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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Let's Join Hands in Praying for the Lost

August 2020 Prayer Focus

With the world in the state that it’s in, there has never been a more important time for us to join hands to pray … Father, let your kingdom come, let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

As we see the amazing things that God continues to do through the ministry of Christianityworks – let’s be honest, through the power of your prayer and your generous support – we know that this month the best thing that we can do together is to pray exactly that … just as the Lord taught us, amen?!  

So thank you for joining hands with literally thousands around the globe in prayer for the lost, for the hurting … for the Good News of Jesus to penetrate hearts and change lives. Thank you!

      • Give thanks to the Lord for the many friends of Christianityworks who gave so generously during July to bridge the gap and meet the 14% shortfall in the Together We Can Appeal. Ask the Lord to bless mightily, all those who gave so generously and sacrificially to support His work! 
      • Pray especially for breakthroughs in broadcasting in South Africa and Australia as we work with major radio and television networks to broadcast Christianityworks Bible teaching programs, to take the Gospel farther and wider. We have been working with some of these broadcasters for a very long time … and we are believing that God will bring some breakthroughs this month through our prayer together.
      • Pray for the millions who will hear the Word of God again this month through Christianityworks … with the world in such incredible political, social, racial and financial turmoil … augmented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the only answer is for people young and old to receive Jesus into their hearts, to hear His Word and to be transformed. Pray for great transformations to take place amongst those millions!
      • Give thanks for the breakthrough in South Africa that came through our prayer together last month, as the red tape hampering the ministry’s ability to open a bank account there was cut. That door had been firmly closed and yet our God is the God of the impossible … and that bank account is now open to receive support from our brothers and sisters in South Africa. Praise God!    
      • Pray especially for our CEO and Bible Teacher Berni Dymet as he addresses the annual conference of the South African Association of Christian Media. This is such an important gathering of Christian broadcasting and media ministry leaders (to be held online this year). Ask the Lord to anoint Berni with His wisdom, to bring the right word, the right encouragement to these men and women who serve Him in such an amazing way!
      • Pray for the translation of Christianityworks’ messages into Bahasa Indonesian to reach the largest Muslim nation in the world with the truth of salvation in Christ and Christ alone. Christianityworks is working with ministry partners to translate and enculturate daily Gospel messages for broadcast on over 100 radio stations reaching across the 17,500+ islands of this great and needy nation.
      • Pray for the amazing growth of Christianityworks’ WhatsApp ministry across India where tens of thousands are already receiving daily audio and text devotional messages on WhatsApp in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kanada and Marathi. Ask the Lord to bless and grow this ministry so that over coming months, it will grow to hundreds of thousands (lakhs) and millions touched by the power of His Word each day. 

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Your Prayer Makes Such an Incredible Difference!



God has done some amazing things in and through the ministry of Christianityworks. Talk about fishes and loaves!

We constantly feel like that little boy who gave up his small amount of food for Jesus to bless and multiply and feed the thousands with. That’s what Christianityworks is like. Small, nimble – totally inadequate in and of ourselves for the task.

And we serve this mighty God who does amazing things. Countless times over the last 60 years, it looked as though the ministry would fall over for one reason or another. And here we are, still being used of God to feed the millions with the Bread of Life … the Word of God!

What do you put that down to? Simple. Prayer.

The enemy comes against us time and time again – he doesn’t want the good news preached to the nations. That’s why your prayer is so important. Thank you so much for praying with us! We know that together, we will see a mighty harvest.