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Series: Healthy Living to a Ripe Old Age

We live in a world where people are getting fatter by the minute. The so–called ‘Western diet’ is cutting the average life short by 12 years – through heart disease, diabetes and stroke. It’s called metabolic syndrome.

Berni has struggled with his weight almost all his life – but having lost 25 kilograms, he is now living a healthy lifestyle.

In this series – he shares what he’s learned.

Episode 1. It’s Time to Look at Your Body

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A hundred years ago, obesity was rare, and diabetes, cardio vascular disease and cancer were even rarer. Today – two thirds of people in the west are overweight and heart disease is the number one killer, diabetes is a pandemic and cancer is running wild. What exactly is going on? Something’s Not Quite Right That’s […]

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Episode 2. My Top 3 Secrets for Losing 25 kgs

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I’ve lost 20 kg, that’s 45lbs of weight, more than 7 times in my life and each time, I’ve put it back on again, until a few years ago, so today I’m going to share with you my top 3 secrets for losing 25 kg. Turns out, it’s much, much easier than you might think. […]

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Episode 3. Food, Exercise and Ageing

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At some point we all grow old. But the latest research is telling us that there are some important things that we can do to slow down that ageing process. And that might just be a bit interesting to a few us – do you think? Eat Healthy, Be Healthy You and I have been […]

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Episode 4. Your Body is Not Your Own

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Cigarette-smoking is a tragic addiction which is claiming way too many lives, both across the developed and the developing worlds. As we chat on the program today about living a healthy life to a ripe old age, smoking is one subject that we simply can’t ignore. Don’t Smoke It’s something I understand really well because […]

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Hi Berni
I ordered the book you have recommended me by Dr. Michael Mosley. However, the more i read book the more i realize that it is basically concentrating on the people with diabetes. I got my blood sugar levels done and they are perfectly ok. Please guide.

Berni Dymet

Hi Evisha. No salt has nothing to do with weight gain, except that it may cause you to retain a little more water. That’s why people with high blood pressure need to be a bit careful with salt. Salt basically has zero calories – no calories, no weight gain. I don’t have any blood pressure issues, so I use it whenever and however I want.


Thank you Bernie!!

Evisha soneja

Hey Berni God bless you for such a worthy article….actually I wanted to ask you that I’ve heard that salt is also responsible for weight gain…is it true?…..then how should we season our veggies

Berni Dymet

Joana, I only eat real fruit and in small quantities. I stick away from no car a Dan hi sugar fruits like mangoes, pineapples, ripe bananas etc and go for low sugar fruits. Berries are very good. I buy mixed frozen berries and have 100 grams most days with some Greek yoghurt. They are high in antioxidants. A small amount of fruit each day is good. But overloading in fruit just fills you with sugar.

Joana Rodriguez

Hello Berni thank you so much for publishing this article it is in fact really inspiring, i just have one question, do you eat actual fruit? if you do what kinda of fruit?

Berni Dymet

Natasha, that’s very simple. Firstly, we’ve eradicated many of the diseases that used to kill people – typhoid, smallpox, polio, hookworm, etc, etc. Also, in the Secondly, medicine has become very good at prolonging life. For instance, even though the rate of heart attacks has gone up drastically, medicine has become much better at saving those who have heart attacks. The point is that we want to stop things from happening in the first place. Diabetes has increased fourfold since 1980 (http://m.smh.com.au/nsw/the-diabetes-epidemic-up-to-half-a-million-australians-have-this-deadly-disease-without-realising-it-20160407-go0ns1.html). So, that’s the answer.


Hi Berni,

I liked everything you said and thank you for inspiration. I have just one question. You are saying our grand grand parents lived in a world where diabetes, heart disease and stroke were very rare. But how to explain the longevity of life that was very much significantly shorter than now? Think about it..what did they die of and why 40-50 years was an average life span? Looking forward to your answer.

Berni Dymet

Shobha I know how you feel. That leveling out is so discouraging. But first, congratulations on the huge amount you have already lost. Well done!! And not to eat roti or rice in India is a huge thing (I travel to India a lot so I get it!). I have a suggestion for you that I know will work. Go to Amazon and buy Dr Michael Mosley’s book “The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet”. He is often on the BBC and is excellent at garnering the latest research into practical solutions. That’s what he’s done in this book. Really, really worthwhile and I can tell you firsthand it works. Blessings, Berni


Hello Bernie,
I am 25 yrs old female. I have lost 30 kgs weight. As of now i weight exactly 80 kgs but i don’t look like i weight 80 kg, it looks like i weight 100 kgs. People appreciate me for losing 10 kgs of extra weight and when i tell them that i have shed 30 kgs they don’t believe me. Infact some people have told me that ” i believe you have lost some weight but definitely not 30 kgs”. Its kind of demoralizing. Some of my acquaintances weigh more than me but still they have leaner body than mine. I understand every individual body structure is different. I don’t know where i am going wrong. It would be a huge help if you can guide me. Its been 10 months i have not even touched sweets and i avoid taking carbs also. However, i have 1 bread (wheat roti, staple food in India) twice a week in afternoon. No white rice or any kind of rice, pasta. I don’t eat meat, eggs and fried stuff. I don’t eat means i seriously don’t eat. I exercise regularly (20-25 days a months).
I hope you understand what i am trying to convey here.Please guide!!
Thank you.

Muskan Khan

Thank you Mr Dymet! I let you know about my progress. I’m from tomorrow that is a few hours from now and I hope this works and I get health and fit. Thanks again!

Berni Dymet

HI Muskan, great to hear from you. Yep, give it a try. Be brutal, get rid of everything that has sugar in it, aside from the odd piece of fruit. You’ll be amazed how the weight comes off. Yes, fatty liver can lead to cirrhosis of the liver which can lead to cancer. But it generally takes decades to happen.At your age, don’t be concerned about that. Get rid of the sugar, cut down on the refined carbs (the white ones – white bread, white pasta, white rice … and of course the big one – sugar) and increase your good fats – basically olive oil and animal fats (don’t touch margarine or those other vegetable oils) and you’ll be amazed. Your appetite will reduce and over the next 6 months or so the weight will come off slowly and steadily. 🙂

Muskan Khan

Hello Mr Dymet,
I am a 17 years old girl, I’m 6 feet tall and I weight 110kg. I have been fat like all this many years and every day I have to listen to my family and friends D gread me. I had lost 20kg in 3 months 2 years ago for my sister’s wedding and over these 2 years I have put back all the weight on! Actually now I am more heavy than I was… today I got really mad at my self for being so fat and I was fed up of listing to the insults. I took out my phone and went through the Internet. And I found your article. I find it amazing and I can’t wait to try it. I had a question does fatty liver really cause cancer?! Because last time I checked I had stage 1 of fatty liver and I so don’t want to have cancer and die. I hope your theory works and I became healthy. Thank you so much for shearing this with us!

Thank you,

Berni Dymet

Good on you Rushda. I know it will make a huge difference. Let me know how you get on. 🙂 -Berni


Bernie , thank god I found this article. I am 33 yrs old ,87 kg and 5’1 inches . I have hypothyroid since I wad 22 yrs old and i have been trying to lose weight since then. Swimming , gym, yoga , diet….i have tried everything. Ny feet n knee hurt when I walk. I dont look good in anything i wear. I was very depressed and i kept praying to God to help me give back the body that he gifted me with. I keep saying sorry to God to have wasted his creation and ended up looking so ugly. And i asked him to help me….and i found this article. Thank you Bernie ! May God bless you ! I commit myself to this and I am going to start loving myself again :). You gave me hope as i had given up.

Berni Dymet

Faiza, I can’t give you specific advice. Just request and read the booklet. Be blessed. -Berni


Helo Bernie sir I want your help for my weight lose..iam 23 years old my height is 5.6 my weight is about 78 plz tell me how much I lose weight for ideal look and how I do this

Berni Dymet

Nisha that is a physical impossibility. You need to set realistic expectations. Read the booklet. 🙂


I need to lose 15 kg in next 13 days. Please help me.

Berni Dymet

Luke obviously fruit is good for you. But not too much. I stick to low sugar fruits like berries including strawberries. But initially, give fruit a miss. Once your wight loss is underway, sure reintroduce low sugar fruits. But NEVER fruit juice. It’s the sugar that’s messing with your appetite control system and you’re addicted to it (specifically the fructose). So remove it as completely as you can in the first instance so you can kick the habit. And then later enjoy one piece of fruit per day, but the ones that are low in fructose. Steer away from the really sweet ones like mangoes for instance. And the riper the fruit, the sweeter it is, because in the ripening process, the fruit comverts it’s glucose (which is not all that sweet) into fructose (which is very sweet). It’s the fructose that’s the killer in your diet not the glucose. So go for a fruit that’s moderately ripe rather than over ripe. 🙂

Luke Baldock

Hello Berni, I was just wondering about the first part of this weight lose advice. Would I have to lose all the natural fruits within apples and other fruits as well? Or is it just all factory produced sugars to get rid of?

Berni Dymet

Lorraine, click here to download my booklet – Top 3 Secrets for Losing 25 kgs. Be blessed – Berni


Hi Berni I’m 93 kgs and 32years old and I’m desparate to loose 25kgs of weight.i have tried so many diets and only last 3 weeks or less, I have lost confidence and please may you assist me to loose weight. I eat sweets and carbs a lot..please may you assist me .

Berni Dymet

You can request the free eBooklet here. http://us.christianityworks.com/?page_id=7000


Hey sir, I have read your blog.. I felt it’s really very amazing. I used to go to gym one and a half hour daily. Most of the fat is deposited on my thighs, hips, legs and my gym instructor said it would take about one year to loose 10 kgs even, presently I weigh 70 kgs and my height is 5.1 inches. I seriously need some advice regarding how to loose at least 22 kgs. It’s so depressing for me when someone laughs at me because of my weight.. please do help me to loose as soon as I can.. I will be very greatful for you for the same.

Shirl Esther

Hi Bernie,
Thanks for your advice, and apologies for the delay in getting back!
I am having cottage cheese or Feta most days.
Sorry forgot to mention I lost 8 pounds the first week. Which was a combination of a boot camp exercise week as well as healthy eating.
The second week I lost 2 pounds.
I am surely on my way to loosing my first stone in 2-3 weeks.
My focus is fitness and healthy eating and I know I will be rewarded!
PS: I attended a workshop from a leading nutritionist, who advocates use full fat milk and dairy product and olive oil, nut oil (sparingly) as part of healthy eating stating that many micronutrients and vitamins need natural fat to be processed and synthesised in the gut /body.
So the only change I have made for good is use of whole milk last week and nut butter (100% cashews).
My calorie intake is around 1400 – 1600 and I am happy to slowly get to my goal but eat well and cut outg all rubbish.
Sorry for the long winded note but just wondering what you think of the use of whole milk and full fat natural dairy products like cottage cheese and Feta (used sparingly) as part of healthy eating? Just curious to know your view.
Thanks and much love in CHRIST JESUS, the SAVIOUR of the world!
Shirl Esther

Berni Dymet

Shirly, absolutely. Cheese and cream have almost no carbs. Substitute a small amount of those to replace the calcium you’re losing for the time being in reducing milk, which is packed full of lactose (a sugar).

Shirl Esther

Hi Berni,
Thanks for asking.
Its my first week of behaving without any struggle so far.
Results so far (in less than a week)
1. I feel great and not hungry (even though I think of food at times, I say to myself I can not go back to my old life of yo-yo dieting)
2. I eat every 2-3 hours + meals (snacks 35-65 cals mostly nuts and BE, Lunch and Dinner around 200-300 cals).
3. I relish every morsel of food and I love and enjoy my food (fortunately I always loved veg, salads and fish – so it isn’t punishment!).
4. I have in 5 days lost 4lbs (I know most of it is fluid but its a good start my endocrine system is flushing the toxins out – or atlaest that’s what I think).
5. My stomach has already dropped down (which is amazing -3 inches so far and I think its because I am not over filling it with rubbish and overeating by gallons).
6. Bowels are more active (more than usual which is great).
Berni, all in all I feel great!!
My concern is the reduction in calcium intake by reducing milk to a small quantity of 200-250 ml daily. I do eat feta cheese in salad (not daily though). I love milk and yoghurt but actually feel great when I have less of it. Any suggestions?

Berni Dymet

So given all you’ve done Esther, how is your weight loss going?

Esther Shirl

Any advice on the following will be graciously appreciated.
Love in CHRIST!
I was a very fit athletic woman upuntil my twenties before I moved to the west. The sedentary life style and high meat and fat and sugary diet has made me obese and over the years a yo to dieter!!
I have totally taken my self off sugar.
Eat protien mostly from fish, tofu and chicken all these
I love.
Cut milk to minimum about two hundred no each day for few days
I have taken up exercises (3 classes a week and 5K dailywalk for six days a week)
High fiber bread two slice max a day
Veg non startchy, salad as much as poss.
Quinoa, oats, chickpea, kidney beans for carb.
Three meals with two snacks (fruit or nuts about 50-100 cal)
All calories totalling around 1000-1200 a day.




wow. you have really shone a light on my situation. to be honest i didn’t know that processed carbohydrates were the main issue. personally i thought that all had to steer away from was anything deep fried, but now i know there’s a lot more to it than that. i thank God that i came across this article and pray that if i follow these 3 ultimate steps, it will get me to where i want to be, and that is at least 20 kgs less by my birthday which is next year at the end of March. i am 17 years old and currently weigh 65 kilograms.


Thank you for this article…

I have decided to give myself a 55-59 kg body gift on my 30th birthday (10 June 2015).

Current I’m 85kg and 1.65m, I’ve let myself go… I used to be really slim.

I’m now prediabetic, have PCOS and have been trying for a baby since I got married 2 years ago.

Through God’s grace I will be getting my gift Amen


Hello thank u for inspiring me and sharing this i weight 70 kgs and hight 165 my bmi is 25 and i want to lose 25 and be 45 kgs its my dream i have always dreamed of being a gymnast and i never seen a fat gymnast i wanna lose 25 kgs to be felixeble and have great clothes i want to ask u when i lose weight would my felexibility be improved ?? Or be automatically felixeble

Berni Dymet

Mohamed, my suggestion is that you exercise all the time, but with the weight that you are carrying (a) you won’t enjoy the exercise much and (b) you would have to do very light exercise, like walking for 15 minutes a day. As the weight starts to come off, your body will feel more like exercising. Start lifting the level of exercise by walking longer and faster, but not overdoing it, otherwise you will stop enjoying it and then will stop exercising. It is amazing how much you start to enjoy the exercise. Blessings. -Berni

Mohamed Mamdouh

thank you for this article. its really inspiring. but do u mean we shouldnt excercise until we get rid of those first 10 kilograms for instance? i would rather agree coz i used to be an athelitic, now m overweighted (fat) bmi =35 but with lots of muscles and fat as well. but i realized that going to the gym doesnt help loosing those 20-25 kgms. i consider a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, but m very hesitated. your advice is highly appreciated.

Dony Candra

Wow, very inspiring.. You make me realize that we shouldn’t eat like there will be no tomorrow, but start to eat and train our body like the way God created us.

I will get rid all sugar and redefined carbo, i should weight 75 kg NOT 100 kg!

Let God bless my effort to achieve my goal!


God bless.

Berni Dymet

Ray, fortunately Jesus came precisely for people like you. That’s why He said: “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick; I have come to call not the righteous but sinners to repentance.” (Luke 5:31,32). And that’s why they call it “the Good News”. Grace is only grace when it’s undeserved. -Berni


Thanks I need lose 20 kg
I also need to change my life
I am such an evil man you would not believe
I am older been in a Christian church earlier in my life
But now feel deserted by god
I have a great wife but I am bad

Berni Dymet

Tayo, milk contains lactose so in the first few weeks steer away from it. Have butter, cream and cheese in moderate amounts, no lactose there. Anything ending in “ose” is a sugar. No honey – it is 80% sugar. If you want a safe artificial sweetener go for saccharin but stay away from aspartame. If you remove all refined carbohydrates (sugar and anything that contains more than 3% sugar), white rice, potatoes, bread and pasta from your diet, you will rapidly lose weight. :-). Download the booklet from this website in the Resources section if you haven’t alrrady. Blessings. -Berni


Hello Bernie, my BMI is 35.6, I currently weigh 85.6kg, so I need to loose 25kg ASAP for health reasons. Please help!!! I am a bread and milk lover, can I still take milk? Can honey replace my cube of sugar? I just tried taking plain cocoa with milk and no sugar!!!!


This is eye-opening! Thank you!

Berni Dymet

Jane, much depends on your genetic makeup. The moment your blood sugar spikes, you’re i. Trouble when it comes to your health and your weight. I suggest you invest in a blood glucose meter from your local pharmacy, they’re not expensive and 100 test strip are about $50. When you eat rice, test your blood sugar at the 1 and 2 hour mark. If your up over 6.5 mol/l stick away from the stuff except on rare occasions. I’d be keeping refined carbs and grains to an absolute minimum.


Interesting and inspiring article, Mr. Dymet. I wanted to pick your brain on re-introducing some of the less healthy but not entirely unhealthy foods into my diet when I have reached my goal weight. Some examples would be milk, fruit juice, bran cereals, oats, yogurt … foods that contain lactose, sugar and carbs but are not in the same league as fast foods and processed products. This would be together with a regular exercise routine. Two foods in particular that I love but am not sure where they fall on the carbs spectrum are rice and plantain. I was hoping to get some insight from you. I suppose I’m just looking for some affirmation that will make me feel less guilty about eating such foods.

Berni Dymet

Rohail, as I say in the booklet, meat, vegetables, healthy fat (animal fat and olive oil) and small amounts of low sugar fruit like berries. At the back of the booklet you will find some other references to read. Blessings -Berni


I was 20 years old and 65kg
And when I was 21, i was 90 kg
Now I’m 23 N still 90 kg (173cmcm)
What happened to me is I don’t know. I tried to control the fat intake, I tried to exercise, I tried to run, but all in vain. Cuz I couldn’t do continuously any of them. I’m lazy, fat, unable to control my appetite…
Now I get something to do. Getting rid of refined carbs N just living on vegetables…. What else can I have?

Berni Dymet

Hi Reji, that’s a level of detail that I can’t get into as I am not a dietician. However I strongly recommend the books that I recommend you to the end of the Books that I mention at the end of the Booklet. They have what you are looking for. Every blessing, Berni


Dear Berni.
Truly inspirational article.
Can you provide a sample diet plan that you follow?
Thanks in advance. I really dont know what food i can eat. Appreciate your help.

Thanks and Regards


Fantastic article. I need to lose almost exactly the weight you have lost in order to become the weight I used to be 20 years ago. For some reason, the way you have written, and the points you make, resonate with me and I’ve even made bullet points while I read it. My problem is now to reduce the refined sugar and flour from my diet, as I eat out most meals and it’s not easy to find a place for lunch without some sugar or flour in it’s food. I do love oranges and watermelon, and I’ll keep those until last- I feel they at least are natural, have fibre, and nutrients beyond just viitamins, so they’re not too bad.

Thanks again for your article.


I haven’t treid it yest but I hope it is going to work


super , amazing weight loss result

Berni Dymet

Hi Beth,

I don’t drink a lot of milk and of course lactose is sugar. And I have reduced the amount of fruit I eat to a maximum of one piece per day, in favour of more vegetables. The strength of fruit however is that it comes with the poison (sugar) packaged inside the antidote (fibre). I tend to stay away from high carb fruits like bananas, in favour of low sugar fruits like berries.

But I definitely mean no fruit juice as this is the poison retained, with the antidote thrown out. One glass of Apple juice has the sugar of 5 or 6 apples. Terrible for you as it has about the same effect as drinking Coca Cola.



When you say sugar does that mean no lactose, no fruit and so on?

Berni Dymet

Hi Leanda, thanks for sharing that. I totally get where you’re at. Be blessed as you remove the refined carbs from your diet and see the weight come off. Also don’t forget that I have produced an eBooklet on this subject that you can download for free here: http://us.christianityworks.com/?page_id=7000. Berni



I want to thank you posting this blog. I am 29 years old and fairly short (1.68m) I currently weigh in at a wopping 95kg

I have gone on a quick slim diet where you have to inject yourself twice a week and take vitamins and lost 60kg in 9 months

After going through a bad divorce I picked up 30 of the 60 kg again. People that has never been fat have no idea what a struggle it is to exercise when you are carrying so much extra weight on your feet, I mean it is not easy. I have a wedding in 40 days ( my own) and i do not fit into anything. I have a hole wardrope of cloths that don’t fit, but i refuse to give it up as I am a hopeful dreamer that I will fit into them once more.

My BMI is 33.66 and according to online calculators I am obese class 1. I have decided to do something for myself by loosing this 25kg once and for all. I remember how fantastic i felt when I lost the weight the first time. People complimented me and I had so much more energy.I felt like a million bucks not to mention that I could shop at regular shops, and not donna Caire and in the maternity section. Or walk into a shop holding a size 42 and asking the lady behind the counter if they stock bigger sizes (blushing)

I have thought about weight loss programs and gyms, but in such a small place as I live in, there is no such thing, and there for I will have to do this on my own with the support of the Lord.

I believe that if you really want to do something and you put your mind into it you will succeed. I have just been careless and lazy, but now it is becoming a problem. Woman should not let themselves go like this and I am ashamed as there is one thing i have too much of, it is determination.

I have now done the detox for a day as well as small meals to shrink the tummy and now it will be time to start my new lifestyle, because in truth it is not a diet. You have to change your mind set in every way.

I also can not get pregnant due to being overweight so my goal would be to have a second baby once I have that weight off.

My fiance always tells me to exsersize, but he does not know how it feels with so much weight as I have a rather small build.

So once again, Thank you for this post. I just wish more would read and do. The problem is, that people always think the worst of good advise if it does not come from someone who’s opinion they value.But what you say here is true as I have done this before. The one thing I did not do what stick to the eating style after the weight came off. That was my own mistake.

Thanks you and God bless

Mai ogawa

Thanks. I did what u said, and now my parents agree with me that I should lose weight. But in this case, I don’t know what should my daily diets be. I can keep all sugars and refined carbohydrates out, but I’m not sure which foods are / aren’t included in those categories. Sorry for troubling you again.

Berni Dymet

Hi Mai,

You’re in a tough spot. Until you remove the sugar and other refined carbohydrates from you’re diet, including white rice, noodles, soft drinks etc, not to mention the cakes, you simply aren’t going to lose weight. I encourage you to download the eBooklet on now I lost 25 kgs. Then sit down and talk to your parents about it. You need to lose weight and in order to so that you dramatically need to change your diet. Blessings, Berni.

Mai ogawa

I’m have been trying to lose weight for a long time, but I have always failed to do so. Im now only a 13 year old girl, but I’m really heavy. My family always take me out for dinner. And we will eat cakes every time someone celebrate his or her bday. And furthermore, I come from a big family. Can anyone tell me how can I lose weight like that? Because I can’t say no to the parties and celebrations. ( my parents don’t allow that ) I’m quite troubled. Pls help.


Thank you . Today God spoke to me through you. Even though I am not a christian, I believe that it was fate which made me stumble upon your site and I got this wake up call about my health. I will need to read these four episodes once or twice more to grasp fully what you have said and try to modify my life. God works through unseen hands and today i have witnessed it.


Very encouraging! Thank you Berni! Finally something that makes sense! God Bless 🙂 I bought the book sweet poison, very interesting!

Berni Dymet

Manolo, hasn’t changed for me. Mine has always been at the high end of the normal range.


Hello Bernie,

What did your low carb diet do to your uric acid level? My cholestor level is fine, but uric acid is sometimes out of control…



Thank You, Lord, that You gave us 365 days in a year so that we
can have a fresh beginning each day. Lord, thank You for this day when we can start afresh, have a new beginning! May we honour
and glorify You in our body from now until eternity! Amen!


Wonderful! This is the help I have needed! I’ve reached the glorious age of 70 and had been feeling oh so tired. Not hugely overweight but cholesterol high, blood pressure ok but wanted to
take off some weight and feel more energetic. Was getting breathless on brisk walking and going up hills! But, praise the
Lord, for this wonderfully timely help! I really enjoy your broadcast and was not expecting this particular series but all
we need for our daily living is to receive such timely help from
our brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you brother! The time
to start exercising not only our body but also our spirit is NOW!

Berni Dymet

Hey Lidya

thanks so much for the encouragement. And by the way CONGRATULATIONS!!

We just launched our brand new website overnight and you’re the very first person to leave a comment on the new site. Well done!




I really love your teaching. very encouraging! I have been struggling of my weight since I was a child. God bless you! thanx!

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