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I Am With You

Proverbs 15:3 The LORD sees what happens everywhere. He watches everyone, good and evil. 

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I Am With You

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A few years ago, my old mobile phone gave up the ghost, so I purchased my first smartphone. Now these days, we take this technology for granted. But back then, I tell you, it completely revolutionised my life.

Email, messaging, diary, and the apps! Nowadays, I wouldn’t think of going out for a walk without first checking the weather radar to see if there’s any rain on the way.

Just stop and think about that – all this in the palm of your hand? It’s mind-blowing. So … going out without my phone? Well, it’s completely unthinkable!

Yet, it amazes me just how many people, somehow, manage to leave God behind. We kind of know He’s everywhere, and yet we have this mindset that He’s only there when we pray or when we go to church. Sure, God’s there – but out here where I’m living life? Yeah, not so much, right?

It’s as though, in our consciousness, in our mindset, we leave God behind. We know He’s here, but we behave as though He’s not. There’s this incredible disconnect between what we believe and how we live. And can I tell you, that disconnect ruins many a life.

But listen to this:

The LORD sees what happens everywhere. He watches everyone, good and evil. (Proverbs 15:3)

The truth is that, unlike your smartphone, you simply cannot leave God behind. All His love, all His power, His guidance, His comfort … they’re all here with you, right in this place, right in this moment. And what’s more, they always will be.

Why would you want to leave all that behind? It’s completely unthinkable … isn’t it?!

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.


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Randall Skrabonja

Genuinely appreciate your laid back style of sharing the great news. Must be an Aussie trait 😊 Simple and effective. Keep up the great work. Your friend and fellow believer, Randall

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