listening not only to my body but food for the soul.
Thank You as I looked at my emails – your wise words were such a confirmation
God Bless

Hollie Letts

Thank you Bernie for your guidance- This world we live in is exhausting.
As Christians, have you ever noticed how the ten commandments that we hear most often are the ones we have the hardest time fulfilling. We all have to deal with people who try our patience or rub us the wrong way. Then there’s the pull of the world, urging us towards a self-centred approach to life. This is where the tiredness comes from. From your talks and at our church, God has shown me and my husband how to feel less stressed and more time learning how to live as God want me to live. That is to say we are still learning. Living differently from the world has helped us a lot. We are not in debt yet we do not own a house, we both have a job and still have time for our children. We are involved in our church and other ministries. That is where we believe God has blessed us. We have received lots of blessings. Like Jesus we should seek to serve instead of being served (Matthew 20:16) Jesus also asks us to take the lowest place at the banquet. (Luke 14:9. God is LOVE let him love you and you’ll find yourself loving other people more and more. This is so different to how the world tell us to live which seems to involve being stressed tired and exhausted, from trying to keep up with people we believe have it all.


Rightful message indeed fir me as I am feeling tired now. Relying on God’s word is sure answer to the challenges I am facing and many thanks Bernie for this message.


Just what I needed to hear.
Last night I read some very strong views and judgements about mental illness being a myth and it’s treatment and accusations that felt so cruel and unfair. But what I read was a ‘sugar coated’ voice that was hiding a nasty tongue underneath.
I was lost for words. Overnight I was carrying a burden and words that were said publicly by someone I know quite well that are totally against what I do in charity work for beyond blue. I realised from listening to Berni this morning, and more importantly, listened to be reminded about what St Paul was telling us 2000 yrs ago. Jesus wants to lighten our burdens. I can’t do it on my own. But to sit and rest and listen for those few minutes today just answered my worries. Yes Jesus is my answer and through the Holy Spirit. I have another speaking event tonight but in my heart I know the Holy Spirit will guide me in the words I am to say to offer hope and help to others through him.

Jumoke Lambert

Your obsrvations are so true!Maybe these “burdens”
some call problems or issues.I welcome
a rest from my burdens.So please count me in.

Toni Keeling

Thank you Bernie – This is spot on for these times. I am 70, and just retired from my work. For several years before that I moved to part-time teaching so that I would be not be exhausted. Spent 3 years in a simple cottage in the country with very simple needs to really seek God. I had little super or savings left but am trusting God mire and more and am giving to God’s work as I can.
Now I am a pensioner and feel greatly blessed to be taught to press in to God’s Word every day and to pray God’s Word aloud often. It is making a huge difference to my life.

Jenny Mullan

Thank you. I recently read a book by Mark Sanborn a true story about an USA postman called Fred who wanted to provide exceptional service like this lady at the airport. Since reading it, I have tried to go out off MY way to help folk in small ways. The book if I recall, was called Fred 2.2 and another, The Fred Factor. Think this author has written more Fred books since and I believe it was an American or even a world best seller. This book changed my life and has since blessed both me and all those I recommended to read it.


Paul Harbour

Thanks Berni
I’ve been trying to remember this passage for a while now but hadn’t found it, hoping that you would use it as I’ve been having trouble with my reoccurring sin. Battling against it & was starting to think you know maybe I can never be good enough to be a true Christian & that’s why I wouldn’t get baptised, even after all these years. Even to the point of struggling with prayer as sinful thoughts were just crashing through my mind. But after listening to you & Ravi, & some of the others on UCB for some years now, I know to just keep my head in there.
Thanks to you & your team Berni for your messages. They help me no end (& many,many others no doubt).
& While I’m here I’d like to say a big thankyou to yourself, Jacqui & the team for the book 60 Seconds to Spiritual Victory which arrived the other day. Can’t wait to see what it is he has to say to me through it.
Keep it up Berni & I pray that God blesses you all & your work richly.

Paul (uk)


What a powerful message of salvation. A change of heart is all that requires, constantly remembering God s Grace. Lord I’m giving my heart to take hold of the power of Holy Spirit. Amen


This has helped me greatly, thank you for the insight you have, keep up the great work, I will continue to rely on God and his strength no mine. Thank you, thank you…Ken

Berni Dymet

Melchor, thank you so much for your encouragement. May the Lord bless you as you receive His Word! 🙂 -Berni


Hi Berrni! I’m from the Philippines and I’m an avid listener of your show “a different perspective”. I’d like to thank you for all your teachings and to this series. I currently studying this series because I really need this for my spiritual walk. GOD bless you and your ministry more and more and more. Amen.

Louise Tweedale

Hi is Louise again,
This one is another just what I need audio! May ask is for you to be blessed so more people can be in relationship with God.
I like it that you used the prayer Jesus modelled to teach his disciples. Your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven, I use, give us this day our daily bread, and through you God has. Just for toady.
Thankyou Louise

Berni Dymet

Chris, God works in some strange ways sometimes. The Apostle Paul found that out. Three times he asked God to remove the thorn from his flesh (2 Cor 12:7-10) and God said “No, my grace is sufficient for you”. I don’t know why God works the way He does. But my suggestion to you is to press into His grace and experience him to the fullest. In Christ, Berni.


Thanks Berni,
That was really beautiful. God uses everything which is so amazing!

Mara Vania Arnaldo

I really want to cllect every devotional books that you have it’s expiring and heartwarming … Thanks for the daily devotions, May God bless you always!!

Chris Jones

I am a biology and health teacher, so I understand the heart muscle. What I can’t understand is how God can change my spiritual heart. I have a mental illness, and every day I ask God to heal me or change me. I remain the same.
I believe that I have opened the door when God knocks at it. I have asked God to rule over every part of my life. I desire for him to come in and take full control, but ultimately I am left alone and without hope.
I know that he doesn’t always answer why he does things, but I feel my life slipping away, and I can’t do anything for God without his power. I need some God answers to help my heart and mind to heal so that I can be an effective witness and follower.

Berni Dymet


You are quite right. We can’t really see the purpose until we’re out the other side of the suffering. But even then, it isn’t clear sometimes. The key is to cooperate with God during the suffering by obeying Him (Gal 6:9) and leaving he rest up to Him. -Berni


thank you. I have had a lot of suffering and more recently I can see that it’s part of Gods plan. It’s only when you come out of it you can see! Next time I suffer (I know there’s more coming!) I will stay faithful, praise God and remember Gods promise to me….the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases! Amen

Berni Dymet

Ken, that is an incredibly sad story. But for every pastor like those two, there is another who is so incredibly committed to his flock. You’ve done well to forgive them. If you can forgive your wife in the same way and find some common ground, then to God be all the glory. For you, my advice is Ephesians 5:25. It’s a hard scripture for you just at this moment, but it’s the right one. -Berni


My wife and I have been going through very rough period in our marriage of 30 years. A friend of our was quite upset that the church didn’t do more. Initially i thought what’s it got to do with the church- this is between my wife & I. But then after thinking about it a bit more I thought, this is Gods church and God created marriage and therefore the church and marriage are indelibly linked and maybe our friend is right? I went to seek council from 2 pastors i know and got 2 diametrically opposed bits of advice- one basically saying i should almost beg and crawl back to my wife and the other saying “kick her out”. So where does that leave me? Interestingly when i approached both pastors i had to go meet them at their churches-they never offered to come to me, my house or see my wife. Jesus usually went to the people and didn’t sit on his throne requesting the people come to him. In fact one pastor could only give me an hour time slot and when time was up-that was it. Amazingly the other pastor had to finish our meeting because he had to get a haircut! So it appears a $25 haircut is much more important than trying to save the marriage of 2 longstanding members of his church where we usually attend.
I have forgiven both these gentleman as it is like Jesus said “they know not what they do”

Louise Tweedale

Thanks Berni again, Bless you and your Ministry. It gets me where I am. I just simply love the connection, coincidence (“) that what I need Good provides for me ‘daily bread’ just for today.

Bless you and may God’s light shine on you. Amen.
Regards Louise


I went through a dry period (quite a long period), and decided to read the Bible every day and a devotional called Jesus Calling which I journal a response by prayer. I then read the prayer back out loud to the Lord. I feel a bit guilty that I am not a prayer warrior but have decided to give it a real go and do it each day for 21 days. Tomorrow is day 21 and I have decided to go 30. Bit by bit I feel my heart stirring again,but wonder if I am cheating a bit by writing my feelings and prayer rather than just talking to Jesus. I tend to fumble and lose my way. I never stopped reading Christian books etc but I am glad to be back with the Word of God.


Maria, please read Job, I wish you all the best and remember God is crying with you. Listen to Peter Shurley’s song “Tears in a Bottle

Warren Khu

Thanks for sharing such thoughts. In too many instances, it has been a constant struggle to do things right on my own, but forgetting that we truly need Christ to allow our lives to be in the right direction, as we truly fall short of His glory if not for HIs grace. One of my favourite verses is Ephesians 2:8-9 indeed, as nobody can boast of his or her own good works, because it is truly His grace that saves us. Likewise, one of my favourite verses is the one wherein Jesus talks about Him being the vine and we the branches, in the Book of John Chapter 15. Truly amazing is the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Berni Dymet

Maureen, thank you for sharing that with us. We all can have difficult jobs and circumstances. My favourite is Psalm 121. Check it out. 🙂 -Berni

Maureen Griffin

God is good.This different perspective reminds me there is something much greater than this life waiting for me.I will continue to serve the Lord by getting up each day and doing my best…..it’s so hard sometimes (especially on Monday)…my job is filled with stress…..what psalm or reading can I turn to when I am feeling it?….thank you Bernie, everyday I listen to a different perspective and it lift me right before work.

Berni Dymet

Jeff, be assured that God is on your case. He hasn’t forgotten you. Far from it. I’d encourage you to read Joseph’s story starting in Genesis Chapter 37. I think you will be greatly encouraged. Remember, God is with you! -Berni


Great series. I only wish it would have come out six months ago when I was in the throes of dealing with an intense situation of this sort at my job. At the time, I felt that God was telling me he had something better for me, and I left the job with this hope. Six months later, I am clearly being blackballed in my former field and I am still waiting for the ‘better’ I was sure God had for me. In that respect the series is still very apropos. Though I still have some finances to draw upon (though they are declining despite a part-time retail job), what has been hard about the prolonged waiting is the feelings of lack of purpose given I seem to be blocked from using the gifts and abilities I have. This last message in the series gives me a different way to look at this waiting time, difficult though it still is. Thanks.

Berni Dymet

Carmen, thank you for sharing that. May you continue to be comforted and empowered as you receive God’s Word into your heart. -Berni

Carmen Azzopardi

I came to Australia with my children to give a better future but I have been so lonely and frightened and have found your site and listening to vision on the radio so encouraging and you have helped me to find God as my only helper. Thank you thank you thank you.

Louise Tweedale

Well is it time? I woke up at 4.30am, I thought what do I need to do? Thank you for these devotionals. Great idea! Now for my daily bread to nourish my soul. Thank you Father God for this blessing. Bless this ministry and all who listen them. Amen

Maggie Scott

Oh this really spoke to me. I have an elderly mum who there is just no pleasing. No matter what I do, say, where I go, who I see…. There’s always something wrong with it. I’m 48 and have had enough if the abusive, harsh and quite honestly, downright cruel criticisms, of tearing me to pieces. So for my own peace of mind I’ve ceased all contact and just pray for her Salvation from afar.


Louise Tweedale

I like Brenda’s comment, I often get into busyness I like that word, the business of being busy. That’s me. God bless you both


So so true, what’s it all about? It’s all about things & busyness, then we don’t need to look at ourselves. God made us to have relationship with Him, to love him above all else & love others, not things. God made people to love & things to use, not the other way around.
Thanks for your encouragement in your daily message Bernie.
God Bless

Berni Dymet

Faye, as a former 3 pack a day smoker, I totally understand. It’s been 31 ½ years since my last smoke (but who’s counting?!) and I could still occasionally have a cigarette (I don’t of course). For me, I stopped overnight, after watching a relative die of lung cancer. But we’re all different. It’s a terrible addiction, so my prayer for you is that the Holy Spirit would fill you with power and might, to break this – I pray that in Jesus’ name. Amen!!


Hi Berni, I am really struggling with giving up smoking! I know it is bad for me and have tried and will keep on trying. I know my body is now the Holy Spirit’s Temple but I tell myself it is not a sin if it is legal, yes I am pretty good at deceiving myself. This is one of a few bad habits I am trying to break, but boy I am not doing well. A prayer for healing will be appreciated. God bless and have a great day.


Hi Berni and thanks for this teaching. Very timely. I am struggling and in the place of wanting to give up after 15 years of investing in a relationship. The Lord seems to keep bringing me back but its very painful and seems impossible. Sometimes i wonder if God still wants me to invest there. It would be so much easier to give up and not care. But your teaching encourages me to persevere in doing good as i get the opportunity. Your teaching is always a blessing! Thank you 🙂


Always an inspiring message, thank you team!

Sheron Wilson

Thank you once again

Sheron Wilson

Dear Berni.

Thank you so much for this timely message/series. I am encouraged how we (children of God) can so seed(s) in what seems in a famine situation and “will” produce a harvest. This act of faith in which Issac did …. Reminds me not only that God is faithful, but he watches over his (infallible) word to perform it ….


Thank you so much to Bernie and the team at Christianity Worksfor this awesome series. Like Naomi, Orpah and Ruth, I too find myself at a point in my life where things are not going well at work and I find at a cross roads as to shoukd I stay or leave. I have been praying, reading Gods word and putting all of my hope and trust I God, that whatever the decision it will be Godly based and led. I can say this that what I am doing now is not my passion (my talent), but I have stayed because of finances. This series is God sent and I know it will help me in my decision.




Hello I am trying so hard to plant that seed but I an never reaping and many times I feel like giving up I need pray I am loosing my house I don’t have money I am in major financial crises my son is a teenager and I struggle to explain to him we don’t have please pray for me so I can see the harvest


Isaac heard God ….. Obviously there was a direct conversation ….. How do I hear ???? This is the difficult part for me ….. I truly want to hear from God & follow His instructions ….. But how do I hear so as to enable me to follow His instruction ?????



Warrick Ball

Yes I agree Jesus Lives & there is much that shows the time of his appearing is close


You put it so well
How can you not believe when faced with the simple facts
God Bless Everyone on this Great time of the year where our Salvation was secured

Lyn Proctor

Thank you for an awesome Easter series. It’s helped me understand so much more and, yes, answered so many questions that I have asked in the past. Thank you also for the eDevotionals, they always seem to be relevant to what’s going on or bothering me, amazing. Please keep up the good work, I’m sorry my monthly donation isn’t larger.

Louise Tweedale


I am moved by Ginas story. Unfortunately there are a lot of christians who do not know how to minister in such circumstances, or their own lives are full of their own problems or they don’t know how to get their hands dirty.
From what has been written Gina has been faithful, prayerful and a servant herself. Sometimes God works miraculously and fast, sometimes slowly and its a step by step, day by day. If only Gina could have someone along side her, to encourage her and help with the practical, and also pray for her and her son. That could be our prayer, that God give Gina her very own Angel on earth to help her.


So true – “wandering round in a spiritual wasteland”. I’ve been waiting for an earthquake or a cyclone, with all the bells and whistles. Maybe I should start listening more carefully, for that quiet nudge.

noel rogan

Hi team i have never been married myself,i am waiting for GOD to lead me to my future wife, but i grew up in a very turbulent family,both my parents are dead now ,but they did eventually get divorced after years of hating each other , they both tryed suicide on occasions, so as a big irish family 7 kids times were tough ,but i pray with all my heart that they are with the lord now,thanks bernie and GOD BLESS


The stories or trauma, divorce, hurting people are heart rending. So much damage being done by others to others. I have been divorced and am now remarried, I know how long it took me to start to see the grace from the new man perspective and not the old man view. The divorce was over twenty years ago. I have been married to my loving wonderful wife for nearly 14 years.
Coming back to Christ after many years away was the start of a journey that has restored me personally and spiritually. From the point of return to meeting my wife was a tough journey and many of the comments made bring back memories of those uncertain and difficult times. I was messed up and I messed up a lot of other people. Many of those people were very good people what you might call solid brothers and sisters in faith. Some fortunatley stayed around and eventually witnessed fruit from there persistence. Some unfortunately decided I was too hard and they needed to distance themselves from the hurt.
God is always good! After a while I met my future wife and married. We have a great family. Also the Lord has provided us with the opportunity to help other marriages through our marriage workshop. One of the great moments was when my wife and I were walking on the beach wondering how we could deepen the impact and outcomes of the workshops on marriages. The waves slid in and up popped a fifty cent piece. Later when we cleaned up the coin we noticed it was the commemorative coin for the year of the family. We strongly felt that the workshops are not only about helping marriages to move into their destiny, but about generational change in a family.
Both my wife and I know the trauma of broken marriages and trust. We hope that this comment will encourage those currently on the journey of hope to press on in grace to your God given destiny.


It is so sad that the world does not the true reason for being a Christian. We are just sinners who have received the one and only Saviour of the world. His Spirit then comes to live in us and leads us in holiness by His Grace. All we have to do is yield ourselves to Him for righteousness instead of sin. Sin no longer has power over us and we are free to choose what is right by His Grace. It all starts at the cross and believing what was accomplished there by Jesus and then finally by His resurrection. That is where the Christian life begins. Let us preach the Gospel so others may join us on this journey toward the hope waiting for all those who believe!

Jason & Lissy


Shirl Esther

Hi Bernie,
Thanks for your advice, and apologies for the delay in getting back!
I am having cottage cheese or Feta most days.
Sorry forgot to mention I lost 8 pounds the first week. Which was a combination of a boot camp exercise week as well as healthy eating.
The second week I lost 2 pounds.
I am surely on my way to loosing my first stone in 2-3 weeks.
My focus is fitness and healthy eating and I know I will be rewarded!
PS: I attended a workshop from a leading nutritionist, who advocates use full fat milk and dairy product and olive oil, nut oil (sparingly) as part of healthy eating stating that many micronutrients and vitamins need natural fat to be processed and synthesised in the gut /body.
So the only change I have made for good is use of whole milk last week and nut butter (100% cashews).
My calorie intake is around 1400 – 1600 and I am happy to slowly get to my goal but eat well and cut outg all rubbish.
Sorry for the long winded note but just wondering what you think of the use of whole milk and full fat natural dairy products like cottage cheese and Feta (used sparingly) as part of healthy eating? Just curious to know your view.
Thanks and much love in CHRIST JESUS, the SAVIOUR of the world!
Shirl Esther

Jason & Lissy


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My husband and I met when I was 17 and he was 21. We were each others first love and also biggest heartbreak. We are now 37 and 41 with 3 beautiful children. Our marriage has been rough and a battle. I mean a bloody war.
What I have to say is 6 years ago when our marriage was closer then ever to divorce we walked into Harvest Baptist Church and we have been going there ever since. Although are marriage is not perfect and neither are we as individuals. God saved our marriage. The man and the woman need to allow God in to do His will in their lives. God did not bring people together to see them separate.
Pastor would guide us to certain passages of scriptures but he cannot save a person let alone a marriage God does that.
All too often people want a quick fix for everything and there just are no quick fixes.
My husband and I could have been divorced right now but we have worked very hard on our relationship even before we walked into church and found our Savior. My parents are divorced his parents are divorced but our plan is to break the cycle.
In my opinion and this may be harsh but divorce is the lazy and easy way out and is certainly not the responsibility of the church. Marriage is between the man God woman.

Maureen Griffin

I already had a business fail, so it’s hard to and frankly a little scary to even start another.i have an idea for another one, which would require some up front money.I’m gonna pray on it and see what happens…


My comments below are about the prevention of breakdowns rather than who should pick up the pieces of someones relationship breakdown be it through a church group or counselling, both individuals in any relationship must take some responsibility along the way to make sure that the reasons for getting together in the first place remain very strong.
From all of the comments being made in this forum there are obviously a lot of people hurting from their marriage and partnership relationships breaking down.
Having been married to the same lady for 50 years, who I still love just as much as I did when we first met, I can honestly say that marriage can work, but it just doesn’t happen by chance, because of the changes, some good some bad that life throws at all of us a loving marriage has to be constantly developed, by that I mean when two people get together and love each other all is well, then maybe children come along and as the children grow and develop the parents look after their needs, which may mean taking the children to sports activities and training etc which can seperate parents for lengthy periods of time, then there are the parents work, hobbies and social activities that if done seperately can adversely impact on the parents relationship because of the seperation from each other, if not careful parents can become like ships in the night, as the children grow and become more independant of their parents, or through their own independant work and social activities the parents can find that they have grown apart from each other and possibly don’t have the same interests that they used to have, so there can be a communication breakdown and possibly resentment to each other eventually resulting in arguments and a blame game that can result in seperation and ultimately divorce, because each parent may have found a new path and possibly new relationships in life.
Please don’t take me the wrong way, I make my comments because I have seen relationship breakdowns and abuse caused by the family unit growing apart, it’s always sad with no winners.
I would assume that two people getting together in the first place did so out of love, it must be the responsibility of both parties to make sure that during their relationship they take time out to make sure that the love is still there and growing, they should regularly ask each other, are their any concerns about the relationship and if there are make the necessary adjustments to get the loving relationship back on track, their may be irreconcilable differences and people have grown apart and the love is no longer there, but along the way in any relationship I would always recommend two people constantly reaffirming their love for each, in the long run it could save a lot of heartache.


After almost 20 years, my wife pulled the plug on our marriage.

She became a Christian shortly after we married. Many years later, I came to the Lord and confessed I had a brief fling 10 years prior when we were separated.

Because we had a variety of valleys in our marriage, she used Matthew 5:32 as her get-out-of marriage-free card even with her pastor sharing that it describes a lifestyle, not a momentary lapse in judgment, especially as it happened in the past when I wasn’t a disciple.

I came to the Lord for our marriage. Yes, it was primarily for me, but also knowing now we could start afresh having God in the center of our new-found relationship.

We lived in different cities for several years and because I couldn’t find work, I remained where I was since I was employed and tried to visit at least every other month, but as time went on, I didn’t grasp the subtle changes.

I think she was getting attention from other men, in fact, she did share with me she had gone out on a date with someone she’d met months earlier. However, she did apologize and I immediately forgave her.

In hindsight, I realized there seemed to be no real joy on her part when I was baptized. Wouldn’t that be a momentous occasion in one’s marriage when one’s spouse comes to know Christ?

So, now almost 4 years since our divorce, I was able to relocate to the same area. I found out several things now that I’m in closer proximity.

She had demonized me to her supporters so she wouldn’t be on the hot seat to mend her marriage. Her pastor’s wife, upon hearing things to the contrary about me from some brothers who attended her church, said it doesn’t matter because she was biased toward my ex. I grew angry and bitter. Months later, I realized harboring the anger was hurting my Christian walk and contacted the pastor to get things off my chest.

It was a great talk. He told me he was always in my corner, but no amount of scripture or counsel is going to deter someone from doing what they want to do.

Recently, there was a rift at my ex’s church and several of her fellow worshippers now attend mine. I find it hard to even look at her or even want to talk to her, as well as those who supported her who also attend. It must show in my demeanor, so my youngest son usually comes sit with me while she sits elsewhere with her friends. I don’t seek her out. When or if we communicate, it’s by texting which I find impersonal.

I still love her and sometimes think when will she look in the mirror and find I’m not the enemy? Why can’t the children see that divorce is supposed to be the exception, not the norm in today’s society?

I’m also sorry so many of us here have gone through this experience. It hurts. It hurts like hell. Even fellow worshippers exhort me to date some sisters in our church. Why would I want to when I was married to a sister in Christ? Her response was no different than a non-believer’s. At least I’d know what I’m committing myself to and would expect whatever I’d get in being unequally yoked.

Louise Tweedale

Hello Berni, good morning,

It is truly amazing the things that happen to me lately. People who have faith have revealed themselves to me for support though work. Even a person studying history and religion comparison. He spoke about missing gospels of Thomas and new gospels found 1940’s. He talked about hell on earth anyway he mentions something that gave me a word in edgeways, I said Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into heaven body a soul and he agreed. Wow!


There is FINALLY a dialogue about church, divorce, and abusive marriages! Thank you, Bernie, for inviting people out of isolation and into a healing process. Just by acknowledging Marie is not alone in her experience will help not only her, and many other hurting souls, but hopefully help spread the need to look at what is happening in our churches. Certainly, as an institution, church must change how it is teaching and ministering – but individual people need to be aware also of where our own responses come from.
I wish I knew 20 years ago what I know now – about Scripture and marriage, and in particular about abuse in marriage. I can blame the church for plenty of lousy, guilt imposing teaching – it messed with me so much I endured so much suffering. God hates divorce indeed, but he also abhors the behaviors that break the marriage relationship, too. When he speaks of divorce and remarriage as sinfulness he doesn’t say it to judge and condemn (as it is used in religion thanks to misguided denominational interpretations) – when Christ and Paul spoke of divorce and remarriage they were calling people to an accountability of behaviors – as a protection for the individuals in marriage and a call to the seriousness of the covenant it should be!
My prayers are for the hurting in broken marriages – the spouses who have been so hurt – we have to let go of the shame we bear – that is satan’s doing. I also pray for the remorseful spouses who did harm.
We all deserve God’s grace. Even King David was restored in God’s eyes. He is the example of accused and victim…

May I recommend these resources as they have been so helpful as I heal from a marriage broken by infidelity, lies, abuse, sex and porn addiction. God is providing my recovery from depression and anxiety, self-doubt and self-condemnation, shame, guilt… It’s been a long process …

“The Emotionally Destructive Marriage” by Leslie Vernick, Women in the Battle online support for wives of sex and porn addicts – through New Life Ministries
“A Cry for Justice” website.

While addressing these difficult and hurtful situations, Always remember to praise or Abba who is mighty to save us.
Prayers for you all.
Marie: be patient – healing is a process


Hi Berni and everyone reading and sharing there junk here on this page.
I’m sitting here with eyes glazed over not with tears but just tired out.
I got save radically out of drugs and booze back in 1985. I eventually met a “Christian” girl after attending youth group and church. We married in 1990 and in 2000 I found out she was having an affair. Get this she was meeting the guy at church in the evenings or while I was at work trying to build our life. I knew our marriage wasn’t perfect. I forgave her and we tried to move on for our boys. She had no idea how heart broken I was. My childhood had been about Sunday school, an angry mother, a dad too busy and an old man who pretended to care about me. He sexually abused me for more than a year everyday of my paper run.
When it all came out I wanted my dad to beat the crap out of him but he was pushed into talking to him by my mother.
No one asked me how I felt. o one fought for me.
I digress, but the stupidity of me thinking life would be all OK after I found God and went to church, married a beautiful Christian girl and had turned my life around was naive thinking.
So we struggled on for another 5 years and she had two more affairs. In 2005 my wife said it’s time for us to separate. Even after all she had done and the mess I was in I still didn’t want to leave her but I eventually did go.
I foolishly tried to fill my loneliness with another woman I had known from youth group.
Guess what it doesn’t work. Jesus said when we divorce and marry someone else we commit adultery. So I have now been single for over 7 years and won’t let anyone in and don’t have anything to offer a woman anyway. I have not been to church since 2007 but I am thinking about going back. I never blamed God and I didn’t mean to turn away from him but I had.
Lately I have been worshiping him in solitude, in fact my sons who I raised alone after my divorce have now left home. I work in an office alone, I live alone and don’t let anyone get close.
Simon and Garfunkel sang;
“I am a rock I am an island. And a rock feels no pain and an island never cries”
As you can see God still has work to do here.




Maria, I know you are looking for the why. So have I for the last two marriages. My first wife cheated on me and my second just took me for an inheritance I had. You say God has allowed divorce to happen, and this I disagree with. Our free will that our Heavenly Father gave us allowed this to happen. When you understand that the world we live in is sin (especially todays world), it starts to make sense. Satan, today has worked to make getting a divorce very simple. There’s all kind of excuses out there to just get a divorce. And where do most people end up? In front of a lawyer. What was that? I said a lawyer. Not church, or a pastor, or even our savior. That’s our free will. Marriage today is not about the trinity. What I’m saying is a marriage is suppose to be Husband-GOD-Wife. Notice where I put God? Right where he belongs, between the marriage to keep it together. See todays world says we don’t need Him there (Satan’s doing), and then when we get tired of someone or just can’t find a reason to be around them anymore we take the easy way out. Marriage today is like buying a car, when you get tired of it, trade up. And that’s because we have taken God out of everything. So it is our own free will that we do that, and the only way to fix that is to put our hearts and eyes back on God and tell Satan “NO”. I know this probably doesn’t help, but it does answer the why?, at least it does for me. How I look at it is that I failed twice by not putting God in my marriages, I will not make that mistake again, I tell Satan “NO”!! I’m still single after three years, but I’ve learned and grown, and are still growing. I am just taking my time and waiting for God to take control and find where Him and I and Whom ever fits with us, is good.


I went through a divorce in 2011 and started attending Church soon after. There are no real winners in a divorce and yes, God always has a plan for us which is so much better than our own. I tried very hard to win her back but she had already moved on with another man.In the end,I prayed and let God take over my life. It has been amazing since and have never looked back since.Happy to share personal life moments with anyone going through a similar life experience.
God bless,Anoop

John Gould

Hi. I separated from my wife over a year and a half ago. It hit me very hard and I struggled with life. I tried to commit suicide and because of that ended up with severe depression and anxiety and spent about two months in Logan Mental Hospital. I left my Job because I could not concentrate anymore on it. I honestly thought my Life was over. Then about 5 Months ago I moved into a new place and my house mate is a Christian. He asked me to go to church with him and I have never looked back. God and our lord Jesus Christ are part of my life now. The Holy Spirit has entered my body and it will never leave. Having God and our Lord in your life is something Wonderful. I am doing a lot of things involved with the church now. Bible study groups, Prayer meetings, and volunteer work helping the homeless and underprivileged. I am doing a lot of study at the moment with the bible as I want to attend bible college next year to do a Diploma of Ministry. I want to become a pastor. To others out there that are going through separation or Divorce there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Get a bible and read a chapter or two. It will make you feel so invigorated. If you believe hard enough God will become part of your life forever.
Pray hard and believe


My husband and I went to a seminar on working with children. Our church Army Captain ran the course and was talking about the high point in his life (having his children) and low point (getting divorced). As he was talking about the low point one of the other women attending started crying and ran out. I gave her a few minutes and went after her. Turned out that her husband had divorced her. She moved to our area and started attending and getting involved in youth work and other things until the church found out she was divorced and she was told she couldn’t do any of the work she was doing (as I think I said her husband divorced her). When she heard our leader say he was divorced she felt an overwhelming relief. She came back in the hall and told her story. Another woman from her church who also helped with the youth group was shocked. ‘That’s stupid, at least a quarter of the kids in the group have divorced parents, who better for them to talk to than you.’ She burst into tears again, she hadn’t told anyone at the ‘new’ church and had been worried about them finding out, she knew now that she didn’t have to hide it. Judgements like this help nobody.


My heart is so very sad for Maria & others who wrote about trauma they have sustained by their spouse or now ex-spouse! I am literally sitting here and millions of tears are falling from my eyes because, unfortunately, I could relate! In 2006 I ended up in a battered women’s shelter! One of the most difficult times as a Christian! Within two months I was back with my husband.. life goes on.. Jesus is my best friend! He has sustained me through it all and has taken me through a forsaken land of isolation and defeat into being even more than a conqueror like His Word promises! Amen! I went to my church when all that happened and I had no where to live in safety and they pointed me to the world’s help.. they just weren’t equipped to help an abused and battered person or provide a place to stay that was safe until I could find something else. I stayed on a Christian family couch for a week with all my stuff in my junker car, but I could feel they couldn’t wait for me to leave, I don’t blame them, thank God for them! That week I woke myself up in the middle of every night crying, fretting and in fear yelling stop! It didn’t even sound like me but a wounded animal, I guess I had PTSD, & didn’t even know it! Well the shelter provided m m e a place to minister rather than being ministered to and I was often thought to be a counselor by the New women who came there! There was racism there and some how Jesus in me brought everyone together in respect just by loving them all the same I guess? In our dear Jesus worst abuse & torture he felt sorry for his abusers and was concerned for their future! He asked Father God to forgive them for they know not what they do, while he was dying hanging on the cross of Calvary! All our blessings are in our Lord & Savior Christ Jesus & He is suffering with us every step of the way because of His Great love for us He doesn’t leave us in the suffering but pulls us up out of the mirey clay and puts our feet on a rock to stay (Him) &He puts a song in my heart today, a song of love hallelujah! Oh my friends, it will get better! Never give up! I am still trying to love my hubby into the Kingdom, I can’t give up because I love him too much! But most of all the great love of God is never ending, never failing, and if He is in my heart (&He is), then His love will never fail my hubby nor anyone else! Amen? These days I mostly focus on not how big my problems are but how big my God is! Him and His Word The Holy Bible have all the answers that you can put your faith in without question! Amen! We have a friend who sticks closer than a brother, a Father God who gave Him up for us and an awesome Holy Spirit our dear Lord and God Who leads and guides us into ALL TRUTH and comforts us if we will allow Him to, AMEN? No matter what don’t wallow in self pity, it only brings you lower (been there done that, lol)..but praising & worshipping God no matter what is going on in your life, will get you on a higher plane than you have ever found, because the Lord plants your feet there the more you dwell there & REMEMBER, no tears or pain in Heaven where He is preparing a place for us! Amen? LOVE in Christ to all.. Jayne xox


My sister was going through a difficult period with her husband. The husband was threatening divorce. We advised them to study the Scriptures about love and marriage. I’m glad to say they have decided to commit in working to revive their marriage.

In everything, God is the answer. He’s the only one who is able to heal our broken hearts and He never fails.

I was also going through a difficult period. Someone had promised to marry me, we even went for marriage counselling since we are both bornagain Christians and he decided not go ahead with it because of my past and one mistake that I had done. I did ask him to forgive me and he hasn’t. It has been a painful period, have been called painful words but through it all Jesus always reassured me that He loves me and even revealed himself to me more than ever after I had repented.

The love of Jesus is teaching me to love others as he has loved me. We are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms, (Eph 6:12). I truly believe that when we do bad stuff it’s not really us but the spirit behind us.

We are no better and we all have done things in our lives even after receiving Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour and Jesus has forgiven us, showed mercy and loved us. We can do no better but love one another even when we’ve been hurt, after all Jesus said love one another as a I have loved you, (John 13:34). Mature righteousness is love,peace and faith.

The love of Christ, (2 Corinthians 13:1-13) is the answer.

Meredith Swift

I have just gotten divorced after 4 years separation. My marriage was abusive – physically, verbally and emotionally. I left after being punched in the face and hearing a voice say to me – I believe it was God’s voice – “This stops now”. I was a believer at that time and soon after the separation my ex-husband also became a believer. I truly believed God could transform our broken marriage. However, I came to realise that my husband had to want to transform his life. He didn’t. His abusive behaviours and drug abuse continued on and off throughout the four year separation. God showed me without a doubt towards the end of 2014 that my ex-husband did not have the motivation nor character to treat me and our children with the love and respect outlined in scripture. I believed I was prepared to put Jesus as the head of our home and to live by biblical principles. It was not to be. Now I am adjusting to life as a divorced woman. It is a journey that is painful but also grace-filled. My church family has done nothing but give me – and my ex-husband – support and love. I have felt nothing but compassion and acceptance. If we are modelling Jesus’s behaviour then the grace, compassion, acceptance and love he exemplifies are the natural flow on within a church family. We are all connected – the hands and feet – by and with Jesus. And no matter what brokenness we are dealing with – be it divorce, death, sickness, addictions, shame: whatever- in our lives, Jesus is always there with us 24/7. A supportive church family, where authentic relationships with each other are encouraged, is such a blessing. Reading the Bible, prayer, meeting with others who have a relationship with Jesus are all ways to transform pain. I have found peace when I bring my fears and pain to the foot of the Cross and ask Jesus to transform them. My prayer is for all those suffering divorce or any other painful time in their lives to allow the transforming power of Jesus to heal that brokenness. His plan for our lives is a good one. We still have a race to run.


I work as a care giver an one day while being in conversation with my resident she said something that touched my heart so deeply that till today I live by her advice,she was disappointed that her daughter was going through her third divorce an couldn’t understand why cause the she loved her son in law an didn’t want to see this marriage falling apart but then she said in my days if me an my husband had an argument we will give each other space an when we both calm we would talk about what just happened but now a days couples don’t want to talk they just want to divorce she said marriage is not for the weak hearted . This one conversation changed the way I looked at my relationship an the way in which I carry myself in my relationship towards my partner.Couples need to learn to pray about their relationships an keep God in the centre of everything.


After 18 years of marriage, I was blindsided with my husband wanting a hurried (find an divorce attorney, sell the house) divorce. You feel as though your whole world,including your future, has been turned upside down …..fear, darkness, sadness, public humiliation, rejection become your reality. My lifeline was scripture…. I wrote words from God that I titled ” Words of Peace and Reassurance”. I kept ( and keep) this with me at all times and it truly helps soothe the soul. A year later my life is so much better. The Lord is restoring and it is such a blessing to behold. Hang tough and know that the Lord …. “Will never leave you nor forsake you”………. Peace


Dear Maria,
I want to offer my prayers and encouragement to you and to anyone else hurting.
I went through a separation and divorce just over a year ago that left me at rock bottom and seriously considering ending the pain. I want to thank the church here in England that I walked into broken and in tears for their love and patience and listening ear. They reflected Jesus’ heart for the lost amazingly and I praise God that there are churches out there equipped to help. For those churches that aren’t please awaken to what it means to follow Christ’s example and forget ceremony, denomination and religion and start helping and healing the hurting. In recent months I have begun to see a hope again through feeding on God’s word and strength. Thank you Bernie for your part in bringing that so beautifully to us. And for me one of the keys to turning things around has been to allow God to use my hurt to help others, particularly through the homeless charity that I now volunteer with.
So dear Maria I send my love and prayers to you. You are a special child of our God who loves you dearly. Take heart also from all the messages here that you are loved by your brothers and sisters in Christ too.
God bless you.


I’m really sorry so many people have had to endure the turmoil of divorce.perhaps the church could do more in nourishing marriages and making good marriage prep and marriage courses.

Kath Wells

We are a church of about 120 (in NZ) and have a number of divorced or separated women, and a few men. There has been no experiences of judgement or lack of care as far as I know. In fact a woman who recently separated from a violent husband has been incredibly supported and has exhibited much grace and even had a physical healing of a life=long disability through our young adults prayer. A divorced woman heads our admin team and is a superb prayer minister and carer. I think it all rests on whether grace or law is emphasised by leadership. Kath


Dear Friends,

I firstly want to take the time and express that condolences to all who have gone through a divorce. I know that it is a sad day and very emotionally draining.I know I am a practicing attorneys and experience it first hand on a daily basis.

We all know what the Bible teaches us about divorce and relationships. I believe that God created it to be special and in line with his will. Now this is where my thoughts on this subjects come to light.

I believe that God created a marriage union not with emphasis on marriage but on the relationship it puts into place. This relationship is set out with God as being fist then you and your spouse/friend/partner. You see God created that relationship with true love, love that is from him. Now when something happens in a relationship that causes a split ,or a divorce, it creates a separation of love and or belonging.

But luckily by grace and love from God we have to remember that we have not been separated from our Father. He truly loves us and as sited in the Bible the true word of God he will never leave us or stop loving us. You see we by fault on our part or by worldly views sometimes forget that God wants a authentic relationship with us.He has through Jesus Christ death and resurrection bound us with a seal of eternal life and love. Never leaving us nor forsaking us.

You may feel that you have lost something dear to you or that you have gain anger instead of love and peach, but in actual fact you have God standing there by your side, holding your hand, whispering into your soul that He loves you and that you must just talk to Him and initiate that true unbroken relationship. To have peach, love and grace all the good that is from God you have to place yourself in God’s hands of love. We are all safe and all loves in His mighty presence. Seek God and all will be given according to He who IS. Open your hearts to God and He will not only restore that which is lost but will lift you up to something even better.

Read Matthew 6:33 and 7:7

I am not sure if this passage of mine or my thoughts will assist anybody today but I truly believe that no one not even the church can or will always be able to assist you in the day to day grind and heart break of this world. However I truly believe and place my trust on my Father God that He will be by my side always comforting me and making me more than a conqueror. God is your stronghold, run to Him for He is eternal life and love. But please remember that we have to place our trust in God and take that first step towards our Father for Him to heal us. Be bold be full of big faith and seek God first in all.

I pray and thank God for I believe that He will carry all my friends and loved ones that have entered the heart break that divorce or separation causes.

God bless.

Nsikak Ekpe

I migrated from Africa (Nigeria) to Australia a few years ago with a young family. Back in Africa, the church taught us that divorce is not from God and marriage was for better and for worse. It was meant to be for eternity. The church here in Australia preach nothing about divorce and when my wife asked for a divorce a year ago, I was heartbroken and cried for days. The church could not do much to help and I was left to battle it out alone. Luckily for me and my young kids, we are still together after a lot of counselling. I know how difficult it is when families break up and people are left without support from the church that they have belonged for years. I am very sure that if I were to be in Nigeria, the church would have done more to support me.


for Maria
After reading through the previous posts I feel I need to tell you that it’s totally okay and normal to feel the way you do. As others have already stated I too have experienced deep pain and stress in this first quarter of a year that is shaping up to be one to forget as soon as possible. Please remember that each person’s journey whilst similar will not be the same as yours. You are unique as is your journey. Whilst most of us on this post have shared how our church family has let us down (unfortunately not an uncommon problem), I encourage you to hold on to the truth that the church is a bunch of broken people saved by grace who often behave badly. God however, is our rock. Sometimes we just clinging on by our fingernails but you what. That’s okay. I often wonder why Christians feel they have to offer opinions, verses etc when the person who is hurting just needs a hug and “it’s gonna be okay” whispered in their ear.
So Maria imagine I am there right now listening to you, just listening not saying anything. I am putting my arm around your shoulder, leaning close and whispering “it will be okay, God has it and He has you”.
Bless you for your honesty


Hello Maria
Being in a bad space as you are right now is a terrible thing and I sincerely hope that you will overcome your adversities and grow and develop from them.
I have not been through a divorce that has adversely affected my family life but I have gone through many traumatic situations in my life that at times have made me question if God was accessible or in fact in my life, and I have pleaded with God to help me, I cannot say that help comes immediately but I can tell you that by discussing with God and Jesus in conversations as opposed to prayer that they are listening, and if for no other reason you feel within you the strength to carry on with your life. Prayer also is very important.
I don’t go to church because to be honest I have not found a Church or preacher that gives me the message that I need and want to hear, I get my inspiration from reading firstly the Bible regularly and listening to and reading literature from just a few Christian groups including Christianityworks, these are the people that have the ability to interpret God and Jesus’ word into the practicalities of my daily life and life in general.
Maria it is not easy being in a fearful, stressful and worrying place as you are, I have first hand experience of this, but we all can move forward with our lives in fact sometimes turning our lives around for the better, but I truly believe that you must have God and Jesus in your life and keep your hopes, your faith and your trust in them.
The following is an extract from a novel that to me says everything about why we should keep faith, trust and Love in our Creator God.

“To deny the existence of God would be to close your eyes to the beauty around you, To close your ears to the symphony of nature, To close your nostrils to the scents wafting on the breeze, To close your mouth to the delicasies of nourishment, To close your hands to the feel of luxury, To close your mind to the ability to think, and To close your heart to the only love that can penetrate the depths of the soul. For in him all things consist, in Him we live and move and have our being.
And without him we cannot help but be fools.
Maria I am not a preacher, I am just a person that can resonate with how you are feeling right now. I hope that your life takes a turn for the better, stay determined confident and committed in all your thoughts and actions and may God and Jesus keep you safe.
Regards Brian.


I have a friend who has said he felt disappointed because the Church didn’t support him during marriage break-up. I went to the same Church and never new his marriage had broken up. Maybe it needs to be spoken about so people will know.



I have been listening to a Romans audio study and would highly recommend it. You can download it FREE at http://nogreaterjoy.org/audio/romans-audio/ . Download the individual files as I found the full one was not in the right order toward the end.
This study will fully explain just what happened at the cross and how it effects us. God is amazing!!!


Hi Berni
I am saddened to read of so many hurting.
Can I say this though. Life does not always make sense and the choices we make are not always ones we want or deserve either.
I am happily married and god was there even when I didn’t ask him to be. I suffered mental illness to the extreme having been young 16 then relapses until early 20’s and later post natal depression with our only child. My husband chose to be with me for who I was and not the circumstances. I do not judge anyone for their decisions. We are all entitled to find happiness. But I am well now in recovery 17 years and I lead the choir at mass. My husband is pure of heart as is my son but they do not practice regular church BUT I do and we all joined a family group together that WE initiated to do. It is great and we are accepted by our church. My FG listened to my story, now a book I’ve published and I now am privileged to speak publicly for a charity beyond blue to tell my story and I’m giving back so much. My life with my husband was tough for both of us but please think of god kindly in this whole picture. I know my faith gave me hope and let us not give up on that as he is waiting for us as he is there always. We need to see it that’s all. God bless you and may his light shine through.

Shirley Mulder

Dear Bernie, it is sad to read all these stories but how true they are having lived through it too, with the church in my case leaving me at arms length in the most critical time of the divorce.
My divorce took 4 years, it was with a laywer and he fought me to the end. Both my children went through verbal and other abuse that I tried to prove throughthe courts and was not believed. I felt God had let me down in that speaking the truth at all times to protect my children couldn’t protect them and because my ex husband was a lawyer even therapists believed him over me through fear he might act against them because he sent threatening letters to most.
Only God kept me going and discovering things like Bernie’s Devotion online has been an incredible encouragement.
These have been the lonliest years of my life where I have missed that special partner at my side to share life withm to laugh to cry to share a sunset together to pray together and share the word to sing together. . . As I have tears in my eyes I know God has a special plan for my family (my daughter 13 and son 11) I have clung to the word of God for all its worth, there is hope even if the church isn’t there for you GOD IS!!!

Jerry Smith

Yes. After almost 23 years of marriage, my wife and I, with all 4 children believing in the Lord, our marriage came to an end. She thought she found the man of her dream and walked away from God, her children and I, devastating us all. Only to marry this man, which is not a believe, two and a half years later and now within six month she is now on the verge of getting another divorce. What a shame. She has now lost everything. I am not angry and have forgiven her but even after 3 years I feel lost and no the church really hasn’t been there. Not sure if they know how. I feel more like a out cast, like I have been marked. I am at the point I just want to leave this small town to start over where no one knows me. I don’t know if others feel the same way or even if it is a good idea. Pray for me. Thank Jerry


I am divorced with two grown up children. I believe that the scars of a divorce stay with us forever. However I also believe that God works everything for good. I do not understand the why & how God works. Even if we have played a part in a divorce, God has allowed it to happen. He must have a reason for it. Ultimately our lives is in His hands. Hopefully we will see His blessings again in this life, or if not in
the next.

Gerry Slessenger

Hi Bernie,
I always like your practical and sensible advice. After 37 years of marriage, a good Christian family, saved children, grandchildren and a much to be thank full for, I got too big for my boots, had an affair and blew my marriage apart and also the love and support of my children.
The church who were mostly my friends saw me as the ‘bad guy’ and I was ostracised by many. I felt dirty, and was treated that way. I felt that all I had done there over 25 years was wasted. I know I did it for the Lord, but the human emotions hurt. Even now I am loathe to step in the place as I can feel the judgement loom over me. So un necessary and sad. There are two sides to every story, and mine is only one side, but that’s how I feel.

Demetro De Bique

Hi Bernie.

Thank you those words.
I have recently lost my job. Separated and now busy with divorce.
I’m not doing very well. I’m giving up and don’t know what to do



It brought tears to my eyes to read the posts of people who had experienced pain and suffering at the churches response to separated and divorcing/divorced Christians. I too experienced the heartaches of attending a church (for 11 years as a family) only to have them stumble and fail miserably in their willingness to help, ability to make a difference and lack of understanding during a time of such great loss and turmoil(separation and divorce). My experience lead me to believe it was just men in the church who were abandoned and left to cope on their own but I now know this problem is not just limited to gender. My prayer is that God would reveal this issue and equip His church to fill the growing need (sadly) due to separation and divorce and if no one in the church is willing or able, then I pray send me Lord and open doors so that I can be someone who makes a difference in peoples lives and use my past brokenness,hurt and pain so that I can help hurting people.

Rose van Wyk

Thank you so much, you are truly a blessing to the body of Christ. I love listening to your sermons and reading your books. And your daily devotions are an encouragement to me. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

Louise Tweedale

Oh thankyou Berni,
You matter to me. I am willing, be clean. Those word inspire me. Bless you and your ministry, bless all those people who help you and all the people who need to be made clean. I thank God for the work God is doing in my life. Thankyou Lord Jesus for giving me away to be clean.
May God’s love shine on us in all we do and say. Amen.
Cheers Louise

Key McGrath

for Maria,
I also have recently gone through a separation having no family for support and realised my ‘church’ family are ill-equipped to assist in such matters. It’s all very messy and no-one wants (or should for that matter)take sides. I have always had a positive outlook on life encouraging others, knowing I always survived my darkened past when things appeared hopeless. However, never before have I felt such intense inner turmoil through this recent abusive relationship. In the midst of this, I felt brief bouts of immense comfort from my heavenly Father and have come to know Him more intimately in these times. Seeing His work, when I could do no more. Suffering I believe is not such a bad thing, it is in fact a blessing (though in disguise). For it is only through suffering we can learn and grow in the ways of a relationship with our gracious God. It allows us to relate more to the life of Jesus and to truly feel humbled through condemnation, criticised and even physical pain. The help of strangers is a testimony to the living word. Past saints and holy men have used suffering to get a closer relationship to God. Most of us do not need to look outside our daily lives for suffering, we do however need to look inside for the answers. Praise God I am suffering; for those that are hungry and thirsty now will be forever content in His Kingdom, Amen


I just want to thank God for he is always with us. For the past 2 weeks, I have been worried about something that happened in the past. I have prayed and have asked God to take over the load from me. And to imagine that I got this message today from Bernie, I can not thank God enough. Surely, He has good plans for us.

Thank you Bernie, and may God continue bless you.


For Maria: I congratulate you for your courage getting out of an abusive marriage. The grief will pass. A bright future is coming!

dennis and Ann

Thank you Bernie for your encouraging message when I was reading each comment and thinking of my how my life had been shattered by past and present situations from family friends and so many others who I put my trust in
A song came to mind God will make a way when there seems to be no way sang by Don Moen please do not lose hope anyone he will make a way

Brian Ambrose

Hi Bernie
I think everyone would have something in their past that they regret had occurred or wished had never happened, I am no different, what I try to acheive in my life is to use those past regrets and sins to make sure that I do better in the future, that doesn’t mean to say that I dwell in the past because I don’t, what my past indiscretions have taught me though is that something was missing in my life, to add to that is the fact that over the past six years my financial situation has been such that I have on many occasions during that time felt that I would lose my business and my home, over that time the situations have been so bad that I felt fear, stress and despair through many days and nights.
six years on and although my financial situation still weighs heavy on my business and home, the despair fear and stresses are becoming less and less overpowering in my life.
I have believed in God and Jesus but until the last four years I have not given them as much time in prayers and thoughts that I should have, having said that I have in the past few years been very close to them, I pray each day and night, I have conversations with God and Jesus (one way I might add) and I know that they are real in my life.
When I look closely at my life now and take stock of all that I consider to have been blessed with, the list goes on and on and in taking stock I realise the only adverse issue in my life is the current daily business conditions I have to contend with.
There is no doubt in my mind that God and Jesus hear me when I ask for their help, in keeping me strong in my determination and confidence to overcome fear and stress and to keep me on the straight and narrow path.
Jesus is my light and salvation.


When I was working as a shop assistant in a newsagency the boss was incredibly nasty. Thinking about him, different things he said and did, would make me very angry. But when I think about the customers, people I met during that period how interesting lovely they were makes me feel better.


Hi Maria,

I’m so sorry to hear your story and the pain you have been through and still feel.

Gods promises can be so hard to believe sometimes, especially when the reality of our situations look so hopeless.

I’m going through a tough time myself, and all I can do at the moment is pray that God increases my faith for his good purposes in my life. I feel that I need a bigger faith in God, but I’m not there yet.

God loves us so much, I’m trying to relate to him as a loving parent who wants the absolute best for me. So hard at the moment.

All my love Maria, & I hope every day is a step closer to a content and happy future resting on Gods promises.


I seem to trust God more than people, even when I do something wrong. God’s support, trustworthyness is amazing.
Jenny Shearman


I’ve seen deliverance in other people’s lives. Transformation. I’ve always believed in what God can do. Recently, following a divorce, life got much worse when I was actually expecting the opposite. My ex-husband (a Christian) – extracted revenge and was able to damage and hurt me in ways that caused fractured family ties & left me homeless for a number of months. I’m recently moved back into my own place & those family ties aren’t fractured anymore, however, the trauma I endured from my period of homelessness etc – rests on me like a thick fog. I wake up each day feeling incredibly scared about what the day might bring. I feel lonely, fragile and just so fearful of my future. When I left my abusive marriage, I left no stone unturned as far as wanting to save it. He is now marrying his defacto partner, 4 months after our divorce. They’ve bought a house and travel overseas & life is peachy. I don’t meditate on him. But he felt no remorse doing an extremely horrible thing last year. I’ve apparently survived. But now there’s surviving survival. I see a psychologist who says some people don’t experience in a lifetime what I experienced in the last 6 months. And it’ll take time for the feelings of trauma and fear to dissipate. I never could have imagined the awfulness of recent times, following the separation/divorce. Now, I can’t stand waking each day with fear. I know fear isn’t from God. My church didn’t/couldn’t help when I needed them most & I guess that’s scared me too. God used complete strangers to bless me. And that’s still a wonderful thing – but my situation was too messy/hard for my church family. I needed practical help and I was on my own. I’ve always been a positive, prayerful person. I haven’t had an easy life. But I’ve always been strong and courageous despite the odds. Now? I feel damaged and truly fearful of what life might bring next. I’m exhausted by everything I’ve gone through. Lonely. Sad..and yes scared. Around me I see Christian acquaintances with their families..living life – and I’m like tumble weed. Barely have a roof over my head. One adult child who is suicidal, no parents, partner or siblings. I’m energised by the company of others and I cherish family. I’m so sad I don’t have in-laws anymore etc – Do I really have a future and a hope? Because look at where I am. All I ever wanted at this age was to be surrounded by family. I’ve always been an encourager… I’ve always had hope and have encouraged others to remain hopeful too. Now I find myself thinking that God doesn’t want me to be surrounded by family.. that he wants me to come home to an empty, silent house for the rest of my days. I have negative thinking because of my trauma. And I don’t like it, but my world was turned upside down. I say “Lord I couldn’t bear anymore trauma, please have mercy on me”. So this message about the past resonated today. My past is very fresh yet I know God doesn’t want me bogged down by feelings of trauma. I’m human. I should feel safe now, but I don’t yet.


Hi this script is the best way for me and others that have a bad past that still affects our life today

Berni Dymet

Brenden, I believe that the average person needs between 7 and 9 hours sleep a night. Some people, genetically, need less. I personally aim for 7 hours a night, although it’s not always possible. When it’s not, catching up on sleep is very important for me on weekends.


Five hours sleep, how can you do it, we’ll never know, but one thing we do know is Gods ways are not our ways, & we may never understand. His word says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.
Love your messages Bernie, thank you.

Brenden tyrrell

I have known to understand that the normal human being requires a minimum of at least eight hours a night or within a twenty four hour cycle is this correct if so could you please explain.


Thank you so much Berni, for your daily devotional, & encouragement for the start of the day. God does for us what we are unable to do for ourselves. I love to listen to your message when I first wake up, God speaks to us through others & His plans are great & perfect for each one of us. In times of difficulties Jesus is always their drawing us unto Himself, as He never leaves us nor forsakes us.
May you be blessed as you continue to be a blessing to many all around the country through your gift of speech & your love of Jesus.

Louise Tweedale

Our God is an awesome God! Don’t let me me limit his power and might. God wants to use me, he has great plans for me, plans to prosper me to give me a future and a hope. Give us this day our daily bread. Berni I thankyou for this daily bread, something to sink my teeth into. May God’s love shine on and though this ministry, in Jesus name Amen

Louise Tweedale

Thanks Berni,
I do feel stretched. I am so tired. I just finish eating tomo my friends from the salvos, that I feel like God is going a mighty work in me. He also has plans for me, to prosper me not to harm me, to give me a future and a hope. I enjoy these five minute e devotionals but I get so much more out of the halve hour podcasts, thanks to Christianity Works and CBM Word for the day bible study I seek him to guide and teach me.
Love in the Lord Jesus Christ Louise..

Clive Rees

Hi Berni,
I just want 2 say God Bless u for all that u do. I hope u understand how wonderful what u do is & helps so many of us. Thank u,thank u, thank u.

Berni Dymet

Shirly, absolutely. Cheese and cream have almost no carbs. Substitute a small amount of those to replace the calcium you’re losing for the time being in reducing milk, which is packed full of lactose (a sugar).


Thank you Bernie, for a message today that was SO spot on and exactly what I needed to hear. I have two daughters aged 7 and 1 and am currently a stay at home mum. My self esteem has taken a bit of a dip recently and I have been feeling invisible and stuck in a rut. Being at home with a baby is a combination of such utter joy mixed with utter exhaustion. The constant washing, the chores, wiping, cleaning, feeding, cooking and so on, it can feel relentless and thankless so to be reminded today that our God is with us, and fully aware of all the sacrifies we as Mums make, is just awesome. God is the God who sees, and the God who knows. He knows me so well that today’s message on UCB radio, here in the UK, was exactly what my heart needed. Bless you Berni for all that you are doing for The Lord, you really are impacting people for Him.

blood sugar levels

Type 2 diabetes is definitely an adult-onset diabetes.

Obviously, patients are in their middle age. Most patients who’ve this kind of diabetes
are obese, or have hypertension, or high cholesterol,
and also other factors.

Shirl Esther

Hi Berni,
Thanks for asking.
Its my first week of behaving without any struggle so far.
Results so far (in less than a week)
1. I feel great and not hungry (even though I think of food at times, I say to myself I can not go back to my old life of yo-yo dieting)
2. I eat every 2-3 hours + meals (snacks 35-65 cals mostly nuts and BE, Lunch and Dinner around 200-300 cals).
3. I relish every morsel of food and I love and enjoy my food (fortunately I always loved veg, salads and fish – so it isn’t punishment!).
4. I have in 5 days lost 4lbs (I know most of it is fluid but its a good start my endocrine system is flushing the toxins out – or atlaest that’s what I think).
5. My stomach has already dropped down (which is amazing -3 inches so far and I think its because I am not over filling it with rubbish and overeating by gallons).
6. Bowels are more active (more than usual which is great).
Berni, all in all I feel great!!
My concern is the reduction in calcium intake by reducing milk to a small quantity of 200-250 ml daily. I do eat feta cheese in salad (not daily though). I love milk and yoghurt but actually feel great when I have less of it. Any suggestions?

Berni Dymet

So given all you’ve done Esther, how is your weight loss going?

Esther Shirl

Any advice on the following will be graciously appreciated.
Love in CHRIST!
I was a very fit athletic woman upuntil my twenties before I moved to the west. The sedentary life style and high meat and fat and sugary diet has made me obese and over the years a yo to dieter!!
I have totally taken my self off sugar.
Eat protien mostly from fish, tofu and chicken all these
I love.
Cut milk to minimum about two hundred no each day for few days
I have taken up exercises (3 classes a week and 5K dailywalk for six days a week)
High fiber bread two slice max a day
Veg non startchy, salad as much as poss.
Quinoa, oats, chickpea, kidney beans for carb.
Three meals with two snacks (fruit or nuts about 50-100 cal)
All calories totalling around 1000-1200 a day.

Berni Dymet

Thanks Victoria! Ain’t technology just a grand thing?! 🙂 – Berni

Victoria Botch

Hi berni , & team! Great to recieve your email
that you posted a few days ago.
Love the work -or should i say, your passion
that you do -your passion for souls! -Praise God!
Before i got my new touch screen phone last Oct,
i use to look so forward to hearing your program on
the Christian radio, but now being blessed having a
touch screen phone, i can have access to your program
etc at hand! I thank our Lord Jesus 4you -for your ministry,
your wisdom, your passion etc -Praise God! – God bless you
above & beyond what you could imagine or think! Amen!
kind regards & blessings to you , from your sister in Christ,
Victoria 🙂

Michele Dominguez

Thank you for the encouraging words.

Louise Tweedale

Wow again Berni,
Thanks again.

Louise Tweedale

Wow Bernie,
Yes I want to pray with you. It’s what I do! Thank Gid for you. Love in Jesus Christ Louise

moses kamau

There we go, He Has good plan;s for us even when we find ouraelves irrelevant,intimidated or deemed useless by man.He lifts you up on a beacon to shine on all who trodded on you.



Louise Tweedale

Hi Berni,
This is a great time, a spot on reading. It is. Good for desperate times and it’s reaffirming at other time. How do I forward this on to someone else through email or message?

Love in Jesus Christ the Lord,


Chris Watson

I was Baptized 1988. Two weeks later Upon receiving the Holy Spirit I spoke in Tounges, as Jesus said. To many that heard me they commented how fluent i sound as if I had studied another language. I can only speak English, and Now I can pray in the language of God.

Maureen Griffin

I was feeling really insignificant and kind of wondering…really wondering….what’s my role?…what is my passion? I love Jesus, I want to do his will….encourage people.Your article lifted me…I will continue by faith even though my path is not clear at this moment….HE is leading me, all I have to do is have faith and be patient.
….Thank you for your inspiring article….May God continue to bless us


I am interested to know, what was their response Berni

moses kamau

Let the Bible be your on demand channel that you get all guidance you need, and put your thoughts in it’s boundaries and your life will be prosperous and successful.

Mary Welham

I’m with you all the way. 1994 I had a word from the Lord saying
‘Fear not oh my people that the edifice you have built is crumbling round your feet for I am building my Church a Church made of living stones not of mortal seed but immortal from the living and enduring Word of God. All men are as grass, the grass withers the flowers fade but the word of the Lord endures forever.’
It is time for us, the Church, to rise up and take our place. The people who know their God stand firm and take action. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the bringing down of strongholds. The sword of the Spirit, the living Word of God must be prayed into being. Alelluia!
May the Lord bless you in your work.
Mary Welham


Thank you Berni,
I think that message was so inspired by God.
Bless you Berni, thank you for being such a wonderful servant to God.

Louise Tweedale


moses kamau

As in the situation of Mordecai in Esther 6, all good things are not forgotten and the reward sureiy comes at the right time since God holds the kings heart in His hands and like the rivers of water He directs it as He wills. Take endurance as a character to bring the hope that doesn’t disappoint.

Berni Dymet

Bruce, I have just check them all again and they’re playing fine. I suspect it could be som bandwidth issues at your end. Blessings. -Berni

Bruce Gilbert

Episode 1 played perfectly; however the media was not found on the following four episodes? Tried Episode 2 again – it started, but then ceased playing – with no message this time – after only 12x seconds? Anyhow, I read the transcripts & your message is both timely & meaningful to me – Thankyou & God bless you & your ministry, Berni.


Thank you Berni.


I was reading the question “when you last shared Jesus” and thought that I would copy my message I put on FACEBOOK this morning:
During the past two months it has been very trying at work because we have lost a colleague who we trusted and loved like a daughter only to find out that she started her own business behind our backs and intends to use our good reputation in business to take our clients. I personally have worked hard for over 35 years and have invested a lot of time in studying to make sure we have the best knowledge possible; and money in advertising with 103.2fm to provide what I consider the best in the area. It is hard to believe that your best friend would come along and start demanding unrealistic money for something that she did little to build up. And while working got paid an excellent salary. However, an amazing experience happened to me last night. After drinking in my sorrows, I fell asleep early after praying to God, our father in heaven; and during the night He held my hand and told me it will be o.k. I did not believe it at first but the first thing I remembered when I woke up this morning is this amazing feeling that someone was looking after me and the touched my hands.I have never used Facebook since I was a member except to respond to others who put things on it where I am invited but I just had to share this remarkable experience. I think that God wants me to have a softened heart and forgive her so that I can move on to my next stage of life.
I think this is unbelievable how He can talk to us when you most need him and I wanted to share my witness to you.

Maureen dooley

I had just read an article the other day on Muslims Believing in Jesus after having received a vision in a dream. I was surprised when you gave reference that too. Hasn’t been much mentioned in the mainstream with regard to that. Do you have references you could send to me so I could read further about this?
Thankyou and God Bless.

susan ball

Thank you Bernie you are always so encouraging. You are doing g a great work for the lord. I listen to you every day, may the lord bless you
Susan ball

Berni Dymet

Bruce, thank you so much for your encouraging comments. 🙂 -Berni

Cecil Whitcomb

Thank you. Out of work and wondering where it’s coming from. Done lots to get work. Have a quiet assurance. This word confirms my heart’s desires. Very encouraging. Thank you!

Bruce Edwards


Bruce Edwards

I woke to your program on WIHS radio, Middletown, CT. this morning and had to read and hear the message again, and played three of the Lion Roars episodes. Your messages are outstanding. I was not able to work last night and so I was able to hear today’s broadcast, because I was sick. Please continue to share your messages to a sick and troubled world. Thank you, and God Bless your ministry.

Helen Mossman

Hi Bernie,
I can’t thankyou so much for translating Gods word to a language which helps me understand. I feel like some one has opened a window with fresh air courage to face this world.
love Christianity Works !

moses kamau

Thank you teacher for i find no contrast to what would make people give this remark. These were words which Our Lord for the first time used to call His Father but as He was made sin, in flesh, abandoned and in pain he called Him GOD GOD WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME .That was when He absorbed all our filth,curses and sins. so i wish the perfect work on the cross was revealed to all.

Berni Dymet

Thank you so much Penny. God’s Word is truly amazing, with the power to transform lives. -Berni


I love all of Berni’s series and this one is right on. We don’t hear these truths in many churches. Thank you Berni! We need to be constantly reminded and discipled in what Jesus said, not the feel good stuff that’s often preached. This whole series is written in truth and presented in love, not condemnation. So thankful you followed God’s call to have a radio broadcast.

Philip Wing

Your teaching is incredible! I needed this message. God led me to hear you today on WIHS from Middletown, CT USA. I am absolutely certain of that because many times I miss your program. Thank you for your teaching!


So how do i find this out?
I am tried, frustrated, getting let down by people all the time and definately not doing what God has planned

Berni Dymet

Faith – I have been where you are a few times in my life and I know exactly how it feels. We’re programmed to go and find a job that suits us, and yet sometimes God’s plan is to keep us in a difficult place as witnesses to His majesty. May He indeed give you great wisdom and sensitivity in seeking His will. And the courage to follow Him wherever He leads and whatever it may cost you. -Berni

moses kamau

its by me giving Him the consent like the lost sheep to put me on His shoulder, to carry me home, to consent hearing His voice and to follow

moses kamau

Thank you Lord it’s an honour to be thankful for your all.Thank you Lord for am beautiful and wonderfully made, that i am unique from the rest, because you know my name and above all you’ve made me a Royal priest in your excellence. Lord give me a heart with gratitude for giving me life and shining your light on me.THANK YOU ABBA FATHER


I’m sitting here with crying because I too had come to the decision of ‘New Year New Job’ following a couple of years of real trials at work. I has started looking during the Christmas vacation and identified a position, had it ‘confirmed’ when someone else sent me details of the job saying they had seen it and thought of me. I’d completed the application, got it in on time, visited the Catholic school, met with the Head Teacher, been welcomed with the love of Christ, shared the vision, had a really positive feedback from all I met etc etc.

Then as I prepared for the interview this coming Monday, I heard this mornings programme……and stopped.

What if…
Yes I had asked the Lord for a new job, for favour, for a shared vision, a loving reception/situation, a place where I would be part of and not relegated to the sidelines and more more would be nice!….

But what if…..
What if it’s my Fathers will that I stay in a sometimes very unwelcoming environment working in a state school under the line management of a Muslim Headteacher who rather than agree to the putting up a display celebrating the great gift of the Son of God chose to put up a Judo display (although the Eid display is still dishowing in the main reception area of the school!), leaving me to put a nativity scene on a filing cabinet and hang ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’ lights up in my room and sneak a Christmas tree into the staff room with Christmas Carols playing in there and hopefully inspiring my colleagues to share Christmas with the children.
What if my will is not in line with my Father’s will? What if what is needed is a change in attitude and not a change in situation? or maybe both!!!

LORD grant me and all of us wisdom to know the difference and like our Lord Jesus Christ to always submit to YOU – ‘Not my will but Your will be done’

Dawn Scagel

Thank you for this morning’s program. It made my day! I really identified with the text about dealing with less than desireable job circumstances.

Jason & Lissy

Agree Berni God shows up in ways we do not expect.


So True


Great message. I love listening to Berni on my way to work every morning on whis very encouraging. Thank you and God Bless

Jason & Lissy




Maureen K

We need God’s grace constantly to deal with difficult people

Elaine Meller

Well Berni, I’m going to say the same as you. God knows each and every one of us, and He has the last word no matter what. Once my end comes, it’s out of my hands. x


1 yr now finding and learning falling in love with our father, this year I’m learning the importance and in knowing beautiful JESUS,xx


Firstly, thank you Berni for your ‘Daily eDevotional’ message this Christmas day, it was truly wonderful to hear how the Lord was there for you during that lonely time, and that he filled you with such a special experience that you remember it so clearly to this day, praise the lord. It gives me such an inner peace to now that the deeper my need, the more overwhelming is his love for me. Thanks Berni.
Bonnie, you put a whole new spin on the Christmas day message! I truly cannot find fault with what you shared with us this Christmas day. The “Christmas day” message has certainly lost its true meaning and has most certainly become more of a commercial activity these days, thereby stealing away that true deep special Christmas message. Thanks for sharing Bonnie.


That is where the problem is…”should be surrounded by loved ones”.
It is just man’s tradition…it is the reason so many kill themselves when they are all alone at this time…turn to alcohol, drugs, etc.
And the homeless?
And they don’t even know Jesus at this time and make such a big deal of it.
I am sure God looks down in grief…celebrations all over the place that leave Him out, kill those still in their sins, bring sadness to lonely people, envy, gluttony,…
What is the point?
Christians should have nothing to do with this.
Our family is all alone here after recently immigrating to Australia…if we were to be like the rest of the West, we’d be going into debt to try get family together for one day. Why???
It is just another day for us.
We think about what God did for us daily and rejoice and look forward to the glorious celebration at the great Supper when the Lord will be seen in all His glory along with the saints! A single day each year that is fleeting in any joy it may have can’t compare with the lasting joy which should be blazing in us each day waiting for His coming! Why think about the day He came if it makes us lose sight of His coming and steals joy? Jesus came to bring peace with God. Christmas steals it and turns it ugly.

Helen Mossman

Thank you and God Bless your Team!


wow. you have really shone a light on my situation. to be honest i didn’t know that processed carbohydrates were the main issue. personally i thought that all had to steer away from was anything deep fried, but now i know there’s a lot more to it than that. i thank God that i came across this article and pray that if i follow these 3 ultimate steps, it will get me to where i want to be, and that is at least 20 kgs less by my birthday which is next year at the end of March. i am 17 years old and currently weigh 65 kilograms.


I like the words of an old hymn . Sky above a softer blue, Earth beneath a sweeter green, Something dwells in every hue, Christless eyes have never seen.

moses kamau

For God is faithful all the time and He changes not. He has made Himself known to us by His ONE AND ONLY SON in creation and by salvation.His presence is unchangeable nor mistakable all around us even if we ignore He is and alway’s.

Jason & Lissy

As Mandisa says
“You Gave You Love, You Gave Your Life,
You Gave Your Everythun And I,
Wanna Give It Back, Wanna Give It All Back To You,
You Took A Heart So Black An Blue, And Piece By Piece You Make It New,
THe Only Thing Left, The Only Thing left To Do,
Is Give It All Back Ti You”>


Thank you God for your word, it’s 3.35am I am struggling with my relationship with the man I love, that I believe God sent me. He is struggling with alcohol addiction, his health is failing and I am…listening to and reading the word of God through these e-devotionals. It’s like my spirit food if I eat every day I stay focused on God’s will for me; I have missed my food since Thursday…yes you guessed it My wheels fell off. I think I might be back on track.
‘I love you so much, I sent My only Son to die for you and if you put your faith in Him, I mean really trust Him – then you won’t perish – ever. Eternal life is yours.’
I have just got a reading, ‘I know the plans I have for you the plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. I looked it up and there are so many versions; prosper you not harm you plans for welfare and not calamity give you a future and a hope. …to give you the end you are waiting for, to give you hope in your latter end. I have to wait on the Lord. I am trying. It’s just hard sometimes to look and not have compassion for the man I love. I know I can’t ‘fix’ him but I can pray.

Cheers Louise

Jason & Lissy

God loves Lissy & i.

Tony Sullivan

A timely message. Looking for the rainbow!

Noel Rogan

Thanks berni I struggle with fear all my life , especially with the fear of earthquakes and I know GOD doesn’t want me to live my life like that , so I have just listened to your piece on do not be afraid and I will write these verses down and try even harder to pray pray pray to my heavenly father for the strength to live my life the way he wants me to , so thanks again friend and GOD bless you

Jason & Lissy



Thank you for this article…

I have decided to give myself a 55-59 kg body gift on my 30th birthday (10 June 2015).

Current I’m 85kg and 1.65m, I’ve let myself go… I used to be really slim.

I’m now prediabetic, have PCOS and have been trying for a baby since I got married 2 years ago.

Through God’s grace I will be getting my gift Amen


Hello thank u for inspiring me and sharing this i weight 70 kgs and hight 165 my bmi is 25 and i want to lose 25 and be 45 kgs its my dream i have always dreamed of being a gymnast and i never seen a fat gymnast i wanna lose 25 kgs to be felixeble and have great clothes i want to ask u when i lose weight would my felexibility be improved ?? Or be automatically felixeble


This e-devotional is like a beautiful rainbow, timing God’s… thanks


Thanks berni, I remember reading this message on stress for the first time last year at this time. I was stressed at that time and It has made a lot of difference in my life. Thank you for sending the inspirational books in bite sizes. Thank God for using you to reach out to all.

DiAnna Buffalo

I thank God for this timely message. It’s food for my soul and its a help in my continued growth on this faith walk. In the past I easily stree. But your words help me to realize that I’m too blessed to be stressed. Yes Jesus loves me for the Bible tells me so! May God bless you and continue to shine upon you and give you grace.

Elaine Meller

Hi Berni, I also read the Bible every day and WoW! Stuffy is not what I would call it!!!! Far from it, it has violence, crime, romance, science and some strange & wonderful people in it. At the moment I’m reading Samson, what a character, his strength didn’t come from being down the gym 3 times a week, but like the rest of us, he had a major weak spot. And like the rest of us God knew that. Powerful stuff the Bible, but God’s love is powerful and just like the dandelion seed yes, he just floats into our hearts. X


Great program, my son and partner has just broken up, there is a little 13 wk old baby in the middle. I have enjoyed listening to this and will be my son to listen to it too. God Bless

Noel Rogan

Thanks berni , there great words and I will start living them from now on , I know God loves me and wants peace in my life, so I will write thes verses down and pray them each and every day, keep up the great work and GOD bless yoy


Really good information, not just for this time of year but all year long. I will certainly share this information with others. Thank you.

Jason & Lissy


Jason & Lissy


Ofelia Gadon

May our differences help us to accept one another, just as Christ accepted us. It takes God’s grace to accept others as they are, just as we want others to accept us. Thank you for that devotional guide.

Louise Tweedale

Hi Berni,

I want to send this to my friends & family. How do I do that? I am fed by this each morning, and I would like to pass it on.
I am away from my Church group and bible, just for a week and I am so pleased my friend, who refuses to go to Church, happens to mention he was going to go early in the morning. I asked if I could go with him. Woow! There was a singing group rehearsing as Michael helps out setting up. I was teary I laughed, people reached put to me. One lady Ursula prayed with me, then we had morning tea together and I was given bread. I was so uplifted.
The clouds cleared and the sun broke through. It was glorious. There was a time that I wouldn’t even seen that. I can just say wow! And thank you for the word. I like to read and listen to take it in and this is like having my study group on my phone

Elaine Meller

Good Morning Berni, I really loved this message, as Religion is not a word I like to use either. I go to a Kingdom Hall every Sunday, because it’s the only Church in my area that uses the Bible (literally) but I’m not a Jehovah’s witness. I don’t want to be known as anything but a Christian. I don’t care what denomination a person is, or even whether they go to Church or not, they are still my brothers & sisters. I believe the Lord is with you wherever you are and he will hear and answer your prayers no matter what. In my lifetime I’ve been to nearly every Church you can think of, looking for something that was always there in the first place. But I do love a congregation. Take care, peace be with you x

Louise Tweedale

There you go again. Thankyou. When I am away from home God’s word is as close as my phone. May God bless you in all you do and say, in Jesus’ mighty name amen.
Love in the Lord Jesus Christ
Louise Tweedale


Firstly, “Lord Jesus, may I encourage Mr Dymet correctly. Amen.”
Mr Dymet, this morning you had one correct purpose to point the lost to “TURN TO” Christ Jesus when you quoted His words, “Come to me…I am gentle…I will give you rest” which is the repeating theme daily of Christianity works.
You also did care to explain the Bible word in “Cast all anxiety on God” to new Christians the word ‘Anxiety’ on technology, not able to cope… which may simple for you but hard for many Asians like me. It took me ‘Few years’ to understand this simple ‘Anxiety.’
You even remind mature Christians “Cast all anxiety on God” when you see them worry, because, it is a ‘command’ verse.
FINALLY, “dear Lord Jesus, thanks for Mr Dymet purpose to You Jesus, and based on the Bible. Amen.”
Regards in Christ our Savior.


“..Jesus..for your sake..became poor..”(2Cor8:9)Money&Spirit?


Dear Mr Dymet,

Firstly, “May the Lord help our communication go well. Amen.”

For If we, by Christ Jesus’ poverty, “.. might become rich .. “(as written in 2Corinthians8: verse9), is told by you daily, then how do you preach to benefit:

1, to Strangers for their prosperity from our Lord Jesus’ poverty of his even going through death?

2, to New Christians for their firmer biblical knowledge of SCRIPTURES ANSWEAR SCRIPTURES, for example: why did Jesus become poor? the answer is in verse 9 itself “… For your sake,”

and 3, to old followers of Jesus Christ that they may go deeper into the Bible in its context, that in verse 1 the FINANCIAL “Extreme poverty” of Macedonia Churches, yet they still gave money “in relief of the saints” (in v.4), is like now many Saints or Christians in Iraq may overcome hungry caused by war!

Finally, thanks for praying this morning because many may get benefit & also know how to pray. So I too should pray, “God, I thank You for the kindness of email providers that this communication may get through. And thanks for your blessing us to serve others. In Christ Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.”

In Jesus our Savior.


Louise Tweedale

Thanks Berni

Love ❤ always Louise Tweedale.


How true Bernie!
I found out recently from my 16 year old son that it is a fact that cuddles instantly help and improve our wellbeing to the point of boosting our immune system.

Feeling lonely is horrible but how amazing is it from our connection with family and friends or just someone you know showing that they care can really have an impact on us to feel better instantly.

David Eccleston

Bernie, this is so true – Loneliness is something I am going through, I ask God to help – I think he just did by your series of talks. Thank you.

Anne Flinter

How very true! Loneliness is so sad in a world that shouldn’t be lonely. Thank you Bernie for a transcript so well written, thought out and touches to the core.

Berni Dymet

Gail, praying for you. I have been in a place, some 20 years ago, not dissimilar to you. I understand the pain. But I want you to know that this moment in your life is the greatest opportunity that God will ever hand you. Amidst the inky black darkness, where nothing that anybody else can say or do seems to make any difference, you have the opportunity to discover the faithfulness and the love of God in a powerful way. In a way that others, not going through your pain, never could. Press close to Him. Grab your bible and read it every day. Pour your heart out to the Lord. Become a woman of prayer. And I guarantee that He will show up, He will reveal Himself to you and He will transform your life. I could never have imagined back 20 years ago, not only how powerfully God would heal me from the betrayals and the pain, but that He would have me sharing His love with so many people. Be encouraged. -Berni


I found this teaching to be quite an encouragement. My husband left me five years ago after I Discovered that he’d been in a five year relationship with another woman. Not only that, he confessed there had been 9 others over our ten year marriage. This was my second marriage and @ 45 years old with an 8 year old son I felt like my world was coming to an end. I will be 50 next month and I don’t feel like I have gained any ground. I have not dated as I don’t know how. The betrayal was life changing for me and my son. My husband played the role of a Christian man. We were respected as a nice Christian family in our community but our home was in tormoil. He was emotionally abusive to me, our son and my daughter- his stepdaughter throughout the marriage. I’m baffled that I still long for a chance to start over with him. I know it’s because I felt unloved by my dad and that he emotionally and mentally abused me as well. Please pray that the Spirit of God will help me unravel this twisted web of lies and pain. Thank you so much for your ministry.

Bettye Frank

But what if you are in that place anxiety is crushing you and you’re crying out to Him day after day but you hear nothing and don’t feel His presence?

ladie ann reston



Yes, serving and not wallowing in self-pity has worked for me. Praise God for His patience with us…

Michael G

Thank you for the lovely words you have written. An absolute faith booster.

Thank you and God bless you


Such an important message here is to find and associate with a church. Let the Lord guide you and He will find your place. It can be daunting to go for the first time but you will be amazed at how He works all things out for you.


My husband left me 15yrs ago and I also experienced that incredible sense of God’s constant presence. He promises to never leave or forsake us and that is such a comfort! I have not remarried but even though I feel lonely at times I know that I am never alone…what a blessing. God is more than capable of taking care of my needs and Psalm 23:1 has always ministered to me – The Lord is my Shepherd and I shall lack no good thing! It is not just about feelings but the facts found in God’s Word!

Berni Dymet

Elaine, thank you so much for sharing that. How awesome that the Lord has blessed you. I am sure your experiences are a source of great blessing to others as you empathize with them. -Berni

Elaine Meller

Hi Berni, This one is on loneliness is one I can really connect with. In some way, the same story as yours. But I always believed that God was taking me on a journey. He was showing me something very important. It took seven years, and in that time, I did some very strange things to combat that loneliness, I hated going into a cold dark house every evening and sitting at a table with no one else around it, so I would go to the 24hr supermarket and walk around there as long as I could because it was so bright you didn’t know what time it was. Strange how many people there are in a supermarket in the early hours of the Morning. Sitting in car parks etc, anything rather than going home to emptiness. But God brought me through it, and now my husband and I have found what we lost. Lessons learned. Sometimes you have to lose something, to be able to find it again. God bless x

moses kamau

Rightly so in this light each morning i used to see and would expect alway’s nothing good to come my way.God in His abundant mercy shone light in my life, with an embrace each day i now know is a blessed daY with all heavenly blessing’s according to his riches i’m filled by drawing from HIM..


God made us human beings not human doers. I loved how you put it like being hooked on heron, so so true. Being is about all those things you mentioned, being is about what’s most important in life, loving, relationships, people, all that are more important than things.
I believe when we are so busy doing, we have little time to just be who God intended us to be. Thanks Bernie for your daily encouragement.


what a relief to know that we are forgiven and reconciled to God. It is indeed a stubborn love… that invites me to grow in love with Him.

Berni Dymet

Mohamed, my suggestion is that you exercise all the time, but with the weight that you are carrying (a) you won’t enjoy the exercise much and (b) you would have to do very light exercise, like walking for 15 minutes a day. As the weight starts to come off, your body will feel more like exercising. Start lifting the level of exercise by walking longer and faster, but not overdoing it, otherwise you will stop enjoying it and then will stop exercising. It is amazing how much you start to enjoy the exercise. Blessings. -Berni

Mohamed Mamdouh

thank you for this article. its really inspiring. but do u mean we shouldnt excercise until we get rid of those first 10 kilograms for instance? i would rather agree coz i used to be an athelitic, now m overweighted (fat) bmi =35 but with lots of muscles and fat as well. but i realized that going to the gym doesnt help loosing those 20-25 kgms. i consider a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, but m very hesitated. your advice is highly appreciated.

Louise Tweedale


Berni Dymet

Thomas, I just tested it. The audio is working fine. Could be something at your end. Blessings. -Berni

Thomas Trock

I have not been able to listen to this for 3 days. Is there something wrong with the audio?


Louise Tweedale

Thanks Berni,

Berni Dymet

Thanks for your encouraging words Mark. It is both a privilege and a pleasure to be able to share God’s Word with you! 🙂 -Berni

Mark Caufield

Outstanding!! really wonderful new format. The expanded grouping with more content and depth really explains the subjects beautifully.
I am a long time listener going back at least 6 years, and I am already on your email list.
Thank you Bernie and your hard working staff. It’s rewarding to see the successes you’ve made but it’s not surprising. Your subject is the best and your writing, editing and delivery is perfect for my way of receiving.
Thanks and we’ll keep praying for you all.

Dony Candra

Wow, very inspiring.. You make me realize that we shouldn’t eat like there will be no tomorrow, but start to eat and train our body like the way God created us.

I will get rid all sugar and redefined carbo, i should weight 75 kg NOT 100 kg!

Let God bless my effort to achieve my goal!


God bless.

Jun Lozada

May this email find you in peace.

Thank you for for bringing God’s blessings to people like me. People who are treading the path of life yet unsure if we are on the right one.

Your Different Perspective has been like a lighthouse that guides me as I journey along the tortuous path of being a whistleblower.

There are times when I really question if the truth is worth all the pain and tribulations? God somehow found a way to answer me thru a serendipitous tuning to a radio broadcast of the Different Perspective and in a very clear voice…. said “Yes!”.

Berni Dymet

Ray, fortunately Jesus came precisely for people like you. That’s why He said: “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick; I have come to call not the righteous but sinners to repentance.” (Luke 5:31,32). And that’s why they call it “the Good News”. Grace is only grace when it’s undeserved. -Berni


Thanks I need lose 20 kg
I also need to change my life
I am such an evil man you would not believe
I am older been in a Christian church earlier in my life
But now feel deserted by god
I have a great wife but I am bad

Louise Tweedale



It was so good to read this! Since I’ve became aware of the prosperity gospel with its lies that people are supposed to be rich and successful and that means you are blessed, I’ve been confused about anything blessing related. But this transcript is helping so much! Thank You Holy Spirit for guiding Berni in doing this and leading me to it!

Berni Dymet

Thanks Maribel. It’s a privilege for the team here at Christianityworks to be able to share God’s Word with you and so many others. 🙂 -Berni


Thank you very much for this inspiration. I was praying to God to ignite my heart for many weeks, and this revelation has given me much encouragement and renewed my spirit. Truly you live up to your motto of giving a fresh perspective of our faith. may God bless you in abundance and prosper the work of your hands even more!

Courtney Maclons

This is so true… Thank you for sharing, Berni…

Berni Dymet

Tayo, milk contains lactose so in the first few weeks steer away from it. Have butter, cream and cheese in moderate amounts, no lactose there. Anything ending in “ose” is a sugar. No honey – it is 80% sugar. If you want a safe artificial sweetener go for saccharin but stay away from aspartame. If you remove all refined carbohydrates (sugar and anything that contains more than 3% sugar), white rice, potatoes, bread and pasta from your diet, you will rapidly lose weight. :-). Download the booklet from this website in the Resources section if you haven’t alrrady. Blessings. -Berni


Hello Bernie, my BMI is 35.6, I currently weigh 85.6kg, so I need to loose 25kg ASAP for health reasons. Please help!!! I am a bread and milk lover, can I still take milk? Can honey replace my cube of sugar? I just tried taking plain cocoa with milk and no sugar!!!!

Louise Tweedale

Thankyou and thank God for all life changing twists and turns sand and split second decisions of life. I am glad to think that God has a plan for me. I don’t want to miss what he has in store for me.

Beverley Holmes

I hear you Bernie. Will implement God’s steadfast love in my marriage and life

Beverley Holmes

I hear you. Will practice implementing God’s steadfast love.

Louise Tweedale

Thanks again

Louise Tweedale

Hi Berni,

That is a sound I make with my mouth. I went to bible study last night, I came home with a beautiful friend after a great fellowship night, to a dark house and my husband asleep and the doors locked and I didn’t take my keys. I thought what will I do? I knocked on the front door and my dog barked at me. I went around the side of the house and called out! No answer! I rang my daughter who answered, I asked her to turn on the light. I went under the house to use the toilet and noticed that there were a lot of empty beer cans in the bin next to the fridge. So that means my husband is very drunk.
I thanked my daughter and gave her a hug. I suppose I was disappointed that no one left a light one. But there were stars. I suppose I was disappointed that my husband didn’t wake up when I knocked. I was disappointed that my husband was so drunk.
Now I get this reading and it is just what I need! Isn’t God awesome?! I woke my husband this morning with loving words. I held my tongue I thought I would let you know. Thank you for reminding me that sometimes I need to.
Love in the Lord Louise
Hi Berni,

Phhp! That is a sound I make with my mouth. I went to bible study last night, I came home with a beautiful friend after a great fellowship night, to a dark house and my husband asleep and the doors locked and I didn’t take my keys. I thought what will I do? I knocked on the front door and my dog barked at me. I went around the side of the house and called out! No answer! I rang my daughter who answered, anyway I got in. I thanked her. I suppose I was disappointed that no one left a light one. But there were stars. I suppose I was disappointed that my husband didn’t wake up when I knocked. Now I get this reading and it is just what I need! Isn’t God awesome?! I woke my husband this morning with loving words. I held my tongue I thought I would let you know. Thank you for reminding me that.

Love in the Lord Louise Tweedale


Beautiful! I pray you have a beautiful day; that everything that happens in it you will be aware of its beauty; of the presence of God. Now that would be a different perspective. Love Louise

Kgomotso Callie MOELA

I would like to read more about forgiveness.


I think “dominion” pretty much cover the “ok to eat” animals for man’s well-being. What is not ok is not the eating but the cruelty. I would treat Dominion here same as how I view “stewardship” of all God’s blessing that we ought to exercise responsible and non-cruel treatment of animals including their slaughter.


Mm! Well you have got it in this one. Business I call it. I inherited it from my Grandmother, who would never leave the house before the dishes were done and all the beds were made. I have an unrealistic, sometimes unconscious expectations on myself. That binds me to all the ‘important things I need to do’ and I get caught up in them and not pay attention to the really important things.

I like that I receive this e-Devotional every morning. I can meditate on this every day. It reminds me that I need to touch base with God. To listen to what He has to say before I start my day. I have the word at my center when I do. The other stuff will be there its like that, and maybe it will be done by someone else.

I want to build up my treasure in heaven.

Thanks Berni

Val Coulthard

Hi Berni
I’ve really been enjoying the daily devotional & the podcast
Can I ask why sometimes when listening to the daily devotional it cuts out just as you’re delivering the “punch line”

Berni Dymet

Mark, according to that logic, you shouldn’t eat any shellfish – lobsters, prawns, etc. They were considered unclean. So were a whole bunch of other animals too for that matter. Not just pork. And in Acts Chapter 10:9-16 Peter in his vision, was instructed to eat them. Don’t want to eat pork? Fine. But please don’t over-spiritualise the decision. Me? I love a great meal of roast pork. 🙂

Hubertus Opalka

Thanks, Berni for your down to earth interpretation of the Proverb.
God bless you and all your team.


Hi Berni,
I agree with most of your message but at the end you said and I quote,”Part of me agrees with that because if we try and understand the Bible as just a bunch of rules, what we discover is that some apply to us today, like murder and adultery and stuff. But others, like the Levitical sacrificial system, no pork, no crustaceans, a whole bunch of stuff that doesn’t.”
No pork? It has been scientificly proven that God knew what he was talking about when he said no pork. Pork was unclean and was bad for the human body.
I know you were talking about to-day and right now, but I still think it has ramifications on to-day world.
Just to let you know where I stand on this, I try not to eat any pork but I don’t make a fuss if I have to eat it.
Even though they (the pig farmers) grow the pigs in a clean invironment I still think they can’t change Gods creation. By this I mean, take an unclean animal and make it clean.
If you don;t agree with me that’s fine because everyone has their own conscience which is driven by the Holy Spirit.

Thanks for reading my comment,


I really enjoy listening and reading your ‘word for the day’ in the e-devotional each morning. Invariably I am struck by the personal message of encouragement I needed just at time; that word from God, to remind me that I am not in this alone. Berni may God bless you in all that you say and do. In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.

Beverley Holmes

Really spoke to me! THANKS Lord & Bernie

Berni Dymet

Thanks Andy. Try not to jump out of your skin too often! 🙂 -Berni


Thanks Bernie. Sometimes you make so much sense I want to jump out of my skin! I love hearing your work on self image and finding your God given talents. I too have spent much time in the corporate world and at times feeling like a fish put of water. I pray that Jesus will help me use his gifts for his purpose! Thank you.

Berni Dymet

Theresa, great to hear from you and thank you so much for sharing that with me. May the Lord continue to bless your socks off, as you receive His Word into your heart!! 🙂 -Berni


I listen to “A Different Perspective” on my way to work every morning. I have been truly blessed by your teachings and encouragement. You have helped me to be more forgiving and tolerant of people. Thank you for the love you share with your audience and for building the Kingdom of God! Be blessed.


I recently heard of a lady in Africa who has set up mission of orphan and at risk children
I am going to give some serious money to them
Thanks for the encouragement


Praise our good God for this timely reminder. Going through something right now both in my marriage and at work. So it is a soothing balm to be hearing God speaking through your program Berni.

Might I ask you to pray with me? Praying for God’s will and wisdom as to whether I should stay at work or move on as I am already completely burned out after MANY MANY years of dealing with toxicity.

Berni Dymet

Awesome Corinne. God is good the way He brings His Word to us in due season. 🙂 Berni

Corinne Sinclair

This is something that I am struggling with, and as I listened this morning, I believe that it was an answer to my prayer.

Elaine Meller

Hi Berni, this one is important to me, I understand fully what your saying. one of the greatest gifts I have been given, is how to forgive, and I needed to. And I may add, to be forgiven. When we are really hurt, we bite back, and that does no good at all. It makes your heart hard. Letting go and forgiving changes your life. For the better!!! Yes, Jesus is really cool. God bless love from Elaine x


Absolutely beautiful message! Oh how delightful it is to hear it today, I have been affected by this nasty disease most of my life. I constantly boasted about myself to others, often in a sarcastic tone to cover up my insecurities, to be that person others wanted to see. As I grew up, now I am in my early twenties, God has taught me so many great life lessons through His Word and also through pastors like Berny about who I really am and how loved I am in the hands of God. Thank you for this wonderful message.

Elaine Meller

Hi Berni, I think I already do. I give to food banks, make hats,gloves and baby jackets for homeless and charity shops. I try to help others if I can. I’ve just been listening to your programme all this week about low self esteem, and sometimes I feel that Christian radio is constantly bombarding us/me with wanting money for feed the hungry/give for this and that (of which I do) but, I question myself Am I doing enough???? As Christians I think most of us do. By the way Thank you for the e-book,I really enjoyed it. Take care, God bless, love Elaine x

Elaine Meller

Hi Berni, I think it’s obscene a watch for that amount of money. I wish the people who buy these silly money items, would stop, look and spend time thinking where that money could be better spent. Personally, I would be more impressed to see someone with a shall we say? Cheaper watch, and spending more time giving to those who really do need the time and money. Thank you for the daily devotionals Berni, God bless love from Elaine x

Berni Dymet

Not at all Susan. That wasn’t the point. The point is that we are much more valuable than animals. And there’s a reason for that. -Berni


God bless your teaching
I was always under the assumption that God ordained it okay to eat animals
Are you concluding that we should not
Thank you

Berni Dymet


God is sooooo good the way He brings his Word into our lives just at the right time. 🙂 A privilege and a pleasure for us here at Christianityworks to have some small part to play in your life. May you continue to be blessed as you receive God’s Word! -Berni

Berni Dymet

Richard, if you aren’t sure exactly what to pray, simply ask for God’s mighty hand to be upon him and his family. And then as you pray, let the Holy Spirit lead you into more and more specific prayers. It’s amazing how, when you do that, the Spirit shows up and guides you into God’s will. -Berni

Jennifer Slayton

Thanks Bernie. I kept hearing this message all day, “hang in there” or “hang on” So glad I found this, thank you, that The Holy Spirit lead me to your page. I trust you and I believe what you say. I hear your radio show on WIHS in Middletown , CT. God bless you and your family and all of your prayers. Hang in there!! Jen

this page

I was suggested this website by my cousin.
I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no
one else know such detailed about my trouble.
You are incredible! Thanks!

Richard Harrison

One of our grandchildren, Slade (18 years old), is exactly on the destructive path that you described. They (my youngest daughter and her family), live in Canada and we live in South Africa but we keep in contact via Skype. My wife and I have been praying for him but so far he is still bent on his destructive path. We found the part on praying for him encouraging as one tends to feel a bit discouraged when his behaviour (rebellious and defiant, drinking, etc), does not seem to be improving. One problem I found however, is that I am not sure what exactly to pray for him as my wife and I are not always in agreement. Thanks for your great (and free) programmes. God bless. Richard


This is eye-opening! Thank you!


Really needed this today

Ann Baney

No Bernie , you have good taste I wear a seiko a gift from my daughter 14years ago when I turned 60. Love it and keeps good timing.

Berni Dymet

Jane, much depends on your genetic makeup. The moment your blood sugar spikes, you’re i. Trouble when it comes to your health and your weight. I suggest you invest in a blood glucose meter from your local pharmacy, they’re not expensive and 100 test strip are about $50. When you eat rice, test your blood sugar at the 1 and 2 hour mark. If your up over 6.5 mol/l stick away from the stuff except on rare occasions. I’d be keeping refined carbs and grains to an absolute minimum.

Margaret Hey

Thank you for these books they are helping me get though a really diffcult time.


Interesting and inspiring article, Mr. Dymet. I wanted to pick your brain on re-introducing some of the less healthy but not entirely unhealthy foods into my diet when I have reached my goal weight. Some examples would be milk, fruit juice, bran cereals, oats, yogurt … foods that contain lactose, sugar and carbs but are not in the same league as fast foods and processed products. This would be together with a regular exercise routine. Two foods in particular that I love but am not sure where they fall on the carbs spectrum are rice and plantain. I was hoping to get some insight from you. I suppose I’m just looking for some affirmation that will make me feel less guilty about eating such foods.

An Baney

How Blessed I feel at the rate I have grown thru your daily devotionals and listening to your podcasts on CCFM. Praise the Lord thank you Jesus. Blessings to you and CCfm for their Ministry.

Berni Dymet

Margaret and Patricia, thank you both for your encouragement. 🙂 It’s a blessing to be able to share God’s Word with you. -Berni

Margaret Hey


Margaret Hey

Thankyou for printing these books.

Patricia Peneder

Your devotionals have been a real blessing to me and my husband. Thank you

Berni Dymet

Rohail, as I say in the booklet, meat, vegetables, healthy fat (animal fat and olive oil) and small amounts of low sugar fruit like berries. At the back of the booklet you will find some other references to read. Blessings -Berni

Margaret Hey

I have enjoy reading these books. They have help understand myself and also get closer to GOD.


I was 20 years old and 65kg
And when I was 21, i was 90 kg
Now I’m 23 N still 90 kg (173cmcm)
What happened to me is I don’t know. I tried to control the fat intake, I tried to exercise, I tried to run, but all in vain. Cuz I couldn’t do continuously any of them. I’m lazy, fat, unable to control my appetite…
Now I get something to do. Getting rid of refined carbs N just living on vegetables…. What else can I have?

Margaret Hey



Life get off to a great start at 7.10am on 5RPH with your refeshing insties


My experience has been that God is faithful in all that He does. It is about attitude, God knows if we really want to give and yes it can be sacrifice. But if we haven’t got the resources to give (or attitude/ability) then we should ask Him to provide so that we can. He is a good father who wants us to discover just how faithful and good He really is. Sometimes it starts from nothing and grows from there.
Trust Him and watch what happens!

Chris Watson

Peter said’ ‘its not hard.

Barbara Evans

Special Thank you for your radio encouragement on 105.1 LIFE FM this morning (Friday 12-9-2014) Bernie, re Ps 57.

I perceived it as a personal ‘Grace-gift’ as much-needed ministry, coupled with a RBC booklet by Rev Bill Crowder which truly ‘fell off the shelf – unopened’ and straight into my field of vision at about 2-30 am a couple of mornings ago when stressed and experiencing insomnia. I’d ventured to the kitchen for a glass of water, lifted the near-empty container to drain it, and I suddenly had the exact answered prayer in my hand. The title is Out of the Ashes….

Again, sincere thanks. I will print Ps 57 off in the NIV, and copy the relevant notes from my bible onto it as a reminder of your timely ministry & blessing.

Warm regards, Barb Evans Bendigo region.


I feel so lost right now and need Jesus in my life more than ever
i find it hard to concerntrate on anything and am neglecting all i love for people who just do not care how they treat people
I nreally need to focus on the important things in life My Family and My God

Berni Dymet

Awesome John. Great news!! Thanks for letting me know. 🙂 -Berni


Hey Berni I should tell you that for the last 6 weeks or so, after I read your booklet on weight loss I have gone on a no sugar, low GI diet where I have avoided processed carbs etc. It is fantastic – absolutely fantastic! I am enjoying being the lowest weight that I have been in about a decade. And no it is not hard at all! Just the first week or so was a challenge…



Berni Dymet

Thanks Annemarie. It takes more than a piece of onion to shut me up! 😉 -Berni



We’re glad you survived that ordeal…! Cos you certainly have impacted my life through your teaching(s) in a very positive way for some time, and long may it continue!

It reminded me of a song I recently wrote – ‘The next day’, challenging people – “where you gonna be, in eternity”,, something that a lot of people dont think about and avoid. It’s the first song I’ve written ever, and 2 weeks after writing, got to play at the jazz service I lead back in May. Pretty exciting. It has a soul flavour. I’m hoping to get it out there…

Keep up the great work, you and the team,


Hettie Kirk

How powerful is the love of God!!
“Amazing love
How can it be,
That You, my King, should die for me?
Amazing love
I know it’s true
It’s my joy to honor You
In all I do, I honor You.”

Berni Dymet

Always happy to be of service Chrisann! 😉

Berni Dymet

You’re more than welcome Trevor. May you be blessed as you receive God’s Word. -Berni


I am enjoying your broadcast and currently need a bit of joy in my life
Thanks you for your soothing words


I enjoyed this so much. My Bishop just taught on this today. God truly built us up. He is using you to do the same! Thanks again, and please whatever you do keep sharing!

Geoff Randall

Hi Lorraine try the Cap Money Course look on the net a church near you will be running one. This will without doubt help you. Geoff

Berni Dymet

Kay, it isn’t always obvious to us why God answers some prayers in one way, and other prayers in another way. But let me encourage you to keep praying and to do it with a fresh, childlike faith. Ask the Spirit to empower and refresh your prayer in a new way and He will act out of His love for you. -Berni

kay norfleet

I have been praying the same(or almost the same ) prayer for years-yes I’ve seen medicine approved, but he keeps on being sick-I’ve seen temporary results in his ability to walk-but now it’s really hard for him to keep his balance. I’m old, too, and I can’t always help.

Margaret Pitman

God’s love is enough

Kgomotso Callie MOELA

Thank you for accepting my application. This is my first morning with your eDevotional. I am expecting to learn everyday and grow spiritually, with a clear understanding.

I want to stop eating the junk food which is not good for both my spirit and emotions


Thanks for not only reminding me of God’s perfect love but for giving me laugh, I thought your story was hilarious.

Howard Anders

Tku so much for a devotional that encourages us,
& helps us to understand who Jesus really is,
and what we are created for. Fulfilment, worthwhile accomplishement in the context of relationship, because that is the way God made us.

Berni Dymet

Thanks so much for sharing that Stanton. May you continue to grow and be blessed as you feast on God’s Word.

Berni Dymet

We are praying for you Lorraine. You probably need some help in setting a budget, potentially consolidating your debts and creating a plan to pay down your debt. I suggest you seek someone out: an accountant, your bank, or someone you know who is a good money manager. Reach out and get help. Once you have a budget in place, the burden will be much lighter.

lorraine marsh

Please prayer as I’m in debt and cannot ever get out just working to pay off I’m tired xxxx


Hi sir
I really enjoy ur ebooks it has really helped me since I hav cum to knw the Lord and saviour God has realy showed his faithfullness I dnt knw if u hav ebooklets on prayer I really wna improve my prayer life


The “mountain: I feel I am climbing has become much smaller , Thank you for reminding me Berni. It is amazing how we constantly ned reminding how much Jesus loves us.

Franca Peacock

Thank you Berni. The Lord has been whispering that very message to me over the past 24 hours and so this devotional has just confirmed it in my heart to stay the course and not give up. God bless you.


Thank you Bernie I look so forward to your devotional each day.
You are in my prayers and may Our Lord Bless you abundantly. Thank you

Berni Dymet

Winnie, I suspect that it’s an Australianism that doesn’t translate so well internationally. 🙂

Winnie Cruz-Martinez

I thank God for His word and the timely rebuke.

Why do I choose anger as a response instead of lifting up my hurts to the Lord in prayer.

Why do I choose to fester in my resentment instead of immediately forgiving. So many why’s…

Maybe because I’ve gotten so used to these old-self responses. I’m reminded of an illustration used by our former teaching leader at Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). I’m like this chicken in the market place (of some country) which has one leg tied to a peg so it doesn’t run away. All it does while no one has bought it yet is run around in circles as far as the string allowed. It would have gotten so used to this behaviour that even when the string is cut, the chicken doesn’t run away; it still goes in circles.

My prayer is that I would no longer have this captive chicken mentality. That every moment I would be conscious of the freedom I already have through the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross. That being free means I have God’s victory over sin and the enemy, that I can say NO to sin, that I can say NO to the ways of my former self.

May our lives truly reflect the power and victory of Christ, that His name may be praised.

I just have one question about the devotional. Why is the ending “Come on. Jesus.” I don’t get it. Has it been truncated? Was there something else that is supposed to follow it?


Indeed!!!!!!!!! God who else? Praise his name


Indeed we do Amen


Thank you Berni – just what I needed. I have a need to be hugged today. It leaves me with an :”empty” feeling but I know that even if I may not be physically aware of it Jesus is Soooo Close. I need no more. Blessings from South Africa Ann

Debbie Martin

This is so true – It’s awesome!


Wow, that is a very very deep message. Thank you Holy Spirit for leading me here.

Deb Dunt

Jesus is sure firm foundation for every day. Apart from Him I can do nothing.
Abide in Christ. He is your living hope.


We too often try to do things in our own strength, yesterday I did and fell flat on my face. The Lord was there to pick me UP. Wonderfull.

Ann Baney

Hi Folks thank you for my daily emails , sorry I have not replied earlier but had one those bugs, which is gone No Praise the Lord! Unforntunaley I was not able to listen to any of the broadscasts my pc would not load them. Look forward to Blessed friendships of Sharing of Gods Grace. Blessings Ann


The most critical is when we become so desperate to seek recognition, appreciation and approval from those we served or attended to. Question is? Who is glorified here?

Ann Baney

Looking forward to listening to you on CCFM SA tonight. Ann Abaney

Ann Baney

There are now words to thank you for my Books totally Blessed
May you receive Blessings above expectation . Ann Baney

Margaret Hey

These have been really great.

Chris Love

What a great ‘Just a minute’ Made me really think

Barrie & Muriel Meyer

Thankyou for your session on Radio RPH each week day morning. Muriel and I appreciate the positive program that goves us a good start for the day.

Tongayi Mwedzi

Awesome, loved the “ugly duckling syndrome” Wanted to read on and on. Thank you very much

Daniel Andrew Stevenson

Excellent website of teaching and learning
Blessings. Daniel


Congratulations on this one year milestone. May the Lord continue to bless you as you use His Word and your experiences with Him to help those who are struggling in todays world and even in the church of today. He is coming soon and we are excited to see many who are being saved in these last days.


Thanks ! It’s been a real blessing recieving such encouraging mail from you . I heard about you on Radio Pulpit . It’s about a month since I’ve made contact with you . Your daily devotion is really from a different perspective . Even some of my email buddies who I’ve shared it with , have mentioned how blessed they are by it . God bless you ,sir !

Moses Mazibuko

Wonderful works u’re doing there.it is really empowering.b bless.thank you


God Bless You & your Team Bernie 🙂

All the Best for the years to come !!!

May Angels Guide You Always….



Be blessed. Be a blessing.

Magda Odendaal

Thanks to GOD! I’m a quadroplegic and can’t use my hands at all. eBooks are really a blessing from heaven.


Thank you very much. God bless you for the amazing work you are doing. Thumbs up!

Sondy Ward

Awesome, now I can share these with others electronically! I wasn’t sure how to download them though – first thing I did was click on ‘order your free booklet’ so I guess I’ll get one in the mail too. Keep up the great work Berni and team!!

Berni Dymet

Diane, you’ve definitely put your hope in the right place.

Diane Nikfar

Right on target with the encouragement and sound teaching I need to hear. THANK YOU,for your integrity,godly wisdom, and transparency. God be with you, and bless you for what you have done.

Diane Nikfar

This is awesome.Planting seed in the middle of a famine…..family emotional famine…..expecting God to heal the breach, praying and learning how to reach out wisely, in God’s strength and God’s timing.Knowing what is mine to repent of, and what is another’s personal responsibility. Inviting accountability AND showing continued love and respect for each family member, regardless of whether they “deserve” it; regardless of whether we agree or not, in spite of flaws,failings, misperceptions, fears and broken-heartedness. Somehow, I believe God will redeem our situation. I hope in the Lord.

Jason & Lissy

Jesus knows our hearts,

Moses Kamau

In desires of human if it lacks God’s will, sin germinates. “Alert” think of thing’s of above not earthly thing’s, seek the Kingdom of God in righteousness, the rest will follow. Ask in jesus name and it will be given to glorify the Father through the son. Why would we stray having known the power in this words.

Berni Dymet

God’s timing is always perfect isn’t it? You can either choose to believe your circumstances or God’s Word – and God’s Word says that He has a mighty plan for your life – Eph 2:10. My suggestion? Go with God’s Word. 🙂


Thankyou Berni Yes I feel Our lord is challenging me. My life has done a lot of changes and I can see myself getting strong as I am learning to trust and let go of a lot of worldly worries. Like money, needing a lot to have a house, putting work before family saying to ourselves we are working like this for our children. While we are fit and young what are most families doing putting our children to after school care while we work like dogs to pay off our high stand of living. I feel blessed what the lord has shown me. I have time to help others by being a volunteer as well has having a little job in the school hour and being involved in our parish. thanks again Berni for all your work and the timing is right.

Jun Lozada

Thank you for spreading the light of God’s love throughout the world enveloped by darkness.

I was slowly getting tired and being overwhelmed by the darkness of injustice and corruption. The dark seems to always have the upper hand despite all the efforts to stand firm with the light. These series about Joseph and about holding on the dream that God gave him despite the adversity he experienced, has given me a new perspective and strength in facing the battles challenges ahead. I shall hold on the dream that God planted in my heart. And hope to see my fellow Filipinos live in dignity someday, especially those who are living under inhumane conditions brought about by economic poverty.

Once again, may God bless you and keep you!


I was just talking to The Lord coming home in the car about what to do regarding a certain opportunity.
Thought I’d check my Emails before getting into my days work.
The title of this series caught my eye and although I didn’t want to prioritise these Emails now, I couldn’t help feeling that this can’t just be ‘random chance’ that this turns up within a few minutes of that prayer… so I have listened to the first of this series with great interest.
Looking expectantly to what God is going to speak into my life about the issues on my mind presently as I listen to the others later.
Thank you Lord for your ‘ever so right timing’ with our everyday affairs!


Dear Berni, Thank you very much for the message. I started reading this message from Episode one and I couldn’t stop from just one. Kept on reading it. Very well written and Thanks again.

God be with you, Emmanuel


wow Berni what a start to the story 🙂
Thank You and God bless you

Berni Dymet

Hey Noemi, you’r more than welcome. Make sure you share it around, the more the merrier! 🙂

Noemi Caris

Dear Mr Dymet,
I would like to thank you for the opportunity given to me in requesting a Daily Devotional and a subscription of it to my e-mail (as above).
May The Lord Bless you continuously.
Best Regards,
Noemi Caris


I am a runner, so this devotional was very applicable to me because it helped me to focus on the reason why I love running. Not only do I get all the physical health benefits from it, but as I attend a running group and a personal training group, I get an opportunity to speak to a whole other group of people who don’t know Jesus. I get to be salt and light to your ordinary average Australians who from the outside look like they have pretty content lives, but who lack real and lasting peace. They have everything, but are spiritually bereft. I get the privilege of listening to them, while I run with them. So I run for God and His call. Thank you Bernie for your insights they are spot on all the time.

Berni Dymet

Hi Reji, that’s a level of detail that I can’t get into as I am not a dietician. However I strongly recommend the books that I recommend you to the end of the Books that I mention at the end of the Booklet. They have what you are looking for. Every blessing, Berni


Dear Berni.
Truly inspirational article.
Can you provide a sample diet plan that you follow?
Thanks in advance. I really dont know what food i can eat. Appreciate your help.

Thanks and Regards

Jason & Lissy

As Chris Tomlin tells us “I kinw Who Goes Befre, I Know Who Stands Behind, THe God Of Angel Armies Is Alawyas By By Side, Thwe One Who Reigns Forever, He Is A Friend MIne, The God Of Aanel Armies Is Alawys By My Side”.


When god made forgiving a command, its because He loves us so cause He knows it is to our advantage. He was more concerned about us; what this plaque would do to you than it could to the perpetraitor. As the old saying goes ” unforgiveness is your very own number one worst enemy” To forgive brings about inner peace; and heals the cancerous plaque!

Jason & Lissy

Lissy & I know Jesus died for our sins & He rose again for us so we can have new life.

Jason & Lissy

Lissy & I are people of God and we know God will show us what he has us do each day.


Fantastic article. I need to lose almost exactly the weight you have lost in order to become the weight I used to be 20 years ago. For some reason, the way you have written, and the points you make, resonate with me and I’ve even made bullet points while I read it. My problem is now to reduce the refined sugar and flour from my diet, as I eat out most meals and it’s not easy to find a place for lunch without some sugar or flour in it’s food. I do love oranges and watermelon, and I’ll keep those until last- I feel they at least are natural, have fibre, and nutrients beyond just viitamins, so they’re not too bad.

Thanks again for your article.

Jason & Lissy

Brother Berni blessings to you in Jesus Name.

Jason & Lissy

God is The God of all things big and small.

Jason & Lissy

Lissy saw when I led a young lady to Jesus during the State Youth Games this weekend her name is Stephanie when she asked me Is it Vollentary? I answered it is a choice. Spephanie heard the sermon about Joseph came forward and came to Jesus she is now a Child of God.

Bibi Harvey

Hi Berni
One of these days you’ll have to publish these awesome devotional s into a thick book ! I write a lot of your devotionals out by hand from my iPhone ( I have no printer here) and this devotional is a must for my journal!
You’ve worded psalm 103 perfectly as a summary for what The Lord has done and its a great way for me to start my long weekend Monday !
I’ll be the first to buy your published ” daily devotional s “!
Thank you- I pray for you and Jaqui and your team and ministry regularly,
Your sister in Christ, Bibi Harvey


I haven’t treid it yest but I hope it is going to work

Debbie Martin

This is so sad! Yes what was He thinking – of me! I am so unworthy! Thank you for this!!

Jason & Lissy

AS Ttuart Towned says “How Deep The Father’s LOve Fir Us, How Vast Beyond All Measure, THat He Should Give His Only Son, To Make A reach His Treasure,, Hoow Great The Pain Of SEaring Losss, Thwe Father Turns His Face Away, Such Wouns which Mar The Choens One To Bring Many Sonns To Glory”>


Food for thought! That’s for sure.

Thanks Berni.


That could be exciting; for he openly rebuked those who proclaimed the Law of Moses and not outsiders. As our Pastor Proverbs 27:5 Open rebuke is better than concealed love can become practical!

Jason & Lissy

As Matt Maher tells us in his Song “And All The People Said Amen, All The People Said Amen, GIve Praise The Lord Fe is Love Never Ends, And The The Peiople Said Amen”.

Jason & Lissy

“We can trust Our God He knows what He’s doing”.

Jason & Lissy

AS God’s Children we are forgiven and we need to forgive others in that same way


As children we are called even to a higher level of saying ‘I am sorry’ but to learn to forgive unconditionally and to LOVE!


Funny how we find ourselves so concerned about what people think of us; when the Bible says our lives are a testimony. Instead of building up good character, we concentrate on building up “good looks”
The world steal our inner peace and joy through things like desiring a higher status leading you to taking what is to glorify God in you to selfish ambition and even jealousy, envy and even self-righteousness.

Jason & Lissy

Love how you share God’s Word with so many people whoever they are, where they were, whatever they have done.


Hi Berni,
Firstly, I’ve wanted so deeply to be able to give to your generous site as I’ve ordered 4 booklets from you and have found them truly helpful. This latest one, “The Road to Contentment” really hit me hard. I’m in the 2 to 4 number of being contented with my life.

I’ve taken over a small church home group to try to get my life back on track and lead a better Christian life pleasing to God. I struggle so much with having to pay bills as my wife works and I’m on a Disability Pension and it doesn’t leave much to even pay my chemist bill or petrol for my car.
I try to work and earn just a bit extra but it’s just not getting there to be enough. I know God will give us our needs and not our wants, but it gets so damned hard to make ends meet and while praising God in the mean time.

Thanks for your booklets and your website, it does help to listen to someone that cares.
GB. Kev.

janet stone

Recommended by my brother. Sounds good.

I am reading Hartwig’s “IT STARTS WITH FOOD”.


This is a profound statement “God died for us all” It is hurting to see such practices being carried out by what we term “Fully fledged Christians” especially those called by the name of the Lord.
Partiality is marked even in churches of “Born again” Christians. I pray to God that we repent from such actions and see God in all FLESH. As he proclaimed himself in the book of the Prophet Jeremiah and said; “I am the Lord the God of all FLESH….” (Jeremiah 32:26)

Jason & Lissy

AS Jeremy Camp Tells us in his song the Way
“When Yiou Poured Out Your Grace and Your Mercy, You Held Out Your Arms So We Can See, YOu Bled For All Mankind, And Set the Caotives Free Yeah… Shne Bright, Let Your Glory Fill THis Land, Lift High KIngs Of Kings The Great I A, Jesus…. You Ar The Way, You Are TYe Way”.

Jason & Lissy

Brother Berni Great job you do in bringing God’s Word tom many people from aound the world. Gid Bless You.

Jason & Lissy

As Chris Tomlin tells us in thye Song Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone).
“My Chains Are Gone,
I’ve Been Bet Free,
My God My Savior Has Ransomed Me,
And Like a Flood, His Mercy Reigns….
Unending Love, Amazing Grace.

Jason & Lissy

Jesus lives.


Thank you for this insight. One way I try to ascertain whether I am on the right track, is to tune into my inner world. Do I feel happy and content with what I am doing? Is it worthwhile? I, at times, fall into the trap of competing or comparing. A stark reminder of this was when my eldest left school. We tried to steer him into what we viewed as a financially secure field, where he would be able to support a family one day but he was very unhappy. So eventually, we let him do what he wanted simply because we couldn’t bear to see him so unhappy. And now, he is in a field where he is happy, he is able to support a family. He may never have riches but he certainly has richness.

Jason & Lissy

God Peaqce is pefect.

Berni Dymet

Hi Angela,

Thank you so much for sharing your doubts with me. I think they’re doubts that we all have from time to time and it’s important – very important – that you lay them to rest.

Here is the simple truth: Jesus died to take the punishment for your sins. If you believe that He is the Son of God, that He died for you, that because of Him you are completely forgiven, and that He rose again to give you a new, eternal life – then quite simply you are completely set free and completely forgiven.

Since you have never asked Jesus to come in to your life, click here (http://us.christianityworks.com/?page_id=264) and pray the prayer of salvation with me.

And then check out the two series of messages called “So Now What?”

May you receive the joy of the certain knowledge that you are completely saved!


Jason & Lissy

Lissy & I said yes ti Jesus decades apart and we say to those people who as yet do not know Jesus say yes ti Jesus like we did.

Jason & Lissy

Lissy & I siad yes ti Jesus decades apart and we say to those people who as yet do not know Jesus say yes ti Jesus like we did.

Jacque Mathews



Thank you so much for the msg needed the confirmation. It assisted in understanding where God wants me.

Jason & Lissy

Lissy’s & my lives belong to Jesus.


How do I know that im in Jesus?
I have a sense im not..i have doubt that I am saved!
Please help me get connected to Jesus..it feels like something is wrong with me..that I havnt received Jesus as my Lord and Saviour fully and im fearful of life and death.

Jason & Lissy

Lissy & I are all in for Jesus,

Jason & Lissy

Lissy & I have the connection with Jesus,


Thank you for helping me refocus onto the race that has eternal value. God bless you.

Janelle Ellem

Thank you for these words of wisdom today. So needed to read this today! I feel like life is a competition and it is stressful! I love to play sport and my children play sport but it is not always about winning – it’s how the game is played. I get tired of people always competing with me as a Mum, in my workplace, what I wear and even in my church. Looking forward to reading more this week.

Jason & Lissy

I friend on Lissy’s and mine Stephen Chisholm told me “Jason the Ministry you have at Knixbrooke is bringing nuc fruit”.


Thank you Berni for this most timely and important series. There are times that I really feel and believe that God does not want us to have miracles, as though life should be boring and only the mundane.
NO, I am not for nor do I believe in the “prosperity gospel” or “name it and claim it”, but I do want to see and experience a more exciting life as the result of the power of God in and through my life. I look forward both to listening to the program on line, as well as reading the transcripts. THANK GOD FOR YOU, BERNI!!!

Jason & Lissy

Loving God and Loving People is very important.


Thank you for such a timely reminder. It has strengthened me today.

Jason & Lissy

As Chris Tomlin tell us “Our God Is Greater, Our God Is Stronger, God You Are Higher Than Other, Our God Is Healer, Awesome In Power Our God, Our God”.

Jason & Lissy

As Chris Tomlion tell uas “Our GOd Is Greater, Our God Is Tronger, Gosd You Are Higher Than Other, Our God Is Healer, Awesome In Power Our God< Our God".

Jason & Lissy

As Brit Nicole tells us in the Song All This Time “All Thias Time From The First Tear Cried, Ti Todays Sunrise, Everything Between, YOu Were There, You were Always There, It’s was You An I, You were Walking with Me All This Time”.

Jason & Lissy

As Brit Nicole tells us in the Song All This Time “All Thias Time From The First Ta=\ear Cried, Ti Todays Sunrise, Everything Between, YOu Were There, You were Always There, It’s was You An I, You were Walking with Me All This Time”.


Yes; we boldly approach the throne of grace without any feelings of self blame, ashamed or even feeling undermined; but; blameless, holy, set apart or God and believing that He hears us! Amen.

Beverley Holmes

100% agree when you feel out of control or unheard The Lord is able to deal with the real issues.

Moses Kamau

Jesus was made a perfect offering and sacrifice before God. I was made whole clothed with Christ’s righteousness before God, how great is His Love for me. Blessed be Our Lord.


If God be for us who can be against us! The book of James 1:2 states that; consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds,
Born of God we have hope in Christ that puts us above situations and circumstances that we are facing daily. Trusting in His love, hope and grace in abundance.
Let us drink from this well of everlasting life – His GRACE!

Jason & Lissy

As Matt Redman tells of in the Song Your Grace Finds me…
I’ll Be Breathing IN Your Grace, Breathing Out, Your Grace, Breathing In Your Grace, Foever I’ll I’ll Be”.

Moses Kamau

Love a great commandment, to bring us closer to the Lord. Abide to the Lord and one another needs humility and understanding.


super , amazing weight loss result

Jason & Lissy

As Mandisa tells us in the song Overcomer “Whatever it Is You May Be Going Through, I Konw He Won’t Let It get the best of you, You’re An Ovecomer, Stay In The Fight Til The Funal Round, You’re NOt Going Under, ‘Cause God Is Holding You Eight NIw, You might be Down fir a Moment, Felling Like It’s Hopeless, That’s When He Reminds You, You’RE An Overcomer”.

Moses Kamau

Jesus is the beginning and the end.How wonderful to be under His wings.

Jason & Lissy

Lissy & i love Jesus.

Jason & Lissy

Great Message Berni

Moses Kamau

It’s His assurance that He will mend all those who’re heartbroken,blind, lost and in captivity and restore them back to be as good as new. All we’ve got do is receive His invite and welcome Him in our heart.

Moses Kamau

Until I came to undo the knot of being tied up by evil conscience, condemnation it was hard to fully, boldly declare I’m saved. Then like Moses had to flap his wings from his comfort’s of a prince and take a journey in the desert and meet God. From his weakness to become a deliverer. I’m hastened to know that Jesus finished work on the cross, has perfected me to God and now thanks to God I know who iam.

Moses Kamau

I’m put to wonder about the talent shows on the way the judges come so abruptly to choose or select and drop contestants. I wonder if that was the case I would be chosen as their buzzers come so fast even before the guy’s warm up. Thank God’s selection/ calling ain’t depending on how tall, slim, fast but on grace in Christ’s righteousness in us.

Berni Dymet

Allan, you may indeed. :-)). The audio version is also used by many, many radio stations around the globe. We try to make the most of the many messages that we produce here at Christianityworks by making them available in as many places and as many different formats as we can. Be blessed,Berni.

Allan Windley

As a blind person, may I say a big thanks to you for having the daily devotions in audible format.

Jason & Lissy

I pray always and Lissy follows mt in prays with me.

Jason & Lissy

Jesus has already chosen Lissy & I

Natasha Malcolm

I agree with the Transcript as I have had a similar experience as God has delivered me from Mental ill heath or rather the clasp of the devil. The story of Mary Madeline speaks volumes to me.I have not only learnt but God has used that experience for my good in that the things I had lost he is restoring but I have a better name (no failure) and with Jesus being in the driving seat I can do all things with more ease. God is now calling me into the ministry as an encourager. I am willing and are now trusting God during a lot of uncertainty. If there is one thing I have learnt from my experience is to surrender ( still not easy the second time) but I know I have a God that will take me under his wings its more about letting go of my the will and the temptation that devil brings ( just deception) as God works out all things for our good. Praise God. Thank you Natasha

Miss winsome joy Halsall

May the God of hope fill you with great joy and peace in believing that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit

Margaret Hey

God is the only father I have had. He is faithful strong amazing and loving perfect person in my life.

Jason & Lissy

Lissy & I say that Jesus is the only way to GOd and we will come ti te Father because we know Him.

Jason & Lissy

Praise Jesus Forever.

Jason & Lissy

Lisy & I are free un Christ we are free indeed.

Bibi Harvey

Happy Easter Berni and Jaqui,
Thank you for the Easter message – it was good to stop this morning to hear it and be reminded about the richness and depth of our faith and to learn about the history of the Passover!
Because of your devotions I’m reminded to stop and dedicate some important time with our Father before we get into the busy- ness of the day!! Thank you, Bibi Harvey.

Wendy Reiser

Thank you Berni for opening up more of the Word for us, especially around the rituals of Easter. God Bless you and yours for your unswerving obedience to God’s Word.

Charles Samuels

Thank you Berni for your teachings. All of them. You enrich our lives. Your teaching today on the true meaning of Easter brings hope and salvation to all mankind- Let us pray that through the blood of Christ shed for us, we become brave enough to accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and let’s not stop there but go forth in confidence to share Jesus with everyone. God bless your ministry. Shalom.

Coral Patricia Reid

Thank you Bernie. Can the schoolgirls abducted in Nigeria the other day (?100 girls abducted, 20 escaped ) please be mentioned in the prayers of anyone reading this over Easter 2014.May God have mercy on them all and provide a true pathway for healing for those that have escaped.


Dear Mr Dymet,
Thankyou so much for sharing this message. As a wife and mother, today is yet again very filled, so it was a real blessing to take 5 minutes to read and be fed and encouraged.
Thankyou for using God’s words to soften my heart and remind me that the message of Easter is to remember to give, to teach, and to shine with the love of Christ. Thankyou for reminding me that today it is important to do something different to teach my sons that Christ’s blood has caused us to be freed from the curse of sin and death if we partake of Him and receive His righteousness. Thankyou so much
Love and God Bless from your sister in Christ.


Thank you Berni for taking us back to the day of Passover and giving me a better understanding of why we still celebrate the passover. I thank God for the Passover Lamb. Gob Bless.

Jason & Lissy

Jesus lives in us and he ar in Him.

Jason & Lissy

Lissy & I are followers of Jesus & we say that we have Him always. Easter means so much to us Jesus Died form us and Rose again to give us new life.

Jason & Lissy

Lissy & I are GOd’s Children.

Moses Kamau

Yes!! And being in the promise of Abrahams seed I’ll rejoice to meet our Lord Jesus.

Moses Kamau

On the cross and remember the joy promised after the storm weather’s, which code’s from The Restorer of peace and calm.


I have struggled this week and have had a few moments crying alone. Easter is a real suffering time. Reminded by Jesus’s pain and torment, only when Easter Sunday passes will I feel a sense of weight lifted from my soul to celebrate what he did for us.
It has been extra hard this time as I have just had a painful operation. I was looked after by my husband in recovery but a friend has been unfaithful and deserted me when I needed comfort. The most beautiful friend visited me but I am sad as she cannot fall pregnant and is reminded of that every day surrounded by Mums and babies. Her hope is fading.
I offer it up to God and pray for the hardships but life is hardest when suffering is at our door step.
So I pray and read my bible and focus on the hope that I have.
Jesus will wipe our tears and the love he has for us is beyond words!

Jason & Lissy

Peace that Jesus has is perfect.

Berni Dymet

Andrew – it’s pretty good news eh?!! 🙂 Berni

Andrew Rosanes

Im really touched by this message…. God has prepared a room for us…. Wow!
Thank you so much

Berni Dymet

Suwi, I know that The Lord has a special place in His heart for you. And don’t worry, He has already chosen the right man who will love you and your child. Just wait and see what The Lord will do for you. Berni


I have been disappointed in love so many times but this one has hurt me so so bad. I have been left numb. I trusted God to help me since there is a child involved. God has been faithful in so many ways for other things but for relationships…I always seem to come short. The father of my child rejected me and the baby in such a humiliating manner after praying to God to help me. each time I pray, the he seems to be winning. I VE TRIED TO KEEP THE FAITH BUT ITS HARD BECAUSE I REALLY TRUSTED GOD.

Berni Dymet


I don’t at all mean it in a judgemental way, but if you read the whole text, what I am saying is that by definition, “sin” is anything that falls short of God’s ideal plan for our lives. The word “sin” in the New Testament literally means “to miss the mark”. My point in saying this is for anybody who is struggling with low self-esteem to realise that it is not God’s ideal for them and that by faith in Him, and in drawing close to Him, He is prepared to heal it all and set things right – just as with any other thing in our lives that “misses the mark”. We all have things like that in our lives – for some it’s pride and hubris, for others it’s at the opposite end of the scale. God is the God who heals all and forgives all. Berni


How can you really say low self esteem is a sin? I suffer from low self esteem and it’s because I have experienced a lot of verbal abuse. Everyday I ask God to open me up and help me express myself but its a struggle opening my mouth. I feel that my purpose in life is to help people because through the experiences I have been through I know what Gods compassion is and how people should be loved, respected, and helped. So in my case I do not feel it is a sin since I want to change and value myself. It’s like when a person is abused or raped it’s not their fault if they feel insecure because they have been through a terrible life event. In order for them to heal they have to go through all the emotions. Same thing with myself. I have to process all the bullying I went through. And rejection because of my personality.


this is SO my situation. Placed somewhere to be part of something new. It is hard! Very few with the same vision and our voices largely drowned out. Pray for us or the congregation will cease .

Simon Field

Hi Berni,

Just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for your web site, teaching and this series on the Church. This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me!

I’ve been having some challenges over the past little while with my Church and your teaching is giving me some real food for thought, but more importantly, knowledge and direction for prayer.

Thank you Berni, be encouraged and continue to walk in God’s work.

Kind regards,

Simon Field

Berni Dymet

Rebecca, and all the saints said … AMEN!

Rebecca Parker

I am with you Bernie i am pure and holy, i didn’t always see it this way as i used to focus on myself. Now i look to Jesus and i know how pure and holy he is and i am found in him, i realised that by looking at myself i was taking away everything that Jesus has accomplished. Thank you Lord that i don’t have to be pure and holy in my own strength, it is all about you Jesus.

lio alofaituli

thanks for the word of encouragement this is exactly some of the issues going on in our local church – I sure appreciate hearing that it happens throughout the “house”…keep up the good work


This is very timely as I am reflecting on those things that has been happening and and alonost like a viice is saying and the mind is indded the battle ground is it is wehre we nees to refresh our mind with the truth and that the only truth that keeps this firm and stable is this verse saying Jesus is praying and interceding and its specifically meant for me this very moment

I will take this as a personal verse I will keep on thinking and refresh this that Jesus is my one and only the armour that keeps me fresh and this makes me cling to his word and promises


We may not see him but the holy spirit is everywhere in all that we see, do, hear and experience:

I believe that the holy spirit has always been within me and has kept me strong but was very quiet, almost a soft shield to protect my whole being throughout childhood and early adulthood. An aid or a comforter so that I didn’t have to deal with too much exposure of pressures in the big scary world. I had a lot to learn and be taught first.

In my 20’s I went along not noticing the spirit at work which was usually when I needed him most.

But recent years I’ve stirred up the spirit in me through an interest in Christianityworks and restoring my faith.
At church I am involved through leading the singing in the choir and our church community involvement with my husband,son and I joining one of the social groups to get to know people.

My life has changed for the better with God being the centre of it all after many years of him being put aside.

Why? because now I feel ready to do my bit, to praise God and am content with who I am.

I can have a relationship with God. A realisation that he gave me a voice to sing, and I can use my gift to glorify him; to sing and encourage others at church to sing as well and fan into a flame the songs of praise to keep our church and God’s love alive.


Something profound was said to me by a neighbour one day;

Her two little girls, 8 & 10 were allowed to cross over the road and pop into our house and we would gladly give them both an icy pole on a hot day. My son was only 6 months old at the time and they loved cuddles of him too. This became a regular treat but their Mum explained to them very graphically that if they weren’t careful crossing the road, they would find themselves splattered and killed.

What she proceeded to say to my husband and I, we have never forgotten:

“We only have our children on loan
We guide them the best we can
But we don’t own them”

It does put things into perspective.

Thanks Bernie for the chance to read how you get the great word out there and in turn gives us all a chance to share thoughts with you and others and it surely has helped me listening to your segments and blogs.

Very special Christian work.


This is very timely for me as the church where I am an elder is about to discuss a ‘forward plan’ . It is crucial we do not just create more ‘activity’ especially as we are a small and elderly congregation. I hope to be able to spread these thoughts around a bit as we move forward. Thanks for the clear and simple presentation of what is obvious is we know God and his Word.

Berni Dymet

Hi Beth,

I don’t drink a lot of milk and of course lactose is sugar. And I have reduced the amount of fruit I eat to a maximum of one piece per day, in favour of more vegetables. The strength of fruit however is that it comes with the poison (sugar) packaged inside the antidote (fibre). I tend to stay away from high carb fruits like bananas, in favour of low sugar fruits like berries.

But I definitely mean no fruit juice as this is the poison retained, with the antidote thrown out. One glass of Apple juice has the sugar of 5 or 6 apples. Terrible for you as it has about the same effect as drinking Coca Cola.



When you say sugar does that mean no lactose, no fruit and so on?

Berni Dymet

It’s a privilege and a pleasure to share the Word of God with you Heidi and so many others. Be blessed as you receive His Word. 🙂

heidi dragonette

Thank you so much for all that you do!

sharn white

Bernie your ebooks are marvelous and I also put you on audio when im busy, ie in the kitchen. last sunday I needed our lord Jesus’ time so I invited him to sit and talk… and talk I did =)
I didn’t see him but he was their sharing the sofa, and I expressed my troubles and he told me to get the bible and go to
Ephesians 1;9-18. Who ever reads this… please go to the bible and read it….oh how blessed we are. I became very tearful with over whelming awesomeness. My life has a new perspective to carry on and fight the good fight with truth, and when people use us and wrongfully vindicate us we are to rise up above it with hope… that is our saviour. It is not easy but.. LOOK for Jesus in that place, he is possibly showing you how to become steadier in your life walk and it may be very suttle, so please look and look… for our Jesus WILL be there amoungst it.. IT IS A PROMISE and yes you are good enough, you are worthy…Know it to be so and keep on with the good fight of truth.. luv to you all shalom…. sharn.

Ken Cross

HI Bernie. Wow what a challenging message and lesson. But I totally agree with you. Unless we focus on Jesus, the Bible and what God is doing,then and now we can find ourselves moving away from the One we are claiming to serve.
Bless you and your ministry.

Cora G.

I agree that God does want us to flourish in our churches. He realizes that we each have unique talents and abilities. I have been attending a church in my town for about two years. I am introverted and at first knew almost no one. Now I feel at home, and I’ve participated in various events as well as making many new acquaintances and friends. No church will ever be perfect; I believe that this is the church where God has sent me to worship and belong.


My comment about “Why is the church a Four Letter Word” The church was established by the ” Word” (4 Letters” Jesus said upon this ” Rock” ( 4 Letters) I will build my church; which is the “Body” ( 4 Letters) expected to “Pray” (4 Letters) and in the “Body” (4 Letters) is the in dwelling of our “Mark” (4 Letters) the Spirit of adoption that says “Abba” Father.

These are the Four Letter Word(s) that build the church for the and to pray “hold” this unity together in “Love”(4 Letters) which is the basis of the start John 3:16 of all things and will be the one that remains 1 Corinthians 13:13

“Hope”(4 Letters) is what keeps us looking up; the second coming of Christ. Christ in me the hope of “Glory”(4 letters) Colossians 1:27 As we “wait” for his coming we gain strength, knowledge from his book as we “work” our salvation with fear and trembling

Jesus said I leave you a new commandment “love one another that people may see you are my disciples. John 13:34 In the “Book” of Revelations Jesus expressed his dissatisfaction where the was no “love” in the church. In fact the church must be build on LOVE as set out in his “Book” as in Joshua 1:8

I would like to hear your feelings about this


I find the church of late moving more to conquer the world than to start at home. More work and support is done outside than to first start with the needs of the brethren amongst you. Taking care of their needs rather than to turn a blind eye to their suffering and dire needs. We can rather go to far off countries take care of their orphans, widows and the needy whist our own can hardly manage to come to church for lack of resources(e.g. Transport or money or too hungry and weak, discouraged etc)
Is the church looking for recognition for personal gain and fame or build good relations within their own communities. In the more disadvantaged areas churches are few and only casual visits are done casually.
Corporate prayers are focused more on opening doors for new comers and avoiding praying for those in authority 1 Timothy 2:1-2


I think the whole church issue is based on the wrong foundations to begin with. It seems that when you look at churches from a biblical frame, its very far removed from what God ordained it to be, such as having a “pastor or leader” run a local church, and having “sermons”.

The church seems to have done away with the 5 fold ministry where the Apostle and prophet were the leading/guiding/correcting ones and pastors were to feed the sheep. Its now turned to a format where the pastor runs everything and kicked out the apostle and prophet and we have 45 minute or so “sermons” which leave no room to exercise the gifts God has given the church.

The Holy Spirit has been replaced by “programs” and business models. The church is not where God originally intended it to be. We listen to a sermon, have a cuppa and quick catchup and go home. No place any more for the spirit to move and give prophetic utterances or words of wisdom, knowledge, no discernment if a witch or occultic person comes in to disrupt.

There is no more “speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs. Its all now a business model. Then you have the “Word of faith” movement entering in and get “kingdom now” doctrine. Tithes are being preached before the main sermon and being wrongly interpreted as a New Testament doctrine to bring in the money to keep the building going.

Tithes were never about money. We need the Spirit back in the local church…which was, in the New Testament, peoples homes. More intimate.

Ken Cross

It helps me to differentiate between “the Church” ie Christ’s Bride and the religious institutions known by the world at large as the church.Some of these don’t even believe the Bible and seriously question the present day reality of a loving God who is as active today as when Jesus walked the earth.It is generally run by man’s rules. When Jesus moved amongst the people of Israel he rebuked the religious leaders of his day. The true church however is a community of Faith and noted by, as Jesus commanded, love for each other.As Bernie said, Not perfect but desiring to be what The Father declared His church would be, a living breathing body;Christ’s body.

Berni Dymet

Carmen, I suggest that you request your free booklet “Flourishing in the House of The Lord” whole it’s still available. :-))

Berni Dymet

Mary Ann, you said that “It’s those who enter in with their sin and corruption that unless corrected and if not then removed is what will defile.” That’d be all of us, wouldn’t it???

Mary Ann Johnson

The sin brought into the various places of assembly of those worshiping God in the world today, along with the history of old revealing more and more sin and the cover up thereof, has indeed
brought shame and doubt in the minds of some on the very thing Jesus Christ built and died for. But the Church itself, that same Church that Jesus built and died for is pure and clean. It’s those who enter in with their sin and corruption that unless corrected and if not then removed is what will defile. As we’ve seen on the news cover up and denial seems to be more important that keeping what Christ died for pure. Those who are party too and part of such corruption will answer to Christ one day, but until then no such unclean person will keep me from worshiping my Lord, in Spirit and Truth. I heard once from a lady on the comment that they didn’t attend because of the hypocrites, but I’d rather set beside them in worship than be with them in Hell. If where I attend would continue to leave unchecked those types of things, I would attend another congregation, not leave and never return.

Carmen Burns

I really needed to hear this message. I have for the first time in my life been feeling a disconnection from the church, not God, but church.

Berni Dymet

Joe, the diplomacy aspect of Matthew’s calling came when Jesus dined with his fellow tax collectors rather than condemning them. Jesus reserved sharp criticism for those who should have known better – the Pharisees, Sadducees and His own Disciples. When it came to the “sinners”out there” somewhere, He engage them with His love rather than with condemnation. He came to heal the sick; to save the sinners, not to condemn them

– Berni

Joe Knepley

Hmmm, not sure diplomacy is a “requirement”. Even in the example you give of Jesus calling Matthew, I don’t see a relationship bridge built between Jesus and Matthew before Jesus calls Matthew. Relationship, listening, etc. can’t hurt but I am not sure they are required especially given Jesus’ examples of calling disciples in the bible.

Joe Knepley

Amen! Very convicting – the Levi’s in my life need the love of Christ not my judgment – very, very, convicting.

Joe Knepley

Amen! Very motivating sermon, much appreciated.

Berni Dymet

Thank you for sharing that Barbara. May The Lord truly bless you as you feed on His Word. -Berni

Barbara Lantrip

These 10 minutes have been a real eye opening life changing experience. I have listened to it 3 times and I do not grow tired of hearing that God’s anger died on the cross also. I agree…totally radical idea. I have always lived in fear of God and his wrath until now. I am in a deep dark place in my life right now due to family issues so to cope and find what the Lord has in store I am studying His word, praying, and listening to your radio broadcasts on your website. I cannot begin to tell you how much you have helped me. I thank you with all my heart and pray for your ministry to continue to show that Christianity Works!!!!


I really would like this explaination

Janice Haywood

Dear Bernie, this book is right on time. I’m having a family crisis. My mother died last week. Up until 2 yrs ago, my daughter and I were joint POA. On February 27 my brother and cousin brought in a already notorized POA and had her to sign it. My daughter and I already had a policy and arrangements for mama’s burial. The information was given to my brother who did not keep up the payments. Its been a week and my mother has not been buried. My cousin is very controlling and manipulative. My mothers care was terrible. In 16 mos she went from walking and being a little lucid since she had Alzheimer’s to an overweight woman in a wheelchair that was in and out of the hospital. My brother is responsible. I’m on disability. Ergo the insurance policy. Please pray for my family. My mother was a woman with dignity to receive very poor care and dont know how many hours mama was deceased before her untrained staff discovered mother has me frustrated and angry. My cousin says she’ll pay for it but she’s trying to do it cheap. I want my parents together. Please pray for us that I keep a guard over my mouth, be obedient to His Will cuz I’m ready to say words that I’ll be ashamed for later. God bless you and your ministry! Be blessed! Sincerely, Janice

Berni Dymet

Connie, just select the text copy it with your computer and paste it into a word processor. It’s that easy. 🙂


How do I copy the transcripts as I would like to save them in my files to read as often as I need to ? I would also like to send these transcripts to friends?

Tanja Buzzi Moriarty

I shared this message and linked it to my website/blog: www.tanjabuzzimoriarty.com

Another message today! I was scanning the FM dial on the way to work and stopped on 104.9 FM. I feel this message was customized* for me as I am trying to stay open to signs from above (see http://tanjabuzzimoriarty.com/2014/01/29/who-keeps-messaging-me-an-angel-departed-loved-one-god/). I know you will benefit from reading or hearing it today, too!

* I wear a second bracelet along with The Serenity Prayer to help me stay focused that says, “Be Still And Know That I am God.” (Psalms 46:10).

Berni Dymet

Lily, it’s time for you to start believing what Jesus has to say, rather than what your circumstances are telling you. I know that’s easy for me to say, but I have been through trying financial times in my life too. So, let me point you to Matthew 6:24-34 and believe what Jesus is saying to you. The time that you would have spent worrying, spend instead in prayer and the result will be (this is a promise from the Bible) that the peace of God will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:6,7). Be blessed, Berni

Lily Cipriano

I am looking for work and I just find myself under so much stress. I need to actively look for work, I don’t think God is going to give it to me without me doing something. I find myself panicking the whole time. My situation is terrifying.

Dawn Edwards

So good to be reminded of these timeless truths. Thought provoking as ever, thank you.

Simon wade

Hi I came across your talks on premiere Christian radio and intend using the Who is Jesus series as the basis for our talks at our church youth group. Christ Church Rugby UK. Thanks for the inspiration and may God bless your ministry. Simon


Your programme is my favourite program on Premier Radio. I am quite disappointed if I miss it now because I’ve gained so much from the helpful messages. I now don’t take sugar in my diet if I can help it and avoiding refined carbs and now this programme on stress has helped me to reassess my reactions to my work by not reacting in a stressful way and by trusting God to see me through. Thank you again.


Thax Bern this is so amazing I dnt hv mch to say, bt God must kip on blessing with lon’ life for bringng a healing on us thru the mighty power of his words amen


Thanks Berni for this insightful series that is so relevant to us, as the body of Christ, today. It affirms the series our family is working through: Moving towards a fearless new year..God is awesome! Keep on being a blessing


Thanks Berni!
You have put a smile on my face reading and listening to this 🙂 I recall a time a couple of months ago now when I was very stressed. I was to be matron of honour and helping organize the special day. I was asked to prepare a speech on behalf of my lovely sister in law who was the bride at my brothers wedding. I also wrote a poem and my brother asked me to read it as a prayer during the ceremony. I was anxious, scared and I did pray to God for help. I have never spoken in front of people like this before. On the day, my words came out fine for everyone to hear of the love and joy we had for this woman and man. What I then realized at the time was by trusting God and praying, I received peace and felt it inside. Our large family were all at the wedding, many with personality clashes but I didn’t feel scared getting up in front of them, instead I felt strong. Since that day I have both of my parents spending quality time with me, my husband and son. We have a renewed understanding where I did not have that before. Nothing more has been said of our past differences but somehow (yes God) seemed to reveal the good light in each other and the support we have for each other after that day,over Christmas and New Year still continues. It is simply a God given peace and understanding and it has given me a quiet confidence to continue down my path in life with faith and hope.

John Owens

Thank you so much for sharing this. I have had a lot of stress in my life the last year alone with no job and I’m still looking, so this made me have a new life, a new way of looking at things. Again thanks,


Thank you and God bless. God bless.

Sharlene Washington

Awesome word! I will share and sow within myself ,others.

Senen Teoxon

Thats it! God Bless you all!

Senen Teoxon

I thank Lord Jesus for His grace and mercy in your life and to all your team, God enable you to share His goodness to many including my self, such a revelation! Im sure Holy Spirit will protect you all and bless you day after day, again thank you.

Berni Dymet

Hi Leanda, thanks for sharing that. I totally get where you’re at. Be blessed as you remove the refined carbs from your diet and see the weight come off. Also don’t forget that I have produced an eBooklet on this subject that you can download for free here: http://us.christianityworks.com/?page_id=7000. Berni



I want to thank you posting this blog. I am 29 years old and fairly short (1.68m) I currently weigh in at a wopping 95kg

I have gone on a quick slim diet where you have to inject yourself twice a week and take vitamins and lost 60kg in 9 months

After going through a bad divorce I picked up 30 of the 60 kg again. People that has never been fat have no idea what a struggle it is to exercise when you are carrying so much extra weight on your feet, I mean it is not easy. I have a wedding in 40 days ( my own) and i do not fit into anything. I have a hole wardrope of cloths that don’t fit, but i refuse to give it up as I am a hopeful dreamer that I will fit into them once more.

My BMI is 33.66 and according to online calculators I am obese class 1. I have decided to do something for myself by loosing this 25kg once and for all. I remember how fantastic i felt when I lost the weight the first time. People complimented me and I had so much more energy.I felt like a million bucks not to mention that I could shop at regular shops, and not donna Caire and in the maternity section. Or walk into a shop holding a size 42 and asking the lady behind the counter if they stock bigger sizes (blushing)

I have thought about weight loss programs and gyms, but in such a small place as I live in, there is no such thing, and there for I will have to do this on my own with the support of the Lord.

I believe that if you really want to do something and you put your mind into it you will succeed. I have just been careless and lazy, but now it is becoming a problem. Woman should not let themselves go like this and I am ashamed as there is one thing i have too much of, it is determination.

I have now done the detox for a day as well as small meals to shrink the tummy and now it will be time to start my new lifestyle, because in truth it is not a diet. You have to change your mind set in every way.

I also can not get pregnant due to being overweight so my goal would be to have a second baby once I have that weight off.

My fiance always tells me to exsersize, but he does not know how it feels with so much weight as I have a rather small build.

So once again, Thank you for this post. I just wish more would read and do. The problem is, that people always think the worst of good advise if it does not come from someone who’s opinion they value.But what you say here is true as I have done this before. The one thing I did not do what stick to the eating style after the weight came off. That was my own mistake.

Thanks you and God bless

Berni Dymet

A very tough situation indeed Janice. May the wisdom of God be upon you and may the power of God be at work to change the things that you cannot. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Janice Haywood

I really enjoy the sermons. I listen to them at bedtime. I have a cousin that has been very hateful and mean. Not just to me. To the whole family. She’s caused so much trouble that it’s torn our family apart. Its a long story but right now she has my mother in her rundown senior home. I’ve been angry, frustrated, resentful and just wanted to rip her apart. She’s manipulates and she’s Narcissistic. Your sermons on anger,revenge has really helped me. I have prayed to God fervently a out this situation. So with your sermons and surrendering to God and let Him handle it. I can now at least talk to my mother on the phone without her interfering or cursing me out sometime later in the day. Please pray especially for my cousin and my spineless brother. Please pray for my mother. God bless you and your ministry. Be Blessed, Janice Haywood


What a wonderful message Berni, so true that our God always works in a fresh and new way all the time. I pray that I look forward to the celebration of my Savior through eyes not clouded with my own perspective or circumstance but to be excited to how God will move and reveal Himself to me afresh, to draw me closer to Him and to bring growth and a heart that desires a closer relationship with my heavenly Father.

Tina Taplin

Wow! That was so true as to what happened in my marriage. After 26 years I left and have now met the most wonderful man who does all those things and I know he cherishes me without having to ask him. Thank you we are on the road to a very long happy relationship together.

Berni Dymet

Hi Daniel, I’m not suggesting that we should work against our natural gifting. Quite the opposite. But each natural gifting has it’s natural strengths and weaknesses. Maturity, I think, is when we learn to have mastery over our weaknesses. Blessings. Berni

Daniel Eliet

Thanks Bernie, this is a good series, just about everybody can find himself somewhere in there I would think. I found a good description of the prophet personality for myself. However, the proposed solution I find may not be entirely sure. If given that personality by God, it must surely have a specific purpose. To compromise it by working against it may defeat the purpose of having it. As we be given a burden by God to go through such.., wouldn’t it be disrespectful and tentatively rebellious to deviate from it due to the fact that it may be somewhat feeling challenging or discomforting to live it? On the other hand I guess, anything can be led to extremes.

Berni Dymet

Thanks Karlene. The reason the series is real is that God’s Word is real. He totally understands the reality of our lives and that is reflected in His Word. May you be blessed more and more as you draw near to Him. In Christ, Berni 🙂


I am really enjoying this series because it is real.

Many christians want you to believe that all you need to do is pray and everything will be ok, but this is not real life. Sometimes you pray and nothing changes.

I really identified with your saying that you just want people to understand and empathise, but often, without understanding people want to offer a solution which is not what you’re looking for.

Thanks for this series.



Berni Dymet

Ericka, God’s Word is mighty and powerful – may He begin a great work in you this day. In Christ, Berni


God Bless you Berni….you never know how much your articles helped me…I’m going through a rough time myself…being always alone even though my siblings, friends and parents are with me…sometimes I question God for all that I’ve been going through…a career that’s not going anywhere…unfulfilled wishes of using my bachelor’s degree…financial issues along with health issues…and currently dealing with pain and loneliness of being childless with my husband and I’s six years of union and my husband’s overseas work…spending only a couple of months with me…thank you for touching my life and giving me inspiration with this article of yours…I’ll pray that GOD bless you abundantly in so many ways.

Mai ogawa

Thanks. I did what u said, and now my parents agree with me that I should lose weight. But in this case, I don’t know what should my daily diets be. I can keep all sugars and refined carbohydrates out, but I’m not sure which foods are / aren’t included in those categories. Sorry for troubling you again.

Berni Dymet

Hi Mai,

You’re in a tough spot. Until you remove the sugar and other refined carbohydrates from you’re diet, including white rice, noodles, soft drinks etc, not to mention the cakes, you simply aren’t going to lose weight. I encourage you to download the eBooklet on now I lost 25 kgs. Then sit down and talk to your parents about it. You need to lose weight and in order to so that you dramatically need to change your diet. Blessings, Berni.

Mai ogawa

I’m have been trying to lose weight for a long time, but I have always failed to do so. Im now only a 13 year old girl, but I’m really heavy. My family always take me out for dinner. And we will eat cakes every time someone celebrate his or her bday. And furthermore, I come from a big family. Can anyone tell me how can I lose weight like that? Because I can’t say no to the parties and celebrations. ( my parents don’t allow that ) I’m quite troubled. Pls help.

Berni Dymet

Thanks Linda. Be blessed as you receive God’s Word. 🙂 Berni

Linda Newell

Just come across your webpage and downloaded your free booklet When God shows Up. Read it straight away then read Habakuk.
Looking forward to reading Dealing with difficult people. Also listen to the one minute slots. They are great. Will be a regular visitor to your site. Thank you so much.

Berni Dymet

Victoria – a pleasure. It’s hard yakka bringing up teenagers. We have three wonderful adult children but I recall that there were many frustrating and difficult days in their teenage years. Hang in there it gets better. And the Lord is on the case. 🙂 Berni


Thank you for this series.

In dealing with a teenager, it is sometimes hard to wait for the harvest time … Or even to wait to see the seed grow and break out of the ground. Planting seed on hard ground is tough but God is good. He sent people like you to encourage me and not give up. (I have thought about giving up several times but my love for my son compels me to try one more time.) Harvest will come.

You also showed how important it is to plant a good seed and I can expect a good harvest. Thank you for imparting that. I have heard of the principle of sowing and reaping but it was often missed that we need to plant a good seed in the first place.

The Lord bless your ministry.

Berni Dymet


It never ceases to amaze me how powerfully relevant God’s Word is in every aspect of our lives. We ignore His wisdom and counsel at our absolute peril. But when we listen to Him, there is such a great fruit of blessing and reward.

Bless ya,

Francis Collins

Bernie, Well done and thank you for sharing this with me and so many others. God has blessed you with, I think, a wonderful way of touching the hearts and minds of young people – and older ones too, like me.

I shall pass this on to my niece whose oldest son (16?) is struggling big time with them i.e. in rebellion. I think to share it with my niece and her husband and see if they think that they want to or want me to share it with their son. If he will listen to your talks, I think that he will hopefully see more clearly how to go about growing up and honoring his father and mother so that he might have long life in the land God has given him.

I also am of the mind that it will bear a blessing from God to my niece and her husband who will be encouraged in their parenting and also perhaps see more clearly how to go about it.

I hope to let you know the good fruits of your your 5 talks as seen in my niece’s family.

Thanks again for getting back to me and sharing this wisdom from our God. Think that I shall look more at what you do and have to say and pass you on to others for their consideration.


Fran Collins

Mike Lakisa

I love this article….

Shirley Davies

Loved listening to the 5 messages on My Personality GPS.

Would you mind guiding me to interviews on your website?

Many thanks. shirl


YES ! many,many time’s. i find music helped myself while i was homeless.

one that really it me deeply,made me look closer at my own old ways
was and still is…………

i’ll find my way home . written and sung by jon and vangelis.

“You ask me where to begin
Am I so lost in my sin
You ask me where did I fall
I’ll say I can’t tell you when
But if my spirit is lost
How will I find what is near
Don’t question I’m not alone
Somehow I’ll find my way home

My sun shall rise in the east
So shall my heart be at peace
And if you’re asking me when
I’ll say it starts at the end
You know your will to be free
Is matched with love secretly
And talk will alter your prayer
Somehow you’ll find you are there.

Your friend is close by your side
And speaks in far ancient tongue
A seasons wish will come true
All seasons begin with you
One world we all come from
One world we melt into one

Just hold my hand and we’re there
Somehow we’re going somewhere
Somehow we’re going somewhere

You ask me where to begin
Am I so lost in my sin
You ask me where did I fall
I’ll say I can’t tell you when
But if my spirit is strong
I know it can’t be long
No questions I’m not alone
Somehow I’ll find my way home
Somehow I’ll find my way home
Somehow I’ll find my way home
Somehow I’ll find my way home”
p.s you find this on you tube ( maybe i could have pasted the link )

any how was/is a turning point in changing my life “a born again soul”
God bless everyone xxx


Thanks Berni,
This series is really helping me. I’m not going through any significant suffering myself, but I often get so bummed out when I see and hear of the overwhelming amount of injustice, foolishness, sin, suffering, etc. going in the world and in our own nation. I know God has a purpose in all this, but it is hard waiting to see what He will do.

Chris Smedley

I am 46 years old and struggling through life after the demise of my 20 year marriage. Despite enormous upheaval and inner turmoil and considerably sadness I fell to my knees about 6 months ago asking God to heal my broken life….a few months ago I was baptised into a local Penticostal Church and truly I have never experienced such inner peace and healing. As I said life is still hard but somehow I know God’s love and mercy will in time help me to bear fruit and move forward a better, more gentle and loving man. Oh Lord, please I pray that you come upon all that feel tortured and burdened by broken families. Thank you Bernie for your wonderful works of love and Christianity. I listen to you every day and would love to met you one day. God Bless.

Berni Dymet

Great stuff Kath. All I can say is … AMEN!


Berni Dymet

Awesome stuff Lynn. May the Lord bless your journey! One of the mistakes I made when I first gave up sugar is that I instinctively increased other refined carbs such as white flour to compensate. So keep an eye our for that. Remember vegetables (other than rice and potato) have more than enough carbs in them to keep you going. Be blessed.


Kath Wells

I think sometimes Jesus is testing people with his comments to them. Will they push through and beseech Jesus as their only option?

Kath Wells

I agree entirely Bernie… thanks for this. Have been challenged myself recently on ‘What price will I pay to see the lost saved, the sick healed.’ I am fasting to know the answer and to see a friend healed who has no medical answer… “He is able to do far more than we can think or imagine…” “Send forth your word to heal…” I cannot now be satisfied with powerless Christianity. Bless you!


Hi Berni, Earlier this year God told me to cut out white sugar and white flour from my diet, I did so, but only for about 4 weeks as I thought He meant as a fast. I felt really good was exercising and feeling really on top of things. After being back on sugar for about 3-4 months I gained all the weight back and am really tired again. God had told me I would be healthier at 50 than I was at 20, and so I questioned Him, Lord my weight, not healthier than when I was 20. He said you did not follow my instruction, you are 50 for a year, follow my instruction. That day I received an email from you with your booklet about your weight loss journey. I read it, purchased three of David’s books and today is my first fructose free day… I have started a blog and will be keeping track of how things go for me… for I know that this is important and I am hoping if I track everything from the start others might be released when they are ready or if God gives them specific keys. I plan to remove white flour in about 6 months… one day at a time… my blog for your info is http://built4purpose.wordpress.com/2013/ Thanks for being faithful and helping me to understand this is for life 🙂 Blessings.

Anne Aquilina

Could you please explain the response by the wise old lecturer to me? I don’t understand what he is saying by the two conflicting parts of the answer.

Rob Messmer

Anger is my stubborn sin, while driving along one day behind some one doing 40 ks in a 60 zone,i was livid. The thoughts in my head were many but finished with “God i am surpposed to be a Christian what’s with all these thoughts”. Well you wouldn’t believe the thoughts that followed they went something like this. Maybe the person in front of you nearly had an accident just a short while ago, Maybe they are driving for the first time by them self, maybe there is something wrong with the car, maybe they are returning from a funeral, and the list went on, leaving me shrinking in my seat with my thoughts now apologizing to God for being so ( ) there’s a word that fits there some where.
“Seek first the Kingdom of God and everything else will be given unto you” Wisdom versus anger?
The battle is not over but thanks be to God He has enlightened me a little more to prepare me for the next one.
Thank you for the “Stubborn sin” episodes which have further enlightened me to push forward for the prize that one day awaits us.
Keep up the great work


So true! I’d want my answer to be a YES!! Before the doubts.


Funny this one answered my question from the last one, maybe why people kind if sweep healing uder the carpet a bit is bc they feel it’s too complex?


Then what happens when even the person totally sold out to believing they’ll be healed…isn’t? That always confuses me. My sister fought cancer for nearly two years, totally believing God would heal her, with so many others believing alongside her…but wasn’t, at least on this earth. True, she lasted more than the intial 3 months they thought she would…but yeah, that confuses me a lot. Is it possible to unbelieve whilst believing?


I love the way you put things! It is definately thought provoking. I have in the past been believing on behalf of family/friends for healing and am currently for my own health believing on a word of healing I have had recently. Although I know Jesus can definately heal, I keep wondering what is believing enough? I will find out tmw if the results support my belief. I dont even dare think they may not in case THATS unbelief lol.

Nick Hemsley

Hi.I do like Berni ‘s teaching style, which I listen to when I can on Christian Radio stations. He seems to put things into a very down to earth & simple lanquage. It is a great help to myself & many others in my Spiritual growth & walk with the Lord.

God Bless you all at C.W. !


Berni Dymet


how awesome is God bringing his Word into our lives just when we need it. And how blessed are we here at Cheisitnaityworks to have a small part to play.

Be blessed,


This message was such a wake-up call for me. I have been in a slump these days with my walk with God. It’s to the point that I wonder, why am I working so hard in the church? I’m hurt and have hurt others through my walk. I also realized that I’m not as strong as I thought I was. I want to get closer to God, but raising a child, working full-time, being discouraged by those who say they love me… I feel like I’m getting deeper in my wounds. This message has challenged me to rekindle the love that I had with my God starting today. Thank you for being my inspiration today. I hope to be that light– that hope to those who are hurting and gloomy like I was today.

Gretha Fourie

Thanx so much for reminding me. I at this point can do with such a miracle in my life!!! Thank you so much,


this was very very encouraging. yes, it is so easy in the mundane things of life to forgot that Jesus is not just willing but also anxious to intervene in exceptional ways.

P V Ariel

good to be here again.
I just heard the message,
Thank you very much for the wonderful presentation.
A much confused subject, but you presented it in a
convincing way, thanks again. Waiting for the next part.
May God Bless.
Philip Ariel

Pat Joy

It’s not just Australians who don’t like the EV type of evangelism, I’m English and I can’t stand it. Trouble is I live in Ukraine and the only GOD channels I can get are nearly all this type of Evangelism, or the type that tells you that if you don’t belong to His church, you aren’t a Christian.

That’s why I get so many devotionals on line. If I don’t agree with the person writing the devotional I can tell them without being condemned.

Mitch Kautz

Abba Father, I thank you for the give and take. I have full faith in you and know whatever stands in my way you will give my the strength to accept and conquer.

For I sin but that’s not who I am. I will fight evil everyday, through action and through thought.

Thank you Lord, you are my rock and I will strive to bring good to this world.

Thank you Bernie. Every Sunday I listen to you and find total strength in these lessons and teachings.
It’s real life stuff and that why I relate.

My life is good Sir, but I know I can give more. You help me realize this and I would like to thank you.

The father, Son and the Holy Spirit is our boat in these rough seas.
I will strive everyday to use my paddle wisely and with godly characteristic.

God bless and thanks.

Mitch Kautz

Berni Dymet


It wasn’t an easy thing to say. But I mean it in the sense that sin by definition is falling short of God’s perfect plan. I don’t mean it as condemnation, simply as a wakeup call that God has something much better. And I think it’s important for you to get to the point of saying to yourself – “I have to stop feeling sorry for myself”. That’d be a huge breakthrough.

Had someone write in and call me a Pharisee over this. Not sure they got the point the way you have.

God wants to set you free from low self esteem. It’s one of the reasons Jesus came for you. 🙂

Grace. Power. Love.

Bless ya



Hi Bernie, I appreciate your comments on the low self esteem issue as I am a sufferer! It’s a revelation to hear it is a sin, that means I might have to seriously my attitude and stop feeling sorry for myself! Regards Marg


True. But here I am with four kids and a wife not working. I have to find money to feed the family, other wise we willl be thrown out of the house we are renting. Money rules and even in churches, those of us with little are not valued and our coin offering is not needed. I agree, with you that money is a cruel and bad master and whether we like it or not we have to dance to its demands or else we fall out of the so called grace.

Garry and Jenni Sambrook

Thanks Berni and team

Will send donation soon

I believe you Berni,JESUS is alive and on our side!!

Berni Dymet

That’s awesome Jen. Are you part of a faith community?


wow today I wrote down all the wrong turns I have made and then confessed to God that I am lost and that I need his son Jesus to help me find my way back. That’s so simple(although it has taken me a while to find this talk and get it into my heart and head.) I need Jesus, not doing things just in my own strength but in His.
It will be exciting to see where home is.


Thanks, for the commentary, and advise. Hard to find something relevant these days. Had dabbled in porn before became a Christian, and before marriage. Had it in hand for 20years. Then after 2 years of struggle came clean. But I am still tempted. Thankfully without sinning so far…. Finding fellow Christians to help with accountability is easier said than done. Thanks again R


I am Jasmin from Manila and I listen to your program over 98.7 every morning on my way to work. Thank you Berni for this message. I became a Christian two years ago and I come from a family of very independent and strong willed women where control and anger are ways for us to get people’s attention or cooperation and to get things done. This is very timely for me because I struggle when Anger is resorted to by family members. It breaks my heart when anger is released instead of just peacefully dealing with a situation or trusting Jesus. With your message I am more encouraged to talk to them about how to deal with Anger. You see, this is the norm in my family. I thought nothing of it because it was the environment I grew up in. Sadly, I was quick to anger too. But when I received Christ into my life two years ago and learning to live His ways I was humbled and brought down to my knees by the fact that to walk with Anger or choosing Anger to remedy things and situations is actually a disastrous walk. I found out I was misguided, unforgiving, impatient, controlling and untrusting of Jesus Christ. I didn’t know any better. Jesus showed this awful trait of mine and lovingly guided me to cure it, to seek Him instead of resorting to anger and to allow things to unfold because I have full trust in the Lord when it comes to my life and circumstances He brings me into. It is Jesus who is in control not I or my feelings. Now instead of resorting to anger, I step back, breathe in and out and pray. I immediately entrust the situation to the Lord and He tells me what to do. Though I am still a work in progress, there is peace in not walking in Anger and I love this inner peace. I have also resorted to forgiveness and love instead of keeping anger from past experiences. You are right. It is the enemy’s way of robbing us of our joy and this is not the life that God intended for you and me. I praise God for you and your work Berni. May God Bless you, your family and workforce. May you continue to share God’s word, grace and love. Thank you very much


May you continue to be a blessing to us all Berni. This is very helpful!


You are an angel Berni. God bless you! “His power, not our strength can help us overcome our sin.” Thanks for reminding.

Jennifer Bate

This is giving me strength and encouragement while I’m recovering from flu while on holiday in France. Thank you Berni and Christianity Works.


thank you so much, this has been so helpful. I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently – ‘worry is sin’ yes! Thank you for such practical advice and such a clear understanding of how we overcome these with God.


Wow this is really interesting..how do I get the cd or get more info on this.

Thanks so much for you’re interesting real life and easy to understand talks

Berni Dymet

Lio. Awesome!

lio alofaituli

thank you so much for the practical advice – i really have wanted freedom for years but was stuck between the “do it myself” and the “couch potato” approach – with your insights and i’m experiencing real transformation and victory – thanks again


YES! Amen! We need to be on our guard everyday, and stand firm against the enemy’s schemes. Praise God for His word that we can stand on, and use as our weapon.

Berni Dymet


Sure. In practice, we generally have a dominant personality type, and a secondary one. Perhaps even a tertiary one.

I for instance am predominantly leader, and second an achiever. That’s how it works for most of us. We can identify characteristics generally in 2 or 3 of the personality types.

My book “Personality GPS” will soon be republished as an eBook.

Bless ya,

mark diza

hi! i’m mark from the philippines. i wonder.. is there a possibility that a person can have one or more of the personality type you have discussed or there’s just one personality type for one person. thanks and may God bless you! 🙂

Sonja Moodie

Fabulous…so informative ! I now know how to work on my weaknesses. Thx Berni for a splendid broadcast. Also thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge so generously.

Sonja Moodie

Fabulous broadcast. It should be suggested that all couples listen to this to enable them to understand each other better. There will be less conflict in a relationship if we in the first place understand ourselves, and then understand our partner. Thanks for an informative session.

Berni Dymet

That’s awesome Lio.

Don’t forget to grab a free copy of the booklet – “Yes! You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks”. It contains a list of the characteristics for each personality type but will only be available for a couple of weeks as a free gift.

Click on this link:

Be blessed,


Berni Dymet

Hi Penny,

The one you are looking for is the practical server. Here is the link:

Be blessed 🙂



Hi Berni,

I love listening to your different perspective broadcast. I plan my ride to work around it! Last week I was running late and I think you were talking about a personality type that is thinking so much that they can get overwhelmed with the details, end up not being able to make decisions. I think it was some type of leader but I’m not sure. Does that sound familiar? I’m not sure which day it was, I think it was late in the week. But I don’t think it was teacher. I didn’t get to it online last week and heard you say today that we can go back and hear last week’s programs, which is great, but I’m not sure which day is was. Any idea?


Thank you . Today God spoke to me through you. Even though I am not a christian, I believe that it was fate which made me stumble upon your site and I got this wake up call about my health. I will need to read these four episodes once or twice more to grasp fully what you have said and try to modify my life. God works through unseen hands and today i have witnessed it.

lio alofaituli

Thank you for this teaching – I used to think I was an encourager – but through your series I’ve confirmed – I am a carer! It’s a world of difference – and I am trying to confirm my secondary personality type – thanks again for this great lesson!

lio alofaituli

i really appreciated the series and have found it to be life-changing. thank you for publishing and making this information available to so many. i live on a tiny island in the pacific where resources are extremely limited but thanks to your ministry i see rom 12 in a new perspective – thank you again


Hi Berni, I got your book ‘my personality GPS’ a couple of years ago and listening to your current series I re-read it. I know I’m a teacher, but can’t work out my secondary motivation -I feel like I’m a bit of everything! I guess coming from the soul, that kind of makes sense -is it common for us soul people to feel like this?


Laurence Nicole

That’s me, the good and the bad!

Berni Dymet

Hi Will,

Feel free to use whatever you find on our website. There are thousands of radio messages available, all with text transcripts.

Check out the Audio Lounge in the Resources section of the site and be blessed.

In Christ,

Will de Jesus

As a Christian Men’s Ministry facilitator, I am in search for resources that enlighten, draw and transform the lives of men for our Lord Jesus.
One of my driving forces in the Spirit is to assist others in looking at God and growing more intimate with our Savior via a variety of easy-access media, whether Pod-Cast, YouTube or other video/audio sources, as well as print media.
Any resources that I may utilize from your website/archives would be appreciated in my search for gold nuggets. I listen to your broadcasts most mornings, and find them rich with insight and challenge. May our Lord continue to bless your endeavors by his Spirit.

Berni Dymet


You need to speak with a leader. Leaders have two things that you need.

1. They are good communicators, with strong verbal,linguistic skills. They find it naturally very easy to synthesize complex issues and communicate them with clarity and in a compelling fashion.

2. People will naturally listen to them and follow their direction. They punch above their weight when it comes to influencing opinions.

On the other hand they’re often not as visionary as someone like you, so they need you by their side. It’s a good partnership when you think about it.

Hope this helps.


Ross Hutchison

I so loved the program today on enthusiastic people – I am he, so correct. Rushing about doing lots of things being enthusiastic but not carrying them through completely. This has caused me some pain though, I have never seen myself as a leader and thought I would be a good second in command. One of my gifts is seeing where the world is moving in different ways we think,or technologies, for I am a forward thinker. However I cannot for the life of me communicate this to people around and it is so frustrating. I find it hard comunicating the idea and people just look at me as if to say that will never work but year on year and decade on decade – things I have said would happen HAVE happened. So a question – who out of all the different personalities should I speak to which then enthuses me to make a positive difference and a strong bond is then created to move mountains?

Berni Dymet


That is awesome. He wants to make a powerful difference in your family as you walk humbly in love with them.

Your brother in Christ,

Joanna Lockwood

Thank you Berni, God used your ministry powerfully in my life today, I put my sure hope in God alone as I step forward to forgive and love and do the simple things to bring my family together. Praise be to God for what He has already done and what He is doing and what He will do. God continue to bless you mightily!
In God’s love, In Jesus’ name and by the fellowship of the Holy Spirit


Hi Bernie,

1Timothy2:1,2 is a timely reminder for the body of Christ; that we need to be making daily supplications, prayers and intercessions with thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father through His precious Son, for everyone; for the body of Christ,our families the everyday workers and citizens of our towns, city and country, for our educators, school children, doctors, nurses, the clergy/ pastors, church leaders, chaplians, ministries, missionaries, judicial system, the list goes on. Also inclusive in this list are the politicians and leaders of our country,(as you have scriptural instructed in 1Tim2:1,2). Consider also to include our local councils, local members, the state as well as the federal government; may we pray for our christian brethren that are appointed in govt also, as well as the yet to be saved (for they too have been appointed by God). May they seek godly counsel and make decisions that are pleasing to the LORD.
With that said we must come to God with a clean hands and a clean heart, seeking God’s will even as we pray.
The following scriptures have come to mind as I write. Phillipians 4:4-8. Proverbs for instruction, for wisdom and discernment; some to meditate on, pray against, others to pray for. Prov28:2,3,4,5,8,9,10,12,13,14a,16,19,23,25a,26a,27a,28. Prov29:2,4,12,14,26.Prov31:8,9. Finally Isaiah40:21-31 and Psalm33:10,11,12,13-17,18,19;20-22 are such a comfort.
Thank you for your faithfulness,
Yours in Christ,
from Janine


So very very helpful. And very well written, easy to understand and straight to the point. I look forward to more!

Anne Bevan

Thank you for making this resource available. I have just read it for my employer, and summarised it’s contents (for him) in order to get the word out. It is easy to read, has great examples, and so makes sense! This is the first time I have come across ‘practical’ Christianity, and I am very thankful for it. Blessings to you and the team. Thanks again 🙂


I sent a comment earlier, I forgot to tick the box below which says – notify me of follow-up comments by email. thanks. .md

would love to hear from you Berni

Berni Dymet

Hi M.D, – I really feel your pain and I totally understand where you are coming from. I am planning a series on singleness, divorce and being widowed sometime in the new year. It is such an important area to cover.

May The Lord draw you ever closer to Him.

In Christ,


hi Berni
really enjoyed listening to your series on how to stop your family from falling apart. . 7 and half years my husband left me because he said he didn’t love me any more. (2 weeks off 18 years of marriage and 2 beautiful children)…I felt very unloved for 2 -3 may be 4 years prior to that, and in that time, I did ALL that you said, plus more that God laid upon my heart. I still failed. I am still asking God to heal my broken heart. and He is.

after listening to how to stop your family from falling apart, I feel so very overcome again with my brokenness and deep hurt.

oh how I wish sometime there was some more teaching out there for helping you after its happened!!!

the two people who helped me the most were people who had already gone through it too. 1 a Christian. 1 not.

now things have settled. my children see their father every week for meals which is great for them.
my daughter is 21 my son 15.5
mow I am working on Jesus as my husband who loves me completely – learning this as heart knowledge as I know it as head knowledge.

but this doesn’t take it away from wanting to be with a physical person to walk and talk and share with..
how on earth does this happen???

anyway… just wanted you to know your new series is great… but what about those who carry on with the family on our own.
nobody talks about us.

God Bless you and your family


Carole McIntosh

I am thinking that we do not accept the things that God tells us to do because we immmersed in the world view. People who break the law today have thier crime made less, or they are forgiven and let out of goal early. Everything is excused

I fear that we do not listen to Gods voice because of the above world view. Forgiveness is commanded, to not obey is dangerous and has huge repercussions in our daily life

Joanne Claire Newell


belle martin

Dear Bernie,yes church is about broken people,but then why is social interaction left to chance .Most people are by nature self centered,often poor communicators,conflict avoiders so tending to connect with the familiar.Where is the friendship ,kindness and interest in others.Pllllleeeeeeeeese not the ‘well what about you ?’ .This is a terrible problem the world over,from what I’ve gathered.People just don’t care ENOUGH.We need intense teaching with clear instruction ,we need help .a strong strategic plan of action.My 24 and 20 year olds have given up on church and christians again ,they are quiet people but cant handle the indifference and unfriendiness.your in christ b martin

Berni Dymet


It’s a tough and difficult subject – when should I walk away. I plan on doing a series on family breakdown, because I know it is a reality. If you read the book “Dealing with Difficult People” you’ll discover that that’s exactly what I say.

And whilst there are all too many cases of abuse that demand separation, my concern is that in the majority of cases, we are far too disposable in our attitudes to marriage and family.

What I know is this. My sin is totally incompatible with the perfect love of God. He had every justification to throw His hands up in the air and leave me to the destructive path that I had chosen.

Instead, He deliberately sent His Son to die for me.

It’s that sort of love that is too rare in our understanding of family today.



Hey Bernie,
I was at home listening to your segment on Family and was really concerned at what you are preaching. Not everyone comes from a Family that can be mended. i come from a family of witch craft insest abuse, physical and emotional abuse. Many times have I tried to forgive them and keep letting them into my life.
All I got was chaos only walking away and forgiving them afar could i move on with my life. Sometimes bernie the best thing you could ever do is break the cycle for the next generation and walk away. God puts people into your lives that are like family whether they r blood or not. God separates family for a reason.
Sometimes you must understand not everyone fits in to the category of normality understanding Family is understanding the world.
The struggles we face with them are lessons that teach us to be strong to be courageous to be people of integrity that sometimes letting go is finding something deeper within. It’s funny how you teach about family but jesus says lose your family and I will give you everything. Instead letting family be the glue to this world let God be your your glue to this world then you will truly understand Family.

Berni Dymet


may the Lord bring you great comfort, wisdom and endurance as you travel through this difficult time. I know how hard it is in that dark place, so will be praying for you. Remember He is in that place with you and He will show up just at the right time. No matter what the outcome with your marriage is, He has a future planned for you.

Your brother in Christ,


Hi Bernie, Me and my family are going through the hardest time of my life. We have been married for 15yrs and in the past 2.5 moths have been separated. We have 4 children from 4 to 14 Y.O. Your radio programs have been holding me together. Thankyou for your words Bernie. If I did not have children and God said it wasn’t a sin, I would have blown my head off by now. The truths and encouraging words from you are my inspiration. I work alone all day in a welding work shop. Please pray that my wife Natalie turns back to God and casts out all the thoughts and imaginations that enter hear mind, and that she of her own will, wants to be all God has for her, and her family. Thankyou. Bernie. Faithfully, screwed up Scott.

Brenda Harvey

Thanks for these messages Berni.
My heart says Amen to all that you are sharing this week.
Your messages are encouraging me to want to give even more as I understand more clearly God’s heart for the poor and needy.
My husband and I have seen time and time again that God’s generosity to us encourages us to be even more generous to those in need both near and far.I believe that God calls his people to be open handed and open hearted to those in need around us.
Blessings to you.

Berni Dymet

Sean, how awesome is God, eh?




thanks for your message on anger (episode 5). it has been a while since i listened to your radio show, “a different perspective”. i had a heavy heart because of an incident at the office yesterday that made me very very angry at someone. my mind knows that i must let go, but i found it hard to do so… until I tuned in this morning, and God spoke to me through you. now my heart is at peace after praying, confessing, and surrendering the justice part to Him. I was also convicted to offer a prayer for the person. God bless you, Berni.

Berni Dymet

Some great insights there. Thanks for sharing!



Berni Dymet


may the Lord bless you as you receive His Word and may the power of the Holy Spirit do the most amazing things in you.

In Christ,


This series is all about me! I am that angry, bitter person. I know that I am not able to overcome the anger and pray that God will lead me down that path of peace. Love the series and as always, love your perspective. Great job.

S. McDougall

This is true. I like the ‘change the root, change the fruit’.
But I might add that it’s not just our hearts, but in how we ‘think’ about things. I’ve learned that I’ve had an ‘entitled’ and ‘critical’ mentality. I am ‘entitled’ to see my agenda through, and ‘how stupid can you be not to see it too’. I am ‘entitled’ to certain responses. I have a ‘right’ to sarcasm, belittling others, giving them what they deserve, showing them how far short they fall, what they did wrong…
I’ve learned this makes me a very unhappy and mean person, not to mention a poor representative for Christ. Also unstable. I reacted out of my emotions, trusting my heart, rather than God’s Word. I am learning that OBEDIENCE to God’s Word is paramount in my life to be able to live a life of grace, forgiveness, kindness, gentleness, compassion…
In my quest for real TRUTH, I had to first realize how wrong I was in my thinking in light of God’s Word, then apply it to EACH AND EVERY situation, conversation, and decision. Paul the Apostle talks about be ‘Transformed by the Renewing of our MINDS’. This is more true than I ever realized. (I LOVE this verse!)
We as Christians must stop living through our hearts and emotions all the time, and learn to be OBEDIENT to the Word of God, by reading His Word Faithfully, and acting on it every single day. This will bear much fruit, and transform our thinking. I’ve been doing this for the last 2 years, and it has born much fruit in my own life. I am now a faithful daily reader of God’s Word, and try to be diligent to apply it to myself and my thinking.
It has helped my marriage, my family relationships, work relationships, difficult relationships… I can’t tell you how this has transformed me. When I started applying God’s Word to MY heart and mind (instead of everyone else’s! LOL) I realized how far short I fell each and every day. The Holy Spirit revealed these things gently but truthfully to me when I went in search of TRUTH in the Bible. And I found it. I am not a ‘bad’ person outwardly by earthly standards, but in my heart and mind, I was corrupted, stained, warped, disobedient, rebellious, and couldn’t even live up to my own expectations of others!
I was truly a hypocrite, and didn’t realize it.
I can’t tell you how realizing all this, and that I must ‘Take Captive EVERY THOUGHT and make it OBEDIENT to GOD’ has changed my life. (2 Cor 10:13, I think) I didn’t realize I didn’t HAVE to ACCEPT every thought that came my way. I mean, the obvious ones, but the less obvious ones, like your description of being angry at the traffic light. That’s ‘entitlement’. You feel you are ‘entitled’ to get through that light. Where’s the grace? Do you fail at other things in life? These are the questions I ask myself in these situations.
Am I ‘entitled’ to think this way about others? NOPE. It certainly isn’t a reflection of Jesus. I now think, well, that person didn’t feel safe going through at that time. Maybe something else was going on in that car we couldn’t see. Maybe they just made a mistake… I now try to consider things from other’s perspective, and certainly from a Godly one.
2 Tim says he wrote 2 letters to stimulate us to ‘wholesome thinking’. We’ve had ‘stinkin’ thinking’ for far too long. We’ve been Worldly Christians in our perspective. We’ve let the world deeply influence our expectations.
Expectations…now there is another subject for another time, but it certainly weighs heavily in this one as well. What should our expectations be? This we must search out in scripture as well, and line up our thinking with it!
There is another scripture that says we should speak as if ‘using the very words of Jesus’. This can apply to our thinking as well.
I have found that our ‘culture’, with it’s never-ending access to media, has a HUGE influence on our thinking. I’ve cut out nearly all TV (no satellite bill now – woo hoo!) I don’t listen to secular stations except some classical. I am very careful what books and magazines I choose to read. I am careful about my conversations. I try now to look at each situation and conversation as a way to help the other person however I can in word and deed to further the cause of Christ by living as an example the best I can, for I am indeed an ambassador for Christ! M
y outlook should be ‘eternal’, and not ‘worldly’. I find it is so easy to get caught up in earthly things and we don’t realize how much the every day things affect us.
Finally, I’ve learned that God is ‘above’ culture. There are many cultures in the world, but God’s Word is above all that. Culture changes, fads come and go, but His Word remains the same, and is forever relevant in our lives, but it is a Choice, to be Obedient to it, Trust the Word of God as the Real and Absolute Truth, be Faithful to it, to Live as disciples of Christ, and Not ourselves.
Sorry for running on, but I wanted to share what God has done in my life, and how realizing my hypocrisy, how important OBEDIENCE to His Word is, and faithfully reading and applying it literally to my thought life, word and deed, every day has really made a lasting change, with the help of the Holy Spirit. Putting His Word FIRST, over my thoughts and desires, and holding everything up to the Light of the Word, shines real TRUTH in my life, and transforms me closer each day to be more like His Son. I am a work in progress, but progress I am making indeed!

Merle ORyan

Good stuff……I’m encouraged. Just this morning I was angry because my
15 year old removed the cellphone charger from its “home” (again). God’s grace IS sufficient. Thank you for your program.

Berni Dymet

Thanks David. They just play our short 60 second programs I believe. But as you’ve probably discovered, we have many thousands of longer form messages here on the website.

Be blessed,


David Shelton

I enjoy your snippets on Life FM in Adelaide. I live on the south coast, in the river township of Goolwa, at the end of the mighty Merry river.

Have a great day.
God bless
David Shelton


I heard your broadcast last night as I was getting into bed and tried thru my mobile to get the free booklet on Healthy Living, but here it is Sunday morn, and I see I am too late. Your information and background was great; informative and realistic.
Best blessings to you and your life and your team.
Hope to hear again in the future on the radio and have the opportunity to get the booklet, whether free or purchase.

Berni Dymet

Craig, you’re right. Not all sugar is bad, in very small quantities and embedded in fibre to slow down its absorption. Small amounts of fruit are good. However, all refined sugar is bad, because it contains fructose and fructose is one of the very few substances that our bodies can’t turn into glucose, which is the energy source that every cell relies on. So instead, it’s turned into triglycerides – fats- that destroy our health and have the double whammy effect of messing up our appetite control system making us eat more. The problem is that almost every manufactured food that we buy contains sugar – lots of it. So now instead of eating a few kilos a year, as people used to in the 1800s and earlier, we’re eating 70kgs a year and its killing us. The thing people miss is that in an historical context our sugar consumption is completely abnormal. That’s the problem. That’s why I don’t ever consume anything that contains more than 1 or 2 grams of sugar – including fruit juice, honey and anything else that purports to be natural. Fruit juice is squeezed out of fruit – we throw away the antidote (the fibre) and drink the poison (sugar). The 25 kgs I’ve lost, and my amazing blood test results ate proof enough for me.


Hi Berni……..it was some fantastic info you gave over the past 3 weeks on this much discussed topic ‘weight’and ‘health’
Surely all sugers are not bad?…..so what are the bad sugers and were do we find them?…..
Thanks again for being an amazing blessing in so many lives.

Berni Dymet

Jo, it’s tough when that happens, and yet that’s exactly what Jesus experienced. Press into Him in this difficult time and He will without doubt use this adversity to make you even more of a blessing to others, as you discover His amazing love in that dark place.

Jo Taylor

Thanks for this article. It is very encouraging and I will be reading Luke 15. I have been going through a difficult time in that I got a person a job at my work. For the past 2 years that same person has been bullying me to the point that I have resigned and left that position. I am struggling that not only did I have to leave the job I loved but it was by the actions of the person whom I blessed. She is happy now that she has complete control over the office and has not one ounce of remorse for what she did. I will read Luke 15 and trust that God has some thing better for me.


I think you mean “hear me out” not “here me out”!

Berni Dymet

You’re right Lalashe. Knowing our destiny in Christ, is just such a powerful ‘direction finder’ in life. 🙂



Berni Dymet

Happy to be of service there Saffron X Reviews. :-))

Saffron X Reviews

Fine way of telling, and nice post to get information about my presentation
subject, which i am going to convey in school.


Very encouraging! Thank you Berni! Finally something that makes sense! God Bless 🙂 I bought the book sweet poison, very interesting!

Berni Dymet

Thanks Su. It’s quite a departure from what I normally talk about, so I really wondered how it would go down. The response around the world has been massive – unprecedented. So thanks for adding your voice to the encouragement.


Absolute truth


Hi, I am so pleased to listen to this series , I discovered this truth for myself a while ago and I am so pleased to hear it on UCB Radio today, I will be subscribing and listening to all of your podcasts and I will be telling my friends to listen.
So many modern diseases and it is so obviously linked to our modern western diet.

Thank You

Berni Dymet

Manolo, hasn’t changed for me. Mine has always been at the high end of the normal range.


Hello Bernie,

What did your low carb diet do to your uric acid level? My cholestor level is fine, but uric acid is sometimes out of control…



Thank You, Lord, that You gave us 365 days in a year so that we
can have a fresh beginning each day. Lord, thank You for this day when we can start afresh, have a new beginning! May we honour
and glorify You in our body from now until eternity! Amen!


Wonderful! This is the help I have needed! I’ve reached the glorious age of 70 and had been feeling oh so tired. Not hugely overweight but cholesterol high, blood pressure ok but wanted to
take off some weight and feel more energetic. Was getting breathless on brisk walking and going up hills! But, praise the
Lord, for this wonderfully timely help! I really enjoy your broadcast and was not expecting this particular series but all
we need for our daily living is to receive such timely help from
our brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you brother! The time
to start exercising not only our body but also our spirit is NOW!


I was so excited when heard your programe
On reducing refined carbohydrates
But unfortunately I am in England and when going on
Your broadcast site I could not upload the advice on
The foods to not take and the free booklet is only available in Australia I was wondering if you could give me the name of the person mentioned who has
Written the books on low carbohydrate food
Thank you
When clicking on the broadcast icons to listen again to your programe on this exciting new way of eating it would not open so hope you can he’ll listen to you different perspective broadcasts on ucb and have found them very encouraging thank you
Christine Fogarty united kingdom
Yours in Christ Jesus

Berni Dymet

Hey Lidya

thanks so much for the encouragement. And by the way CONGRATULATIONS!!

We just launched our brand new website overnight and you’re the very first person to leave a comment on the new site. Well done!




I really love your teaching. very encouraging! I have been struggling of my weight since I was a child. God bless you! thanx!

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