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Bills, Bills, Bills

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Romans 5:15 But God’s free gift is not like Adam’s sin. Many people died because of the sin of that one man. But the grace that people received from God was much greater. Many received God’s gift of life by the grace of this other man, Jesus Christ.

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Bills, Bills, Bills

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Many people know the theory that Jesus died for us on the Cross and that if we believe in Him, if we put our trust in Him, then we immediately receive the free gift of eternal life – great theory, but trying to actually live your life as though that’s true … that’s a whole other thing.

It seems that not a day goes by when we don’t go to the letter box and find another bill – or I guess, these days, to the email inbox. Electricity, gas, water, rates, or rent – they never seem to stop, do they?

And they never get any cheaper either. Little by little they creep up – three percent here, five percent there. It all adds up.

Of course, there are the “free offers” that they advertise on the television or on billboards. Sure, they’re free … so long as you spend some money on this or that. Nothing in life, it seems, is free.

So when God comes along and says, “See my Son Jesus, see how He suffered and died on the cross for you … that eternal life he purchased for you that day is completely free,” we think to ourselves, “Free? Come on, nothing in life is free! Eternal life? Give me a break!”

Romans 5:15 But God’s free gift is not like Adam’s sin. Many people died because of the sin of that one man. But the grace that people received from God was much greater. Many received God’s gift of life by the grace of this other man, Jesus Christ.

The reason that it’s a free gift of grace, the reason that you and I can come before God and stand before Him completely forgiven, completely clean and pure in His sight, is that Jesus has already paid the price of our sin, that the innate justice of God demanded.

The gift of life is a gift of grace. It’s free.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.


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Dorothy Boone

I really enjoy everything that you send. It’s very helpful to me. Your message makes my day. It’s just like the Lord has you sitting right on my house telling me about me. I am truly grateful. Keep sending.

Sydney schubert

I am most sorry to see you have changed the format of your message. I do hope there is no serious reason for this ? Either way, please let us know !!!

Many blessings


The prayer is that there be millions more lives touched and transformed through the power of God.

We choose to live for God and not for people yet, people play an important part in life for that’s just the way it is.
Money is a commodity of life and we need it to pay bills and to live a life on the scene called earth.
The debts that we accumulate on earth matter to God and not everybody confesses or repents because it might cost them a lot more than money but they’ll use money and assets and people to cover up theirs debts and there is no fooling God , so what’s the point?

If people lie to the Holy Spirit and continue to lie themselves and to other people and convincing each and everybody including themselves of their lies , what’s it going to prove ?

God will not tolerate liars who deny another person their life , their spiritual gifts and their life.
God is a God of justice and when telling the truth on the oath and having any justice denied and more and more injustices put upon the already injustice .
God will take up the case.
God will uphold the cause.
God will bring an innocent person through each and every test and trial and God will not give up because God is relentless and God is in control .

Don’t lie on the oath, because it will come back like a boomerang .
Oh be honest and tell the truth and if telling the truth costs you your life on earth because the liar causes a war against you .’
SO WHAT because to live is Christ and to die is gain.
Don’t give up on your own life because of perjurers and corrupt conceited money mongers .

Baptism is not for the faint hearted .

People and money might control your life here on earth taking away your gifts and using them as a mental ill disgrace BUT take heart and know that God has got you safety in the palm of his hand and your new life with Jesus it takes strength and courage to live for God and it’s not selfish to live for God amongst non believers, mockers, haters, wolves in sheep’s clothing and counterfeits .

Love conquers Hate .

The Mental Health chronicles and the FAMILY DESTROYERS ., in the end their lies recoiled on them ..
That cruel evil brute of a man brought this trouble upon himself for lying and refusing to repent of that sin or that crime that he committed so now the whole entire tribe that he convinced the whole mob suffer because he LIED ON THE OATH.
He is unforgivable, Gods word says so.

Survivors don’t always get to speak up nor live their lives as a natural clairaudient medium.
It’s the truth .’
God designates people in earth as ‘ Gods helpers’ and it is not psychosis nor schizophrenia nor is it severe mental illness .
It’s against Gods law to discriminate against His spiritual gifts given through Jesus Christ who is the true medium between us and God but we are able to hear and see sometimes what other people cannot see or hear and it’s definitely not hallucinations .
How dare people drug us up for telling the truth against a raping evil brute called uncle yeah what a joke!
He is a dangerous man – Nan was right.

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