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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: So How’s Your Self-Image Looking?

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Poor self–esteem is a global pandemic. Too many people are living with deep insecurities that are robbing them of the abundant life that Jesus died and rose again to bring them. Do you know anybody like that? If so – then this series is for you.

So join Berni Dymet in this new series – How’s Your Self–Image Looking – as he opens God’s Word to discover the liberating image that God is prepared to give you. It will completely transform your life!!

Episode 1. Who Are You Really?

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One of the most important, the most profound, the most fundamental influences on our lives is how we see ourselves. And let me say, how we see ourselves, isn’t always that healthy. So … what sort …

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Episode 2. Discovering Yourself Where You’re Meant to Be

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Some people spend their whole lives trying to sort out their identify – and as a result, struggle terribly from problems of self–esteem and self–worth. But God has a plan to put you in a place …

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Episode 3. Set Free From Success

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The world tells us what success and wealth and popularity and beauty and all those things should look like, and by definition, who we should aspire to be. But what if life’s not about those outward …

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Episode 4. What Are You Really Worth?

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Any real estate agent worth half his salt will tell you that your house is only worth what someone else is prepared to pay for it. Fair enough. So how do you tell what you’re worth? Really?! Why …

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Sacha Tui

This is regardign christianity works Berni Dymet what are you really worth. Thank you so much for this series on self worth. I heard your podcast on vision radio and was immediately hooked because how relevant this is for my life right now. Every one around me (family and co workers) are always talking about getting luxury cars and making lots of money and I feel conflicted as a Christian.
I went home and found the sermon online to listen to it again.

I was looking up the bible verses and got confused because Berni said it was Hebrews 6:10, about money being the root of all evil, but that’s actually 1 Timothy 6:10.
Hebrews 13:6 reference was correct.

Just wanted to let you know that.

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