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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: The Top 10 Lies the Devil Wants You to Believe

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Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”. Problem is, most of us don’t know a lot of the truth and the devil has an absolute field day in our lives. He twists things, sows seeds of doubt, and generally creates havoc in our lives.

So in this series of messages – The Top 10 Lies the Devil Wants You to Believe – Berni Dymet exposes the lies of the devil and equips us with the truth from God’s own Word so that we’ll be ready on that day when the devil heads our way.

Episode 1. Satan's Hit Parade

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There are three lies above all others that the devil wants you to believe. And surveys show that at least for his top of the pops, Lie Number 1, he’s being really successful at it. But … what if …

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Episode 2. Is God a Liar?

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You know the devil will go to any lengths to keep you from having a relationship with Jesus. One of the things he loves to do is to convince us that God’s a liar. And he’s better at it than some …

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Episode 3. Living in the Moment

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It’s so easy to get our … our view of the world, our perspective, distorted. If the devil can get us to believe that it’s all about us, all about today, all about the here and now and how we …

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Episode 4. The Truth Will Set You Free

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The devil’s lies are so pervasive – they’re in everything. Everywhere we look. The way people think. The way societies behave. So when we hear God’s truth sometimes … well, most times – …

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Jenny Nicholls

I used to love listening to Berni on Rhema Fm Newcastle but he was often on a Sunday morning when I would be at church. I am very glad now to reconnect with and become part of this ministry, to feed on more truths of the depth of God’s love for each of us and take hold of our identity in him standing against the devils crippling lies. Thanks Berni.

Chito M. Peliño

Dear Brother Berni,

Greetings and Blessing to all your work on bringing God’s Word to the world.

I have learned about Christianity Works quite recently since March of this year, 2018. Ever since then, I have been a devoted follower of your Daily Messages of God’s Word through “Fresh for You Today”

I just finished listening to the “Fresh“ message regarding “The Gap”. It was shocking to know about the unfortunate stories of suicide incidents occurring in that beautiful location.

I also just finished listening to the Series: The Top 10 Lies the devil wants you to believe. It was quite alarming to know about the U.S. survey research showing a high percentage of 78% of people saying that they are not sure or disbelieve the existence of the devil.

This prompted me to write this comment and share with you a Biblical Preacher I also encountered very recently on this subject of Blessing & Curses, Spiritual Warfare on Good & Evil.

This Bible Preacher is an Englishman by the name of DEREK PRINCE. I came across his videos online. He passed away way back 2003 at the age of 88 years.

I’m not sure if you have heard about him. I just thought that if his crusade in life of bringing to the world a heightened awareness of the truth and reality of the presence of the forces of Good & Evil, Blessing & Curses, more people would be living lives protected against deceptions from the evil ones as you have mentioned in your message in this series/episode.

After hearing your message and the ones of Pastor Derek Prince, the incident of suicides and other problems/ troubles of similar events in people, families & society as a whole could be addressed head on.

In Pastor Derek’s Ministry, he provides specific directions and prayers to battle and overcome dominion of evil forces among people who may have been exposed and affected to which they are not even aware of.

With Christianity Works Ministry reaching to millions of people around the world, I believe the constant effort of bringing heightened awareness on this critically important subject would be beneficial to multitudes of people.

I hope I am not in any way interfering with the plans & directions of the Christianity Works Ministry by sending this note. Of course, you may or may not be aligned with the way Derek Prince’s method of delivering the same message which I will totally honor and respect.

Thank you very much for your time reading this and I pray for continued blessing in your work and endeavor in spreading God’s Word.

Sincerely yours,
Chito M. Peliño

Manila, Philippines