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Disappointed in Love

Psalm 27:10 Even if my mother and father leave me, the Lord will take me in.

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Disappointed in Love

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All too often in our lives, the imperfect experiences of the past, make it difficult for us to lay hold of the perfect love that God has for us. And not comprehending, not experiencing God’s love in your life, is an incredible tragedy.

I received a letter recently from a 95-year-old woman who had been reading something I’d written in a book on the Lord’s prayer. This is what she said:

I balked at “My Father who art in Heaven” and I’m sorry to say, the father figure is not the way most of us look at God. How many of us have a father we can look up to as a worthy representation of the Almighty?

Wow, even at 95, the inadequacies of her own father weighed so heavily on this woman’s soul … that they limited her view of the wonder of God’s love. But, she’s not alone.

How many people are still scarred by the actions of their parents, or by something someone said that hurt them back in their teenage years? How many have been disappointed in love, one way or another, betrayed, deserted, left all alone.

And, you know, those experiences tend to cloud our vision of what God’s love is all about. There are so many people unable to fully comprehend God’s love for them, because, like that elderly woman; they’ve been disappointed in love. But get this:

Psalm 27:10 Even if my mother and father leave me, the Lord will take me in.

The worst sort of betrayal surely is being forsaken by your parents and yet, even when if it gets that bad, no matter how bad it gets, the Lord will take you in. His love will persist. He will never leave you or forsake you. That’s what God’s love is like.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.


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