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The Milky Way

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Psalm 119:130 As people understand your word, it brings light to their lives. Your word makes even simple people wise.

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The Milky Way

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So might I ask you kindly but very directly today; if an impartial judge were to examine your Bible-reading habits, would they find evidence to support the view that you are indeed a man or woman of God’s Word … or not?

Preparing these Fresh devotions day after day is one of the greatest joys of my life – because I know that when we scatter this seed around the globe, God uses it in the most amazing ways in the lives of people I will never meet on this side of eternity.

Now, one of the most common questions that people ask me is, “Where do all the ideas come from? Do you ever run dry?”

My answer invariably goes something like this: Have you ever looked up at the Milky Way? There are trillions of stars up there and no matter how long astronomers explore the heavens, they will always find more.

There is such a richness, such a depth, such a power in the Word of God, that a single verse, just a few words when they are God’s Words, can change the course of a life.

Psalm 119:130 As people understand your word, it brings light to their lives. Your word makes even simple people wise.

I know that to be true in my life. The one thing more than any other, that God has used to transform my life, is His Word. There’s power in the Word; power to transform my life, power to transform your life.

God’s Word brings light – it breathes life into our lives.

And I would fully expect that if God granted me another hundred and fifty years to proclaim His Word, I would barely have scratched the surface.

Be a man, be a woman, of God’s Word.

For His Word makes even simple people (like you and me) wise!

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.


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