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Let it Go

Hebrews 11:1 Faith is what makes real the things we hope for. It is proof of what we cannot see.

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Let it Go

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We have a habit of doing some stupid things in life. Come on, be honest, we just do. And the more dumb things we do, the more it hurts us, and the more we hurt other people.

Have you ever struggled to let go of something in your life? Even something you know is hurting you? Like anger, or resentment. They eat away at you like a stomach ulcer. You rot from the inside. And you know they’re destroying your life, you know they’re robbing you of peace and joy, but you hang on to them because, well, “Hey! I’m entitled! That idiot over there, he deserves it! I’ll show him.” Right?

And yet, when we deeply, genuinely forgive, it takes that pain away. The problem is though, it’s like jumping off a cliff – you have to jump before you know whether or not it’s going to work. Forgiveness is, in effect, a leap of faith.

For years – years – I clung unto that rubbish, I let it rot me on the inside and rob me of the really good things that God had ready and waiting for me. What a waste!

Faith is what makes real the things we hope for. It is proof of what we cannot see. (Hebrews 11:1)

I used to think that faith was some fluffy, ephemeral thing. But actually, it’s trusting that what God has to say, is actually going to work.

Is there someone that you haven’t forgiven yet? Come on, think about it? Who is it? And what is it costing you – emotionally, physically even, to hang onto your anger and unforgiveness.

Perhaps today is the day for you to take that leap of faith. Perhaps today is the day for you to forgive that person, deep in your heart. Trust me, it works. It’s something that you’ll never regret doing.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.


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