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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

The Extraordinary Power of Agreeing in Prayer

SEPTEMBER Prayer Focus

The world over, literally thousands of people each month join together to pray for the Kingdom impact of the ministry of Christianityworks. Thank you for being one of them.

Because here’s what our Lord Jesus said will happen when we agree in prayer: Again, truly I tell you, if two of you agree on earth about anything you ask, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. (Matthew 18:19) 

That’s His promise, that’s His power … as you stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the rest of Christianityworks’ Global Prayer Army, to see millions of lives touched and transformed one by one, as we proclaim the Good News of Jesus through the media around the globe. Thank you!

      • Pray for the many radio, television, digital and print ministries that broadcast and publish Christianityworks’ Bible teaching messages. Many of them serve the Lord in the most difficult of circumstances, facing persecution and other hardships. Ask the Lord to bless them, protect them, encourage them and empower them to have an impact on more lives than they can ever hope for, dream or imagine! 
      • Continue to pray for breakthroughs in broadcasting in South Africa and Australia as we work with new radio and television networks to broadcast Christianityworks Bible teaching programs to take the Gospel farther and wider. We have been working with some of these broadcasters for a very long time … and we are believing that God will bring some breakthroughs through our prayer together. Let’s be persistent in bringing this before the Lord, just as He taught us to be (Luke 11:5-13).
      • Pray for Christianityworks’ new partnership with Joy Magazine in South Africa … with close to half a million monthly readers, #JoyMag will regularly be publishing our Bible teaching messages, together with a feature interview this month, with our ceo Berni Dymet. Pray that the Lord would work through this Kingdom collaboration, to heal many a life in the beautiful yet challenged country of South Africa.
      • Give thanks for the rapid growth of the WhatsApp ministry in India as the number of people receiving the daily Fresh devotional (in English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Marathi) has grown rapidly to 30,000. Pray that the Lord will help us reach lakhs and lakhs (hundreds and hundreds of thousands) more over this coming year.  The potential here is huge, with less than 2% of the Indian population knowing Jesus.   
      • Pray especially for Janet Botros who has recently joined the Christianityworks team to minister to listeners and viewers, and to care for the friends and supporters of the ministry. She naturally has a huge learning curve this month. Ask the Lord to work through her passion for Christ and her enthusiastic personality to bless all those to whom she ministers richly.
      • Pray for the Board of Christianityworks as they prepare for their quarterly meeting in early October. Ask the Lord to guide and to bless these godly leaders with His wisdom, so that their stewardship of the ministry would bear more fruit than we can begin to imagine.
      • Pray for the newly launched PowerfulPrayer.org site (see below) that will allow the Christianityworks Global Prayer Army to pray for those to whom we minister. The site has not yet promoted (a “soft launch”) and already people are coming and asking for prayer. Ask the Lord to bless this initiative richly as we pray for one another … may He grant those prayer requests and minister powerfully into the hearts and lives of those for whom we pray together

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Now, We would also love to pray for you …

That’s what PowerfulPrayer.org is all about!

Why “Powerful Prayer”? Because the only sort of prayer the Bible teaches about is the sort that has powerful results!!

Just post your prayer request on the site (only the first letter of your Christian name and your country will be displayed) and all of a sudden, you’ll have the Christianityworks Global Prayer Army interceding on your behalf!!

And for each prayer request that you post, please … pray for at least 3 other people and leave 1 encouraging comment.

Check it out. Remember, the only sort of prayer the Bible teaches about is the sort that has powerful results!