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Don’t Stop Dreaming

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Psalm 20:4 May he give you what you really want. May he make all your plans successful.

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Don’t Stop Dreaming

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It’s a cruel fact of life that the burdens and responsibilities that we all carry inexorably creep up and conspire to stifle our creativity, which is why the mundane so often ends up robbing us of the destiny that God has laid before us.

One of the greatest assets that God’s given each one of us is an imagination; the uniquely human capacity to dream things up that don’t yet exist. It’s an ability that comes from the fact that we’re made in His image. As the Apostle Paul writes in Romans 4:17, God calls into existence things which don’t yet exist.

But with all we have going on in our lives, the easiest thing in the world to do is to stop imagining, stop dreaming, stop making the outrageous plans that God created us for in the first place.

I love the fact that you have gifts, abilities, talents, capabilities that I will never have. And can I tell you? … the rest of us, we need you to dream up ways of blessing us with what God’s given you.

There’s something about who God has made you to be that makes you yearn to be that person, to deploy those abilities, amen?!

And today, I believe the Lord wants to speak a word of blessing and encouragement over your life. Are you ready?

Psalm 20:4 May he give you what you really want. May he make all your plans successful.

Let your imagination loose. Set it free to wander where it will. Dream dreams – big dreams, outrageous dreams, the sort of dreams that will fail unless God shows up, the sort of dreams that fit with who He made you to be, the sort of dreams that light up your face, that cause you to speak passionately. Those sorts of dreams. And watch the Lord show up and bless them

That’s His Word. Fresh … for you … today.


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Henry Davies

Thanks again for your word for this day !
Don’t Stop Dreaming
I pray that God gives us the strength and helps us to make the right decisions in our worshiping of Jesus Christ ! His Son !!
I pray that people will come flooding back to this Truth !
Told for Us , for our salvation , In God’s Living Word !!
Amen 🙏.

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