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Another Year’s Gone

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Ecclesiastes 7:10 Don’t say, “Life was better in the ‘good old days.’ What happened?” Wisdom does not lead us to ask that question.

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Another Year’s Gone

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New Year’s Eve, eh? Here we are. It’s a time when we think all sorts of funny things. We look back on the year that’s been, we think a bit about the year that lies ahead … and we reflect on how our life’s going.

Well, here we are … another year over. So how was it for you? A great year, kind of okay, or a shocker? We embark on each year hoping that it’ll be a good one but it doesn’t always turn out that way, does it?

So you start thinking to yourself, “It never used to be like this. Things were so much better back in the good old days. What’s my life come to?”

It’s funny how we seem to look back on those good old days through rose-coloured glasses, and then we get to telling ourselves that things will probably never be that good again.

If you’ve ever found yourself falling into that trap, then here’s a powerful piece of wisdom for you:

Ecclesiastes 7:10 Don’t say, “Life was better in the ‘good old days.’ What happened?” Wisdom does not lead us to ask that question.

The truth is that this year is over. It’s done and dusted. We can’t change it, no matter how much we wish we could. And limiting our future with this stupid idea – sorry to be that blunt, but it is totally nuts – that things will never be that good again is just about the worst thing we can do.

Tomorrow … tomorrow’s a new year. And God … God is a good God. I want to encourage you today to look forward with a sense of anticipation to what He has planned for you. So …

Don’t say, “Life was better in the ‘good old days.’ What happened?” Wisdom does not lead us to ask that question.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.


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Christine Barrett

I do look forward to a new year and for what God has planned for me and my family and I know it will be good and His way is always the best way. This last year was rough with Covid. I was sent home from my job by my daughter and son-in-law who I work for to be safe and protected. I know God is watching over them keeping them and their business safe and all of us safe. God is with us and will always be with us and I thank God for that every day. My son-in-law unfortunately did get sick with Covid and he is still healing from that. Thank God his wife my daughter did not get sick with Covid and she is taking care of her husband. I thank God every day For his healing powers are protecting them and all my family

Marie Seymour

Thankyou so much Bernie and the team, I have been very sick with Anxiety and TMJ and not been able to work, and my mother is dying in a hospice as I write, it has been a tough year and I have not been bothered or interested in reading any scripture and just muddle through each day, but Christianityworks.co.uk keeps me grounded and in touch with God , and also even sharing it with Christian friends has been a real help to me in my dark day’s so thankyou so much for keeping me connected to God and his word on a daily basis, please feel free to share with others my message love and God bless for a great 2021 🎉🙏
Kindest wishes Marie Seymour

Thomas Taggart

It is a pity that we can only relate to things we have experienced. The good old days are what we know and the future is the unknown. So for most we hang unto that which we know rather than ditching the old and embracing the new with great expectation. God always goes forward,so it is on and upwards to a new and brigther future.

Janet Dickson

God is certainly the positive way to go into 2021. He is the only way to walk and be close to Him as He is the only one to rest in, as He knows what is ahead much more than we do. Our God is GREATER than all we have and are experiencing right now. Keep close to Him and trust.

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