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It’s Time to Pray

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John 15:7 If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask for whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. (NRSV)

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It’s Time to Pray

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Funny, isn’t it, how you can profess to believe in God, but when things in your life head off the rails, the last thing you think of doing is asking God for His help. We all do that … and when you stop and think about it, it’s just plain crazy.

You might have read the other day that my cat went missing recently. Her name’s Doggy – I know … weird, but that’s it.

Anyhow, we had some builders in our yard and she was obviously scared so she disappeared. Now, little Doggy was so much part of our family. She was such an affectionate little thing that the thought of losing her was devastating.

And so I prayed. I prayed to God with all my heart that she’d just walk back in the door again. Some people might think that that’s a bit weird too. I mean, fancy praying over a stupid cat.

Then again, Jesus said:

John 15:7 If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask for whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. (NRSV)

So I took Him at His word, and Doggy walked back in the door four days later.

Look … when I was young and I was in trouble, the first person I’d turn to was my father. Now he was a stern disciplinarian, but he was still my dad and he loved me and he never failed to help me in times of need. Sometimes of course he’d give me what I needed, not what I wanted. He didn’t always see things my way. But with the wisdom of hindsight, I can see that my father never failed me.

So why would we image that God is any different? In fact. if anything, He’s much more reliable, much more powerful, much more loving than any human father.

So if you need something, ask Him.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.


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Eileen Johnson

I am asking God for more widom an more faith. Amen Amen

carol Seibles

I’m retraining myself to ask God first and stop to listen to His answers

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