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Series: The Holy Spirit and Me

It’s one thing to know God, it’s another thing entirely to know God. Experiencing the reality of Him in our lives – in a real relationship – is the most wonderful thing. Enter the Holy Spirit. But who or what is the Holy Spirit? In this Series Berni Dymet explores what God has to say about His Holy Spirit.

Episode 1. Another Comforter Just Like Me

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The plan of God is to pour His abundant love; everything He is and everything He has and all His peace and His joy; His plan is to pour that out upon your life. And that … that’s why He’s sent the Holy Spirit.   How Thirsty are You? We are starting a new series […]

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Episode 2. Taking Out the Garbage

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So often we look in the mirror and realise, that we’re simply not worthy to come before the throne of grace. And yet, because of Jesus, nothing more needs to be done for you and me to walk boldly before God into His throne room and say, “Father, I love You; I want to be […]

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Episode 3. Knowing God

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God’s heart is to make His home in us and to fill us with His joy and His peace and His grace and His power and I believe that with every fibre of my being. In fact I know it. And the other thing I know is that He wants to do that for you. […]

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Episode 4. The Gifts of the Spirit

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God is a supernatural God – God goes ahead of us – God knows all things – God is all powerful – God is all loving and God pours out gifts through His people into other people’s lives. And that’s the powerful truth we’re going to share in today!   A Loving Dad Let’s imagine […]

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thank you Jesus i have been truly blessed and i pray for the Spirit to fill me and others like me in a supernatural way.

thank you Berni



Chris Watson

I was Baptized 1988. Two weeks later Upon receiving the Holy Spirit I spoke in Tounges, as Jesus said. To many that heard me they commented how fluent i sound as if I had studied another language. I can only speak English, and Now I can pray in the language of God.

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