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Silencing the Ignorant Fools

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1 Peter 2:15 When you do good, you stop ignorant people from saying foolish things about you. This is what God wants.

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Silencing the Ignorant Fools

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Every now and then, you run into a Scripture verse that packs a real punch. A verse that in just a very few words delivers a knock-out blow. The one we’re going to look at today, is one of those!

The world these days seems to thrive on doing the wrong thing and calling it the right thing. Don’t believe me? While those of us in the west are living lives of luxury and wealth, children are starving to death. But we just ignore it. And it’s not just us, but our governments, indeed our whole economic system.

Okay, so you and I can’t change the world. You and I can’t convince the fools of this world who do what’s wrong and behave as though it’s right, that they’re fools.

We can talk at them until we’re blue in the face, we can tell them of the eternal consequences of their choices, but they’ll just laugh at us.

So, what should we do? What can you and I do? Give up? Sure, that’s one option. Here’s another:

1 Peter 2:15 When you do good, you stop ignorant people from saying foolish things about you. This is what God wants.

Think about the powerful truth that God just delivered in that one short verse of Scripture. It’s obvious. Don’t argue with them. Don’t engage in long-winded debates that will never change anything.

Instead, just do good, because the truth is that actions speak louder than words. No one can argue against a good deed that springs from a good heart. They can try, but they’ll never win. And eventually the foolishness of the ignorant will be silenced.

Eventually, your good deeds will deliver a decisive knock-out blow to the foolishness of ignorant people. This is what God wants.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.


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Cindy Jagiolka

Hi, I’m Cindy. I live in a small town in North Western PA.
I’m a new listener and reader of your podcasts.
I totally enjoyed your video on how to deal with ignorant people.
This has come at a most appropriate time in my life.
I’ve just recently started a new job as a (TSS) Therapeutic Staff Support (3 mos.).
While at work last week giving my supervision report to the support coordinator, (which is in an open office area, where other staff can hear), I kept witnessing two girls swapping grins.
Being that I’m still trying to get adjusted to the position and staff, I’m still uncomfortable and lacking self confidence.
I assumed the girls were grinning back and forth to one another due to what and how I was presenting my words.
This caused me to become quite agitated and sad.
When I called the support coordinator later in the day, after this event had worked on my mental well-being for awhile, and mentioned this to her, she simply said,”oh they were just grinning due to something earlier between the two.”
I didn’t quite accept that concept because of how the girls facial expressions and body language appeared as I was giving my report.
Instead of being bitter around them now, I’m being pleasant and complimenting .
PS. Love your accent

Berni Dymet

Carla, I hear you. We men have a habit of throwing ourselves into “work” so much that we can neglect our families. Right now I am in South Africa, away from my wife. And, absolutely, there are sacrifices to be made in serving the Lord. But the flip side of that coin is that we make time to spend together. We always try to do fun things on the weekend, plan holidays and getaways … because God has given us to one another. I would absolutely agree that, whilst there is never a perfect solution, whilst sacrifices are always required in serving the Lord, your husband needs to set some boundaries and make his family a priority. Blessings, [email protected]


I am torn between encouraging my husband serving so much good for the church because it is good and we’re encouraged to use our gifts especially for each other in Christ. .However he spends long hours on the Sunday but also during the week in preparation for Sunday service so much so that he’s tired for doing things for us as family . I’d like him to learn how to compromise so he is here for both