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The Promise of Life

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Psalm 119:50 You comfort me in my suffering, because your promise gives me new life.

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The Promise of Life

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When things go from bad to worse in your life, on a scale of zero to ten, to what extent do God’s promises bring comfort and reassurance to your heart? Why do you think that is?

Okay so you’re distressed. Perhaps not right now, but you’ve been there, and as surely as God made little green apples, you’re going to be there again one day.

What you need when you’re distressed is comfort and reassurance. Okay, no one’s going to wave a magic wand and make it all go away in an instant. And in any case, when you are in that dark place, nothing anybody says or does seems to be capable of making one iota of difference anyway.

So where do you find that true comfort and assurance that you’re really looking for?

Whoever wrote Psalm 119 (probably King David, we’re not absolutely sure) knew the answer. He said this to God in his prayer:

Psalm 119:50 You comfort me in my suffering, because your promise gives me new life.

God’s made so many promises of the amazing things that He wants to do for you. But the sad thing is, that so many of His people don’t know those promises, because they never open their Bibles. Or perhaps they know them in theory, but they don’t live their lives as though they’re true, because they haven’t given the Holy Spirit the opportunity to write God’s promises on their hearts.

And then … then we wonder why things are such a mess. We wonder why this whole Christianity thing is falling short, failing to deliver.

Really? Whose fault is that exactly?

God hasn’t stopped speaking. He wants to speak His promises into your heart today, and tomorrow, and the next day … for the rest of your life.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.


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William T. Davies

Your message of comfort from
Psalm 119; 50 surely comforted
Me. On the 10th 0f March I lost
my first cousin who was dear
and great help to me. On the
9th of May, 2019 I was seriously
sick. Three times I was hospitalised
in May. While at the hospital
my nephew died. Your message
from Psalm 119; 50 gave me hope.
Thank you.
William T. Davies