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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Being Human

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Proverbs 15:1 A gentle answer makes anger disappear, but a rough answer makes it grow.

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Being Human

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So where did you get the wisdom that you have today? Where did it come from? And are there any holes in your wisdom? Any blind spots that keep coming back to haunt you with their consequences? Hmm?

For many years I thought to myself, “You know, the education system that I went through for all those years taught me a lot of things. But it never taught me how to be an effective person.”

Learning to be human ends up being a potluck affair. Who we are today, you and I, depends entirely on how good our parents and teachers were in passing good things on to us; good beliefs, good morals, good behaviour.

I was truly shocked when I started reading the Bible. Truly! I thought it had to be some dry, religious textbook. What I didn’t expect to find in there were stories, and wisdom, and stuff that helped me become so much better at, well … being me. Just one example:

Proverbs 15:1 A gentle answer makes anger disappear, but a rough answer makes it grow.

That’s brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Just think … how different would our world be if each of us just learned to live out that one piece of godly wisdom in the middle of conflict. Those thirteen words could change lives and indeed, the course of human history! Those thirteen words could revolutionise your relationships, and prevent wars from breaking out.

But they’re not just words. They’re God’s words, inspired by the Holy Spirit … that’s why they have so much power, the very sort of power that you and I need to be all that God made us to be.

It’s not easy being human, so you have to wonder … why do so many of us try to go it alone?

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.


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So true Berni, Gods word is pact with wisdom and guidance and His promises to us in order to protect us from the enemy and also to hide our lives from the conspiracies of the wicked and the plots of wrongdoers .
God is our resource, God is all that we ever will need and we are never ever lonely when we accept Jesus Christ into our hearts and through the repentance process and Jesus forgiving us for our sins and we are all born sinners and upon that we have our own lives and our own sins to identify even though God already knows every minute detail about us and our lives, we must still bring our entire lives before Jesus the good and the bad, withholding nothing !
It’s AweSome the actual walk with God and the discovering Jesus and getting educated all about Jesus with Nicky Gumble and the ALPHA course – Oh the JOY of discovering what Jesus is and that God is 3 in 1 and Jesus is our gateway or our bridge or our clear conduit to God our Father Whom is in heaven .
The Holy Spirit is Jesus living within us .
All in for me, Berni, I no longer have to live my life to please people and deny my feelings and my emotions, my truth in order to live by their judgements and thoughts .
I found a way to live and I will never, ever go back ever again.
Gods word is alive and Gods purposes and plans for us are unique and so are our lives .’
What people used to destroy our lives and us – God turns it to catapult us into victory .
God is the answer – Jesus is the surgeon that our hearts need and Jesus is the friend that our soul needs .

John 3:18
There is no judgement against anyone who believes in him. But anyone who does not believe in him has already been judged for not believing in Gods one and only Son.

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