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Proverbs 30:8 Don’t … make me too rich or too poor—give me only enough food for each day. If I have too much, I might deny that I need you, Lord.

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Metabolic syndrome, which is the collective term for obesity, high blood pressure, heart attack, Type II diabetes and stroke, is so prevalent these days that it’s by far and away the number one killer in most countries.

It’s true people are dropping like flies from what are by far the majority of cases, completely preventable, so-called lifestyle diseases. And yet we’re just accepting this as though it’s normal. Well, it’s not normal. Not by any means. Especially when you consider that those diseases were as rare as hen’s teeth at the turn of the 20th century.

The medicos can’t seem to agree on the underlying cause, even though the science is done and dusted, the facts are in, and the evidence is clear.

My hunch is that the powerful lobby group called the food industry – factory manufactured food is a multi–trillion dollar industry – has something to do with that. So the average person like you and me struggles to get the facts.

In 1977, the US Food and Drug Administration declared cholesterol to be public enemy number one. They recommended that we adopt a low fat diet, and we all basically fell into line. But since then the world has simply become fatter and fatter and those preventable diseases I mentioned earlier have skyrocketed.

I watched my father die of diabetes, and it was a horrendous death as his body effectively decayed around him.

So if you want to break that cycle, join me in a half hour TV interview with Professor Tim Noakes at 25kgs.com. You can also download the free eBooklet “My Top Three Secrets for Losing 25 kgs”.

Proverbs 30:8
Don’t … make me too rich or too poor—give me only enough food for each day. If I have too much, I might deny that I need you, Lord.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.


Henry Davies

Thanks again for your wise words !
I find busy working people never put weight on , Let’s get busy helping others with their needs . Caring for and about them ! Such a good Christian thing to do ! Encourage us oh Lord Jesus I pray to get out there and make a difference ! Amen 🙏. .!.

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