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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Slow to Anger

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Psalm 86:15 My Lord, you are a kind and merciful God. You are patient, loyal, and full of love.

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Slow to Anger

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Yah, so you blew it again! The same temptation, the same sin. Again! Can you really go to God, again, and ask Him for His forgiveness? Really?

Anyone who’s been a parent knows what it’s like when the kids don’t do as they’re told. And I guess for us fathers, hardwired as we are to be the disciplinarians of the household, sometimes the anger comes out a little too quickly, because the last thing we need is the children misbehaving, right? You’ve probably noticed that.

And so it’s easy for us to have that same expectation of God. We imagine that He’s ready to pounce on us the moment we put a foot wrong, as though He’s just sitting there, waiting to jump on us.

Thankfully though, God isn’t always what we expect Him to be. Sometimes, the view, the perspective we get, from our spot in the sinful world in which we live, isn’t the right one.

That’s why getting God’s Word into our hearts is so important.

Psalm 86:15 My Lord, you are a kind and merciful God. You are patient, loyal, and full of love.

God is such a great Dad. He gives us room to make mistakes and to learn from them, without having Him jump down our throat, just as you’d expect of a good father.

In the original Hebrew language in which this verse is written, it literally says that God is slow to anger. That’s the very definition of patience. And not only is He patient, but His loyalty, His love’s steadfast, is rock solid.

So, when we blunder, as we do, we can get up, dust ourselves off and go back to Him and say, “Lord, I got it wrong”. And yet again, experience His kindness and mercy.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.


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Robert Messmer

Everyday I believe God is less the big stick bearer, and more the loving kind compassionate longsuffering God we all need. It seems to be taking for ever to learn this but, little by little I am getting there. Thanks Berni for your great work you do teaching and reminding us to draw closer to God in so many ways.

Warrick Dyer

Matey I receive the email about 3-4 am in the morning every day. I try to read it before work. It brings me from distractions.
Thanks berno.