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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: The Problem with Church Is…

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A lot of people have a lot of problems with “church”. So much so that even with all the new innovations in technology over recent years, they’re staying away in droves. So what is it? What does God mean for it to be? And can it have a positive role to play not just in society, but in our lives? 

Join Berni Dymet in this series – The Problem with Church Is … – as he opens God’s word to discover … what church is meant to be.

Episode 1. Why “Church” is a Four Letter Word

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When we hear the word “church” – well, so often we load it with a whole lot of baggage – our ideas, perceptions, experiences. “Church” – it’s almost become a four–letter word. But …

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Episode 2. Church – What are You Looking For?

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It’s the easiest thing in the world to poke fun at this thing we call church. To reject it as being irrelevant, outdated. So many people though – so many people, the same people who reject …

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Episode 3. Flourishing in the House of the Lord

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“Church” – boy, is that a loaded word these days. So many people carry around so much baggage when you mention that word – “Church”. God on the other hand, God has this amazing plan for …

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Episode 4. Getting in the Game

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It’s one thing to sit at the sideline and snipe at this thing called “church”. After all, there are so many things wrong with it! The easiest thing in the world is to pick at the faults. But …

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Ethan Crawshaw

Hello Ethel,
We don’t hear any criticism at all. Good discernment is wise and important. Christianityworks is a non-denominational media ministry. Our sole purpose is to proclaim the Gospel of Christ through the media around the globe, to help people enter into a rich, dynamic relationship with Jesus. The devotionals are all written by Berni Dymet. If you want to learn more or investigate what Christinityworks believes specifically you could look at these links on our website:
Who is Christianityworks?
Statement of Faith.
About Berni Dymet

Ethel Daniels

Good morning
Are your daily devotions by one author or many? Who is responsible for this Fresh or Christianity Works site? What denomination is this group? Not criticizing at all, thank you for your daily readings. But I would like to know what I’m ‘feeding’ in my spirit before continuing. Thank you.

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