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No Room for God

Psalm 10:4 The wicked are too proud to ask God for help. He does not fit into their plans.

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No Room for God

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Pride alienates us from people and from God. But we can’t live this life on our own. That’s why pride is such a destructive force.

Let’s face it … pride is such an ugly thing. When pride grips our lives, we find ourselves thinking so much about ourselves, that we don’t have room in our reckoning for anybody else.

Now, I’m a bit of an expert on this. I spent much of the first thirty-six years of my life, absolutely full of it, and much of my life since then, being rehabilitated from all that pride, by the grace of God.

Back in those early years, honestly, the only thing I ever thought much about was … me. What I wanted. What I was going to do. How I felt. Numero uno! Your needs, your feelings, hey, didn’t even come close to mattering to me.

And there was someone else that I didn’t have any room for either, God – the God who created the universe; the God who created me; the God who sent His Son to die for me. No, I just didn’t have room for Him.

Psalm 10:4 The wicked are too proud to ask God for help. He does not fit into their plans.

What a great piece of wisdom. The reason my life was such a mess back then, the reason so many people’s lives are such a mess today, is that God doesn’t fit into their plans. Their pride prevents them from asking God for His help.

Do you mind if I ask you, as you make plans for your future, does God figure in them or not? As you struggle with the things that you’re struggling with, do you ask God for His help, or not? Seriously!

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.


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