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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Living Within Your Means (1)

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Credit Cards. Clothes. Cosmetics. Cars. You name it and you can buy it. That’s why consumer debt is skyrocketing. And at the human level – the spending is costing us – big time. Why don’t you join Berni Dymet as he takes a look at our consumer lifestyle – from a different perspective.

Episode 1. When Too Much is Never Enough

We love to buy nice things. That’s what credit cards are for right? But when is enough enough. And what if too much is never enough? Join Berni Dymet as he takes a look spend, spend, spend, from a …

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Episode 2. Consuming Passions

As countries become wealthier, it’s just great for each one of us to benefit. Nothing wrong with that. But what happens, when having more – well, takes over our lives? Join Berni Dymet as he …

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Episode 3. Spreading the Virus

Advertising is a fact of life. It’s everywhere. It makes the economy go round. But what exactly sits behind the advertising rhetoric. Is it possible that advertising is a carrier of the Affluenza …

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Episode 4. How Much is Enough?

The more affluent we become – the more things there are to spend our money on. And the more choices we have, the less we make a clear distinction between our needs and our wants. Join Berni Dymet …

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Episode 5. Dealing With Debt

Credit Cards are a fantastic convenience. So why is it that consumer debt is skyrocketing in almost every developed country? And at what human cost? Join Berni Dymet as he takes a look at dealing …

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