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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Easter is Coming - Pray for the Lost

March Prayer Focus

The central message of the Gospel – the single most beautiful, most powerful, most important message of all time – is that Jesus saves! And that’s the message that will be hitting the airwaves through Christianityworks’ broadcasts around the world this month.

Which is why your prayer is so incredibly important in these weeks leading up to Easter. The radio, television and digital broadcasts that speak specifically about this important time of the year are locked and loaded, ready to go.

But you know the deal … unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain. That’s where your prayer comes in!

So here are some specific prayer points that we have no doubt the Lord will answer. Thank you for praying with thousands of others across the globe. 

      • Pray that the Easter Specific messages that we have prepared will be anointed by the Spirit, will hit the mark, will penetrate even the hardest of hearts, will lead many, many … many to a saving faith in Jesus.
      • Pray for God’s provision through the Easter Outreach Mission Appeal at this important time of the year when so many more people are ready to listen to the fantastically good news of salvation in Christ and Christ alone – the love of God which is so great, that He would send His only begotten Son to die to pay for our sins, to rise again to give us a new life, an eternal life! Hallelujah!!!
      • Pray for our Swahili ministry team in Tanzania a country being ravaged by COVID-19 with government denials only making things worse. Much worse. Please pray for the team at Joy in the Harvest Ministries who translate Fresh into Swahili and broadcast it every day to so many people. In fact let’s pray together for the whole nation of Tanzania – for the Lord to protect them and keep them safe, and for the government to lead in the interests of the people.
      • Pray for the new Fresh Devotional App being launched this month on Android and iOS. Ask the Lord to bless it to reach countless people with His powerful, life-changing Word every day.
      • Pray especially for our amazing media production teams in Australia, South Africa, the UK, Tanzania, Gabon, the US and New Zealand who work so tirelessly behind the scenes to take the Good News of Jesus – faithful to the Scriptures + intensely relevant to life – out through all the different media channels (radio, television, digital, print) to millions of people every week.  Give thanks to the Lord for their dedication to this unseen task and ask Him to bless them mightily.
      • Give thanks for the hundreds of broadcasters around the world. who take the Bible teaching messages that Christianityworks produces with the support of friends like you … and share them with audiences far and wide – from Florida to Copenhagen, from Manilla to Dar es Salaam, from Hyderabad to Cape Town! Pray for God’s protection, encouragement and provision for each media team that partners with us. 
      • Pray for the hundreds of thousands of people who visit this website each month.  Ask the Lord to continue to speak powerfully to them through the thousands of messages available in the Media Lounge … that their lives would be transformed, that they would grow strong in their faith and tender in their love

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Now, We would also love to pray for you …

That’s what PowerfulPrayer.org is all about!

Why “Powerful Prayer”? Because the only sort of prayer the Bible teaches about is the sort that has powerful results!!

Just post your prayer request on the site (only the first letter of your Christian name and your country will be displayed) and all of a sudden, you’ll have the Christianityworks Global Prayer Army interceding on your behalf!!

And for each prayer request that you post, please … pray for at least 3 other people and leave 1 encouraging comment.

Check it out. Remember, the only sort of prayer the Bible teaches about is the sort that has powerful results!