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A Smart Move

Proverbs 11:2 Proud and boastful people will be shamed, but wisdom stays with those who are modest and humble.

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A Smart Move

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All too often, success and pride are two sides of the one coin. In fact, let’s be honest, while success is great, it can be hard to separate it from pride.

We live in a world that teaches us to win. In fact, winning can be everything. A margin of as little as one hundredth of a second can be the difference between gold and silver at the Olympics. But who ever remembers the name of the silver medallist?

We live in a “winner takes all” world, and so we strive to win, because that’s what we’ve been taught what success is. Yet, the more we try to win, the more we try to succeed, the more pride creeps into our hearts.

“I’m better than you because I was noticed, I got the promotion, I won the sales award.” You hear it all the time.

And the more puffed up we become with pride, the closer we are to falling flat on our faces. Pride, as the proverb goes, comes before a fall. No matter how confident or how successful or how wealthy a proud person appears, one day, as sure as God made little green apples, they’re going to fall flat on their face.

That’s what happened to me. And it’s after one of those falls, that I discover Jesus, this Son of God, who so humbled Himself, that He became one of us. He was so humble, that He died for us.

“Humble” isn’t trendy. But the more I see of life, the more I discover that it’s the humble people who have the greatest impact in this world.

Proverbs 11:2 Proud and boastful people will be shamed, but wisdom stays with those who are modest and humble.

It turns out that “humble”, is a smart move.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.


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